Best Concert Ever (actually here)

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I have been seeing Cal for a little more than two years. It’s okay. Nothing like true love or happily ever after – but I’m only 17 – so I’m not looking for that yet. This is the story of what happened on our two year anniversary.
Cal surprised me with tickets to see my favorite band in concert. It had been sold out for more than three months – so I knew he had been planning this for awhile. I was so excited that it actually made me horny. But then again, almost anything can make me horny. I’m a very sexually awakened girl. I lost my virginity when I was 10 – but that’s a different story. The night of the concert came and I got dressed in a barely there miniskirt with a tube top. No bra, no underwear. This was going to be a nice night. Cal even sprang for a limo.
I got into the limo, with Cal right behind me, and we immediately opened the mini bar. Three shots later, I was feeling a bit buzzed, but not too bad. I crawled over on my knees to Cal’s seat and started unbuttoning his pants. He started getting hard right away, and by the time I got his monster out of his pants it was a good 9 inches long, four inches around. MMM I loved me some Cal. I looked up at him and placed a tiny kiss right at the end of his cock, right on the hole. I knew this drove him crazy so I did it a few more times, looking up at him the whole time with an innocent look on my face. Just as he opened his mouth to say something, I suddenly went diving straight down, all the way to the base. I have no gag reflex. Ever. I felt the tip enter my throat and swallowed. Cal started moaning and grabbed the back of my head. I knew what was coming, so I was ready for it when he started fucking my face hard and fast. I couldn’t breathe, but that was part of the fun. Who was going to stop first? Would this be the time I passed out?
After about a minute and a half he pulled all the way out casino oyna and said he wanted something different for our anniversary. I had never let him fuck my ass, and he wanted to. Now. He flipped up my barely there skirt to see I wasn’t wearing any panties.
“Well, someone is planning a naughty night. Why don’t you take it like the slut I know you are?”
He knew dirty talk turned me on, and I’m one of those girls who actually enjoy blow jobs, so I was already streaming down my leg, barely able to hold back my own moans. He thrust three fingers up inside me hard and fast, getting all my juices, then with no warning, stuffed one of his fingers straight up my ass. Ohmygod!! I came immediately, gushing all over, down my ass crack, to the floor. He flipped me on my stomach, kneeling on the floor, over the seat, placing the tip of his monster cock at my virgin hole. With one hard push, he rammed himself all the way down to the base of his cock, his balls flapping against my slit.
It hurt!! So bad! I screamed out loud, I couldn’t help myself, but he was already slamming in and out of me. “Take it slut, be my little cum slut, take it all the way. Be my slam pig!” The pain was there, but it felt so good, I was cumming all over myself. Too soon I felt a burst of molten liquid all the way up inside me, and I knew he was done. That’s the thing about Cal. He doesn’t last long. I could have kept going and going. He took a cloth and cleaned us both up, worshiping me, thanking me for giving him that gift. This is the part I hate. He’s like a fucking girl. Just get over it, get it back up, and give it to me harder! He could tell by my face though that I wasn’t done, and I felt his hand slowly slide over my breasts, down my stomach, and to my cunt. He followed it the whole way with his mouth, kissing and sucking my nipples through the shirt, tonguing all over my belly, and finally canlı casino took my clit into his mouth and sucked hard. He took three fingers and started slamming them in and out of me, using his lips and tongue on my clit. I came just as we pulled up to the theater.
Walking in, he guided me to the floor seats, where there are no chairs, just people standing. Lots of people. You couldn’t even stand without someone touching all sides of you. Maybe I would stand in front of Cal and get some more. But as I went to jostle myself in front of him, he moved up and the band started playing. I couldn’t move as everyone started screaming and trying to get closer. Damn. But I could still enjoy the concert.
About 10 minutes in, I felt a hand on my ass, slowly rubbing. I looked over at Cal, but he was too engrossed in the show, both hands over his head. It wasn’t him. I went to turn around, but then figured fuck it. I liked it. The hand had worked its way around to the front and had lifted up my skirt. Nobody could see, as I said, it was ass to front, side to side. The anonymous hand started playing with my clit, and it felt good. Then another hand came from the other side, and a finger was shoved up in my pussy. I’ve heard of short stubby fingers, and I’ve heard of long lean fingers, but this was a long stubby finger. And it felt good. Knowing the music was so loud I wouldn’t be heard; I let out a moan and shoved my ass back against the person behind me. I didn’t even know if it was a guy, but this was turning me on so bad.
The hands were removed, but before I could get upset, I felt them behind my ass, unzipping the pants of the person behind me. I guess it was a guy, because the next thing I felt was this gigantic cock at the entrance of my pussy. I spread my legs wider and in one hard thrust, he was inside me all the way. He took himself almost all the way out, kaçak casino and then slammed back into me with a force I couldn’t have even imagined before that. I screamed out “Yes!” so loud that Cal even looked over at me, but all he could see was my face, in orgasmic delight, and he figured it was because of the band. They had just started playing my favorite song, a really fast one.
I started jumping up and down with my hands over my head, each time coming down on the biggest cock I had ever felt, slamming all the way into me, up to my cervix. He had his hands on my sides, helping to push me down and thrusting up at the same time. Up and down, in and out, filling me completely and I was loving it. After cumming the third time with him, I felt him gush the biggest load straight into my womb. It felt so good. He pulled out and straightened my skirt just as the band stopped for a 15 minute break and everyone was leaving to go to the refreshment stand. Finally I would be able to see who the greatest fuck ever was! I didn’t even care if he was hot or not, I just knew that I wanted to do this again. And again. And again.
I turned around at the same time Cal did, just in time to hear him yell out “Ben, you made it!! If I had known you were right here I would have said hi!” It was his brother! His older, hotter, dangerous brother! He had just been released from jail and had only been home a week, I hadn’t gotten to really talk to him at all, I had just met him a few nights ago as he was leaving and I was going to Cal’s house for dinner.
Looking at him, knowing he had just fucked me, and he had to have known it was me, got me hot again. He gave me a little smile, telling Cal “Oh yeah, I wouldn’t have missed this for the world. But it’s okay that you didn’t know I was here yet, I was still having a great time. I have to come to more of these.” As we all walked together to the refreshment stand, Cal on one side, Ben on the other, I felt the hand going to my ass again. I couldn’t wait for the show to come back on!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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