A Fleeting Glimpse

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The persons, places and events in this story are creations of my imagination and are entirely and purely fictional. They are not intended to portray any persons, places, things or any events which have occurred in real life. Any similarity to same are purely coincidental.

The wind gusts blew directly into me as I walked down the street. I leaned into them plowing forward. A firm fine drizzle pelted my face and I winced as it stung. The cold front screamed at me from the west. Fall was upon me and I was taking the brunt of its arrival. My trench coat flapped open in the breeze. I clutched my now prized cup of fresh hot coffee, my only refuge from the cold.

I cringed as I came upon a four way intersection- they were the worst, no hiding from the wind here- and had to stop for traffic to pass. I raised the cup to my lips and sipped the piping hot liquid. As I brought it down, the cup paused at my lips, as I gazed in amazement at what I was viewing. It was like an opening act at the theater. The curtain goes up and all eyes are affixed on center stage.

My eyes immediately seized upon the street before me. It was almost as if the whole event was in slow motion. My brain must have anticipated what was about to happen. As it evolved, the entire moment was recorded, broken down, categorized and filed it away for long term storage….

From the left side of my “tunneled vision’ I saw a blue car enter the scene. It pulled before me and slowly stopped just behind the first car at the stop sign. I peered in at the front passenger seat. She sat there looking out the window up at me as I stood on the elevated curb. Our eyes met for a prolonged pause. Instinctively sensing something, I momentarily glanced down at her blouse. It was open, open just enough to peer in… her left breast and nipple were barely exposed… the breast was small, the nipple conical, the tip pointed upward. The car stood still, waiting its turn to advance to the stop sign. I prayed for more cross traffic to stall the inevitable and permit my intrusion to continue. My eyes darted back to hers to see if she had noticed my glance. She sensed her exposure. I expected her to turn away and cover herself. She did not. Instead, she raised her right hand and slid it into the blouse, opened the blouse to me a bit more and touched herself.

I did not think the driver knew what was happening right next to him. He could have been her husband, a paramour, a co-worker, a boss, a friend or anyone else. His view of me was obstructed by the angle of the car to the curb. I think his sideward view was blocked by her coat- the left side was bunched just high enough for him not to see her right side. She may have even slightly shifted her body just to obstruct his view.

As she continued looking right at me, she cupped the soft smooth round underside of the breast and gently squeezed and twisted her left nipple with the thumb and pointer fingers. It was captivating. I licked the rim of the coffee cup as if it was her nipple- slowly with a tender touch around the edge, back and forth along the underside, imagining it was her areola, barely teasing the nipple tip with the middle of my tongue. She pinched and twisted the tip for what seemed like an eternity. I was transfixed as she fondled herself for me.

The car edged forward to the stop sign. She smiled slyly in acknowledgment that I had seen her exhibition. Then, as if nothing had occurred, she turned her head away, looked forward and the car drove off.

For days I was fixated by that encounter- to me there was something highly erotic about it. I repeated the moment in my mind, second by second, frame by frame, movement by movement. I worked hard to remember the event as it unfolded. I was seduced by the way her hand reached into the blouse, the way her hand cupped her breast and her fingers tenderly touched the nipple, turning and pinching it as it came erect. That sequence drove me mad. I lay awake at night repeating it in my mind, stroking myself to pleasure. I would fantasize about her- her face, her hand, her skin, her facial expressions, her body movements, the various ways I would take her, the positions, the pendik escort chance meetings, how she would be dressed and undressed.

I wondered if she thought of the moment, replaying it in her mind, doing the same things I did. I doubted it. I wondered if I would ever meet her. The chances were nil. Regardless, the images were burned into my memory. If I did meet her, what would happen? Would she remember me and the moment? Maybe those things were not meant to be known. It might be better that way, lest she have no recollection of the fleeting moment. For then, my disappointment would be great, the moment would have meant nothing to her….

A few months passed and I grew less fixated with her and the encounter. Fall was winding down and the winter was soon to appear. Another cold and dingy day. I walked to the accountant’s office for a meeting. Signing in at the receptionists desk I was asked to have a seat and wait. I sat oblivious to all around me until my name was called. I looked up. It was her. She was looking down at a report, waiting for one of the many in the lobby to introduce themselves as the person sought. She looked up and introduced herself- Natasha- my accountant’s assistant. My heart suddenly raced with apprehension and excitement….

We walked down the hallway. I followed slightly behind her. She told me how nice it was to finally meet, we having previously spoken on the telephone. She told me she had heard only nice things about me from her boss. We arrived at the conference room where my accountant was waiting. Before I could reply to her, he interrupted our conversation (and I pay him for this?) standing up and thrusting his hand forward to shake mine. He quickly thanked Natasha for escorting me and dismissed her. She smiled at me, turned and left.

My mind raced all during the meeting. All I could think was that she did not recognize me. I was dejected. Numbers swirled around my head and I could not focus on business. I just sat back in dejected oblivion trying to absorb the business at hand.

Half way though the meeting Natasha unexpectedly opened the door and handed me a folded telephone message. As she passed the paper she said my office had called and it sounded important. She thought it best to interrupt. Dutifully, she stood waiting for instructions, looking over my shoulder as I read:

“Meet me today at 8:00 pm in the lobby tonight. No talking, no questions. You must trust me. My rules.” There was a telephone number in case I was delayed. Nothing more.

“Thank you very much. Please call my office and tell Heather that 8:00 tonight is perfect. Oh, and Natasha, thanks for interrupting,” I said.

I later left the meeting without seeing her on my way out. My heart now raced for better reasons in an upbeat mood.

At the appointed time I walked into the dimly lit empty lobby. Thinking I had missed her, my heart began to sink. From behind the shadows of a marble column in the far corner of the hallway I heard footsteps. She emerged from behind it. Natasha was more beautiful than when I saw her this afternoon. A silk cream color blouse, black skirt down to just above her knees, black high heels and a necklace. Simple elegance.

She quickly brought her pointer finger to my lips, “Remember my rules,” she cautioned as she took me by the wrist and we entered the elevator. There was an unbearable silence during the elevator ride and walk to her office. She closed the door behind us and turned the lock. I noticed the office was arranged with a desk fronting a wall length floor to ceiling window looking out over the city. At hip height behind the desk along the window was a wall length marble shelf for books and papers. A half lit halogen lamp burned in the far corner of the room, dimly illuminating it. She sat me down in her desk chair and had me face the windows. She leaned against the shelf looking at me in a pensive manner.

“Did I immediately recognize you today? No. Did I remember the ‘moment’? Yes. Have I thought about it, about you?” Silence….

The top two buttons of her blouse were already undone. She reached up and undid the third one. She reached in with her right escort pendik hand. I saw the tendons and muscles of her thin wrist moving. She tilted her head to the right and gazed at me for a few seconds in complete silence. She removed her hand and turned away from me to face the window. The reflection in the window showed me the tips of her fingers unbuttoning the blouse. Then she slowly removed it, baring her back. She turned to me, her hands clasped at the top of her chest, forearms across her breasts covering her coveted nipples.

“Do you want to see them?” she asked. Slowly Natasha drew her arms away- her breasts were as beautiful as I had remembered. Small, firm banana shaped with conical reddish areola and very erotic upward pointed long erect nipples. Her left hand came up to her right nipple. She took it between her thumb and pointer fingers. Her head leaned back against the window and she closed her eyes. She squeezed it, pinched it, slowly turned it, coaxed it. She then did the same to the other nipple.

“Is it better this time? Want a touch?” she asked, stepping forward and leaning towards me, her hands placed atop the back of the chair. I greedily reached up to grab the jewels.

“Just a light touch,” she cautioned, “tease me”.

I raised both hands and gently took the tips of her nipples between my fingers and fondled them. She sighed. I so wanted to suck them, take them in my mouth and savor the feeling of the nubs against my tongue, gently running them against my teeth. I wanted to kiss the flesh and savor her smell…. After a few minutes she stood up and leaned back against the ledge.

All I could envision was every possible fantasy I had about her and how I had taken her. I wanted to lean her against the desk behind me, bend her backwards so she lay across it, her shoulders flat on the desk top, her back arched and her hips thrust up while her feet rested flat on the floor. I would pull her skirt above her hips, take off her panties and reveal her coveted sex. I would kneel before her and taste her, slowly licking and kissing it, teasing it to open so I could savor the fine fruit within and gently message it to ripeness. While I ate her, she would play with her lusty nipples and moan. When she was close to climax, I would stand between her legs, bring my sex to hers and slowly impale her while holding down her hips. Her thighs would quiver as I slid into her. I would only be able to penetrate half way- her sex tightened by the position of her legs and the arch of her back. She would want more. My refusal to release her hips and not give her immediate satisfaction would only serve to tease us both, heightening our desires. After many deliberate slow thrusts, I would release her legs, falling into her as she raised them. As I penetrated, I would spread her within, she would gasp as the base of my sex hit her clit and we would release together…. After a moment of contemplation, she raised her hand and beckoned me to stand before her. She reached down, felt the bulge in my pants and smirked saying, “Someone is excited….”. I could not tell a lie, even if I was not permitted to talk.

She undid my pants and they dropped to the floor around me. She knelt and brought down my boxers. She surveyed me but did not touch. She removed her skirt and panties and sat on the ledge, completely naked except for her high heels. She raised her right leg and placed the heel of her shoe upon my left shoulder, locking her knee and extending the leg straight upward. She placed her left hand on my ribs for balance and raised her left knee. I took it in my hand from beneath the knee for support. Then she took my sex in her hand and guided me to her lips. I could feel her wetness as the tip of my sex touched her and I was guided in….

As soon as my was head in, she stopped my penetration by placing her hand on my lower abdomen. “Hold it right there, just like that…” she whispered.

Her right hand came up to her nipple and she began to pinch and kneed it. Her left hand found its way to her clit, which she gently and slowly stroked with her pointer finger. She closed her eyes and rested her head against the window. pendik escort bayan We were only five stories off the ground. I thought of the show people outside were getting, our bodies silhouetted by the dim lighting within the office.

Her breathing increased in pace and sound. I could feel her getting hotter. Her left thigh rocked up and down teasing my head as Natasha raced towards climax, her hand feverishly jerking at her sex.

“Oh yes, oh yes” she murmured, her sex tightening around my head.

Her voice emitted a high pitched cry. Her body both froze and shuddered at the same time as if it did not know what to do, the tension rocketing her toward explosion. The sight of a woman in the midst of a deep orgasm, the kind which paralyzes the body and shatters one’s core, tears it apart and scatters it into a million pieces, is the most beautiful thing in the world. She gasped for air as the release subsided.

Looking me straight in the eyes with the look of a hungry tigress she said, “you just do not know… go all the way into me,” she instructed.

I obliged. She started rocking her left leg up and down coaxing me. At first I made short thrusts, deep and teasing. I was in no rush to have this end.

“Pinch my nipples. I love it when my nipples are played with… I love it when a man stands me up, takes me from behind, my arms against a wall for support, and he reaches up and pinches my nipples as he screws my pussy… you know what else I like? When I am on top of a man and he anoints my breast with warm oil, takes my nipples between his fingers and plays with them, rubbing the slippery areola between his firm fingers… that is what turns me on…”

Her hand continued played with her sex as she began the climb to the next orgasm.

“Look down. Do you like watching me play with myself? Does it turn you on? I see, you are excited by it… want to taste?”

She brought a finger to me lips and I licked it, taking in the whole finger and then slowly pulling my mouth off of it, savoring the juices like a thirsty desert wander at an oasis having his first drink of water after days with none.

I picked up the pace and length of the strokes- half way in and out. Now, each time I was almost fully entered, I finished the stoke with a sudden hard thrust.

She looked deep into my eyes, “I bet you have lusted for me. I saw it in your eyes today. I sensed the way you followed me down the hallway, slightly behind me, your eyes fixated first on my legs, then my tight ass, my swaying hips enticing you, I felt your gaze on the nape of my neck. You wanted to run your hands all over my body. You sought to look upon my chest, searching for another view of my nipple. Your mind raced for what to say to me, not knowing if I recognized you. Ever since that day, I have needed to feel you deep inside me. I too was excited by the moment…”

That was all I needed to hear. I put my hands on the sides of her ass and began to thrust all the way in and out, viciously plowing her, my head coming across her swollen lips as I existed and entered. She began to tighten again and each thrust only served to reopen her and push back the constriction.

“Take me, take me hard,” she cooed.

I loved the feeling of the back of her thighs hitting my hips each time I slammed into her, I loved the way her body shuddered with each thrust, I loved the way my balls hit her ass and her thighs shook as the base of my cock pressed against her swollen and tight sex. She reached up and guided my jaw down. Our lips locked in a deep kiss. I bucked in and out of her, hard deep thrusts.

As we embraced she said, “Oh yes… more, yes, more… I want to feel you fuck me… yes, cum in me… harder.”

I felt the base of my cock throb and my balls began to tingle. My head swell and my pre-cum well up at the tip.

“Yes, take me, take me… come on… Oooooooooooo… yes, come on fuck me… Please fuck me…” she screamed.

I plunged in as deep and hard as I could go, pushing her legs back, lifting her impaled body off the ledge and pinning her up against the window as I released within her…

After a few moments we started getting dressed.

“Buy me a drink. I need to hear your recollection of that moment and your fantasies about it, about me… Later we can come back here…”

I was pleasantly speechless.

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