Alicia Ch. 1

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Chapter 1 – Teacher

I have been teaching for 5 years…and already I am getting tired of it. I wake up…I go to work…I come back home to my wife and I go to sleep. So boring. Now before I go any further, I must explain that I am not a pervert. I have taught Grade 12 for a while now and I have seen my share of pretty girls come and go without thinking anything of them. But this year there is this one girl that stands out. She seems bright but unfortunately she is failing the class. I think she has been too busy with after school activities…if you know what I mean.

Lets just say that she is very popular…and guys are always after her. I can’t really blame them. Her name is Alicia, she is 19, about 5’6″, short straight black hair, curvy in all the right places and is beautiful. I must admit that I had some “interesting” thoughts about her. Had she been 10 years younger I would have done anything for a date with her. So one day after school, somebody knocks on the door of my office and I ask them to come in. Alicia walks in. She is wearing a tiny skirt, I swear if it was a inch higher I would see her panties. She is also wearing an halter top which shows her toned midriff. In other words she is looking might sexy…and I feel a twinge in my pants. My cock reacting to the way she looked, shifting uncomfortably in my seat, I ask her:

“Hello Alicia…how may I help you?”

Chapter 2 – Student

“Well sir I need your help.” I lean in over your desk to avoid talking so loudly. Without noticing that my chest (34d) was teasing you over your desk I go on to explain myself:

“My folks said that I had to get a job if I wanted to get a car. So I’ve been working at this..ummm…restaurant to earn some extra money. I’ve been working there for the past two months and I’ve had virtually no time to concentrate on my schoolwork.” I look away for an instance to make sure no one was standing in the doorway. As I glance at the doorway I noticed that my work uniform was hanging out of my bookbag.

“That’s where I need your help. I know I’ve been screwing. . .I mean messing up in class” As I was picking my words carefully I couldn’t help but notice the unusual twitch in your pants as well as your constant shifting as I was talking to you. I stand up from your desk to turn around to my bookbag. I continue explaining as I bend over at the waist to tuck in my uniform, revealing my pantiless bottom:

“I wanted to know if there was ANY way that I could make the work up. I’d do anything for some extra credit. I just can’t let my grades drop. My folks would make me quit my job and ground me. My boss has been kind enough to let me come into work a couple of hours late each day as long as I make it up the time on the weekend. So if you have anything that I could do for you for some extra credit, I’m all yours.” I walk towards you behind your desk and squat down in front of you. I look up at you with desperation in my eyes. I catch a quick glance at the picture of your wife on your desk. I stand up in front of you and reach for your wifes picture and respond

“You must be a very happy man”

I lean down over your desk ,as you looked levent escort up at me, and wrote on one of your sticky pads. I folded the sticky pad in my hand and placed my hands on your muscular thighs. Almost as soon as my hands touched your thighs I quickly realized that I was completely out of place. I looked at your face and saw the most uncomfortable expression. Startled at what I was doing I dropped the folded up note at your feet and backed away in shame. I stumbled for my book bag as I rushed out of the room with my hands over my face.

Chapter 3 – Teacher

Before I have time to say anything to stop you, you are out of the room. What had just happened? Was she saying what I thought she was saying? I turned my chair around and got back behind the desk, realizing at the same time that I had a raging hard-on. Still in a daze, and not sure of what I doing I unzipped my pants and wrapped my hand around my swollen cock. I slowly start to stroke, thinking of you….imagining your naked body in front of me…my hands all over it, tracing every curve…when I suddenly come in my hands. I quickly clean myself up with a kleenex and feel keenly ashame of what I have just done. Not only are you only 19, but I am a married man.

What is wrong with me?

I am a happily married man. My wife is beautiful and we have a decent sex life. Granted, we are trying to have kids right now, so it has become kinda like a job, well not that it ever was that special…but the sex is satisfactory. Yes, that is a good word to describe it. And yet, by just having you in my office for less than 10 minutes with that outfit on, I cannot get you out of my mind. Then I remember that you have a problem. You work too hard. I seem to remember something about a restaurant…everything is kinda of in a haze. I turn around to look out of the window when I notice the piece of paper on the ground. I pick it up and unfold it.

“Come and see me work…please – Tonight 8:00pm – 1234 Main St.”

Main St…that is not a nice part of town. But I resolve to go anyhow…one of my students need help, I cannot let her down. So at 7:30pm that evening, I tell my wife that I am heading for a drink with the boys (not sure why I lied) and head down to your workplace. It takes me a while to find the address, but I finally pull into the parking lot. I walk up to the door and realize that this is not really a restaurant, but a strip bar. I look at the poster advertising what is going on on this night and see your picture, dressed as a pirvate school student. I think about turning around to my wife…but don’t. I walk into the bar and see you on the dance floor…having just started your routine.

Chapter 4 – Student

The lollipop music started as I walked from behind the curtain in my catholic school girl uniform outfit.

I began my strut on the stage with my blouse opened and yet tied up in the front to shape my breasts, kneehighs, glasses, tall red pumps, my hair was tied up, my lunchbox, and of course the school girl skirt. The lights in the club are always bright so I could only se the gentlemen in the front. making obsevations of the maltepe escort gentlemen up front I walk towards the gentlemen that was talking to my boss with his back to me. I bent over at the waist, revealing my near bare bottom and placed my lunchbox on the floor of the stage. I slowly swayed my hips down to the music until I was squatting with my knees apart behind the man.

As i continued to put on a show I noticed my boss glancing at me while he continued to talk to the man. My skirt just barely draped over my crotch. i opened the lunch box to pull out a fairly large lollipop. I puckered up and slowly pushed the lollipop between my lips. I could hear the crowd get louder with OOO’s and AAHHH’s. The gentlemen was still trapped by boss in conversation. My boss gave me the eyebrow look while the man was talking. Lifting up the back of my skirt to reveal my black silk thong, I lifted my ass up into the air and stretched my legs out for the boys behind me.

With my hands on the stage and my ass bobbing in the air I began sucking the lollipop in and out until the man finally turned around. From there I got back into the squatting position and removed the lollipop from my mouth and slowly moved it towards the mans mouth. he gladly extended his tongue to take it in. I heard one man yell out “Now that’s one lucky motherf*****”.

As I licked my lips at him he pulled his left hand out of his pocket and started to place a hundred dollar bill in my waistband. I gave my boss a quick look and he pointed down and I knew exactly what that meant. I met the mans hand half way and guided his hand underneath my skirt. I shifted my thong over and told the man to place it in the vault.

He placed the bill into the crotch of my thong. He didnt pull his hand away without running his hand across my now wet pussy. I threw my head back in blist. He just mirked and turned back to my boss. He said something to my boss and then shook his head. They shook hands and the man left. My boss gave me a thumbs up. I turned my attention back to the rest of the crowd and resumed my dance. I strutted over to the opposite side of the stage and went to my knees in front of a younger guy that looked about 20 or so. He smiled as I untied my blouse and peeled it off to reveal my chest (34d’s).

i reached for his hands and pulled them to the fasten of my bra. he quickly unfastened me and my strapless bra easily fell to the floor. i walked away and grabbed onto the pole. I began to unzip my skirt but then changed my mind. I turned around and bent over at the waist again. I reached under my skirt and lifted it up. I unhooked the thong at the sides and let them fall to my ankles. One man up front looked more than eager to get them. The now dripping thongs were hanging from the tip of my heels as my leg was up and wrapped around the pole. i rubbed my now naked pussy up and down the pole. The crowd still cheered for a clear look at my pussy.

Playing to the crowd, I came from behind the pole with my back ,again, to the crowd. I unzipped my skirt and let it fall. I stepped out of my skirt and stretched my legs apart and bent over. I began mecidiyeköy escort to rub myself for the guys. I walked down from the stage with my lunchbox and collected what looked like my best collection of he week. Once I got back stage my boss came up to me and handed me a thick envelope. He grinned and said thank you. I went to the back and got dressed. I normally took the back exit to the parking lot but tonight I walked back through the crowd. As i had expected I got a few comments and remarks. i almost made it to the door when i saw my teacher.

“Oh god, the paper.” I nearly swallowed my tongue. i walked up to him and started to apologize for my behavior when . . .

Chapter 5 – Teacher

My eyes are glued on Alicia throughout the whole set, my cock swelling to almost grotesque size. The whole time I wanted to move closer to be one of the guys who got to touch her, but I knew I could not. The embarassement would be overwhelming. But at the same time I wanted to run to the stage and wrap some clothes around her body, take her away from these leering perverts. And then I realized that I was one of those leering perverts, that I was looking at her as if she was an object, something put on this earth to be looked at, to be enjoyed.

The feeling of protection I had quickly disappeared, quickly being swallowed by pure and unaldurated lust. A few times I even managed to slip my hand in my pants and give myself a few strokes, the lights dark enough in the club. So this explained what she was trying to tell me today, why her grades had been going downhill in the past couple of months. No wonder, she must work late in the evenings. Not too mention that this was very illegal, her being 19.

I wonder if the her boss knows that, or if she lied. When she finished her routine, I walked over to the bar and ordered a few beers, hoping to extinguish the flame that my student had started in me.

What was I doing? Here I am, having lied to my wife, but not caring. Only thinking of her, her luscious lips wrapped around my cock. God, that thought was driving me crazy, not able to get it out of my head. And just as I am reaching the part in my head where I cum in her mouth, I notice her walking from behind the stage towards me. I try to hide but too late, the next thing I know she is in front of me.

She is wearing a red halter top, that barely conceal her gorgeous breasts, and a pair of skin tight blue jeans. She is about to say something when….she notices the obvious swelling in my pants. An embarrassed smile on her face is replaced by a slight grin. Damn…she knows how much I want her. She knows she can probably get me to do anything for her, even change her grades. Just as I am about to greet her, I realize that my eyes have been glued on her cleavage instead of her eyes the whole time. I quickly look up, noticing for the first time her beautiful green eyes.

“Hello Alicia…uhm…that was a great show.”

She takes the stool next to me, her hand brushing my thigh. No sign of embarrassment in her face.

“Hi Mr. Lowe. I hope you enjoyed it!” She replies, a slight glance towards my crotch. And that is when I knew. On this night, I would do things I had never done before, things I would not be proud of, and only one of which consisted of cheating on my wife. The scary thing was I could not thing of something I wanted more. You could say I lost control. So I asked:

“So….Alicia…what else do you do here?”

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