Babisitting Alex

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Quick Note: This is a b/b story and ONLY b/b, if you can’t stand stories like this, don’t read them, it’s simple…Hey guys! This is a story dedicated to my bf! Enjoy!

Summer vacation came in a flash, and to me, it was perfect, I couldn’t stand school anymore, me being a 16 year old teen…I had my stuff to do which of course…did not include studying and breaking my head with books, so I usually spent my days with some friends on a Skate Park, I am bi but mostly, no one knows, on the other hand…with my friends it had no problem because I had felt no attraction to them, but one day, every thing changed.

When I was going back home on my skateboard, Alex came to my side on his bike, I glanced at him and until today I had never noticed how cute he was, he was a 12 year old, well..12 1/2 as he puts it, he has black short straigth hair and wears glasses, I knew him for a long time thanks to our parents, and he was the first one I met when I moved in, then we engaged in a conversation.

“Hey Matt!” he said with his smile, which was invariably

“Yo! What are you doing here?” I asked looking at him and again to the road.

“Well…Mom told me to go to the market and told me that if I met you on the way, to tell you that your parents wanna make you a..question” he said.

“Well, then I’m going with you and we go back togheter after we buy what you need” I said smiling at him.

“hum..ok! Then come with me” he said turning his bike as I followed him to the market, we bought some stuff and left, since we were neighbors, we went down the street, but now, walking.

“You know…my parents are going on some sort of 1 week trip..” I said with my skate in hands

“I know…are you going?” he asked curious.

“Nope…I’m staying here, I don’t really like trips..” I answered.

“Yeah..I’ve been talking and talking to mom that I didn’t want to go..but she said I am too young to take care of myself” he said a bit disappointed.

“Well…I could take care of you…” I said messing his hair with my free hand.

“I sure wish it could happen…I think I’m going togheter anyway…”

“I’ll see what I can do for you…it’s a promise.. ” I said smiling at him and stopping in front of his house.

“I really don’t wanna go…it’s always so boring…” he said almost with a frown face

“Don’t worry…everything will end up well…in fact..I guess I know what my parents wanna talk about…well..cya..”I said with a confident smile.

“Yeah..cya” he said walking home.

of course I knew what they wanted, I mean…his parents made him go to the market, why if they were all going togheter…obviously, I knew he was staying, so I just went home across the street and the door opened to me, it was mom…

“we must talk about something” she said with a serious look. Suddenly I got the feeling that I had done something wrong or anything.I walked in and saw my dad on the kitchen table, my dad was cool most of the casino oyna times and he also had that serious look on his face, now I was really creeped out.

“Sit down honey” mom said. And of course, I obeyed.

“We realized that you want to stay, and we let you…however…Alex parents also told us that he doesn’t want to go, so we gave them an idea…you are going to babysit Alex, since you two are as close as brothers, we think that it fits perfectly for you two to be togheter, we know that you are responsible and that you’ll take care of him well, his parents also agree with us, and if you do a good work, they may even pay you, so…what do you think?” Dad explained.

“I think it’s nice! He talked to me on the way here so I think it’s perfect in fact” I said.

“great! Then I’ll go warn them and pick up Alex!” mom said happily.

“anything else?” I asked.

“no” Dad replied.

“Then I’ll just wait..” I said leaving the table and sitting on the sofa. Some hours later, mom came back as Aky was holding a small bag and smiling a lot, that made me happy, I really liked when he was smiling so he came to the sofa and gave me a hug that made me fall on my back on the sofa, I started laughing and so did he then, I noticed that his leg was nearing my crotch and that I was getting a hard on, so I just stood up and made him sit by my side.

“You two behave yourselves, we’ll be back next sunday” Mom said getting her bags as Dad helped her.
“if anything goes wrong, you call me ok Matty?” she continued.

“R-Right mom…” I said blushing a little as Aky was holding a laugh. As soon as they left, Aky let out his laugh.

“Matty? Really?” he said while laughing.

“Better than Aky right?” I said looking narrowly at him.

“Uh…let’s forget this right?” he said blushing a little.

“Really?I so like it!” I said tickling him, his laughs were those of an innocent kid, they were cute, as cute as he is.

“Ok ok! Enough!” He said as I stopped tickling him.

“Great! hum..the Xbox in my room…if you want you can go playing or try the PSVita, cuz I’m gonna take a bath..”

“Fine!” he screamed running up the stairs, as I walked from behind him looking at his cute butt, so as expected, he got a controller and turned on the Xbox, and I walked to the bathroom to take a good bath, I noticed that he was checking me out when I was picking my clothes and that made me wonder…I took my bath thinking about that moment…I HAD to jack off..but I chose not to…I got dressed and went back to my room and he was still playing so I laid on my bed and kept looking at him. When suddenly he turned to me pausing the game.

“Hey…hum…Matt…” he asked a little nervous.

“Yeah?” I answered.

“Have you ever fucked someone” he asked.

“well…no…listen…hum…I gotta tell you something…you’re actually the only one I can trust with this secret..” I said, now my heart was nearly exploding.

“What is it?” slot oyna he asked getting near.

“Well…I like girls..AND boys…I’m bi” There, I said it, at that point, I was afraid that he’d run and go home to call his mother, but I was surprised with his reply.

“Really? Cool! I’m…kinda bi too…in fact…I wanted to stay because…I knew that you were staying..and I kinda like you…a lot…”

Those words caught me off guard, I mean, the cutest boy in the neighorhood was there, looking at me with his deep eyes, totally full of Desire I already had a hard on it almost hurt.So I simply smiled at him.

“Get up here…” I said moving a little so he could climb in. After he moved to my side I leaned over and kissed him deeply and passionately, he close his eyes accepting my tongue inside his mouth, I held him tightly running my hands through under his shirt, feeling his body as he did the same to me, then I broke the kiss.

“You want it…?” I asked him.

“You bet I do…” he told me slowly taking off my shirt.

“I see you’re a little naugthy…I like that…” I said taking off his shirt and kissing his chest, making my way up to his nipples and gently sucking them as he moaned softly, at this time, I was nearing my climax, but I held my explosion up until the right moment, I continued sucking and kissing and now I was lowering myself, licking his belly button while lowering his pants revealing a cute underwear, now with his dick pulsing and a small drop of precum on the place where the tip was. I kissed his dick still in the underwear, as he was slowly moaning, almost begging me to suck him already, and that’s what I did, I took off his underwear and licked his now hard 4 1/2 shaft inside my mouth, slowly sucking him and licking him as my tongue played with his dick, as now he was moaning much more, enjoying each second of it, then I felt a weird moisture on my dick, he was sucking on it, and it felt really good…of course…he was not able to take it all in, after all, I had a 7,5 inches, but I was impressed that he took half of it inside his mouth, I felt him shaking a little, so I knew he was coming but instead of coming inside my mouth, he himself pulled it out and came 3 small squirts on my face, it was warm, and tasted good, I couldn’t take it anymore and when I was about to come, he stopped sucking and gave himself a facial of my cum, he seemed to like it a lot.

“I see you like facials” I told him leaning over net to his face.

“I’ll tell you what I really like later…” he said before kissing me deeply as he began licking his own cum from my face and swaping it between our kisses, so I began doing the same, and it was awsome, the boy actually knew some tricks.

“I wanna tell you something Aky…when I moved here…we both were just strangers and…ever since I got my eyes on you…I always wanted us to do it…but I never knew how to ask you…I do love you Aky…”

“I love you too!” He said before hugging canlı casino siteleri me and kissing me again, this time he seemed more into it, as if he was sucking my tongue, we were to excited that our hard ons fastly returned and when we noticed that, we looked at eachother.

“Wanna fuck me…?We both will end up not being virgins anymore” he said smiling.

“Nah…I don’t wanna fuck you…I wanna make love to you…you’re way to special to be fucked” I said smiling at him.

“Awn…you’re cute…” he said blushing a little.

” you might wanna take off your glasses…” I said teasing.And he did and put them on the table.

“I’m ready…” he said

“I’ll do it as careful as I can…we can do doggie style…it’ll hurt less” I explained.

“Right.” He said slowly getting on his hands and knees. I grabbed a small pot of lube and put some on my dick, as well as his small virgin hole, slowly sliding one finger in, he gasped.

“you ok?” I asked.

“Yeah…it’s just a little cold..” he said.

“Then I’ll put another one…” I said sliding in another finger…this time he moaned a little, I could tell the pleasure was slowly returning to him..I glanced to his bubble butt, Aky was pratically begging me to put my dck inside him, and that’s what I did. I took off my fingers and slowly inserted myself into him past the head, he moaned much louder this time so I stopped and let my dick rest inside of him, so he’d be used to the size….after some seconds I started slow thrusts and he was moaning in pleasure, and so was I.

“You’re so tight…your ass…just welcomed my dick! So hot..” I leaned over him to kiss his neck, he smelled nice, really nice…in time, my thrusts were getting faster and harder, I had lost all senses and all that could be heard were our moans and the sound of my balls slapping his cute butt cheeks and when we couldn’t hold it anymore, he asked me to take it off and cum on his face, so I did, I came a lot and every squirt went directly to his cute face and I also let him give me a facial, it was hot, just way hot, we simply licked eachother clean again and we looked at eachother.

“It felt amazing…you’re good…so..what was it that you liked again?” I asked between my panting.

“I told you…I’ll tell you later…but right now…it was incredible…wow….we’re a mess right?” he said.

“you bet..wanna take a bath togheter?” I asked slowly getting up.

“Sure!and uh…when are you going to let me fu-…I mean…make love to you?” he asked shyly.

“Later when you tell me what you like…it’s a fair trade right?” I asked him with a smirk.

“I guess it is…are we going to have a snack first?” he asked excited.

“Sure! Anything you like!” I said walking to the bathroom with a smile.

“Great! Wow…this week promises!” he said running naked behind me as I stop and face him kissing him again deeply.

“It sure does Aky…it will be great…” I said smiling at him and kissing him once again walking to the bathroom afterwards.

Guess I’ll make more parts of this story if I get a good feedback, thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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