A Pig’s Life

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Ever since Lilly Gilt took over her family fashion company all her employees felt her iron and shallow grip. She embarked on a campaign against anyone who didn’t appeal to her physical standards. The day after she took control of the company she immediately fired all the people she considered overweight. She refused to hire anyone over 130 pounds and refused to produce clothes any larger than a medium, controversy and cost margins be damned.

One day, as her workday ended, she entered the elevator to head to the executive parking lot. As she went down she talked to her financial adviser on her cell phone.

“…Look, I don’t care about what those whiny advocacy groups say. If those fat, disgusting pigs want to wear my clothes then they better waddle to the gym.”

She hung up as her adviser desperately tried to change her mind. As the elevator doors opened, she began walk to her car when suddenly she felt someone grabbing her and something poking her in the neck and inserting a hot liquid into her. She tried to scream but it wouldn’t come out of her mouth. Everything started getting woozy and before she passed she looked over her shoulder to see a hooded man holding a syringe filled with purple liquid.


Lilly woke up slowly and took in her surroundings. She was inside of a building, but she herself was in a pig sty, lying naked in mud and surrounded by hogs. She tried to get up, but her legs felt so weak and unbalanced that she could only get on her hands and knees.

Then a large hooded woman walked the the pen’s food trough with large buckets.

“Hey!” Lilly yelled out, now able to speak again. “Who are you? Where am I? I’m warning you, I’m a very important and people will be looking for me…”

“Sooie! Feeding time!” The woman yelled, ignoring Lilly as she poured the buckets of slop into the trough.

“Are you listening?! If you don’t let me out now I’ll…I’ll…”

Lilly shouts were cut short as the surprisingly delicious smell of the slop overwhelmed her. She crawled to the trough and squeezed between the hogs already feeding. The slop was comprised of old, half eaten fruits and vegetables mixed in with soggy grains and wheat. Lilly dove face first into it and began eating it heartily. Lilly was in disgust about what she was doing but she couldn’t bring herself to stop, this slop was the most delicious thing she ever eaten. As the slope became almost empty the woman came back and refilled it.

Lilly continued eating more and more, her stomach becoming stuffed but always having room for more. She began to feel nature calling, but she couldn’t bring herself to leave her precious slop. She desperately tried to hold it in, keeping her legs bakırköy escort close together and letting out numerous farts to help ease the pressure in her, but she knew what was coming was inevitable. Her only hope was that the hooded woman would stop refilling the trough so she could at least go in a corner, but no, the feeding continued and Lilly continued stuffing her face with slop. With the food in her constantly digesting to make room for more and the pressure in her growing to painful levels, Lilly gave up and relieved herself right there at the food trough like the other pigs feeding alongside her.

The feeding lasted for hours until the woman finally stopped refilling the trough. Lilly crawled off and collapsed into the mud. She never felt so humiliated in her life, however another part of her never felt more content. A part of her wanted to leave desperately while another part never felt more at home.

This continued for months, with Lilly feeding for hours and then sleeping until it was time to eat again. This gluttonous lifestyle led to quick but massive weight gains. Her head was padded with fat and she had a huge double chin. Her arms became large, swollen and tired. Her thighs grew into giant trunks of flab and her buttocks had enlarge into giant globes of saggy cellulite. Her stomach grew so large that it dragged in the mud when she tried to move. She easily became Her increased sized resulted in decreased mobility and she soon found her area of movement growing closer and closer to just being around the food trough. Furthermore, her breasts grew so large and sagging that while she was feeding, the piglets in the sty often came to suck on her teats, usually becoming the largest of their litter. Within a few month, Lilly had grown to become the fattest hog in the pen.

Lilly wanted desperately to figure a way out but the pig part of her grew stronger everyday. Her vocal complaints had almost ceased entirely because she had grown more comfortable grunting and oinking. The feedings grew longer as it took much more time and slop to satisfy her increasing appetite. Her ability to control her bladder disappear as she just allowed her waste to fall where it may. More often than not, all the other hogs would huddle around her huge, filthy frame and they would sleep in a pile. Lilly knew she had truly a fat, disgusting pig and it both horrified her and made her happy.

On occasion, the hooded woman and a hooded man would take the hogs out of the sty to tend and inspect them. It took a combined effort between the two of the them to get Lilly out. They hose her clean, clipp her nails, cut her hair and weigh her before putting her back in the pen. However, the most recent beşiktaş escort inspection offered an interesting conversation between the two of them.

“She weighs 670 pounds! Ol’ Lilly sure has grown ever since we brought her here, hasn’t she?” The man said, bringing up a handful of old celery and mushrooms to Lilly’s face for her to snack on while she on the scale.

“Yep! I might enter her a show. I’m sure she bring home the blue ribbon.” The woman said.

Lilly then let loose a thunderous and sloppy fart. Lilly barely noticed and if the two hoods noticed they didn’t mention it as they just petted Lilly and brought more stale vegetables to her mouth.

“But you know,” the woman started. “I’m wondering why Lilly isn’t attracting attention from male hogs in the sty? It’s mating season and she should be the best prize in the pen.

The thought of being plowed by a hogs disgusted Lilly, but the pig part of her had been wondering the same question ever since mating season began. She had been presenting herself to the male but none of them took her offer.

A few days later, as Lilly laid in the mud, an obese man entered the sty. He was wearing a pig mask and the only clothing he had was a pair of crotch-less underwear with a curly tail glue to the back of it. He walked around the pen, fully erect, grunting and looking at the females. Lilly got up and immediately entered a submissive position with her rear in the air, showing she was ready to mate. Lilly was disgusted by the site of the fat man, but it had been so long since she had felt a man’s touch that she was desperate. The pig part of her wanted him to mate with her. She was the biggest sow the sty and she deserved to be mated more than the skinny excuses of hogs all the males were focusing on.

The man then noticed Lilly and went towards her. He got behind her and began to rub his member up and down her butt cheeks and against her vagina, all while she moaned and grunted. Then he inserted himself fully into her, warranting a loud squeal from her. He thrust in and out of her, slapping and groping her huge backside all the while. Lilly, on the other hand, was squealing and bucking about like the wild pig she had become, thrusting her body in tune with his and letting out farts that she was too excited to notice.

Eventually, she climaxed with the loudest squeal she ever made before collapsing forward from exhaustion. The man then came inside her, coating insides thoroughly, before pulling out. As Lilly laid in the mud, the man began petting her back like the animal she knew she was. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, the man pulled out a syringe filled with orange liquid and inserted into Lilly’s neck beylikdüzü escort as a she fell into a stupor.


“… And Gilt’s Fashion stock is expected to drop as it’s controversial CEO, Lilly Gilt, returns after almost a year long sabbatical next week.”

Lilly then woke up to the sound of TV to find herself in her bed at her mansion. She looked at her body and found that she was still morbidly obese, but she didn’t have any of the pig urges she had gained. She tried to stand up to look at herself in the mirror and found that she could now stand under her own power again but the massive shift in her weight made it so difficult that she quickly sat back down on her bed. She saw her phone by on her nightstand and contemplated calling the police but she decided to drop it. She was just happy to be home again and wished to put this whole experience behind her.

After a week of retraining to society’s standards, Lilly returned to her position as CEO of her company. Her new size cause big controversy and headlines for a while, but that was soon replaced with admiration as Lilly began to champion a fat acceptance movement. She rehired all the heavy people she fired and filled her inner circle with women almost as large as she was. She also created a line of designer clothing made only for plus-sized women.

However, while it would seem that had been humbled by her weight gain, the people working near her knew otherwise. She was just as shallow as she was when she was thin, she was just try to rework attraction standards so that the world would consider fat, and therefore her, beautiful. She wore tons of tight clothing that show off her multiple curves and her fashion line consisted of skimpy clothing. She encouraged heavy set people to dress as revealing as possible and she flooded her catalogs and fashion shows with plus-sized women. Furthermore, her hatred of fat people had changed to an obsession to making them larger, demanding all her employees take multiple lunches consisting of large amounts of greasy food.

People close to her also noticed a rather strange change in her personality. She liked to eat vast amounts of food very sloppily and she had strange habit of taking as many mud baths as she could during her day, even having one put in her office and her bedroom. Her frequent flatulence shocked those who thought of her as a high class woman and she treated the act of having to go to the bathroom with annoyance. She also constantly infuriated her inner circle by stealing their men. Whenever she learned that they were in a relationship or interested in someone, she would swoop in and either seduce or bribe the man into her own personal harem. She could be found in her office being plowed from behind by different men almost everyday.

“You’re a fat, filthy, disgusting pig!” The men would yell as they ground into her backside, groping and squeezing her rolls. You could tell if she was being pleasured by the way she responded:


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