Yorum yok Aphrodite

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Kris and I were driving into the woods, to hike to a little-known waterfall a couple miles from the road. Not very many other people frequented it, so we were hoping we’d be alone. Kris loves to get naked outdoors, and the waterfall would be perfect for the hot summer day that was coming.

When we got to the trailhead, there were no other cars there, so we grabbed our pack with our lunch and wine, and headed up the trail.

As we got further from the road, Kris unbuttoned her shirt, and then tied the tails to keep it mostly closed, which let me slip my hand into it and feel her breasts, which I did every time we stopped for a moment to rest and kiss. We were definitely getting in the mood to have a nice afternoon at the waterfall.

The trail was deserted, so we stopped to kiss, and to slip our hands into each other’s clothes frequently. I was in quite an amorous mood once we finally reached the waterfall.

The area around the fall was quite green, with some large, flat rocks covered in moss that made them a little softer than sitting on bare stone.

We threw out our blanket on one of those, and sat down to eat lunch. I took off my shirt and shoes, leaving me wearing just shorts.

“Go ahead, Kris, you can take off your shirt, too,” I said, and gave her a wink. She untied it, and let it fall off her arms, exposing her breasts to the warm sunshine.

“I’m hungry,” she said, “Let’s eat lunch before we start anything else.”

I grabbed our lunch from the pack. It was just a couple of sandwiches and apples, because we didn’t want to get too filled-up at the start of our day. I had a couple of sex toys in the bag, and lube, too, for later.

After we ate, I leaned over to Kris, and pulled her to kiss me. As we kissed, I looked behind Kris, and saw a woman about 100 feet away, walking toward us from the direction of the waterfall.

I broke the kiss and said quietly, “There’s someone here, Kris, coming up behind you.”

She reached for her shirt, to get dressed before the woman got closer.

I put on my glasses, and could see that she was incredibly beautiful. She was wearing denim cut-offs, cut really short, and a white tank top. She had long, blonde hair, and was of average build, and almost 6 feet tall, I’d guess. Her legs looked really long, with a very light, golden tan.

Once Kris had her shirt on, she turned to look, and then turned back to me and whispered, “Where did she come from? There’s no place further up the trail, is there?”

“Nothing that I know of.”

She turned to look again, and then turned back to me. “She’s really good looking.”

“That’s an understatement,” I reply.

As she gets close enough to talk to, Kris says “Hi.”

I add, “Good afternoon.”

She walks up and stops on the trail casino siteleri right next to our blanket, and says “Hello. Beautiful day, isn’t it?”

She has the strangest, most exotic accent I have ever heard. It’s like a mixture of Russian and Spanish, but I can’t place it in a location at all.

Kris answers, “I love Oregon when the weather is like this.”

She looks at Kris, and I can see something in their eyes. There is something intangible crossing between them, I think.

“Would you like to join us?” Kris asks.

I can hardly believe that she’s inviting a beautiful woman to join us, interrupting our planned erotic afternoon.

“I’d love to,” she replied, walking over and sitting down between us.

Kris introduced us, “I’m Kris, and this is my husband Ryan.”

She reached out with her hand toward Kris, “My name is Aphrodite. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kris.”

When Kris took her hand, I heard her draw in her breath quickly, then she answered, “It’s very nice to meet you, Aphrodite.”

She lingered, holding Kris’ hand a bit longer than required, while she just looked into her eyes. Kris returned the look, and I could see definite lust there.

Then she released Kris’ hand, and extended her arm toward me, and said “Ryan, you two seem so nice.”

When I took her hand, and looked into her eyes, I felt a rush of excitement surge through me. Immediately, I became erect.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Aphrodite,” I managed to say, haltingly.

I could hardly take my eyes off her, and I was so conscious of my cock, now throbbing with my pulse and as hard as it ever gets. My shorts were feeling very constricting now.

She released my hand now, and again looked at Kris.

Kris asked her, “Would you like something to drink? We have some wine here.”

“That would be lovely, Kris.”

She handed me the bottle and I uncorked it quickly, and I poured three cups of wine.

When Kris handed the cup to Aphrodite, their hands touched for an instant, and Kris again gasped quietly.

“Thank you, Kris. You are very lovely.”

Kris blushed, and smiled, then answered, “Thank you. You are very beautiful.”

I noticed that Kris’ nipples were very hard, clearly visible through her shirt. My cock was still pulsing and fully hard. Aphrodite’s nipples were also clearly visible, her pink areolae clearly visible through her shirt, with the hardened nipples in their center.

Before she could say anything, I blurt out, “You don’t need to lie about me, Aphrodite. I’m an average, old guy with a desk job, and I know it.”

She looked at me and said, “There’s more to like about a man than that, Ryan.”

I felt my cock throb again as her eyes met mine.

She looked back at Kris, and then said, “It’s canlı casino so nice out. Mind if I get more comfortable?”

“Not at all. What did you?” Kris stopped in mid-sentence as Aphrodite quickly pulled her shirt off and tossed it aside.

Her skin is perfect, no tan lines are visible, and her nudity made us both gasp a little.

“You, too, Kris. I saw you earlier. Your breasts would love to get some sun, wouldn’t they?”

Kris hardly hesitated, untying her shirt and shrugging it off her shoulders.

I could feel my cock throbbing, still. This was more confusing than anything else that was happening. I’m not a young man, and I just don’t respond that way any more.

“Ryan, your shorts must be very uncomfortable and tight right now. You should make yourself more comfortable, too. For Kris and me?”

I knew more than anything I wanted to be naked immediately, and stood up, pushing my shorts off with difficulty because of my erection.

Kris stood, too, and quickly stripped. She had that look in her eyes that meant I was in for a great time.

She and I stepped toward each other, embraced, and kissed very passionately and intensely. We had both forgotten about our new friend, and everything else as our passion increased.

Suddenly Aphrodite was standing next to us, and we both embraced her. She leaned toward me, and kissed me, and I felt like I would cum any second, the rush of pleasure that washed over me was so intense. Too soon, she broke away, and then kissed Kris, and I saw her knees go weak, and she dropped to her knees and came, loudly moaning and visibly shaking in her climax.

Aphrodite smiled a wry smile, and looked at me in an intensely sexual way. “Now, it’s your turn.”

Kris’ climax subsided, and she moved over toward me, still on her knees, and took my cock in her hand, guiding it to her mouth. As she sucked, Aphrodite leaned in and kissed me, and the waves of pleasure that washed over me were incredible. Quickly I felt my climax building, and then, I came into Kris’ mouth. It seemed that my spasms were stronger and lasted much longer than normal. Aphrodite broke the kiss, and I continued to come into Kris’ mouth, the spasms finally subsiding after what seemed like a full minute.

“Lay down, Ryan,” Aphrodite commanded.

Without question, I did immediately. Amazingly, I still had a full, throbbing erection.

Once I was on my back, Aphrodite said quietly, “You should make love to him, Kris.”

She smiled, and straddled me, impaling herself on my cock. She began to fuck me with abandon.

Aphrodite straddled my face, and I got a good look at her pussy. She had soft, curly blonde hair growing in a perfect strip above her clit. She lowered herself until I could reach her pussy with my lips, and as soon as kaçak casino I touched her, I felt the waves of intense pleasure again travel through my body.

Her taste was very exciting. I wanted to lick and kiss every bit of her pussy. In a few moments, Aphrodite began to move on my face as if she was about to cum, and at the same time, I felt Kris begin to come. This set me off, and I had a long-lasting orgasm at the same time as her and Kris.

After we had come, Aphrodite and Kris exchanged positions. Kris pressed her pussy against my lips, and Aphrodite mounted me.

Amazingly, my cock was still rock hard, and I wanted more. This time, we slowed our pace a little, yet almost immediately I felt the waves of pleasure wash over me that signaled an impending orgasm.

This time, I could feel the intense energy being exchanged between the three of us as I began to come again. I’m sure that this lasted ten or fifteen minutes, with all of us peaking every minute or so, the climax subsiding slightly, but never quite completely ending.

Then, Aphrodite settled down on my cock, and stopped moving. Kris lifted a little, so I took the opportunity to catch my breath. We were all calming down, though I had to say that I wanted more.

Aphrodite lifted up, and let my cock slide out of her, then reached over for the bottle of wine, and offered it to Kris. “Drink some wine, it will give you energy.”

Kris swung her leg over, and sat down, then took a drink of the wine. “Wow, that really tastes good. Is that the wine we brought?”

I sat up and she handed the bottle to me, and I noted the same thing. “It is good. It must be the exercise we just had. That was incredible.”

Aphrodite gave us a sly smile, and then stood and said, “This is my gift to you. The wine will restore your vigor, and allow you to last until the sun rises above the horizon tomorrow morning.”

She leaned over and gave Kris a long kiss, and said, “It was very nice to meet you, Kris.”

The she pulled my face to hers, and said, “And Ryan, it has been a pleasure,” then her lips met mine, and I felt the familiar waves of pleasure course through my body.

She broke the kiss, and, still naked, walked off, saying, “Perhaps we’ll meet again, sometime?” She gave a little laugh.

“I hope so, Aphrodite,” I answered.

Kris and I watched her leave, admiring the perfect body that had just given us a most amazing experience.

She turned when she was at a turn in the trail, and said, “Enjoy the gift!” Then she disappeared around a corner of the trail

We looked at each other, then, embraced and kissed, and were soon making love as if we were once again newlyweds. But it seemed that indeed our stamina and passion was increased by the wine, or the memory of Aphrodite, or, something. I didn’t lose my erection, nor did Kris have any need of the lube, even though we both came repeatedly during the night.

Finally, the sun rose over the hill, and we collapsed, and slept in each other’s arms.

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