Atonement! C

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“Yeah, ahh. Yeah, ahh. Yeah, ahhh!” came her tones of orgasm. Although she was loose, his pelvic point on her clitoris was driving this moment, and so he really pushed one home and she collapsed on to him uttering, “Oh, oho, oh, oh, yesss, oh.” Her pussy was clamped as tightly on him as he had yet felt it, and it ground him to a halt. It was so tight — griping and loosening within – that she squeezed out some of her copious lubrication. ‘How did she do that?’ he thought.

She lay still, and he lay still for several moments as her upper body seemed locked firm and she silently screamed out her big orgasm. During this her fingers curled and dug into the blankets, her arms and knees dug into his sides and the opening of her vagina dug into the base of his penis. It began to hurt, but it lasted only a moment. She pushed herself down as hard as she could again onto his length and finally squeezed out the “Squeak!” of her orgasm. Then she got up and without hesitation took his hand to lift him off the bed. She first took a couple of steps to the door then stopped, moved around him to grab both beer bottles by the necks. Again she led him by the hand and he stalled only to ask, “What about your roommate?”

“I told you she’s out of town.” She led him to the bathroom, and reached in to turn on the light. She handed him one beer and swigged hers and looked up at him through medium to long dark brown hair. “You’re going to blast me off like a rocket, Mr.!” she said firmly and eagerly. To which he only had time to smirk and swallow a swig of beer. Then he was led into the bathroom, “… a fucking rocket, man.”

She pushed his shoulder to show him where to kneel and on his way down she kissed him briefly. She pulled at his shirt as he got on his knees. “Okay,” he said, taking the cue to remove it. When he emerged he saw that she’d let her skirt finally fall, and she kicked it free. He tugged at her tube top and brought it down to her feet, too. When he came up he was face to face with her pubic hair and parted lips. She lowered her beer bottle so that the opening pressed her clitoris. When she rocked it there a couple of times it brought her a shivering hiss and she tipped it with her moisture toward him. He took a swig and reached over to place it on the floor next to his own. Then he turned back to her pussy and plunged his tongue between her lips to her clit. Again she hissed and then ran her fingers through his short hair. He pressed it there a few more times and brought a hand up to play with her wispy, but kempt hair. He leaned back t admire the soft fuzz and pleasant smell – ‘did she condition it?’ – and he saw two beads of her own fluid run down her thighs. She tugged his hair to move him back some and turned herself around. Briefly her ass was by his face, but she lowered herself over his lap. He had time to notice how full it was, but not wide, and how smooth as cream. She hovered over him and grasped his shaft. She moved her hand up and down a couple of times just a couple of times to make sure he was to full, and she saw that, yes, the excitement and little squeeze had gotten him a bit larger that his usual. Holding the closed toilet lid she lowered herself directly onto his penis. Her pussy casino oyna was now so slack that he could have sworn that he didn’t touch the sides, but he was thoroughly wetted. He began to move again, slowly and gently into her. When he’d slid in with a wet smack about 5 times she put a hand on his knee and lifted off slowly again.

“You Okay? Want a condom, now?” He asked.

“No, watch this.” She said in a light tone as she leaned back until her back was against his chest. He head met his shoulder and rested there. “This will do, you’re wet enough now.” He hand on his penis squeezed a little and it throbbed a bit bigger still. She pushed it back a little. Her free arm flexed overhead and draped down until her hand rested on the back of his neck. She rubbed the head of his cock between her smooth cheeks for a second and whispered, “OK, man, get ready to blast me off like a rocket.” She popped his engorged head in. “Oh, ssss, Okay. Let me get used to it a moment” He heard a slippery wet sliding and felt a new tightness on his shaft. “Okay, Okay, just a minute,” the sliding sound seemed to go on as she went quite slowly, but steadily onward. “Yes, uh huh,” she gasped as she floored out; her rear touched his lap and she could get no more in. He was still easily two inches out of her because of their position, but this was as far into her anus as she thought she should go. “Okay, man, here it is. Fuck me up here like I can’t be hurt, but… please don’t hurt me.”

“I’ll try. Are you sure?”

“Fuck it, yesss,” she kissed his jaw and whispered, “Blast off.”

To figure out what her was doing he used short slow jabs. There was a definite stopping point, a bend around which he didn’t want to push; It stimulated the head as it tapped. One of his hands held her steady by resting across her belly. Any paunch was tightened by her leaned back, back arched position. The hand she’d used to guide him in was now free to take his other hand and guide it to one ample bosom. Their hands stayed together as she squeezed his hand around the breast and then showed him how to roll, pinch and pull the nipple.

After about a dozen thrusts, maybe more, she stopped wincing. “Aw, Yes,” she whispered, slick sounds still accompanying the thrusts which he made slower, but longer – more exit, more enter. They alternated kisses on his jawline and her cheekbone getting faster until, as they met lips for one long kiss, she urgently said “OK, now go, fuck it, fuck me!” When their mouths joined again her squealing filled his cheeks. He began thrusting earnestly, and he felt every muscle in her body tighten. She broke the kiss to utter a series of short, open-mouthed, “Ahh, Ahh, Ah, Ah!” that grew to a higher and higher pitch. It did sound a little painful and yet…

“Are you …?”

“Yesss,” she said with a breathy burst.

‘She came during anal.’ He thought. He was a little surprised. This was his first time entering at the rear and there was much for him to feel his way through.

“Yess, yes, it’s good, go, go!” She urged and added her own up and down motion to match his. He still felt the tip of his penis bumping inside her and tried not to thrust past that, but he wasn’t sure that her slot oyna own motions didn’t force it. She wiggled with the approach of another orgasm and clamped a squealing kiss onto his mouth. This time she arched her back even more and “Eeee!” released the sound of her orgasm into his mouth. Without the kiss it surely would have been a scream. Her anus tightened so hard it hurt like it was cutting into his penis. He didn’t mind the moment of pain, and he felt his head swell with new engorgement. He banged hard at the top limit a couple of times to which she said “Yesss!”

Still worried about hurting her he kept a steady pace instead of a fast one. She had dropped her hands from him and then slumped forward to drape herself over the toilet lid. He almost stopped, but lifting and lowering just her ass she encouraged him. He kept contact with her breast, but his hand from her belly now held and squeezed her shoulder. She reached over to one beer bottle to bring to her lips and take a small drink. Maybe it was his concern about hurting her or the tightness, but he suddenly thought of of how long this was going on, he was sure he could last to give her another orgasm or more.

He again lengthened his strokes to bring his head to the edge of her sphincter. He quickened them, too, allowing his pelvis to tap the soft, smooth buttocks which rippled with each impact. He was sure there was just enough there to keep his thrusts to what he thought was a safe depth for her. As it felt he felt that she was getting more than his usual seven to eight inches; maybe now nine. Was he poling a full seven inches into her tight ass with over an inch to spare? He saw that this was all still quite clean as he watched the motion of sliding in and then dragging out a little bit of her anal skin with each stroke. Had she prepared for this with some kind of cleaning?

During this part of the ass fucking they just kept time and matched each other’s thrusts; they both had begun to “Coo,” a bit as her anal muscles had relaxed. She was doing something with her hands before her, but he couldn’t tell what it was at first. Her coos turned into a closed-mouthed on going “Mmmm,” which rose and fell a bit off of their pace. It became a bit a bit faster and peaked shrilly and suddenly as she came again. But he kept rhythm still as she shuddered with her orgasm. She moved again to match his speed and he realized she must have done something to spring that orgasm up. He thought of the beer bottle and her clitoris.

He lowered his hand from her shoulder and kept a steady squeeze on a nipple with the other one. His free hand crept to her clit slowly over her hip as he leaned forward onto her gently. As he got closer he felt her ass, from the inside, getting tighter, then looser, then tighter again. The pressure came from the front, from her vagina, as if something pushed inside. Sure enough his hand found her labia parted by the still cool glass. She had easily gotten the longneck in and was pushing the shoulder of the bottle against her clit and the opening trying to find room for this one more thing. Now he could hear the beer inside slosh a bit and felt down the sides to find the bottle drenched. ‘Her flow just doesn’t stop,’ canlı casino siteleri he mused. He was just too turned on by her being too turned on like this and he sped to bring this to an end.

His thrusts became shorter with speed. She began to gasp a little and then to say, “Uh, huh. Uh, huh.” With their thrusts. She became very tight very suddenly and took both of her hands to hold the toilet seat as she hissed at another quick orgasm. The pressure released quickly and, he heard a clink as the bottle dropped to the tile. It clinked again and again with their motion as the lip of the beer stayed just within the grip of her muscular, though wide vagina. No one could free it as her fingers splayed at the edge of the toilet seat and his hands had come to grasp her hips. He was going to drive to the end, and that bottle ticking against the floor was the final egging on he needed.

No more pacing; he began to thrust to complete this. For a second he did have to fight back an image of the foamy beer overflowing and gushing; first up into and then out of her.

“Yeah, yeah you want it … to … blast off…” She came one more time and clenched more on his cock. It definitely dragged his overexcited penis to the edge. Each stroke brought another pulsation – another throb – until the throbs became his rhythmic sign of cumming.

She counted them aloud, “Three, Two, One, Blastoff!” She cried as his first spurt shot deeply into her ass. His next fell on her soft ass cheek because she had turned quickly off of his dick. The next shot up her face cheek into her eye behind the glasses she still wore as she turned around. She got him into her mouth by the fourth pulse and she took his semen deep, all the way to the back of her throat. He shot four times directly down her throat stimulated by her swallowing each burst.

“Oh my God!” he heaved as she began suctioning and sliding up and down his shaft. Sometimes she took his head right up to the point of plugging her throat. He was struck almost motionless by her ministrations as she rode his cock with her mouth. So intense was her drinking suction that it kept him cumming into overtime. She siphoned more than he thought he had to give, and when she took him out of her mouth she showed him her tongue with a little well of cum on it. She giggled as she swallowed that last. She wiped her cheek and eyelid with one finger. After she licked her finger clean she returned to his dick. She tried to suck as far down as he’d had inside her anus while all he could do was sit back and thrill at the sensation.

“What, what was that?” He had to ask.

“Oh, baby, that ship is in outer space.” She winked and licked his length one more time.

“No, you put it in your mouth.”

“Oh, don’t you worry, this will clean up alright,” She said. “Oh man, I’ve wanted to do everything like that for so long, oh!” She turned, still on her knees, to reach for the sink. A wash cloth waited there, and she dampened it and rubbed it on his cock. Still sensitive, it sent waves of thrill through his body.

She gave him the cloth to finish cleaning himself and stepped out of the room. The beer bottle had come out when she turned around, and it lolled onto its side emptying onto a bathmat. From the doorway he could see her get another washcloth from a shelf. Then she raised one finger to say ‘back in a minute’. She stepped over things into her roommate’s room to use the master bath therein.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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