A Fantasy…For You , Me

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Mmmmmhh, after a long hot day a shower was just the right thing to relax, I think to myself as I step out of the shower stall, drying myself off. Grabbing some raspberry scented lotion, I gently massage the cream into the skin all over my body. After running a brush through my damp hair, I walk into my closet and select the sheer red nightgown with the black lace trimming, I had received as a gift for Christmas. Up to now I’ve never worn it, but it’s just the right thing for a relaxing evening.

Humming a tune, very off key, I walk back into the bedroom and get settled on the bed. Stuffing pillows behind my back and head I get comfortable and turn on the TV. Mindlessly I flick through the channels, but like the old Springsteen tune, 67 channels and nothing on. Rolling over on my side, I turn on my bedside lamp and grab the book off my nightstand. Scooting back into my pillows, I flip to my last read page. Soon I’m engrossed in my novel again. Several pages into the chapter I read about a steamy love scene and unwillingly I can feel a certain warmth spread down my belly into in between my thighs.

Casting the book aside I lean back against the pillow, running my hands across the silky smooth fabric of my nightgown. I can feel myself getting more aroused by my touch. Sitting up a little bit, I push the thin straps of my nightgown down my shoulders, exposing my breasts with the already erect nipples. As I lean my head back, I close my eyes and start to fantasize…

Now your hands are moving across my breasts and hardened nipples instead of my own. I can see you lying beside me on the bed. Your elbow is propped up underneath you and as you look at me I can see love and desire in your eyes. Gently you run your fingertip around the nipple of my left breast, teasing it until a small moan escapes my mouth, then you continue the sweet torture on my right nipple till I arch my back up against your hand, wanting more.

You lean your head forward and hovering above my chest you gently blow some hot air across my skin, which makes me shiver in response. Smiling up at me you gently kiss each nipple, then move up to claim my mouth for a deep, lingering kiss. We kiss for a long time, your hands running up and down my body. Finally you stop, and leaning across me reach into the drawer of my nightstand, pulling out two long silk scarves. Taking each of my arms, you wrap a scarf around each wrist, then loosely tying each wrist to the head posts on the bed. Making sure I’m comfortable by rearranging the pillows behind my head, you lean over me, your hands resting on either side of my head.

Slowly you start to kiss me, starting off with the very sensitive area behind my ears, working your way down my neck, then towards my throat. Once you reach the other side of my neck, you nibble your way across my collarbone to my chest. Being very careful not to touch my nipples, you kiss and nip your way over my breasts, sometimes just using the tip of your tongue, other times just brushing your lips across my skin. Moaning quietly I arch my back up against you, not wanting you to stop.

Smiling up at me, you move back up, kissing my mouth again. You run your tongue across my lips, before our tongues find each other, playing and teasing in a long kiss. While we kiss, I can feel one of your hands pulling my nightgown up from underneath me, so it gathers at my midriff, exposing the upper and lower parts of my body. You run your hand up and down my sides, feeling and tickling my skin. Breaking our kiss, you trail down, your mouth moving across my tummy, leaving little butterfly kisses all over my abdomen. Playfully you stick your tongue out, running it around the edge of my bellybutton. Giggling I lift my head up, looking down at you while you continue your trail down my body.

Pushing pendik escort the nightgown up a little further, you spread my legs apart with your hands, feeling the inside of my thigh with your fingertips, trailing little circles down to my knee, then switching legs and moving back up the other thigh. You move in between my legs, settling into a comfortable position. I lay back into the pillows behind me again, closing my eyes. I can feel your eyes on me, watching me relax and watching the center of my womanhood. Spreading my outer lips apart with your thumbs, you can see some moisture glistening on the inside. Placing your index finger on my mound, you slowly run it down to my rosebud, then up again, looking up at my face and watching my reaction. I shiver and raise my hips up for more.

Bending your head down, you start to kiss my outer lips, nipping at them very gently with your teeth and being very careful not to hurt me, but to arouse me further. I know I want more, so I raise my hips up even higher. Suddenly, you stop. Confused I look down at you, but you only stopped to help me raise my hips up higher and to put a pillow underneath my bottom. You lay back down in between my legs, admiring the view and spreading me apart again with your hands, you lean forward to continue your slow teasing.

Sticking your tongue out and making it stiff, you trail it, like your finger before from my mound, back down to my now more reachable rosebud and then up again. Over and over. You can hear me starting to moan again, and I start to move my hips in tune with the up and down movements of your tongue. Lubricating your index finger with your mouth, you push it inside my waiting hole, as you switch the movement of your tongue. Now you flick it slowly across my engorged clit. Not very fast, but enough to make me moan louder and move harder against you, while my hands grip the scarves around my wrists tightly.

You know that if you continue this, I will climax soon. So you sit up, keeping one hand on my pussy. You lay down next to me, still rubbing my clit and your finger slips inside me every so often. Bending your head forward you take one of my nipples into your mouth. Rolling your tongue around it, then gently sucking on it. Stretching my silken bonds I arch up against you, telling you not to stop, but to go on to my other breast. You obey my silent wish and move on to the other side of my body, licking, sucking and teasing my hard nubs, until they are oversensitive.

Knowing this is just about as much as my aroused body can take, you lean forward, kiss me long and hard, then you move back down to lay in between my still spread legs.

You take both of my legs, and drape them over your shoulders, spreading my woman hood wide in front of your face. Gently you start licking me again, lapping up the excess moisture, and then focusing your attention on my red and swollen clit. You circle it a few times with your tongue, and then you take it in your mouth, slowly sucking on it, while your index finger slides back inside me, pumping in and out. Your thumb finds my rosebud. After wetting it with your mouth, you start to rub it across my anus. My rather quiet moans from only minutes ago have become louder, screams almost, as I wither around the bed, not being able to move my arms to return your caresses. You know I’m close to a climax, and you double your efforts. You finger slides in and out faster, your tongue flicks across my clit while you continue to suck on it, and your thumb on my anus is gently pressing against the tender skin. Only being able to take so much of the triple stimulation, I cry your name out loud while I climax.

Breathing hard I slowly come down from my high, while you continue to run a finger in and out my wet hole, being careful not escort pendik to touch the oversensitive clit after my powerful orgasm. After my breathing turns back to normal, you sit up, and untie my bonds, then lying down next to me you gather me into your arms, kissing me softly. Happy I snuggle up against you, breathing your scent and mine as well as I lift my head and return your kisses. Wrapping my arms around you, I pull you tighter against me. My hands on your back start to move around, feeling your shoulders, then moving all around.

Breaking our kiss, I smile up at you, then pushing my hands against your chest, I force you to roll over on your back. Climbing to sit in your lap, I lean forward and grab the silken scarves still hanging from the bedposts. Grinning widely I tie you up, making sure the fabric doesn’t cut into your wrists. Bending down I kiss the tip of your nose, then I get off the bed and leave the room. The last thing you see is my smiling face disappearing around the corner.

While you are lying on the bed, wondering what I’m up to, I’m in the kitchen, getting a small bowl out of the cupboard, then taking some small round ice cubes out of the freezer and drop them into the bowl. I take my time, making you ponder my plans. Walking quietly back towards the bedroom, with bowl in hand, I peek around the corner. Of course you are still lying on the bed, tied up and at my mercy.

I walk around the bed, giving you time to look at my body in the soft glow of the lamp, hiding the bowl with the ice cubes beside my body I sit down on the side of the bed, putting the bowl out of your sight on the nightstand. As I look down at you, I see the look of wonder in your eyes, but you trust me, just as I trust you, and you know I would never do anything to harm you, but you still don’t know what I’m up to.

Sliding across the bed, I settle back down to straddle your legs and hips to sit back down on your lap. Still smiling at you I lean forward, kissing you gently. As you relax against the pillows and close your eyes, I reach over to the nightstand, taking one small ice cube out of the bowl. Not breaking our kiss, I place the ice cube against your neck and start to trail it towards your throat. Shocked by the sudden coldness you open your eyes. I continue to move down your body with the cold ball, leaving wet tracks on your skin, which I lick up using my lips and tongue. When I reach your nipples, I slowly circle them with the ice cube, and watch them harden by the coldness. Gently I start to lick up the cold water, playing with each nipple as you did with mine before. Closing your eyes, you lean back again, moaning quietly.

I put the now almost melted ice cube in my mouth, as I lean across you to grab another one out of the bowl. Moving down your body I leave wet tracks again, dripping some water into your bellybutton, then slowly licking it out again. As my body is pressed against yours, I can feel your hardness in between my breasts. Sitting back up, I move to sit in between your spread legs. The ice cube still in my hand I place it on your erect member. As I do so your eyes fly open again with surprise, then close again just as quick as you start to moan again. The warmth and smoothness of my hand and the cold and wetness of the ice cube create a strange but very good sensation on your erection.

As the ice cube melts, I do not need any lotion or my saliva to make your shaft slick. Slowly I start to rub up and down, using my other hand to move the now small ice cube across your balls. While my hands continue to massage you, I lean forward to kiss your legs, your stomach, your thighs, but never the place where you want my mouth the most. Smiling slyly I sit back up again and move up to kiss you deeply. Your mouth and tongue feeling hot against pendik escort bayan my cool one. I take another ice cube from the bowl, then settle back down in between your legs.

I dribble some more melting water on your shaft and balls before I put the ice cube into my mouth. Slowly I begin to massage you again with both hands, while I tilt my head down, gently kissing the tip of your dick. I open my mouth, taking your head inside. The warmth of my mouth, combined with the coldness of the smooth ice cube circling around your head evokes another moan from you. Carefully as not to gag myself, I swirl the melting ice cube in my mouth while just keeping the tip of your penis inside my mouth as well. The excess water is dripping out of the corners of my mouth onto your shaft, which I’m still gently massaging with my hands.

With the ice cube now totally melted away, I start to kiss up and down your shaft, licking it with my tongue, then moving up again to the tip, circling my tongue around the dark head. Your hips are thrusting against my mouth, wanting me to take you deeper. Willingly I lower my mouth, taking as much of you inside as I can. With my head bopping up and down, licking and sucking your head and shaft, my left hand still cups your balls. I massage them, then my index finger slides backwards, to press against the area behind your balls and your anus. My finger is still slick from the melting water before, and slowly I start to run it around the rim of your rosebud, then forward against the back of your balls, then back again to your anus.

I can feel your balls tightening up in my hands and your pulsating shaft in my mouth tells me that you are close to climaxing. Removing my mouth from you, I kiss the tip of your dick a last time, before I sit up again. Pushing your legs together with mine, I straddle your lap again. With my pussy rubbing against your hardness I lean forward to kiss you deeply. Straightening my body back up, I sit up a little bit, giving me room to ease your erection into my still wet pussy.

Easily you slide inside me as we both moan together. Not really moving yet, but just gently rocking my hips back and forth, I lean forward again, untying both of your wrists and freeing them from their bonds. Greedily you reach up, pulling me down to lay on top of you as our mouths find each other for a long deep kiss. Your hands are on my back, roaming around and playing with my hair as I slowly start to move faster. Placing both of my hands on your shoulders I sit back up, rotating my hips around for a different sensation for both of us. Your hands reach around my front to enjoy and tease my breasts once more. Cupping them both, your thumbs run across my nipples making them rock hard again.

Both of our moans now fill the room, as we move faster and faster. My hips are bucking up and down and you are meeting my thrusts. Our hands find each other, while our fingers entwine tightly we approach our climax. I open my eyes, only to find you looking up at me. Moaning, breathing hard and staring deep into each other’s eyes we finally reach our orgasm together. Our movements slow down, as I slump forward. Exhausted I rest my head against your chest, as you wrap your arms tightly around me, pulling me close and whispering “I love you” into my ear. I whisper the same against your mouth as I lift my head to kiss you gently. Rolling over to our sides, we are still joined, since you are still hard inside of me, not wanting to let me go. You sit up, reaching down to pull the sheet over both of us. As you lay down, I drape my leg across yours; snuggling against your chest and shoulder and still feeling you pulsate inside me, we both fall into an exhausted, but satisfied sleep.

I wake up in the morning, a pillow tightly hugged against my body, my sheer red nightgown gathered in the middle of my body. Dreamily I open my eyes, looking around for you, but you are nowhere around. I know last night was all a fantasy, but I could swear you where right there along with me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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