A Nun’s Story Pt. 05

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“I hope you enjoyed your trip,” said Mother Mary with a wicked grin.

Teresa returned the grin. She’d spent a week visiting some of the far outposts where the Order of the Mount provided extra help. Naturally that had meant spending a few nights with an old friend of the Order.

“Father Francis took good care of me,” she replied to her boss. “That man sure knows about giving the gift of God.”

Since Mother Mary seemed interested, Teresa related a few details. The older woman understood perfectly what it meant to share the gift of God. It was she who had seduced Teresa, tempting her charge and finally luring her to bed. Teresa had been astonished and ashamed to discover such carnal pleasures with another person – and a woman. But Mother Mary had gradually convinced her to see a healthy sex life as another, wonderful way to serve their god. Her boss was more interested in sex with other women but understood well the pleasures that a man could give.

“With Francis, its so natural to go to my knees. He has a lovely cock,” said Teresa. “And he’s got amazing stamina. He fucked me for hours every night. In every position. Though he prefers me on my back,” she said with another grin. “He regards my boobs as a special part of the gift of God.”

Both women laughed. Mary had never given herself to Father Francis. But she understood how men could lust after Teresa’s body as much as she did.

“Last night,” Teresa went on, “he took me to the river outside of town. He wanted me to undress and I sucked him for a while. Then he went down on me. I was watching the stars – until he gave me some other stars. I didn’t think he was that good with his mouth. And then he fucked me so beautifully.”

“Perhaps next visit you should take one of the newer members with you,” ventured Mother Mary. “It seems we could give him an extra reward for being posted so far away.”

The two lusty women exchanged a knowing smile. They were relaxing in Mother Mary’s spacious apartment. It was one of the perks of being head of the Order of the Mount.

“But for now,” said Mary, “we should discuss Claire.”

Sister Claire was the newest member of the secret inner circle of the Order of the Mount. Like others before her, she’d found her way to this amazing world after experiencing uncontrollable “unclean thoughts”. She was proving to be an ideal recruit and now the Order had need of her sexual talents.

“Father Filippo has experienced Claire for himself,” noted Teresa. “And he made the request for her.”

“Yes, but its not Filippo that she will need to attend to. According to Filippo, its the local police chief who is the problem. But I understand its his wife who is the power behind the throne. And Filippo is aware she has special tastes.”

“Sister Claire is up to that,” said Teresa with confidence.

“Yes. Claire should perform well. She likes to please and we know she has talents as a sexual submissive.”

“Maybe I could give her a little more teaching,” grinned Teresa who’d already given the young nun her first lesbian experience.

“The final decision is up to the Monsignor,” said Mary, ignoring the suggestion. “I’ve made an appointment for Sister Claire next week.”

Teresa knew what that meant. In her case, it had been the previous Monsignor who had initiated her. He had been eager to maul her double-Ds before shoving his average sized-cock into her mouth. A virgin before being seduced by Mother Mary, Teresa had found it easy to love men and their cocks. It had felt special to be bent over the Monsignor’s desk and fucked from behind until he emptied his balls inside her. It was for the good of her Order.

But the newer man, Monsignor Davis, claimed he did not agree with contraception. That was his explanation for lusting constantly for the bottoms of lovely nuns. That suited Mother Mary who loved being penetrated anally. She found it suitable to have regular meetings with the Monsignor.

Teresa knew that the Monsignor was well-equipped and she was grateful to have avoided such encounters. But Sister Claire was ready for her initiation and her submissive nature would make her more willing to take that thick prick up her arse.

“Now that’s done,” said Mother Mary, “I think you should come to my bed.”

The lust in her voice was obvious. Teresa could only smile. She owed so much to the older woman. And since Mary was her boss there was no need for questions.

“Yes, mother. Its been so long since you gave me that honour.”

The two were soon naked and lying together. Teresa admired the older woman’s body, lean and flexible despite being in her late forties. Mary kept herself in good shape and her active sex life was part of that. Her nipples were extremely sensitive, Teresa knew, and she always kept her cunt bare so that her neat labia were displayed.

For her part, Mary had always desired the younger nun. Those big double-Ds were hard to ignore. Mary lusted after them – even members of the clergy lusted after them. And Mary knew she was not the only woman who’d wanted to take advantage of the younger nun. Teresa had taken so well to pleasuring women. Her cunt casino oyna always got so wet. The long lips always swelled and flared to show her lust.

They shared a soft kiss before Mary lowered her head to nuzzle against the other’s breasts. A gentle moan of anticipation brought a smile to Mary’s face as she began to flick her tongue over the hard, dark nipples. She suckled briefly on those big juicy tits, listening to Teresa’s arousal growing relentlessly – feeling the hunger in her own body.

“I can’t wait any more,” Mary groaned. “I need your fingers.”

Teresa felt exactly the same. Her road trip had been very successful but there still was nothing like pleasure Mother Mary. Quickly she slipped a finger into the other woman’s hole, being attentive to the sighs and the body language of her boss. Teresa knew the older woman well and just exactly how and where to touch and stroke. Her boss had taught her how to pleasure a woman. It excited Teresa to show her skills to Mary. And her boss, being so horny, reached her first climax as soon as Teresa began to nip on her long, pointy nipples. The younger woman responded by inserting a second finger into that steaming cunt as her boss pulled her head firmly to her chest.

“More,” gasped Mary as her third orgasm ploughed through her body. “I need more today.”

Teresa was thrilled to hear that. The older woman had powerful needs and she dared to share. Biting harder on the turgid nipples, she triggered two more orgasms in quick succession before fetching bottle of lube from the bedside table. Teresa already had a third finger in her boss’ cunt while the older woman writhed beneath her.

“I’d never believed a woman could do this if you hadn’t taught me,” she said with a grin.

“I need it. Fill me up,” urged her boss, breathlessly, and Teresa quickly smeared the gel over her fingers and knuckles.

Mother Mary spread her slender legs even wider, as if to ensure Teresa understood. In her frenzied state she easily took a fourth finger into her cunt. Teresa rubbed the other woman’s clit at the same time, knowing there’d be some discomfort as she pressed harder into the sopping wet cunt.

Teresa got strangely aroused by fisting the wonderful Mother Mary. She’d done it many times and still got excited from inserting her entire hand into the older woman’s cunt. The labored breathing of her lover was proof that she’d learned this skill well. She already had four fingers and a thumb inside Mary’s hot cunt. The clit rubbing was helping and Mary was groaning loudly, her slender body tight with anticipation.

“Please, Sister. Don’t stop.”

Teresa increased her pressure, slowly forcing her small hand through Mary’s opening. Her knuckles were always the challenge but Teresa knew the older lesbian could take it. The groans became louder as her cunt hole stretched as wide as it had ever gone. Then she fell silent as she felt her hole filled completely, her cunt muscles closing around the hand of her lover.

Seeing that, Teresa knew what to do next – slowly rocking her hand back and forth while running a finger around the outside of Mary’s swollen clit. With a hand buried in her cunt, only a little extra stimulation was required. Teresa saw her eyes roll back and knew that Mary had stopped breathing momentarily. In this state the orgasms were almost overwhelming for Mary.

They stayed like that, locked together for several minutes. Mary was cumming in one long, continuous flow. The most exquisite sensations coursed through her body as her cunt spasmed around the hand of her fellow nun. Mary could never really describe the feeling. She’d been surprised to learn how silent she went. But Mary knew she’d be ready to die that way.

Mary always reacted this way when being fisted. She had taught Teresa well and the pumping of the fist inside her cunt seemed to touch every nerve ending throughout her body. The gentle rubbing of her clit focused those sensations in exactly the right place. Soon that penetrated her lust-crazed brain and she gave up a long, low moan as the unending orgasm consumed her. Teresa’s hand was the perfect size for a tight cunt and the movement of those petite fingers inside her, along with the constant pressure against her nerve endings, was the most intense sexual experience.

Happily, Teresa had enough experience with fisting her boss to know when the time came to slowly bring her down. More than ten minutes might be dangerous no matter how enjoyable. She ceased playing with Mary’s clit, trying to gradually bring her back to Earth. Teresa knew she could not attempt to withdraw her hand without the older woman relaxing her cunt muscles.

Breath returned to Mary, though she seemed unconscious. Teresa lay beside her silently for a long time until the exhausted Mary finally regained her senses and opened her eyes. Neither of them spoke for several more minutes.

“Sister Teresa, you are so perfect for me.”

“I had a wonderful teacher. And I know how special that part of the gift is for you.”

“You make it so amazing. So sacred. Now its your turn. Lie back for me so I can return the gift.”

Teresa canlı casino didn’t need to be asked twice. She gladly let Mother Mary suckle on her double-Ds and lick her nipples till her own slit was sopping wet. Teresa enjoyed the lusting of others for her body. But her boss was extra special and it was incredibly arousing to have the older woman take advantage of her big tits. Mary was moaning herself as she slipped a hand down to her charge’s cunt. Teresa parted her thighs with a soft sigh, signally to her superior that she, too, was hungry for carnal pleasures.

Soon Mary pulled herself away from those luscious tits and trailed kisses down the belly of the younger nun. Teresa was nicely bare down there. Her neat cunt lips were swollen and flared. Mary gave one long lick from bottom to top of the steaming slit, reveling in the cry of pleasure she produced. Then she plunged her tongue fully into the other nun’s hole.

“Oh, fuck,” cried out Teresa. “Oh, Mother.”

Mary was a wonderful cunt licker and she very much enjoyed her craft. It was especially enjoyable to pleasure the younger woman who she’d first seduced and then led to sin. Mary knew exactly how to eat Teresa – alternating between tonguing the gushing hole and then swirling her tongue around the rock-hard clit. With her longer arms she easily reached to grab those big tits, squeezing them and pinching the nipples to send Teresa into a paroxysm of delight. Teresa was so naturally multi-orgasmic that the older woman could really enjoy licking and sucking and enjoying the juices that flowed from the other’s cunt.

Mother Mary moved away from the younger woman’s cunt only when she knew Teresa was spent. She cradled her charge in her arms till the heaving of her chest slowed and Teresa had returned to a semblance of normality.

“I’ve missed you,” sighed Teresa. They both new the rules. That was as much affection as they were permitted to display.

“But you had Francis to take care of you. The waiting couldn’t have been so bad.”

“He’d never be as good as you.”

“Hmmm… well a woman knows. Doesn’t she?”

Mary was stroking Teresa’s long blonde hair. In spite of what they both knew, the two women had a special bond.

“I’ve told you before,” said Mary gently, “how wrong it was of me to seduce you.”

“I have never regretted it for a second. It made me a better woman. And I have become a nun who can truly serve.”

“I’m really expecting to be transferred by the end of the year. I don’t want you to miss me too much.”

Sister Teresa knew she would miss terribly her friend and leader. But she didn’t care to talk about it right then.

“Can I stay a little while?”

“I hope you will. I have a new toy I’ve been waiting to share with you.”

Hearing the cry of delight, Mary quickly fetched the object from under her bed – a strap-on harness with a fresh, new dong attached. They’d used these before. Teresa’s first experience of being fucked by a cock had resulted from Mary letting her find one in her toybox. The new dong was not too long but nicely thick. It was flesh coloured and made with lovely fake veins that would feel perfect in her cunt. Teresa stroked it with a feeling of anticipation.

“Let’s get ready for it,” she urged her elder.

In a few moments they embraced in a loving 69 – Teresa on the bottom as was usual. She felt more comfortable being underneath her boss and it kept her long, blonde hair out of the way.

Pressing their mouths to the others cunt, the two beautiful women made love with their lips and tongues. Each enjoyed giving oral pleasure but they had a special connection that made the giving and receiving even better. As they’d practiced many times, they took turns to make the other cum, feeling the hot breath on their wet slits as the other woman writhed and exploded in their tight embrace. Teresa took extra care to lap at Mary’s arsehole. Both women were aroused by the intimacy of the act but Teresa wanted to prepare that tight place for what was to follow.

“You first,” said Mother Mary as she reached for the soft leather harness.

Teresa turned onto her back as she watched Mary don the harness, the thick dong protruding wickedly from other’s lean body. She loved cocks but never denied Mother Mary a chance to ream her throbbing cunt. Teresa spread her legs and drew her knees up – her cunt was open and inviting.

Carefully, Mary began to penetrate her lover with the rubber cock. There was no need to rush. She teased the opening, gently stretching. The dong was a good size – a little wider than the average man. And Teresa’s juices were already coating it as she moaned in anticipation.

“Please fuck me, Mother,” she groaned. “Like the very first time.”

“Play with your boobs. I want to watch you play with them.”

Teresa obeyed, squeezing her double-Ds and pinching her own nipples. She cried out as Mary thrust the first half of the rubber cock into her wet hole. It felt as good as the real thing when it was her beloved Mary fucking her. Teresa’s cunt muscles spasmed and she knew her next orgasm was already building.

Gripping the younger nun’s kaçak casino waist, Mary gradually had the entire dong buried in the steaming cunt. Since she couldn’t feel her cock, her focus was on fucking the other woman. With the harness fitting tightly, she began to pump into Teresa – increasing the depth and the pace of her thrusting. When Teresa, on the verge if climax, dropped her hands, the boss nun was rewarded with the sight of those luscious tits bouncing lewdly. The view almost made May cum herself since the dong was stimulating her own clitoris.

Wielding a strap-on dick, Mary had maximum stamina and could fuck her apprentice without end. Sometimes that brought out a mean streak in the boss nun. Allowing Teresa several gentle orgasms, Mary couldn’t wait to really give it to the younger nun.

“Roll over, my eager pupil,” she growled. “So you can really experience this new cock.”

It was exquisite to be in doggy position while the older woman rammed her cunt with the new toy. Teresa loved men and their cocks. Francis was an expert fucker. But Mary had chosen the perfect size and it was extra special to have the debauched older nun ramming into her sopping hole.

Mary appreciated the effort it too for a man to really fuck a woman hard. With Teresa on hands and knees, and a firm grip on her hips, she could slam the toy phallus into the soaking wet cunt. She feasted on the sight of those heavy tits as they swung and bounced. Mother Mary thrilled at reaming Teresa’s hole, the feeling of dominance as she fucked the other woman hard and deep. The muffled cries of sexual release drove her on.

But by then Mary was feeling her own needs. Fumbling with the harness, begged for what she wanted.

“Now you. I need this in my bottom.”

Teresa was still gasping with her own receding climax. But she was never one to disappoint her boss. She reached for the lube as Mary got into position.

“We don’t need that. Your cunt juice is enough.”

Mary was on hands and knees, with her bottom wriggling to entice her lover. Teresa soon had the harness fitting nice and tight. The fake phallus looked imposing as it jutted out from her body. She hoped her licking had been enough to prep Mary’s backdoor. But she knew that Mary wasn’t afraid of a little pain to go with butt sex. Without waiting, she pressed the end of the dong against the light brown opening.

“Give it to me,” groaned Mary. “Fill me up good.”

Mary pushed back as Teresa began to thrust forward. The first third of the dong disappeared inside her arse. With a firm grip of her hips, Teresa took up a rhythm in Mary’s hole. With each thrust she drew back before forcing more of the toy into that intimate opening. She was trying to be gentle although she knew from experience that a little pain would help to precipitate Mary’s first orgasm. Teresa had long since accepted that her teacher and boss delighted in rough anal penetration.

The dong was two-thirds of the way into Mary’s bum when her first orgasm hit. It was a smallish one but that was enough. As always, her sphincters opened up as her body craved more intense pleasure.

“Please. Give it to me,” begged Mary.

With a firm thrust Teresa buried the cock, making Mary cry out with joy. Ready to really fuck the other woman’s arse, she withdrew till only the tip was nestled in the hole. That made Mary moan even louder with hunger. Teresa knew the sphincters were relaxed now, open. She drove the length of the toy into her bosses’ rectum. Mary’s cry was perfect and Teresa gripped her hips tighter as she began to piston the rubber cock in and out of her boss’ arsehole. Mary shoved her face into the pillows, muffling her sounds of release. But Teresa had plenty of experiencing at giving anal pleasure and easily took control, reaming the other woman’s backdoor until she knew she was on the verge of leaving Mother Mary too sore to sit down.

After, the two women cuddled each other. It was true that they could not afford to let emotions like love get in the way of their work as nuns of the Order of the Mount. But Teresa, at least, felt something like love for her mentor. Soon they both fell into a light slumber, Teresa surrendering with the thought she might be allowed to stay the night.


Sister Claire knew all about her appointment with the Monsignor. The date and time were marked carefully in her diary. Only three days more. And she knew exactly what the meeting would entail. The truth was that she was looking forward to it. Letting a stranger use her like that, humping her bottom, was no longer frightening now that she was entering the secret inner world of the Order of the Mount.

At first, her sinful and unclean thoughts had caused deep shame. It was the same as she’d experienced years earlier after sex with boyfriends. She’d thought herself a slut and turned to the Order as a way to atone. But those thoughts had refused to stay away. Confused, needing help, her sister nuns had helped Claire to discover a new and more intense way to serve as a nun. They had reassured her that the Gift was special and cherished by the members of the secret core. With their encouragement, she had found herself thinking of sex all the time and wishing for more chances to experience the most intense pleasure. Of course, it was all in the service of the Order.

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