An Erotic Encounter

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I am a 22-year-old average guy. I was about 6’6″, weigh about 190 lbs, have black hair, and like the color black. I lived in a small apartment, just enough space for one guy to live in. I enjoyed my life to the fullest extent possible. One day while walking to the Post Office to get some stamps, I crossed paths with a hot looking red haired lady with some sexy curves. I glanced and then took a longer second look. She tilted her head and looked back and smiled. Just as I was gathering up the nerve to go talk to this goddess, she came up to me and asked me if I liked what I saw. Of course I did, said I. Well then what are you going to do about it? , she asked questioningly. I don’t precisely know that one miss, I replied. Well handsome if you change your mind here is my number, she replied as she wrote her number on a piece of paper. Thanks, I replied. I proceeded to get stamps and wondered if this gal was the real deal. I carried on with my errands I had to do.

Later that day, I decided to call this lady and see if she wanted to hang out, maybe even go to dinner with me. I picked up the phone and dialed her number. Hello? , a sexy voice replied from the other end. Hello I stammered back. I am the guy you met at the post office earlier today. Remember me? Oh yes, she replied in a sultry voice. Well I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me maybe to a movie and dinner, I asked her. Oh ummmm sure sexy, she replied, Can you pick me up at seven? Yes miss, replied I. My name is Renagade. Um can I ask your name? Sure baby, my name is Debby, she responded. Seven sounds really good Debby. Where do you live, I inquired? She gave me the address and made a kiss sound over the phone and then hung up. Well I was excited and taken aback all at once. Could this Debby be a good woman or was she completely nuts.

Seven o’clock rolled around and I pulled up at Debby’s house in my blue Dodge Ram. I honked the horn and went to greet her at the door. Debby opened the door and my jaw dropped. She had fire red hair on her head, and as my eyes went down I found more to my liking. She was dressed in a tight black number that ended high thigh and then those sexy legs began, long smooth and calling me to touch them and feel them. My eyes looked back up and grazed those perky breasts of hers, 38Ds I judged and firm too, and her face, that sexy face, those red lips, deep blue eyes, and such a smile on this lady. I was hooked on her looks, could her personality be just as good I wondered? While I was looking her over, she was doing the same, I had broad shoulders, hazel eyes that seemed to look into your soul, black hair, and one heck of a tux on, definitely not rented. She glanced past me to my mode of transportation, a DODGE RAM!!!! Oooooohhhhhh she cooed silently. She loved Dodge Rams, especially having sex in them; I was about to find that out. She gently squeezed her thighs together and found that she was starting to get wet and turned on. So she asked, where do we eat to night? Oh I got somewhere special in mind I replied.

As we climbed into my Dodge, her dress went up a bit to reveal more of those sexy legs. My pants were starting to get a little tight if you know what I mean. As I drove we engaged in general conversation, like the weather, friends, life and that sort of stuff. Then she asked me if I would mind finding a rest room she could use, cause she had to go. I pulled over at a rest stop and she went in and came back out in two minutes. As she got in she asked, mind holding these for me, as she handed me her sexy lacey black thong. WOW!! Would I? I would be honored. My pants got a lot tighter since I knew she wasn’t wearing any panties and her pussy was all exposed. As we drove I noticed her right hand dipping under her dress and she would quiver ever so slightly as we chatted and drove on. I asked if she was having fun and she said yeeesssssss. I asked if she wanted help. YESSSSSSSS ooooh yeeesssssss she moaned. I pulled the truck over to a secluded spot and turned off the engine. I got out and went around to her door and opened it. I got a good bed here want to use it? I asked her. Yes she replied. I carried her to the truck bed and sat her down.

I looked at her eyes were sexy and beckoning me to touch her all over. She noticed we were in a secluded spot and she unzipped her dress letting her firm taut breasts fall to freedom. They were bathed in pale moonlight as I started to play and fondle them. I gently sucked one of her nipples till it was hard and erect and my hand moved the other on to do the same. Yes baby touch them suck them ohhh touch my pussy please, she begged… I could only oblige the lady. I lifted the rest of her dress over her head and she sat there in her high heels naked, a bright patch of red bushy hair accented in-between her thighs. Oh man, I am in for on heck of a good time, I said as I touched her swollen pussy lips and felt her hot heat. I slipped a finger in and she moaned in delight. I sensed she was aroused and drenched. Her hips began to rock softly against beylikdüzü escort my fingers fast she moved and moaned. She ripped off my shirt with her free hand and ran her fingers through my chest hair. Ummmm she grinned and moaned. Got more down below, she inquired? I undid my pants and eased out of them and my silk black boxers. Nice tent pole she replied as my hard long penis was free. Care to stick that in me and give me a taste of your cum? She asked. Heck yeah, I replied as she climbed on top of my penis and eased herself down, sliding her wetness all around my manhood. She moaned and quivered as my penis filled her up beyond all expectations. She moved up and down and I felt every fold of her velvety inside. She tossed her head back and let out a long moan and begged me to suck her nipples. I engulfed one nipple in my mouth and it began to grow as I toyed with it. As I sucked it, my tongue flicked across it and it got rock hard. Oh yes baby she cooed back at me, suck my nipples. She ground her hotness into my crotch. I grabbed her hips and thrust my penis hard and deep into her; she let out a scream of delight. More baby pump me more, she begged. I thrust my penis deep into her as she squealed in pleasure. Hard and faster I rammed my penis in and out of her aching pussy. She was building so much sexual energy in her she started to shudder uncontrollably. Oh baby I am going to cum and have one heck of an orgasm, Care to cum with me? she moaned to me. I sunk my full length into her and held myself buried deep inside her for a moment before with drawing to begin another deep penetration. Oh yes she sighed. That’s wonderful. I could stay like this forever, feeling you push into me until I am so filled up I cannot think of anything else. Go ahead and enjoy your self, I replied, smiling.

Debby’s passive enjoyment did not last long. She began to shiver, her inner muscles contracting each time I reached the end of one of my long deliberate strokes. Though I felt myself mounting to a climax, I felt no rush. Debby was suddenly electrified into motion. She began to meet my long thrusts, then out pacing me. NOW she panted. NOW Renagade!! FASTER, FASTER!!! I sped up. Debby was gasping, her hips twisting in wild gyrations. I knew she was near the point of no return, and began to work on my own climax. I was ready when Debby arched her back and drove up to meet my upward thrusts while a stream of joyous cries flowed from her throat. I felt her inner depths quiver and flow with juice as she went orgasmic. At the same time, I let my hot sticky juice shoot deep inside her. My penis rocked and shuddered with ever spurt until she sighed in happiness. We lay back on the truck bed, relaxing. Oh baby that was wonderful, she said to me. I didn’t know there were men like you around anymore. I guess I am one of the few good guys left, I told her. What do you say we skip dinner and go back to my place and you can show me how much more of a woman I’d feel like after I have had a real man, she asked me. Sure thing, let’s go, I replied.

We got into my Dodge and she asked me what I thought of cats. Cats can be good house pets I replied. Umm ok she mumbled. As I drove to her house, she could hardly keep her eyes off me for a second. After what seem like an eternity, we pulled into her driveway. Come on in she cooed. We went inside and she motioned with her finger to follow her upstairs. I pursued her up to her bedroom. Her bedroom was almost bare except for a dresser, a huge four-poster bed in the middle and some unpacked boxes. I just moved in, she replied. Make yourself comfy; I will be right back as she ducked into another room. I sat down on the bed and waited. She came back stark naked and stood there in all her splendor and said, like what you see? Yes miss, I sure do, I replied. I quickly undressed and made my way over to her. My mouth found hers in a hot kiss. Her lips were exquisitely soft and stimulating. Rippling against me her mouth inhaled my tongue. Our tongues whirled around in an erotic dance. It was a simple fact of life; some kisses were as lifeless as a lump of coal and other were as volcanic with passion.

Debby had a quality about her that lent her kisses crackling sexual energy. I couldn’t get enough of them. We moved to the bed and lay down as one. Debby’s body rose to meet mine as we lay there. The abundant fullness of her breasts held intoxicating promise. They heaved when I placed my hand on her stomach. Her thighs parted as I wandered to the junction of her thighs, a throaty moan escaped her. Greedily, her hands were everywhere, roving over my broad shoulders, my well muscled back, my tight buttocks. She desired me as much as I desired her, our pent up lust threatened to explode with the raw fury of a thunderbolt. The sexual fire that burned in my veins made me as hard as iron. She cooed whilst I kissed her cheeks, her ears. She purred as I sucked her earlobes. Her fingers entwined my hair, explored my chest then my hips. I büyükçekmece escort ground my pole against her mound and she responded by thrusting her hips up into me. I lowered my mouth on her enormous globes of breast flesh. They were as ripe as melons, there nipples as hard as nails. My lips found a hard nipple, causing Debby to quiver in the grip or raw ecstasy. I kneaded it delicately and she groaned. Ohhh, I want you!!!! She yelped. The feeling was mutual. I lingered at her mounds, giving each one their dues. I licked her breasts and worked all around them, increasing the heat they gave off and cause her to squirm in boiling anticipation. You’re good handsome. Your sooooo good, she replied.

For the longest of time, I played with her breasts, stoking her like a blacksmith stokes a forge. She reached down and her fingers wrapped around my penis. Ohhh I had no idea you were so big! She said. I had caught her staring at it several times, like a person in a meat market assessing the size and worth of a slab of prime beef. She had a fair idea of what she was getting and it had fueled her sexual hunger. Ummmm keep going baby she said. Easing her legs apart. I sank my face to her womanhood. She gasped when I blew on her hair. Her gasp became a strangled cry as my tongue flicked out. Ahhhhhhhh! She yelled. I licked again relinquishing the taste. Debby was delicious, sweeter than the sweetest fruit, more sugary than a fresh baked pie. I plunged my tongue into her hot, wet tunnel and she arched her back, her fingers in my hair. Yes! Yes! Keep it up! She beckoned. I indulged myself, arousing her to whole new heights of bliss.

Debby was so hot, so wet. Her body responded to the slightest touch, her thighs opening and closing in abandon, her breasts swelling even more. I found her wet, hard clit and her reaction was predictable. She bucked like the wildest bronco, her thighs gripping my head like a vise. I rose to my knees and gazed down at her and asked do you want more? Yes please she stammered. I aligned my man hood and rubbed it along her opening. She tugged begging me to put it in, but I took my time, inserting my rigid penis into her inch by sweet inch until I was buried to the hilt. Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh! She moaned in pleasure. Debby grabbed me closer, her face pressed to my chest, her whole body as still as moment in time. But she simmered and boiled with the forces of a storm she could never imagine or control she unleashed when I gripped her by the shoulders, slowly drew my hips back and slammed into her like a battering ram. In a steady rhythm, I pounded Debby again and again and again. She met my thrust with her on thrusts matching mine so we pumped in unison.

Our urgency rose with the expanding power or our thrusts, our bodies smacking one against one another, my mouth and her mouth fused together. For all intent and purposes we were one. Debby reached the plateau of pleasure first. She suddenly stiffened and moaned wildly while her hips churned violently. She came in long, untamed orgasms, repeatedly, and just as she started to slump against me, my own explosion rocked me upward. I drove her in frenzy until I, too, was spent. Together, we sank on the bed and lay in an exhausted embrace.

Later after a good rest, I wandered into the kitchen to find some food because I was starving. I found something in a Tupperware container. I put it in the microwave and searched for a fork. I was sitting there eating these leftovers and asked myself, what the heck is this stuff? Just then I looked up and there she was leaning in the doorway, smiling at me. Like my, um, leftovers sweetie, she told me. Yes I replied, kind of weird tasting though. She grinned back at me, that’s because it is canned cat food silly. Yum I thought, then I seen the cat whose food I was eating. A big fluffy white cotton ball with legs sauntered into the kitchen and meowed at me. I felt so bad for eating his food so I stopped eating it and put it on the floor for the fur ball to eat. Hey you, she said sexily, let’s go wash out your mouth. Ok I sheepishly replied. (Boy I felt really dumb and very embarrassed.)

We made our way into the bathroom where she got a toothbrush and started to brush my teeth and clean my teeth of that nasty cat food. All she was wearing was a silk purple negligee that barely covered her erect nipples and her fiery crimson patch was in full view. Getting hard again, she asked. I blushed. Oh no need to be shy, I always say if you got the tools then use them, she giggled to me. I kissed her hot lipstick lips and her hot tongue went past my lips and was exploring the inside of my mouth. My right hand searched out her hard nipple and she moaned in pleasure. Her hips ground into me. You want me, she asked me quietly. Well, miss it would be an outright lie if I said no, I pointed out.

Our mouths intertwined in a hot passionate kiss. Our tongues danced in unison, it was heaven. Her breasts pressed against my chest. Her tongue slid back cevizli escort and forth along the seam of my lips. I groaned. My hands slid over the curve of her spine and cupped her buttocks. She arched towards me, heat bursting inside her, an ache growing at the bottom of her stomach. She pushed up against me trying to feel my hardness through my jeans. She was desperate to touch it. Her whole body was vibrating against me, it tension rendering her powerless. Sensual pleasure grew inside her. Wild with pleasure, she slid her thigh up over my hip, opening her more to my hardness. She could feel the tip of my manhood probing for her. She took off my clothes, as I kissed her forehead, her temples, her checks, and her lips. Yes, baby, oh yes she moaned. Her body ached from breasts to thighs. Please take me, she begged. She took off the negligee and boldly cupped her full, and firm breasts, arching them, entreating me, challenging me. I gently laid her on the floor.

I straddled her, knees holding her thighs together while I bent and kissed her and suck her erect nipples. She reached down to find me hard, pushing and pulsing in her hand. She pulled me down to her hairy mound and rubbed my rock hardness against the mass of nerves that were there. That feels… so good, I moaned. I edged farther apart, spreading my legs releasing her thighs. She spread her legs, guiding me in to the warm wet mound of her womanhood, and closed her thighs tight. I closed my eyes and she stirred me so much I leap and jumped around inside her wetness. My hands fondled her breasts, squeezing until she moan and twisted. Her sheath convulsed locking around me, caressing me in ways I had never known to exist. The heat was starting to course through her veins. Her sheath clutched at me, tugged and begged me even as I held her close. Finally she could bear the sexual pleasure no more. CUM IN ME BABY!! CUM IN ME she shrieked. I grabbed her butt and pulled half way out and then slammed my manhood deep into her, pulsing and quivering the whole way. She cried out and went rocketing into unimaginable pleasure just before her climax drew off her remaining strength. She lay there panting, she asked me if I would carry her up to bed and lay there with her for a while. I smiled as I tried to catch my breath and said it would be my pleasure. I lifted her up and walked towards the bedroom. Later, I said my goodbyes and asked for her number. She gladly gave it to me. As I drove home, I wondered how in heck we were going to top that one.

Part 2

The next day she called me and said she must see me immediately, because she had a problem. I asked her what the problem was. I need to orgasm again, she giggled to me over the phone. I told her I would be right over to help her solve her problem. My mind raced as I drove to her place. I realized I forgot something and found a store. I rushed in and bought 6 gallons of Gatorade, for replenishing my juices. I knew this gal would drain me. I arrived at her place, walked to the back door and knocked.

Debby raced through the kitchen to the back door and opened the door wearing a bra and thong. I saw the tip of her tongue poke through her lips. She must have thought of me, lust filling her mind and body. Excited and wet, she asked if I wanted to come in. Sure I replied. I entered the room, noticing her beautiful, heaving breasts as they almost toppled out of her 38D bra from her excitement. Grabbing her around the waist, I pulled Debby to me and kissed her deeply. I’m so horny baby she whimpered into my warm, wet mouth. Please do me now. Not needing a second invitation, I pushed her down onto kitchen table, long and rectangular with a light cotton tablecloth covering it. Taking off my shirt, I dimmed the lights and the room was suddenly engulfed in the darkness. Debby lay on the table, her nipples now peeking through her black lace bra and a damp spot was forming on her matching thong. As I approached her, a bulge was forming in my pants. I leaned over her and gently kissed her belly, licking it all around and sucking at various spots. She gasped with pleasure and her hands went to grab at my head to pull me closer. I continued to lick and suck at her torso, occasionally drifting down to her still clothed pussy to blow warm air onto her. I gripped her underwear with my teeth and pulled them down in one swift move. I flung them across the kitchen and nosed her crotch. Debby’s breathing was deep and throaty as she moaned softly as I caressed her.

Burying my face in her wet mound, I reached up to remove her bra, her breasts spilling out into my warm, gentle hands. I gently licked Debby’s slit once before backing away to the refrigerator. Pulling it open, I removed a jar of maraschino cherries. Opening the jar, I removed two, placing one in her navel and the other in the crease of her breasts. Starting at her inner thigh, I licked my way up her body to the cherry at her belly button and slurped it up, licking around her navel carefully before moving away. I continued to lick up and down her body and finally moved onto the next cherry. Licking Debby’s cleavage, I moved up and down between her breasts, licking it with my tongue. She moaned with the unusual sensation of my tongue, a slight pressure flowing over her breasts. I continued to manipulate my tongue, moving it lower until I felt her shiver in pleasure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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