Any Chance We Could Ch. 34

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This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to appreciate this tale.

Saturday, October 27

Hazel awakened at 4:30. She took off her heels leaving the hose on and pulled the blanket back over them both. I feel alive she thought and as she tried to get back to sleep she replayed what she felt by letting her sexuality flow more freely as Evie’d encouraged. She recalled various statements from the Reverend and confirmed that Evie was right as tonight and last night were powerful sexual moments. She wondered where it could all go if she really let herself be free to follow her repressed desires and her remaining conflicts. What would be the effect on Emerson, will he still love and respect me if I act like a slut sometimes? I said a lot of things in the heat of passion and know what, I still feel they were my true feelings. I’d really like to enjoy lots of sexual interaction with our long term friend Scott and his houseful of beautiful women. For Emerson to make love to our daughter might be a defining moment in my sexual awakening. I’ll call her, no I need to see her face when I talk to her. I’ll call her and go over there. I guess I can’t call her now, but first thing. I wonder if Emerson would enjoy me in hose like Scott enjoys his women. I think he would from the conversation Thursday night. I’ll do it, I’ll do it to please him, I’ll do anything to please him, I’m sure that’s in the Bible. I’m sure that he’d return the attention and care.

When she awoke again there was bright sunlight shining in their window and she felt Emerson’s hand caressing her nylon clad leg that was across his thighs, she said “I love you, Emerson and I’m going to live to please you and hope you want to please me as well. I’m sure that’s in the Bible and you’ll return the attention and care.

I feel more than a little enmity towards the aunt and minister who mentored me in my youth. They were wicked, dried up, old, vengeful people. I’m so lucky that you chose me to be your wife and I’m going to spend the rest of my life making up to you for the last twenty years of you being denied by me. I want our sexuality raised to whatever heights you desire.

Last night I awoke at four thirty and went over what I’d said in my passion. I wondered if it were only the passion and that I said a lot of things that I thought I might regret in the sunlight. But you know what, I don’t, so here goes a daylight affirmation.

I want you and Kim to have a full sexual relationship if you both desire one. I still want to be there when you do, but I don’t have to be. If you have the opportunity to enjoy Veronica’s body or any of Scott’s women, take it. Again I’d like to be there to enjoy it with you, but I don’t have to be. I’d like to hear about it though if I don’t happen to be there. I’m not comfortable enough to let you fuck another woman just yet, nor am I ready to be fucked by another man. You may eat another woman and I’ll let another man eat me. If a woman wants to blow you, enjoy , again I’d like to be there to learn. I’m willing to let another man pleasure me short of penetration with his cock, if you’re willing to let me. If you and Kim do have sex, I’ll learn how to blow you. I’ve never had a cock in my mouth, but I’m willing to give it a go. I love you so much, so very, very much and feel so much happier and content. How do you feel, my love?”

“Hazel, I’ve always been happy, ecstatic in fact, that you allowed me to be your husband, and yes I agree that our sex life has been the pits for a number of years. Perhaps, like Scott, I took out my passion in my work. I’ve never been unfaithful to you, never. Veronica and her open sexuality really appeals to me. I’m glad that it does to you as well. Let’s pee, shower and eat some breakfast and continue this conversation. We have so much to talk about but my bladder will explode if I don’t empty it.”

They showered together, a new event in their relationship and each enjoyed the others ministrations of cleansing and touching. As they dried each other, Hazel asked, “I want to dress for your fetishes and desires, will you tell me what’s suitable. If I don’t have it, I get it before dinner tonight.”

“I don’t think you realize it Precious, but you have an incredible body. Full rounded breasts, an ass to die for, and incredible legs. High heels make your ass even more delectable and help tone your legs. You have a gorgeous back and your longer hair is becoming. Could I shave your pussy? I’d like to see your slit in all it’s splendor. If you don’t like it, it’ll grow back. Wear stockings whenever you feel they’re appropriate, or from the time you get up until the time you go to bed. It doesn’t make a lot of difference what kind, pantyhose under shorts would probably work, garter hose or thigh highs under skirts. Let’s go eat breakfast nude. Well not completely nude, would you wear a pair of three inch heel pumps?”

“You haven’t asked much of me darling, yes, whatever excites you,” replied casino oyna a radiant Hazel.

Emerson had gotten the coffee started as Hazel was drying her hair and she came into the kitchen, nude in pumps. She twirled around in front of him and asked, “Like?”

“Look at me, my dick’s straight out and it’s not because of something I read in the morning paper.

“It’s not a dick, it’s your cock. It’s your love tool. Veronica taught me the difference between cocks and dicks. Kids and insecure men have dick’s. Real men like you and Scott have cocks,”

Hazel walked to him, spread her legs slightly and captured his cock between her thighs and against her labia. “You couldn’t do that with a ‘dick’, but you can with a ‘cock’. Ask Veronica or any of the girls, they’ve all played with Scott’s cock.”

After breakfast and putting the dishes in the dishwasher Hazel sat on Emerson’s lap and while he fondled her breasts she called their daughter. “Morning, Kim, it’s Mom. … Did I wake you? …Just up huh, stay out late last night?… Can I come by, I’ve something I want to talk to you about? … No nothing bad, something special. … Can I put up anything from BreadCo for you on the way over? … Sure, and two coffees. … Half an hour? … See you, love you, Hi to Gwen. … Bye.”

They went into the bedroom and Emerson sat on the bed as Hazel dressed in her pearl g-string and a sheer white bra. She pulled on a pair of light tan VS pantyhose explaining to Emerson that she’d change to garter hose when she got back home She pulled on a new short khaki skirt that stopped mid-thigh, a light crimson colored sweater top and put on a pair of two and a half inch red slides. After brushing her hair and applying lipstick she asked Emerson, “How do I look?”

His response was “Good enough to eat.”

Hazel replied with a grin and a shake of her hair, “Then you shall as soon as I get back. Wanna shave me this afternoon?”

His cock was almost straight up in the air when Hazel wrapped her hand around it and stroked him a few times, kissing him and saying, “Don’t lose that thought, be back by noon I suspect.”

After picking up the bagels and coffee Hazel mentally rehearsed what she was going to say to Kim, it had to be a bit more subtle than “Wanna fuck your Dad?”

Gwen greeted her at the door and with an apprehensive look on her face invited Hazel in and at the same time casting an admiring glance over Hazel’s new persona. Last night’s dress was revealing, but now Hazel looked subtly but ever so sexy. Hazel lightly kissed Gwen’s lips. Gwen involuntarily licked her lips as Hazel handed her a coffee and walked past her to the kitchen where she saw Kim sitting on a stool.

“Hi, Mom, what brings you out this morning?” asked Kim a bit warily.

“I didn’t get a chance to talk much with you last night and I guess you were in the lounge when we left. Did you enjoy your Dad’s hand on your thigh? A sexy thigh I might add. I wonder if he enjoyed it more than Scott? Would you like him, Dad, to touch you again? Think he might like to? Would you like to take it further?” asked Hazel.

“This doesn’t seem like the third degree, but what’re you getting at Mom?” asked Kim.

“Oh, shit, so much for subtle. Would you like to sleep with your father? If you do, I approve and I know he wants to. There I said it, now the ball’s, so to speak, in your court,” grinned Hazel.

Kim gulped and asked, “How in the world did my sleeping with Dad come up and why do you approve? You fought my living arrangements with Gwen from the very beginning, now it’s okay to do Dad? What’s with you?” asked Kim with a furrowed brow.

“I guess that wasn’t too slick either, was it?” asked a concerned Hazel

“No, it wasn’t. I get the point but why?” continued Kim.

“Last week, … Wednesday, I had a four hour meeting with the minister who’s going to marry Scott and Veronica. It was arranged by Veronica and was the culmination of many conversations I’ve recently had with her, … Veronica. I’ve been vexed with anti-sex demons it seems all my life. My bitch aunt, and my worthless minister interpreted the Bible as one where God’s gonna getcha. Evie, the minister, sat with me and we looked at the oft quoted Bible verses that they used and they said no such thing. She counseled me to cast them off, and become the kind of woman I wanted to be. A loving wife and mother, sexually as free as Veronica. To please my husband, to please you and gain pleasure in the process. I know you don’t want to hear about my sex life, but I now have one. I enjoy sex, I love it, I love Emerson. Last night Veronica let him feel and kiss her tits. Am I concerned? No, I’d love for Scott to return the favor,” Hazel stopped for a breath.

“How did my sleeping with my father come up?” she said glancing at Gwen recalling last night’s conversation. “Did someone tell you?”

“Yes, your father did. When I asked him if he enjoyed your bare thigh he said he had and explained that you encouraged him by pushing canlı casino up your skirt with his hand. So, are you interested? If you are, as I said a few minutes ago, you have my blessing. I’d like to be there if you bed one another, but I don’t have to be,” smiled Hazel.

“Wow, I think I’d like too. Scott kinda brought that out in me when were discussing him sleeping with his daughters. Remember the time I went over with you and they weren’t there? As I left I asked if I could call him?” asked Kim smiling. “Well I later had a conversation with Katrina and while Scott and I were on the phone he had his hand in her bra and she blew him. A few days later Gwen and I went to their house for dinner and had amazing sex with Veronica and both girls, really amazing. During that phone call Scott propositioned me and with Gwen’s approval I spent the night in their bed. That was the first time I went to the club with you and left in such a hurry. I didn’t get home until after noon on Saturday. He was, is an amazing lover, totally focused on the woman he’s loving. So, yes, I’d like to fuck Dad, put simply, and I’m glad you don’t have any objections,” finished Kim taking a breath. Gwen had come up behind Kim and put both her hands on Kim’s shoulders.

“Scott was the second man I’ve had sex with, the first one was a kid in high school who came all over my pubes so maybe he doesn’t count. Gwen is going to make him her first man. Heard enough about my sex life yet? “asked Kim.

“Kim, I do love you and so does your father. We both love Gwen for loving you,” said Hazel as she embraced and kissed Kim.

“Thanks, mom. I meant it last night when I said you looked sexy. You do right now. You’ve pretty legs and nice tits, I guess that’s where I got mine?” As she leaned back from Hazel she pulled her hands under her mother’s armpits and lightly grazed Hazel’s breasts.

“Oh, nice. Feel free to do that again anytime, both of you,”

The ice having been broken Hazel was invited to stay awhile. During the conversation Kim asked if the high heels were new, she’d never seen her in high heels growing up. Had rarely seen her in skirts or hose until recently. She again complimented her on her ‘new’ look. Gwen stood to get a glass of juice and asked Hazel if she wanted one. Hazel accepted the offer and Gwen set full glasses in front of both Kim and Hazel and put hers on the counter before standing behind Hazel. She put both hands on her shoulders and kissed the top of Hazel’s head. “Thank you for accepting us,” she said.

Then she slid her hands down the front of Hazel’s sweater and cupping her breasts and lightly squeezed them. They said simultaneously, “Umm, feels nice” and Hazel leaned back against her. Gwen continued for a few minutes before withdrawing her hands and sat down. Kim was beaming by the time Gwen sat.

They chatted for another hour before Hazel said she needed to be going, had some shopping to do. As Kim and Hazel kissed, Kim put her hands against her mother’s breasts and said “I agree with Gwen, they’re nice. I’ll bet uncovered they’re nicer. And I’d like you to be there when Dad and I make love.”

“You two work out the details, I’ll be topless for you. Gwen too, if you wish.” responded Hazel before kissing Gwen. Hazel floated out to her car and Kim and Gwen embraced, deeply and meaningfully kissing as the door closed.


Mary Claire dressed in one of her new maid uniforms, a rather modest number wearing semi-sheer black leggings that ended in a lace hem above her ankles and three inch black suede pumps greeted Dave at the door. “Halloween costume, just being sexy, or?” he asked.

“I’m the new maid, and you are?” she asked under her eyebrows.

“Well, I’m ‘hard Dave’, I was just ‘Dave’ before you answered the door,” he laughed. “Call me when you wear garter stockings with that and I’ll come right over,” he said

“Oh, my, now that’s an incentive,” she replied. As her eyes looked him up and down, “I’ll be sure to let you know.”

“I’ll bet my oldest daughter Joy would like one of those ‘uniforms’ to wear for her husband and other special occasions. Where’d you get it?” he remarked

“Veronica, my mistress bought it for me, ask her,” she replied.

Dave thought I’ll bet Evie’d like to see Corinne in something like that as much as I would. I’ll have to mention it to her next Thursday.

With revised blueprints under his arm and with a broad grin on his face Dave walked into the dining room and found Alyssa spreading some of her work notes and sample books on the diningroom table. “I hope these don’t mar the surface,” she remarked gently setting down two of the bulkier sample books.

Veronica replied, “Don’t worry about it, we’re replacing it with an antique dining room set I bought in Carmel.” Reaching into her purse she beamed with pride as she started to lay out the pictures, “Here are four pictures.”

“Wow, what a gorgeous set. The details in the woodwork and the inlay look to be exquisite. The hutch is kaçak casino stunning.” Alyssa was clearly impressed. “Do you know its history?”

“It was made in New England somewhere between 1830 and 1850. Apparently the set arrived in California from Boston in 1851 to adorn the home of a man who struck it rich in the gold rush. The set was later bought by a railroad tycoon and was handed down from one generation to another. The dealer bought it in an estate sale when the tycoon’s great grand-daughter passed away. The moment I saw it, I fell in love with it.”

“It’s beautiful. Can I borrow a picture so I can make adjustments to the décor of the dining room?”

Veronica passed her two pictures noting, “They’ll be shipping the set after we return from our honeymoon. Now on to other matters, do you have some things to show me?”

Alyssa opened a sample book and began to thumb through some pages to one with a post-it note, as she stopped at the section she’d wanted Veronica to see, Dave remarked, “If you want to have it shipped this Monday, I have access to a small warehouse where we can store it. We’ll move it here before you return.”

Veronica nodded her head saying, “How thoughtful, yes I’d like that.” Then reaching in her purse produced a sheet of paper and gave it to Dave. “Here’s the receipt, I think it has everything you need to know.”

As Alyssa was explaining the layout and scheme she was suggesting for the kitchen Veronica leaned over next to her with one hand on the back of Alyssa’s chair. The detail she wanted to see was small and her face was right next to Alyssa’s, so close that her hair was brushing Alyssa’s cheek. Veronica asked a question and when Alyssa turned , her nose lightly brushed Veronica’s hair and her lips softly grazed Veronica’s cheek.

Alyssa pulled her face back a bit as she turned her shoulders. As she answered the question their faces were less than a half foot apart and the two women focused their eyes on the other’s. After Alyssa finished her answer, neither said a word for what seemed to be a few minutes but was only about ten seconds. The breath of each woman was filled with the scent of arousal which clearly communicated their mutual desire.

Veronica noticed the desire but also the hesitation as Alyssa unconsciously wet her lips. Veronica surmised she could be reluctant to take the initiative with a client. Veronica briefly dreamed that if they kissed it would be electric. Veronica sensed that this was not the moment to do anything other than to say and do things to show her level of interest with the hope of their desires being fulfilled another day.

Her eyes widened a bit as she smiled and momentarily touched Alyssa’s hand to give her assent. As Alyssa turned back to the book, Veronica with her mouth almost touching Alyssa’s ear quietly breathed “You are a lovely, sensuous woman. Would you like to play sometime?”

“Yes. These cabinets come in three solid woods, Cherry, Maple and Oak, and three different veneers. I’d suggest solid Cherry because it ages so well. There are also wheeled servers to match. Would you like a quote on a configuration? I know it’ll give you plenty of storage and counter space. When we last talked you asked for granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances and range hood. Is that still your choice?”

“Yes, I need sturdy counter tops that will stand abuse again and again. I have a thing for a handful of hard tools,” said Veronica as she glanced at Dave and me as she slowed down on ‘a handful’ to make it sound like ‘a hand full’. Alyssa followed her eyes, broadly smiled and nodded her head in understanding.

As Dave and I stood up at the end of the table and began to move out to the deck Alyssa turned to look at Veronica, and said in a low voice,” Until recently I’ve never been with a woman, but not because I wasn’t interested.”

Veronica replied in a low voice, “The girls play as well. Are you interested in them too?” Then in a normal voice for Dave and me to hear as we walked by, “Yes I’d like to see a configuration in Cherry and granite. What’s the lead time?” I suspected that like me, Dave had heard every whisper taking place between the two women while we were at the other end of the table.

“Cool, most definitely. If I enter the order by Wednesday, it’ll be installed before you return from your honeymoon,” replied Alyssa.

“Let’s continue and I’ll have Dave prepare a preliminary change order if necessary before you leave today. Would you like to bring the configuration sketch and pricing say at four Tuesday? If you’d like to stay for dinner, you’re more than welcome too. I could wear something special for you and after dinner we could enjoy dessert on Bryce Field. You’re more than welcome to enjoy the evening and stay the night if you wish. All our beds are very comfortable

Katrina happened to be in the kitchen watching and overhearing the normal voice part of the interchange and with a stirring in her loins knew that her Mom had just propositioned Alyssa. With her classes on Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30, she reminded herself to be home by four -thirty on Tuesday. She also made a mental note to tell Ashley so her lover could be home for the fun too.

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