Black Couple’s Slavery Days

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My name is Carla Janice Brown and I’m a young black woman living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I’m a student at Bridgewater State College, majoring in business administration. I’m also a member of the women’s rugby club on campus. When I attended Brockton Community High School, I was a football player. On the men’s varsity football team. As a six-foot-one, busty, thick-bodied and big-bottomed, 250-pound black Amazon, I am quite the presence on the field. That’s what is so surprising about me. People expect me to be a strong black woman all the time. You see, I am a total submissive in bed.

Presently, I’m on my hands and knees, sucking the long and thick cock of my beloved master, Trevor Jameson, also known as T.J. He’s a big and tall, ( six-foot-four by two hundred and sixty pounds ) red-haired and pale-skinned Irishman whom I have the pleasure of serving. He dominates me. Mind. Body. Soul. I get off on being dominated by macho white men. Don’t ask me why. It’s just the way I happen to get down. Trevor has me on all fours, face down and ass up. He has fastened a collar around my neck, and has me by a short leash, as they say. He is sliding his thick white cock into my tight, big-bottomed black female booty and I am loving it. For I am his very willing black female slave. And he’s my white master.

Nearby, my fellow Bridgewater State College student-athlete and sometime lover, the wonderfully cute Bartleby Jones, is having some fun of his own with his mistress, Joanna Stanford. He’s a five-foot-eleven, dark-skinned and slender black man with long black hair braided into neat cornrows. Mistress Joanna is Trevor’s friend and fellow interracial domination aficionado. She is a six-foot-six, heavyset, busty and big-bottomed white ankara evi olan escortlar woman in her early forties with long blonde hair and pale green eyes. She weighs three hundred and forty pounds. This white Amazon hails from Burbank in Australia and she really gets off on dominating black men. Bartleby is on his hands and knees. Joanna is berating him and whipping him while slamming her strap-on dildo deep into his asshole. Bartleby is screaming like a little bitch and I can tell it’s turning Mistress Joanna on.

Trevor is slamming his cock deep into my asshole, telling me that I am his black slave, his own personal bitch and he can do whatever he wants with me. I am absolutely getting off on it. Sometimes, I find myself thinking of the old days when black women and black men were slaves of the white man. During the Plantation days. White guys definitely had their way with big-bottomed, chubby and sultry black women like myself back in those days. As politically incorrect as it might sound, I totally would have gotten off on being used sexually by a bunch of horny white guys.

On the Bridgewater State College campus, I’m known as the black chick who loves white dick. However, Trevor Jameson is the only white male lover of mine who brings out my inner submissive black slut. I love to submit to him. I love sucking his big white dick. And I love it when he calls me his white cock loving black whore. I once told him of one of my most forbidden fantasies. I want him to call me a worthless fat black bitch and a cum-guzzling black whore while slamming his white cock into my big black booty. Way up my asshole. Trevor is too much of a civilized gentleman to do anything of the sort. That’s too bad. I would have enjoyed it. Hell, my ankara olgun escortlar pussy gets wet from just thinking about it.

Meanwhile, Mistress Joanna is slamming her dildo deep into Bartleby’s asshole and the black stud is screaming his lungs off. I guess he’s really into it. Lots of black men are into watching women wearing strap-on dildos and fucking other men with them but you would never catch any of them admitting to being into it. I think it has to do with society being narrow-minded when it comes to male sexuality and the boundaries of human desire in general. Even though gay marriage is legal in several states in America, many men and women are still conservative-minded about human sexual relations. Black men and black women are more sexually conservative than most Americans realize. I guess that’s why young black people like Bartleby and myself carry around our twisted sexual fantasies deep within ourselves and rarely let our freak flags fly.

Well, today we’re cutting loose. Feeling Trevor’s cock sliding deep inside my asshole is doing all kinds of things to me. I love the feel of a big white cock deep inside my asshole. And yes, it’s got to be white for it to feel right. I’m a black woman who proudly sucks white cock. I am addicted to it. I need it desperately. In my mouth, pussy and asshole. I cannot get by without it. I’ve been hooked onto white dick ever since my freshman year of college. I am a black slut who needs white cock the way an addict needs crack. The way a gold digger needs cash. The way plants need water. Do you catch my drift? Cool.

Trevor suddenly intensifies things, and I am loving it. He grabs a handful of my long black hair and yanks my head back while ramming his big white cock so far ankara sarışın escortlar up my ass, I’m surprised it didn’t come out of my mouth. He is cutting loose and I’m loving it. Savagely, he whips me with the leash attached to the collar around my neck, calling me a big-booty slut and a white cock addict. I scream loudly, and beg him for more. I love it when he berates me while slamming his cock deep into my asshole. It’s what I live for. I want him to completely dominate me. And he does. He makes me call him Master, and I do so with pleasure. For I am his very willing slave.

Nearby, Mistress Joanna has Bartleby riding her while she lies on the floor, with her strap-on dildo sticking upward. Bartleby is impaled on the dildo which is buried deep in his ass. He is screaming louder than ever before. Mistress Joanna laughs and grips his hips while slamming the dildo up his ass. The black man is finally finding out what it’s like to get fucked in the ass by a dominant white woman wielding a strap-on dildo. Just like I am the rare kind of black woman who just couldn’t wait to find out what it’s like to get fucked in the ass by a dominant white man. Mistress Joanna fucks Bartleby until he begs for mercy. Then she pulls out of him and sucks his long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. Finally, he gets some release. Mistress Joanna sucks and strokes the black man’s cock until he comes, then she drinks his manly seed. She looks at him adoringly. He smiles and kisses her. They’re in love.

Moments later, Master Trevor finishes me off by shooting his hot manly cum deep inside my asshole. Now, that’s what I call an anal violation! I screamed in sheer pleasure. Master Trevor slowly pulled out of me, then he ordered me to suck his cock. Like a good slut, I did as I was told. He nodded, and said I was his favorite plaything. Gratefully beyond belief, I thanked him from the bottom of my heart. For he’s my Master. Now and forever. He pulls me to my feet and I kiss him passionately. I love him so much. And I trust him completely.

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