A slave in the making…

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“Get on your knees.” The beautiful blonde girl quickly lowers to her knees in attempts to please her master. Without thinking the blonde raises her hands to his pants and starts to unzip them. She tries to move quickly as to not upset her master but is also keeping in mind her perfect position as of fear for her punishment if she does wrong. Grabbing her master’s dick, she takes him willingly and completely in her mouth. Moving her head up and down his dick she feels feelings of acceptance as he pats her blonde curls and mummers softly” good slave.” Within minutes of getting head from his slave he pulls out of her mouth and motions for his slave to move to the platform on the left side of the room. On the platform lies a thick wooden board secured by four legs to look as if it is a table until standing beside the board realizing that it is not what one would think. In actuality there are four ties to bound one’s property securely. As she gets off her knees and walks over to the platform to get in position, she tries to hide her feelings of dismay when thinking about the abruptness of oral sex.
Once at the board she climbs on her knees and waits to be fastened into position. As her master fastens her bonds she feels a slight wetness forming in the crease of her legs. Fastened in doggy style, her master walks around to examine a job well done. He teases her as he walks around the board and ever so lightly stroking his fingers against the lips of his slave’s pussy. Increasing her arousal, he passes her and walks over to a cabinet placed on the opposite wall of the platform. As he opens the cabinet doors he runs his fingers along the instruments that are stored specifically for the usage on slaves.
Ranging from different sizes of whips, paddles and floggers he stops and thinks which one would be best right now. He decides upon a flogger to administer her punishment. His decision for using the flogger was easy thinking to himself. She appears to have forgotten her place by getting worked up at the touch of his fingers probing at her pussy. He is determined to fix that. By using such an instrument it will aid her back to reality where she belongs and she will realize after a couple of swings that she is here to serve and do as her master says. canlı bahis She does not deserve any better treatment, she is transforming into a beautiful submissive slave. Soon she will learn that she is nothing but a slave and my property. Ending his train of thought due to excitement rising, he walks back over to the bounded girl. Walking the length of her torso he stops when he reaches her hips and raises his hand.
Anticipation begins to run through the girls veins as her master walks past her with her punishment in hand. When he raises his hand she holds her breath as if attempts not to scream, knowing that her punishment will only be worse if there is any vocalization. The sound of the flogger soaring through the air and slapping her ass was more than what she could bare. Instinctively the girl screams. Setting down the instrument and forcefully grabbing a handful of hair he leans in closer to her and states “you know the rules bitch.” Open your mouth again and you’ll regret it. You deserve this baby; I am here to help you realize what you are and where you belong.” Silence for a moment or two then the only words that echo throughout the room are “shut your mouth and taking your punishment with pride.”
He simply releases her hair and walks back to his original spot to resume her punishment. After a few more blows to the girl’s ass, the feelings within him were too much. He set aside the flogger and stripped his clothes off. Placing his hands on her ass he spreads her cheeks enough for him to place the head of his dick at the entry way. Angry for her disobedience during her beating he could not find the slightest bit of remorse for what was about to happen. With one hard thrust he shoved his dick inside her ass.
At the realization of what he just did to her, she started to scream in agony but as soon as she heard noise come from her mouth she shut her mouth and tried to muffle her screams for fear of what would happen if he noticed. Noticing how hard she was working to please him he simply smirked and kept thrusting into her. The intensity of his arousal kept growing and the harder the thrusts were the more he cannot hold back. “You stupid cunt, I am going to pound your ass until you scream begging me to stop. At bahis siteleri that time though it will be too late and you will have broken the rules and need to be taught a lesson.” Grabbing her hair, forcing her head back he leans in and spits in her face, then stating “you’ll learn one day slut.” She simply smiled as he pushed her head back into its original position. As he continues to thrust in her, he cannot help but think what a gorgeous diamond in the ruff. That thought alone he could barely keep his position. He pulled out of her walked around so he is suddenly facing her and says one word. “Open.” Instantly she does as commanded. With a few jerks on his dick, he shot his load all over her face.
Laying there with cum dripping down her face, he releases her from her bonds and helps her off the platform. Without giving her anything to wipe her face off he leads her to the front hall way where there is a door on the right. Entering inside the door he reaches for the light switch. With her arm grasped tightly in his hand he bent over in front of the sink reaching for her clothes and hands them to her. With clothes in hand, he starts to lead them back out of the door as she stops him and says sir; I have to use the bathroom. Not caring what she wants he drug her through the door and continued down the hallway. Reaching the end of the hall way, he opens another door. Seeing the street and neighbor kids playing street basketball, she knew that today was coming to an end. With that he makes sure she has a grasp on her clothes and says 7:15 A.M. sharp. After finishing his statement he lets go of her and turns around to go inside.
Quickly realizing how much trouble she would get in if anyone saw her; she ran behind the bushes in his front yard and got dressed. Taking her underwear and wiping her face off, she very carefully slipped them on her body. Proceeding to put the rest of her clothes on she looked down at her watch seeing that is was 6:45 in the evening. Beginning to make herself go crazy about what excuse she could come up with she started finally walking down the street.
Living on three streets away, she decided when she got home she would say she was helping a friend study for an exam and that’s why she is so late. Feeling bahis şirketleri nervous, she walked up the pathway to her house. Reaching for the door handle she started to open the door as a manly figure with a deep voice approached her. “Samantha where have you been?” “I was helping a friend study for an exam and we got so deep into studying it totally slipped my mind to call. I am so sorry Dad.” “It’s fine. Just don’t let it happen again we were expecting you home for dinner. We just worry about you when you don’t call.” Closing the door behind her, Samantha heads to her room.
Shocked that she can get away with anything; Samantha closes her bedroom door behind her and locks it. Reminiscing about the events that happened between her and her master Samantha walks over to her dresser. Inside her top drawer she pulls out a blue dildo. Carefully placing it on top of the dresser she begins to strip down in hopes of getting to cum just one more time before she jumps in the shower. Transferring from her dresser she headed to the corner of her bedroom where her laptop and webcam where placed. Signing on to an adult site she just recently joined she turned on her webcam and immediately place the dildo in her ass without any lube. As she pushed the bright blue dildo further into her ass she started to finger her pussy. Switching back and forth from her clit to shoving her fingers deep within herself she started to moan. Not watching how many viewers were watching her on her webcam Samantha quickly looked at the top right corner of the screen to see a list of how many visitors were watching her. As Sam glanced up at the screen she saw a total of 500,000 hits to her site but only 5 current viewers were watching her climax to yet again another orgasm. As she stuck her fingers back inside her pussy and working her dildo she started shouting how much of a bad girl she was. “I am such a dirty slut. I want someone to treat me as such. I do not deserve any higher treatment. Sluts are submissive slaves in the making. This fucking whore needs a punishment and she is willing to do anything to get it.” With those last graphic words rolling off Sam’s tongue she could no longer contain herself as she gave one last thrust both with her fingers in her pussy and shoving her dildo up her ass. Cum running down her legs she leaned over to the webcam and blew her fans a kiss. “I hope you all enjoyed, see you later.”

*More to come…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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