Borders Crossed, Part Two

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Warning! This story includes detailed descriptions of sexual acts between a man and an underage girl. If you are morally opposed to this subject, please do yourself a favor and stop reading now.

This is the continuing true story of how three people I know first met and fell in love. The following events are based on what has been recounted to me by the persons involved. However, their names have been changed to protect their identities.


Borders Crossed
Part Two


In the first light of the morning sun, three hung over people, sharing the same bed, began to stir. Mark had his arm around Yuki who had her arm around David. Each of them had different feelings about what transpired the night before.

Despite his headache, Mark was still on cloud nine. Yuki was four years older than him, but also the hottest woman he had ever been with. He thought everything about her was fantastic. She was beautiful. She was wild and fun, but also still sweet. Her body was also fantastic. He was a bit shallow when it came to women, and he never thought he would be so infatuated with a single mom. However, if he hadn’t met Nana, he would have never believed she was a mom. Her breasts were small but firm and didn’t sag at all. Her nipples were like little gumdrops on small, dark, pinkish brown areolas. Her skin was like silk coated in honey; it was flawless. She didn’t even have a single stretch mark that he noticed, and her whole body was tight, trim and slender. His favorite feature was definitely her arse. Before coming to Japan, he had believed that all Asian women had flat arses. His wandering eyes were delighted to find many exquisite exceptions, but Yuki’s was by far the best he had seen. It was a perfectly round curve from her back to her thighs; full but also firm enough to bounce a crown off. He wanted to openly rejoice after having his cock buried in it. The twins back in Tokyo had completely left his mind, and he would have to thank David for taking him on the best vacation of his life.

Yuki was still feeling the afterglow of these two very handsome young men using her body thoroughly. However, she was also sore and felt shame for what she did, especially with Nana in the next room. She was sure her daughter must have heard her cries, but she needed this release as much as she needed breathe.

She had an insatiable appetite for sex ever since she was a little girl, but she had denied herself for her daughter’s sake. Her husband had an appetite as veracious as her, but since his death, she abstained from finding another to fulfill her needs. Part of the reason was her mourning for her husband, but the other was Nana. She knew her daughter was like her, maybe even more so. She never confronted her about the big box of hentai tapes she hid under her TV or the stack of comics she hid in her closet. She knew that most men would just use her then move on. Who knew how many she would end up going through before she found another like her husband if she could find someone like that. She couldn’t let Nana see her bring random men home, only to see them leave. She didn’t want to set that kind of example for her, not to mention the rumors that would start in their small village. The backlash she would experience in her school would make life for her harder than it already was. In the end though, she couldn’t resist experiencing these two virile, young men. Even with the shame, she felt like a huge weight had been lifted from her.

However, there was one other thing that bothered her; a lucid dream of David raping Nana. The dream was troubling for her in ways that frightened her terribly. The image of her daughter being raped was disturbing certainly. However, what bothered her even more was that in her dream, Nana seemed to be reveling in his domination over her, and so was she. She felt like the worst mother in the world for having such thoughts.

Yuki wasn’t the only one with confusing thoughts that morning. David awoke feeling sick, but this feeling was not from the alcohol he had the night before. He was mortified at what he had done. Never before had he thought of a little girl in a sexual way. He had always gone after women like Yuki. Yuki he thought. He really liked her, and yet he had betrayed her trust. Sure Nana had thrown herself at him, but it was his responsibility to stop things before they started. A responsibility he failed miserably. To make matters worse, as much as he wanted to deny it, he had truly enjoyed what he did. Knowing this made him feel like a monster.

Yuki was the first to get out of bed. She put on a sheer robe then said, “I need get ready my job. You stay bed long as want.” With that she left the room.

Mark watched her gorgeous arse as she left. Once she was gone, her turned to David and said, “Holy shit man! How awesome was last night? I mean can you believe that happened? I can’t believe we freakin DP’d her! Hey, is it gay that I got turned on feelin your dick through her ass?” He joked excitedly as he gave his friend’s arm a punch. When David didn’t respond, he asked, “Hey, I was just joking. Dude, don’t tell me you’re freaked out or something. It’s not like we haven’t done this kind of thing before.” Mark didn’t get how his best friend was not on as much of a high as him.

David let out a sign and said, “Sorry aam jist wabbit Ah guess.” Mark didn’t think he was being totally up front with him, but he didn’t press.

They heard water running in the bathroom and Mark said, “Well, I’m gonna see if our hostess would like some company.” He then got out of bed and pulled his boxers on before leaving the room.

David just laid back trying to figure out how he could make a mends for what he had done when he heard a small voice say, “Ohayo gozaimasu Davido otousan.” He turned his head to see Nana staring with a smile while biting her lower lip. He saw that her gaze was looking right at his exposed cock. He quickly grabbed a sheet and pulled it up over his waist. Nana just giggled and said, “It okay, Mark and mom in bathroom.” However, that was not the reason why he covered himself, and the fact that he was now alone again with the little girl who had over ridden his good senses with her taboo temptation, was causing him some serious apprehension.

Mark was indeed in the bathroom with Yuki. When he stepped in, she nearly told him to leave, but she figured that since she had already exposed Nana to her lustful nature what further harm would it cause to continue things with one of the same men. Men who would not brag about what they did with the people in the village. There were her neighbors to consider, but if they heard her cries last night, the jig was already up anyway, so she figured she might as well enjoy herself while she can.

She had just finished rinsing herself off and was about to soak in the tub for a little before dressing for work, but now that Mark was with her, she had other plans. She had him take her place on a little stool on the floor. She rinsed down his body with water then began lathering her hands with soap. He felt a little strange in this position. However, he instantly relaxed as he felt her hands begin to work their magic across his body. She applied deep pressure as she washed his body, but glided smoothly across his skin. She washed him with the skill of an expert masseuse.

When she reached around to wash his chest, he could feel her hard nipples and firm breasts pressed in and rubbing across his back. He didn’t think things could get any better until he felt her hand wrap around his member and start to wash him thoroughly. She massaged his cock, caressed his scrotum, and he wished it would never end. There was a deep depression in the stool that he noted before he sat down. He had no idea why it was there until he felt Yuki’s hand move into it.

It was a peculiar sensation feeling her fingers play with his anus, but pleasant as well that is until she started working a finger into it. The sudden intrusion made him let out a yelp. He tried to get up and away from her finger, but her grip on his cock suddenly turned vice like. Her grip was painfully tight as she whispered in his ear, “You do my ass, now I do you ass.” He tried to stand again, but her grip grew even tighter, holding him in place. “No try go away, just relax. You like, I promise,” her voice was sly and seductive. He didn’t seem to be able to get away, so he tried to relax as her finger probed his prostrate. He had to admit that it didn’t feel casino oyna too bad; in fact it was starting to feel pretty damned good, especially since she relaxed her grip on his cock and was beginning to stroke it again.

Back in Yuki’s room, Nana had positioned herself on David’s lap. He wanted to protest, but didn’t quite know how. “Thank you very much last night. It make Nana very happy!” her voice was giddy like she had just gotten a wonderful present.

David held Nana’s head tenderly in his hands. “Nana, Ah pure loch ye. ye ur a huir uv a sweit lassie, but aam mair than twice yer age, an’ whit Ah did was wrang!” he tried to tell her that he made a mistake and it was his fault, but Nana’s expression looked very sad. “Och lassie, gonnie nae be sad. it’s mah faut nae…,” she put her finger to his lips before he could finish.

She looked very serious when she stared back at him. She couldn’t understand everything he said, but his meaning was clear enough; he regretted what he did. She put her hands on his shoulders and leaned close to him then said, “You no say that! I want this happen long time, but I wait. I wait you come here. You man I want do! You think bad, it ruin. You make dream real! How can be bad?” As she finished speaking tears were rolling down her cheeks.

He felt his heart ache as he saw her tears. This was the most unusual girl he had ever met, and this whole time he had been worried about making himself feel better; not considering how much effort she had put into seducing him. He realized this wasn’t just a sudden impulse. She had wanted him to be the man of her dreams, and now he was making her cry. He didn’t know what the right thing was anymore. “Och hen sweit Nana. gonnie nae greit. lest nicht was amazin’! Ah jist dornt want tae be th’ cause ay anythin’ bad fur ye,” as he told her this he put his arms around her, and brought his lips to hers. When they met, it was not a sexual kiss, nor was it innocent; it was a kiss of tender love and passion. They kissed for a long moment then he told her, “If ye hae nae regrets abit lest nicht than neither dae Ah. Ah ne’er thooght Ah woods want tae dae whit we did wi’ a yoong lassie, but ye ur special, an’ Ah will treasure uir time together forever. noo ye better gie back tae yer room afair mark ur yer mom sees us loch thes.”

She still didn’t completely understand his words, but she understood the message. She felt like her heart would burst, she was so happy. She wrapped her arms around his neck and told him, “Thank you Davido otousan! Thank you so much!” Knowing she was happy made all his worries melt away. However, he kept wondering what otousan meant. He would definetly have to find out. They hugged for a long moment, feeling each other’s heartbeat, before she followed his instructions and went back to her room.

Meanwhile in the bathroom, mark was getting a lot more than he bargained for, as Yuki was working another finger into his arse. However, he was no longer trying to escape, as she was giving him the most amazing hand job of his life, and he had to admit that while peculiar, her finger added an amazing sensation to the mix. He was moaning loudly, and she could tell he was getting close. She told him to stand, but didn’t extract her fingers as he did. She rinsed off the soapsuds with her free hand then moved her body around to his front. She wrapped her hand around his shaft again, and brought the head to her lips. She gave it playful kisses between flicking the slit with her tongue. Mark was on the brick of losing control. He could feel his seed churning in his balls, but while her teasing was keeping him at the edge, it was not enough to push him over it. “Yuki, jerk me off please!” he asked her desperately.

She stared up at him with a wicked grin. “You need fuck? You need fuck hard?” she asked, and he nodded his head eagerly. “Hmm… than why you wait? Hole here for you cock. You want fuck hard, than fuck hard!” she said as she licked her lips. He remembered the way she was able to swallow his cock the night before and decided to do exactly what she said. He took her head in his hands and she opened wide for him. With that, he thrust his whole cock down her throat in one thrust. His cock went down her throat without any protest or gagging and he wasted no time before he started thrusting wildly.

When he got into a steady rhythm, Yuki started fucking his arse with her fingers in a pace that matched his. He began thrusting faster and faster while she did the same. He could feel himself crossing the threshold to his climax. He yelled out, “I’m gonna cum!” but she neither tried to pull away or stop her thrusting fingers. When she didn’t try to pull away, he pulled her head as tight as he could against his body while he erupted a fountain of hot semen down her throat. Yuki couldn’t breathe, but she didn’t panic. She just patiently waited while gulping down his thick, salty milk.

He was breathing heavily as he eased his cock from her throat and mouth. As he extracted himself, she did the same with her fingers and took a deep but calm breath then exhaled. She gave him a very naughty look then told him, “Tabemono o arigato gozaimashita.” She then washed her fingers, got up and walked to the door. As she was about to leave, Mark asked her what it meant that she said. She turned back and told him, “It mean, thank you for food,” and with that, she left.

She went back to her room wrapped in a towel. When she came through the door, David greeted her with a pleasant smile on his face. “Did hud fin wi’ yer bath loove?” he asked coyly.

“Yes, very good bath. You join next time,” as she said it she wondered what made her think there would be a next time. She retrieved her uniform from the floor. It was slightly wrinkled but not terrible. She then went to her dresser and retrieved a lace, pink bra and fresh stockings. David watched her dress, and marveled at her beauty. Every detail about her seemed immaculate, and he had no doubt that her daughter would one day be just as beautiful. She tied her hair back in a perfect knot that seemed to defy physics. He had no idea how she was able to compress so much hair into such a small space. Once she was finished, she applied some light makeup then walked over and kneeled next to David. She stroked his cheek then kissed him deeply before telling him, “thank you last night. I need very much. It make feel alive.” Her words struck deeply, as he could not let the feeling of his betrayal go. “You have hotel? Need place stay, I know place you be happy have you,” She told him with a soft smile.

Her hand was gently brushing his cheek, and it was sending shivers through his body. “Och aye, but jist fur lest nicht. tae be honest, we waur only plannin’ oan passin’ ben,” he answered as he put his hand on hers.

Yuki considered the man in front of her. He had a kind way about him, but there was more than that. When she looked into his eyes there was a profound depth to them. He was so different from his friend. She wondered why she would have such a disturbing dream about him. The thought that he was leaving so soon made her incredibly sad. “I need go work. You stay long as want. I home at nineteen. You want stay more night, you can,” after she spoke she kissed him again then went to leave the room. As she approached the door, Mark appeared in it. She didn’t say anything to him, just went up on her toes as she pulled his head down for a kiss. As soon as she broke the kiss, she left the room.

She peeked into Nana’s room to find her still asleep. She had a big day yesterday, so Yuki just let her sleep. Missing one day of school wouldn’t be the end of the world, so she let her daughter rest and left for work.

“What was that about? Is she coming back?” Mark asked. He had the distinct feeling that there was something more than simply sex going on between David and her. She seemed into him well enough. At least she had a sexual attraction that part was clear, but she looked at David differently than she looked at him. He couldn’t help feeling jealous. Normally he wouldn’t care, but he was more attracted to Yuki than any woman he had ever met before. As far as he knew, it was only sexual, but he knew he wanted more than a one-night stand. How much more, he didn’t know.

“She said we coods bide as lang as we loch, an’ she will be back at nineteen. Ah hink she is hopin’ we will still be haur,” David informed his friend then asked, “An’ anyway, whaur hae ye bin?” as he got out of bed.

“I was soaking in the tub. It was just full of hot water, so I figured what the hell. Plus, after the scrub down I got, I needed it,” Mark answered the question first. canlı casino “Did she seriously just leave us alone with her daughter in her apartment? I mean, I know we fucked, but we just met,” Mark asked a bit incredulously.

“What’s th’ problem? We waur aloyn wi’ ‘er dochter yesterday, sae wa shoods it make a difference noo?” David asked him far too relaxed for Mark’s taste. However, he thought about it, and it made a certain amount of sense, but he thought something like that would never happen back home.

Mark discarded his towel and was getting dressed in his closes from last night as he said, “Well, in any case, I gotta get back to the hotel. We’re supposed to check out soon, and honestly I could stand to find a bar too. You comin too or what?”

“Eh’d loch tae gie washed up first, but Ah hink mebbe Ah shoods keep an yak oan Nana fur a bit. at leest until she wakes up. Ah wooldnae want ‘er tae wake up haur by herself nae knowin’ whaur a’ fowk went,” David replied to his friend. Mark seemed surprised by what he heard, and looked at David with an odd expression. David felt very self-conscious from the stare. He wondered if his friend knew his intensions were not truly pure and asked, “Whit?”

Mark just started smiling and laughed as he said, “Nothin, I just thought you’ll be that girl’s father in no time; you’re already acting like it.” Mark laughed again, and David punched him in the arm. Although, David had to admit that there was a certain appeal to what he had said. “So, what am I doin with our hotel? Should I extend another day or what?” Mark asked.

David thought Mark wasn’t trying to let on how much he wanted to stay, and he couldn’t blame him. He too wanted to stay where they were as long as possible. “Weel, aam nae sure, but Ah hink yuki was offerin’ fur us tae bide haur,” he said hoping he already knew what Mark would say.

“So you think Yuki wants us to stay here with her?” he asked David who gave a nod with a smile. “Well, I can’t think of better accommodations, so hell yeah. So, you gonna come with me, we’ll get our bags then come back?” he asked while feeling on a new high.

“Ah hink aam gonnae bide haur. Ah still want tae gie cleaned up an’ nana micht wake up onie time. jist grab mah poke an’ hae th’ hotel caa ye a taxi,” David told him while he stretched and yawned. Mark gave him a displeased look. “Dornt geezatt swatch. ye got tae relax in th’ tub awreddy. besides, ye owe me fur bringin’ ye haur tae begin wi’,” as he said it, Mark knew he was right. He did owe him for bringing him to this little place he would have never thought to visit.

“Alright, fine, I’ll get your bag, but I’m gonna go get some food and maybe some drinks first. You, my good ol buddy, get to baby sit, so have fun with that,” Mark said teasingly, but David had to strongly suppress his desire to tell him how much fun he would probably have.

After mark left, David decide that he really did want to wash up and soak in the tub. His cock came out clean from Nana’s arse, but he wanted to be fresh before he put it back in anywhere. Mark wasn’t too fond of kids, so he would likely avoid coming back as long as he could. He felt certain that he would be back before Yuki though. He knew that Mark had a major hard on for her, and he certainly couldn’t blame him. David also had a very strong attraction to Yuki, but he also had very strong feelings about Nana. It wasn’t so much a physical attraction. She had a very nice little bum that he didn’t doubt would be as nice as her mother’s one day, but everything else about her body was too childish for him to get really turned on by. It was more than any physical attraction. He was attracted by her very essence.

He scrubbed himself down, washed his hair, then slipped into the steaming water of the tub. He had learned that Japanese had a method for washing. They washed first then soaked in hot water. This kept the water clean for a long period, so the tub would be full most of the time and kept hot with an electric heater. The water was very hot but felt exquisite. However, he wasn’t able to relax long before he suddenly had a guest.

Nana stepped inside the bathroom completely nude. “Ohayo Davido otousan,” Nana told him in a cheerful voice. “I wash then we bathe yes,” it sounded like a question, but the way she said it told him that it was more of a statement.

“Nana, whit diz ‘at pure techt ‘at ye keep callin’ me, autosan?” he asked as he watched her wash her small body.

She giggled before saying, “no autosan. O-tou-san, I tell you later. Now we bathe.” She then used a shallow plastic pail to douse herself a few times, washing off all the soap. She then got up and stepped into the tub. She sat down on his semi-erect cock and leaned against his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and held her against him, perfectly content.

However, it wasn’t long before she began wriggling around, seemingly unable to hold still. He had an idea what she needed to relax. His fingertips brushed the tips of her nipples as soft as a feather. This caused her to inhale sharply as she arched her back while her writhing was causing his cock to stiffen even further. He then made gentle circles down her stomach with his right hand while continuing to caressing her nipples with his left. His right hand then began to explore between her legs. He could feel her slick wetness between her puffy folds even amongst the water they sat in. She reached behind her head stroking David’s cheek then whispered to him, “You rape me again like last night yes?”

David thought he must have misheard her. “Rape ye? Hen Ah dornt hink ‘at means whit ye hink it means,” he told her feeling a little uncomfortable.

Her whispering voice was smooth and seductive as she told him, “It mean you force Nana. I say no. I tell you stop. I say you hurt Nana. You no stop. You rape Nana.”

David felt aghast; he would have never intentionally raped the girl. “Hen, ye waur ‘spikin japanese lest nicht. Ah cooldnae kin ye, but ye didne try tae gettae France, sae Ah thooght they waur cries ay pleasure,” he tried to explain himself, but from the look on her face, she didn’t understand.

She did get the basic meaning of what he said though. She knew that he was not aware that he had raped her, and maybe that meant that he hadn’t actually raped her. However, she wanted it to be real. She had lived her fantasy, and she didn’t want that taken away. “I want you rape Nana. Nana want man take control, use Nana! You do this, you hurt Nana. This make Nana very happy,” her voice was pleading. David had no idea what was going on in this girl’s mind, but the idea that he had actually raped her was clearly important to her.

“Nana, ah dunnae kinn if it is actually rape if someain doesnae ken they ur daein’ th’ rapin’, but if it is whit ye want than as far aam concerned, Ah raped ye,” he told her tenderly. It was the strangest thing he had ever done; tell a little girl he had raped her to reassure her.

She turned around, so she was looking straight in his eye and said, “Promise you always rape Nana. When Nana say ‘no’ ‘it hurt’ ‘stop’ you keep do!” David could tell that she had made up her mind and knew what she wanted, but what she was asking, he didn’t know if he could do.

“Nana, if ye teel me these things in English, hoo will Ah ken if ye pure want tae me gonnae-no?” he asked her while she slid her gash along his now fully erect cock. She looked to be enjoying herself then suddenly stopped, and gave him a confused look, as she figured out what he had said.

“Nana say ‘stop’, Nana want stop real. You no stop, you rape,” she told him as if it were the simplest thing in the world.

David considered what she said carefully. “If that’s whit ye want, than that’s whit i’ll dae, but if ye ever change yer min’ than teel me alrecht?” He could hardly believe what he was agreeing to, but for this girl, he was willing to do almost anything.

He pulled her against him and kissed her deeply while their hands explored each other’s bodies. Nana decided to take the initiative, as she sat up and positioned his cock between her legs. She started to lower herself, but as his cock began to press into the baby soft flash of pussy, she let out a sharp cry of pain from the stab wound in her vulva. “Ah dornt hink it’s a guid idea tae buck yer fud jist yit,” he told her as he lifted her to her feet. He took each cheek of her bum in his hands and her sopping cunt to his lips. She held his head for support while he delved his tongue into her silky slit. She could hardly believe how good his mouth felt against her, as she moaned with wild pleasure.

Her juices kaçak casino flowed steadily as a deep burning was spreading throughout her body. Within moments, electrical pulses ripped through her body, flooding her with euphoric pleasure. Her whole body shook, and her legs were giving out from under her. David grabbed her, and brought her to his chest, cradling her in his arms.

They stayed like that for a long moment while she caught her breathe. He stroked her hair while he softly cooed in her ear. Nana felt very confused in that moment. She thought that she only wanted to experience the things she had seen in her videos and comics, but she now wanted more. She felt more than just lust for him. It wasn’t just the feelings a girl has for a lover either. She felt the same secure warmth in his arms that she felt in her father’s.

He asked her if she wanted to stop for now, but she looked at him, bit her lower lip, then said, “No, I want otousan fuck Nana!”

“Ah dornt hink that’s a guid idea. if we dae ‘at, it coods open up yer woond. ye need tae heal mair afair we dae ‘at,” he told her trying to have a good reason not to take her virginity. He had very deep feelings for her, but taking her virginity was crossing a line he wasn’t quite prepared for. Then again, he had already crossed so many lines with her that he never dreamed he would.

Nana had a naughty look on her face when she told him, “If no fuck pussy, you fuck ass again!”

“Ur ye sure ye want ‘at hen?” he asked, considering how she told him he had hurt her last time.

She considered his question before telling him, “I no want. I want you do same last night.” David didn’t know what she meant at first then suddenly it hit him; she wanted him to rape her again. She knew if he did her arse again that it would hurt, but she wanted him to force her. He knew that if he did this, he will have crossed yet another line. He will have gone from an unknowing rapist to a genuine one. It wasn’t the same as some vile person who hunted down unsuspecting victims, but once they started she would genuinely want him to stop. If he didn’t stop he will have actually raped her, and if he did stop than he would have disappointed her. When he considered that, his choice was clear.

He picked her up and carried her out of the tub then kissed her passionately while the water dripped from their bodies. While they kissed, he played with her tender rosebud, warming it up for what was to come next.

He carried her to her room and tossed her onto the bed then jumped in after her. She let out an excited, giddy laugh, but turned serious as she saw him stalk up to her on his hands and knees like a hungry animal.

He picked up the hand cream he used the previous night and emptied some onto his fingers. She started to roll over so she could get on her knees, but he held her in place. He grabbed her ankles and pulled them, along with much of her body, into the air with one hand. He folded her legs back toward her head then forced two figures into her rectum, eliciting a cry of pain. “It hurt!” she cried out, but he paid it no mind. If she wanted to be raped, he would give her the full experience.

Her eyes were shut tight as tears formed in their corners. He withdrew his fingers then folded her legs back until her ankles were on either side of her head. He then stood over her and crouched down until the tip of his throbbing cock was pressed against her tight, swollen anus. She put her hands out for him to wait, but he started to push inside her anyways. This elicited instant cries of protest from her, “Stop otousan! Tousan it hurt. Tousan, please sTOP!” the last of her pleads came out as a scream when he plunged his full length into her. He was thrusting into her hard and saw tears streaming down her temples while she howled in pain. He felt like a wild beast claiming his prey, but seeing her tears were bringing him back to his senses. He was about to stop and beg for her forgiveness when he saw another liquid dripping onto her face. It was her own quim dripping freely from her upturned cunny. He realized that despite the pain and fear, she was incredibly excited. What she told him was true and not some childish bluff; she truly wanted to be raped. It was the reassurance he needed to continue.

He started thrusting into her with wild abandon. He was grunting like a savage beast as he pummeled her arse. As he did, he watched her. Her pain was real, her tears were real, her fear was real, and her sexual excitement was also real. He thought this little girl must be some special kind of crazy, but that made two of them as he felt his own excitement build.

He grabbed her by the waist and swung her up through the air until her chest was close to his then lifted her body up and down onto his cock while his hips gave an extra hard thrust on the down stroke. She held onto his arms for support, and he studied her agonized face. He wondered what was it that brought her such excitement from being used like this. How was she feeling pleasure from being forced to endure the pain he was imposing on her, and why was he taking such satisfaction in giving it.

She was panting feverishly while whimpering moans that were a mix between agony and ecstasy. He could tell that she was building toward something massive, and he felt his own body was doing the same. He could no longer think, wonder or have concern. An animal instinct had taken him over, as he went wild with primal lust. He felt a flood of the little girl’s cum flow over him as waves of spasms rushed through her. She screamed cries of pain stricken bliss that drove him over the edge. His whole body convulsed as a fountain of semen erupting into the girl’s tiny rectum. He had never came so hard in his life as he did right then. His legs were shaking as shot after shot of his sticky cum continued to explode out of his cock. He almost collapsed, but managed to go down to his knees before collapsing onto his back, still holding Nana in place.

She too collapsed, falling onto his chest. They were both panting, completely out of breath. As he started to come to his senses, he heard Nana saying something at almost a whisper. She was saying it over and over like a chant. “Arigato tousan, arigato, arigato tousan,” she kept repeating.

Arigato was one of the very few Japanese words David knew. It means thank you, but he now had to know what otousan or tousan, as she sometimes said, meant. “Nana, Ah pure want tae ken whit ‘at means, tousan?”

She turned her head and looked him in the eye. Her eyes were red, and her face was stained with tears, but she had an expression of pure bliss. She scooted up his chest and whispered in his ear, “It mean father.” His heart felt like it was about to burst as different emotions gripped him all at the same time. Tears began to roll down his own cheeks, and he hugged nana tightly against his chest.

After some time passed, he carried Nana back to the bathroom, scrubbed them both down again and soaked in the tub as she fell asleep curled up on his chest. He held her to his body and gently stroked her as he considered what had just happened, and what the future would hold.

Nana had bonded with him. She now saw him as both a lover and a father figure. Mark and him had planned to be in Japan for one more week, but he had a couple months before he would have to leave. He knew that was not enough time with her; no amount would be enough time. Yuki liked him, he knew that, and he really liked her. However, he was in love with Nana. The only way he knew how to be with the daughter was to also be with the mom. He didn’t like this idea because it felt like he would have to use Yuki to be with her daughter. He felt it was despicable and unfair, but he also knew it was the only way to be with this little girl that he loved. It was also a problem that he could tell his best friend liked Yuki, and he would have a secret agenda behind his back. He knew things were going to get very complicated and they might turn out very badly, but he also felt like he had to do whatever he could to be with the girl he loved, to be with Nana.

End of Part Two

Author’s note: I hope you enjoyed the second installment of this story. I know some people will be offended by the events that took place. However, before you rush to judgment, please consider that everyone is different, and what might not be right for most can be right for some.

I will release the next episode as soon as I can, and please feel free to message me with any thoughts you have about this or any of my other work.

Thank you for reading,

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