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“I can’t believe it. I can’t fucking believe it.”


“You know that girl Michelle, the one I’m seeing?”

“Yeah, your little hottie.”

“Yeah, well, not anymore. She just dumped my ass.”

“Are you serious?”



“Honestly? It’s all about the sex. I guess I’m not giving her what she wants. I just don’t get it, man. I treat her like a fucking goddess, then she fucking dumps me. Whatever. Girls are so fucking confusing. I mean, seriously – I was so soft and fucking gentle with her – I made sure it was always special – or at least I thought it was. I mean, she never seemed comfortable with it, so I never pushed her. Not once. Never got crazy on her. Treated her like a goddess. Man, fuck you. Quit fucking laughing at me. Shut up this isn’t funny.”

“I’m sorry man, I just can’t help it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, no wonder she dumped your ass. That girl is a SLUT.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Listen. Umm…How can I put this? Half this city has fucked her. Your brother fucked her. I fucked her. Everyone’s fucked her.”

“Fuck you, you’re joking, right?”

“Cross my heart. Dude, think about it – where do you think she was all those nights when you worked 3rd shift?”

“I just assumed she was in bed, like any normal human…”

“Ahh, my friend. That’s where you’re wrong. That little slut used to go to the bars every single night almost – well, if she wasn’t at home being bored by YOU. Damn, I never knew things were that bad. I always thought you must have been fucking her brains out, to keep a girl like that…if I would have known…” “What? You would have what? Crossed the line? Cheated with her? On your best friend?”

“Man, fuck that. I DID. I fucked her a hundred times while you two were together. Once even at your house when you ran out for smokes.”

“You didn’t.”

“The hell I didn’t. Damn. That little girl loved to fuck. I’m serious – she couldn’t get enough.”

“How come I never saw it?”

“Maybe cuz you were too busy being PUSSY to ever give her a good fucking. Shit I remember one time…”


“No, you don’t wanna hear it…”

“Just fucking say it; you’ve come this far…”

“Alright. I remember one night you were working late, and I was down with the guys grabbing some drinks at the Come Back. Don’t izmit escort bayan look at me like that – I didn’t have any secret plans to meet her or anything. I’m for real. Ok, so anyways, we were grabbing some drinks; I was getting pretty buzzed up – you know how I am. I can never have just one. Plus, that one hunny was working – you know, the blonde? And she always makes ‘em strong for me..Ok anyways, so I’m just kicking back, flirtin’ with the barkeep, you know, same old, and I look over on the dance floor, and guess who I see? Yup, you know it. But she wasn’t with a guy. She was fucking all over this hot-ass girl. I mean, her hand was up the girls skirt and everything. Their tongues kept missing their mouths, they were both so drunk. You could tell by the way they were dancing too. Michelle’s skirt bunched up around her hips, cuz the other girl’s leg was in-between hers. And she was grinding down on it. Hard. And she wasn’t wearing any panties either. You could tell from her bare ass the would show when she grinded down hard enough.”

“Are you fucking serious.”

“No lie, bro. Michelle had her hand down the girl’s jeans – they were unzipped and pulled WAY down…you could see her fingers moving inside the girl’s panties.”

“So here they both are, right? Just fucking going at it, lost in their own world. Every guy in there was watching. I mean, how could you not, right? Well, then this one guy who was standing close, he gets up and starts grinding his cock up against the ass of the other girl. Michelle noticed right away. She reached around and was rubbing his cock through his pants. Well..Shit, I need a smoke. Hang on.

“Ok, so where were we…oh, yeah. So then it all happens real quick. Somehow, I don’t know how, the other girl’s pants are down around her knees, and dude’s pants are unzipped and his cock is out. Hard as ever, of course. So Michelle backs up a little and watches as this other girl takes it hard from behind. Instantly after the first thrust, Michelle lies down on a table right behind her, and pulls the other girl in. They’re kissing when Michelle jams the girl’s head in-between her legs. Then the girl starts eating her like crazy. Michelle looks like she’s going nuts; she’s looking all around the room, wide-eyed, at each guy watching her. Another one was standing near-by, just taking the whole scene in. Well, Michelle sees his dick izmit eve gelen escort in his pants and instantly her hand shoots out and she’s pulling him in by the belt. She undoes his pants, grabs his cock with one hand, and her body kinda half-twists sideways as she takes it in her mouth. she just starts sucking away like an animal man. Like she was starving for it. Well, dude behind her sees this, and he starts thrusting crazy in the other girl, who by now was so caught up in orgasm that she had stopped sucking on Michelle and had her eyes closed and her open mouth pressed against the inside of Michelle’s thigh.

“Michelle is just going nuts on this guy’s dick – he didn’t last for shit. You could see him cum in about 1 minute. She dropped him out of her mouth and instantly put him on ignore, looking for more hard dick. No one stepped up to the plate though. No one could handle it I guess. Or they were just in shock. Whatever. Well, the dude from behind came in the other girl – I think pretty damned hard too, from the way he was grabbing her ass and slamming in her. Michelle saw him pull out, and suddenly it was back to the two girls.

“Michelle sat up a bit, just enough to tug at the other girl’s pants. She got the idea, quick. She kicked her shoes off and took her pants and panties off too – just tossed em aside. I wonder if she ever found ‘em…Hey, are you ok?”

“I’m just in shock. Serious.”

“Oh, it gets better. Listen. Ok, Michelle leans all the way back on the table, and this other girl climbs up on a chair and onto the table, straddling Michelle’s face, with her ass to her head. Michelle instantly grabs her hips and slams her tongue inside the girl. She starts slamming her tongue in and out; you can see that other guy’s cum all over her mouth now. Well, this is exactly the point where it devolved into nothing but a fuck-toy fuck-fest. I don’t know what happened first. Guys were everywhere. The first thing that happened was some guy came up in between Michelle’s legs and starting kissing the other girl. Then, while he was kissing her he unzipped his pants and tossed his dick deep into Michelle. I mean DEEP; you could see her wince. So he starts fucking her like crazy, still making out with the girl. Well, that all ends when the other girl is suddenly thrown forward by the force of a cock in her ass. Some izmit otele gelen escort guy just started fucking her – you can see his balls hitting Michelle’s face each time he thrusted. Well, the other girl, being bent over and sandwiched in-between two guys, immediately found a cock in her mouth. Then two cocks. Well, I mean she was going back and forth between two cocks, sucking them all while she’s getting eaten and fucked. Well, Michelle sees this and she turns her head to the side. Like a hungry baby, instantly she has a cock in her mouth. She seems to like this, a LOT, so she reaches up and starts fingering the other girl’s pussy. Real deep and hard, too.

“Well, to make a long story short, this went on for a while. Any time a guy came, there was a new dick to take his place. Shit, I mean, guys were lining UP for this shit. Even a couple girls got in it, but not really – they just started fucking or sucking some of the guys waiting for their turn. Well, I don’t know at what point in time, but sometime during all this, the other girl had had enough. Maybe she went home with some guy; I don’t know. No one cared. Cuz here’s Michelle, with that fucking BODY of hers, climbing off the table and down onto the floor. She gets into doggystyle and starts rubbing her clit hard. I’m pretty sure she came, at least once. Everyone was watching; no one was moving. That’s how good she fucking looked.

“Then, she said the first words she said all night: ‘Come and get me.’ She wasn’t even talking to anyone in particular. But that was enough. Right then Michelle became the personal fuck-slut of every guy in there. It went on for well over an hour – maybe two. She was slammed on the ground, hit, forced, hurt; the rougher she was treated – and the more cocks she had in her – the louder she fuckin’ moaned. Damn I’m telling you…Dude why so quiet?”

“Why the hell do you think? I can’t believe this is the same girl we were talking about here. So, you fucked her, right?”

“Yeah. But wouldn’t you have, man? I mean, SERIOUSLY.”

“Damn right I would have. Shit, no WONDER she was bored with me!”

“I’m glad you’re laughing, man. No hard feelings?”

“HELL no. You put everything into perspective for me. Girls like that aren’t for dating, they’re for fucking. Even I know that…now, all I gotta do is learn to tell the difference…”

“You’ll get there. Hey…”


“If there’s no hard feelings….


“You think I could have her number? All this talking got me thinking.”

“Fuck you, dude. Me first.”


“What are you doing tonight?”

“Nothing. You?”


“Call her.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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