An Afternoon Tryst

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“I’ll be out for a lunch meeting,” Carl called out to his secretary as he walked out of his office.

It was just another work day. Yet, he felt a tingle of pleasure as he set off for his lunch date. He was meeting an old friend. That was not unusual, he usually tried to keep in touch with friends and buddies from college and previous work places. But she was special. It has been almost 5 years since he last saw Viv.

Viv was a bubbly girl, typical of all young college co-eds. She was not the brightest nor the prettiest by any measure. Yet, she had that boundless energy and enthusiasm that was hard to miss. They had been good friends, the whole bunch of them. But Viv in particular. Once, he almost thought that he might fall in love with her. Sneaking away from the ´”group”, they would often find a quiet corner. To talk, and maybe kiss a little. They both had no idea how it all started. It just happened.

Yet, the years passed, they graduated. Once in a while, there were gatherings, parties, weddings and lunches. Every one found their special someone. As did Carl. As did Viv. Yet, they still shared a special something. And so, today, more than 5 years after their last get-together, after years of sending emails about each other’s problems, and kids, and work; they finally found time for lunch.

“Hi, Carl,” she said.

He turned around. It was so familiar, the voice, the greeting; and so familiar the sight. There she stood, next to him, smiling. He gave her a quick hug. “It is so good to see you again!” he said. He still cared so much for her, and she could still affect him with that bright girlish smile.

Lunch was a blur. Carl had no idea what he ate, what he drank. He listened to every word she said, and words rushed out from him, trying to share their lives in that short hour. Lunch meeting. They had coffee after that. As they talked, his hands found hers. He held it tenderly. Stroking her palm, just like he used to. And she continued talking, and looked at him in that sideway, impish style that always made his heart skip.

“I think,” Carl said, “We need to spend a few hours together, just us, locked away in a room.”

There. He said it. Adultery. Fornication. Guilt. No thought. It has been years. He deserved this moment. But he knew, that was all bull shit. taksim escort bayan It was just sex he wanted. Or was it?

“Why me?” she asked. This surprised him. Maybe a simple yes or no would have been more acceptable. Why her? Did he know?

Smiling at each other, holding hands, they actually talked about it! Unbelievable as it might be, there they were, Carl, the middle management, on-the-fast-track-sophisticated guy and Viv, the successful career woman and mother of 2; discussing this question. But as they talked, they realized that this conversation was unique to them. It would never take place with anyone else. There was no answer. This was their moment.

As the lift took them up to his car, he kissed her. Hungry lips met after years of absence. The lift door opened too soon. Damn, high-speed lifts. He drove in silent thought. There was this motel that he knew of. Paid for it, and got to the room. By now, he was trembling slightly. He felt really silly. “I am NOT a teenager anymore!” he reminded himself.

Going into the room, he turned and locked the door behind them. Not a word has been said. There was no need. He reached for her, and she came willingly into his arms. Gently, he nibbled at her lips, his arms wrapped tightly around her. Parting her lips with his tongue, he nearly lost control as he penetrated her hot willing mouth. Her body pressed hungrily into his. If he were not sure before, her hungry response and quiet desperation as she sought to press herself more closely into him, finally tore away all doubts. It would be an afternoon to savor. And remember.

He pressed his hard member against her, grinding her against the door. She was making mewling noises. He was going to explode. His hands explored her breasts as she seemed to be incapable of doing anything more than cling onto him for support. “Touch me!” he whispered.

Her hands snaked down to grasp his hardness. Her small gentle fingers caressed him through the cloth of his pants. As he continued to ravish her mouth with his tongue and lips, his hands were feverishly roaming her body. Still pressed against the door, she could barely stand, panting breathlessly as he rubbed his hands against her breasts, her belly, and down to her where there was ümraniye escort bayan a moist patch forming at her panties.

“I want to see your body.”

Reluctantly, they parted, and made their way next to the bed. The desperate clutching and pawing when they first entered the room seem to have cooled them. Slowly, he removed her top. Her breasts were small. Pert. Unhooking her bra, he bent down to kiss her on the nipples, his tongue flicking out, causing her to gasp. She removed his shirt, then pressed her aching breasts against his naked chest. As he kissed her again, he worked on her skirt, dropping it to the floor, and she slowly slid the zipper on his pants, fondling him as she did so. He pushed her back onto the bed.

Lips locked, his body covered her tiny frame. Rubbing himself against her through her panties, they both remembered how it was, in college, the kissing, the dry humping. Nostalgia at a most unusual time. Having enough of that, he swiftly pulled down her panties, revealing the small, trimmed bush that barely hid her womanly treasure. Impatiently, he whipped off his briefs, finally they were flesh to flesh, lip to lip, thighs to thighs. He kissed her with soft kisses around her face, moving down to her neck, all the while, his hands touching her in all the intimate places. Her moans and whimpers encouraged him. “She will never forget today,” he swore to himself.

His questing fingers finally found their way to the apex of her thighs. He parted her legs, and caressed the inside of the legs. Slowly, his hands moved up towards the moist hotness, as his lips made their way down to her breasts. Just as his mouth closed on her left nipple, his fingers found her clitoris. She arched her back, she moaned, she called out his name. She came.

His tongue trailed fire down her body, reach her navel, licking it, and moving on. Gently, he bit her on her hips, eliciting yet another moan from her. He swung himself around, as his lips joined his wet fingers. Taking her hands, he placed it on his penis. She stroked him gently. Groaning, he lowered his head between her thighs. He kissed her nether lips. His tongue licked its way around her vulva, moving down to where the brown, puckered hole of her anus winked. üsküdar escort bayan Gently painting its path around the two lovely holes, he was bringing her close to another orgasm. She took him into her mouth. As she sucked him, he finally plunged his tongue deep into her.

Sucking hard on her clitoris again, he could feel the effect on her as she bucked her hips and sucked harder on him. He inserted one finger into her vagina, as his tongue continued its assault on her clit. Yet another finger caressed her little brown hole, lubricated by the liberal amount of fluid flowing from her. He felt her come again, as she screamed with his prick buried deep in her throat. He almost lost control. But he knew, at his age, he could only come once, and he really did not want it to end. Not yet. He continued to suck her, until she had her third orgasm.

She was clutching his buttocks feverishly. Urging him to take her. “I need it now!” she moaned.


He turned around and slid his body slowly up until their eyes locked. She spread her legs, preparing herself for his entry. “Fuck me.” She whispered. The words shocked him. He had never heard her use them before, but now, they seem so right. There she was, one of his best friends for many years, begging him to take her.

Her hands were pulling his prick towards her, urging him on with her undulating hips. As he bent down to claim her lips again, he entered her. Quickly, she wrapped her legs around his back, bucking wildly against him.

“The stock market is down.” He thought.

“I wonder what time it is?”

It worked. He did not come. She did. As she opened her eyes in wonder, he smiled at her, and pushed himself up. Grabbing her ankles, he draped her legs around his neck. “I want to be deeper.” He said.

This time, when he started to pump his prick in and out, he knew there was no holding back. He caught her breasts with his hands, he kissed her, he sucked her tongue, he sucked her breast. He tried to touch her everywhere. She panted, and met him thrust for thrust, never backing down, she was not moaning anymore. She took deep breaths, gasping each time he plunged all the way, urging him on, hands pulling her legs higher, trying to spread herself more for him. He grabbed her buttocks as he increased the tempo of his thrusts.

“I’m coming.” He warned

“Come with me!” she panted.

As he felt the first contractions of her orgasm, he started to spurt deep inside her. She came again, in a series of multiple orgasms. He rested his head on her breasts. Kissing and sucking them, he could feel himself becoming soft. But he was still inside. It was still not time to end this.

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