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“Oh come on Louise. It’s been almost a year.” Dave was pleading with his girlfriend, but she was not going to let up. Dave was sitting in the back seat of his car with Louise sitting in his lap. She had spent the last two hours grinding against him and he was ready to explode. His sex drive was crazy and had he not jerked off twice before picking her up, he would have blown his load in his pants already.

“No Dave. Just kissing. I want to wait.” Louise was almost as tall as Dave and had long straight brown hair. She was a swimmer so her whole body was long and lean. “You can suck on my nipples though.”

Dave watched as she lifted her blouse to reveal the very unsexy cotton bra. Her breasts were tiny and even though he knew she wore a B cup, the bra was saggy. Dave didn’t say anything, but leaned over and began to suck on her nipples. He wished she had bigger breasts. His last girlfriend had enormous breasts and Dave had spent the entire relationship in a permanent state of arousal. With Louise, it was only with her grinding her cute butt against his cock that made him hard. He sucked and licked her nipples. Louise quietly whimpered.

“It’s midnight. I need to get home.” In the darkness of the car Louise didn’t see Dave roll his eyes. Louise was eighteen, but still wanted to be home at a decent hour. It wasn’t that her parents instilled a curfew; it was more that she wanted to show her parents that she was more mature and responsible then her older sister.

“Fine.” Dave got out of the backseat after Louise had climbed off him and got into the driver’s seat. Louise fixed her blouse.

“You got my bra wet from sucking on my nipples.”

Dave didn’t respond. Louise was always whining about something and part of him wanted to end their relationship. On the other hand, she was fun to be with when they weren’t doing anything sexual. They had met at the beginning of senior year when they shared the same English class. Dave had been held back a year and was repeating the class for the third time. He thought she was cute. They met at a friend’s cottage party a few weekends later and when he told her he thought she was cute she had kissed him. They had been together ever since.

Dave pulled up to the large mansion and shut off the car. Louise turned to face her boyfriend. “Thanks for the evening. You can come over tomorrow if you want. My parents are gone for the weekend.” Louise leaned over and kissed his nose before getting out of the car and running up the steps to her house. Dave sat in the car processing what she had said. Her parents would be gone. They would probably have the house to themselves. Her sister was always out on weekends.

Dave pulled into his laneway and got into his house. After undressing, he lay in bed and jerked off. He imagined Louise with porn star size breasts. As he stroked his throbbing cock, he imagined titty fucking them and cumming all over the big nipples. He stroked harder and faster. He imagined her riding his cock with her huge breasts swaying back and forth. As he came all over his stomach, he thought of burying his head between the deep cleavage. Dave cleaned himself up, rolled over, and fell asleep.

The next evening, he was standing outside his girlfriend’s house. He rang the doorbell and his jaw almost dropped when Amie answered the door. Amie was Louise’s older sister and she was dressed to kill. Amie had her blonde hair in two French braids and was wearing a t-shirt that was probably three sizes too small. The material barely covered her enormous breasts and her nipples were poking through. Her belly was showing and he glanced down to see the cute diamond stud that was sitting just on the rim of her navel. She had cut off jeans that seriously looked like they came off a set of a porn movie.

“Hi Dave.”

“Um Hi.”

Amie giggled and let Dave in. “Louise is in her room.”

“Oh O.K. thanks Amie. Aren’t you going out tonight?” Dave’s cock was throbbing so hard and if Amie glanced down she would see it tenting her shorts. He felt the precum almost gushing out and wished he had worn jeans or his black shorts since he probably had a wet spot on his beige shorts.

“Yeah of course. It’s only eight. The hot sexy guys don’t get to the bars until midnight.” And with that, Amie turned right towards the home theatre. Dave took off his sandals and made his way up the grand staircase. The house was huge and he joked that someone could get lost in there. He knocked on Louise’s door and entered. She was on the phone and he walked over and sat down behind her. He began to massage her back and nibble her earlobe. He could only hear half of the conversation, but he really wasn’t paying attention. He slid his hands against her breasts and twisted her nipples. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her breasts felt smaller then the night before. “Yeah call me back.” Louise spoke into the phone then hung up.

“That was Amanda. She’s having a crisis.”

“Oh.” Dave did not understand teenage girls. Well actually he didn’t understand casino siteleri girls in general, but Louise and her friends were always having crises.

“So your parents are away?”

“Unhuh.” Louise pushed Dave onto his back and straddled his hips. She began to dry hump him and he moaned loudly. He closed his eyes because he wanted to imagine her with huge breasts like her sister.

“You can sleep over if you want. Still no sex, but we can cuddle all night.”

“Fuck.” Dave thought in his head. Here he thought that this was an open invitation to fuck his girlfriend senseless and she wanted to cuddle. He opened his eyes and she had removed her shirt. Her breasts didn’t even bounce as she humped him harder and her nipples weren’t even hard.

“Oh come on baby. I have condoms.” Dave hated begging, but he hated masturbating so much when he had a girlfriend. His other friends had sex at least once a day, sometimes more and here he had to use his hand, after a year of dating.

“No Dave. Just kissing.” Louise leaned down and began to kiss him. She did know how to kiss. She stuck her tongue out and flicked her tongue against his. Their lips weren’t touching and he could feel their saliva dripping between their tongues. Just then Louise’s phone rang. She sat up and answered it. Dave just lay back and watched.

“You serious? I’ll be right over.” Louise climbed off Dave’s lap and put her shirt back on. After she hung up the phone, she looked at Dave.

“Sorry baby. Amanda needs me to come over. Brian called her a bitch and she needs me. You can let yourself out.” Louise kissed Dave’s cheek and then left. Dave sat on her bed for a few minutes collecting his thoughts. He got up and knew what he wanted to do.

He walked down the grand staircase and walked down the hall towards the home theatre. He could hear moaning and whimpering and wondered where the sound was coming from. He hadn’t heard anyone come into the house after him, but then again he was concentrating on his girlfriend more then what was happening around him. When he entered the room his eyes went wide. Amie was sitting on the couch rubbing herself. The big screen television had porn showing.

“Fuck you’re hot.” Amie looked up and grinned.

“Where’s Louise?” Amie was sucking on her wet fingers and Dave’s cock was practically leaping out of his pants.

“She went over to Amanda’s house. She left me so fucking horny.”

“Come here baby.” Amie beckoned with her wet finger and Dave practically leaped over. He sat down next to her and moaned when she climbed into his lap.

“You want to fuck me don’t you?” Amie was wiggling out of her jean shorts and panties and Dave gasped when her wet pussy touched his thigh.

“Yes.” Dave could barely speak. His eyes went wider when Amie removed her shirt to reveal her breasts. They were so huge and soft with light pink nipples. He latched on to one nipple and sucked hard. He loved the feeling of her warm breasts touching his cheeks and kneading her other breast as he continued to suck. He was concentrating on her massive nipples and didn’t realize she had undone his shorts until she slid his cock inside her.

“Oh fuck!” Dave threw his head back and grabbed her hips. Her pussy was so tight and wet and he couldn’t control himself. He bounced her hard and fast, watching her breasts jiggled.

“Fuck me harder Dave. I know you want to cum so deep inside me.”

“Fucking hell!” Dave began to cum and couldn’t stop. He felt jet after jet of hot cum shoot into her pussy. He had jerked off before coming over, but Louise’s teasing and now Amie’s huge breasts had pushed him over the edge. He watched as her breasts heaved and he buried his face into them.

“You’re pretty good baby.” Amie slid off his lap and grabbed her shorts and shirt. “I got to go change to go out. You can fuck me anytime you want.”

Amie walked out of the room, leaving Dave sitting on the couch stunned. He had finally gotten to fuck a big-breasted girl and wanted more.

Dave whimpered as Amie ran her hand through his hair. He was sucking on her right nipple like a baby and loved the feel of the sensitive bud inside his mouth. He pressed harder and felt her warm skin press against his face.

“You love my breasts don’t you?” Amie’s blonde hair was in braids again and she was lying on her side facing Dave.

“Fuck yeah. My last girlfriend’s were almost as big as yours and I loved it.”

Dave moved his mouth across to her left nipple and sucked even harder than before. He heard her gasp and he sucked harder. He was completely naked and felt her hand stroke his hard cock.

“Oh baby. Your cock is so hard. Titty fuck me.”

Dave stared wide-eyed. This was only the fourth time they had had sex and he was desperate to titty fuck her, but was too nervous to ask.

“Really? Really?”

“Unhuh.” Amie giggled as she lay on her back holding her breasts. She was almost six years older then Dave and loved how horny he always canlı casino was. She also loved how he worshiped her breasts. Dave straddled her chest. He reached behind and slid his hand against her soaking pussy. When he lifted his hand it was dripping with her juices. He grinned and licked up the juices. She tasted so good and he had to rub his hand against her pussy to get it wet again. He rubbed her juices between her breasts and slid his cock between her mounds. He had an average size cock, but her breasts were so big that his cock was swallowed into her cleavage. He felt her breasts press against his cock and his mind was trying to figure out what felt better, her wet pussy or her huge breasts. He thrusted back and forth.

“Where can I come baby? Can I come on your tits?” Dave was thrusting faster and loved how the tip of his cock rubbed against her chest.

“Anywhere you want.” Dave was about to respond, but then stared as Amie pushed her breasts together even more and saw her nipples touch. He watched the two pink buds rub against each other and he couldn’t hold back. He began to cum and Amie held his cock so that his cum coated her breasts. Her breasts had five long streams of cum and some of it was already dripping down the sides.

“Fuck you’re so hot Amie. Seeing your nipples touch pushed me over the edge. Fuck.”

Amie grinned. Dave was such a horny teenager and she loved the power she had over him. She rubbed the cum into her breasts and sat up a bit. She pushed her hard nipples back together and let them rub back and forth against each other. Dave just stared. His cock swelled again and a dribble of precum dripped down against her navel. Amie leaned forward and flicked her tongue against both of her nipples at the same time.

“Fuck!” Dave came for a second time all over her stomach. He didn’t even realize he was close, but watching her suck both nipples was so arousing.

“Shit. I’m so sorry. Fuck I don’t normally cum so fast.”

“It’s alright Dave. Just fuck me doggie style and we’ll be even.” Dave grinned and watched as she flipped over onto her hands and knees. He got behind her and sank his cock inside her hot pussy. He was hard again and loved watching his cock slide in and out of her pussy. It was like his own private porn movie. She waxed her pussy bare and had the sexiest clit ring in the world. He gripped her hips and rocked back and forth. He was able to hold back this time and counted as Amie came twice in a row. He pushed harder into her and heard his bed squeaking. He reached under and found her clit. He stroked it ever so lightly.

“Don’t you dare tease me now. I’m close.” Dave grinned. Amie loved it rough, but it drove her mad when he was gentle with her. He continued to stroke lightly and then tugged on her clit ring. She came for a third time and gushed a bit on his fingers. He gripped her round ass with one hand and sucked on her juices off his other hand. With one last thrust, he emptied himself inside her. He loved the feeling of cumming inside a girl and loved how Amie’s pussy pulsed right after she came. He pulled out and was relieved that his cock was finally soft.

“Finally!” Dave chuckled.

“Four times in just over an hour. Must be fun to be eighteen and male.” Amie was grabbing for her clothing and once dressed looked in his dresser mirror to make sure she was presentable.

Dave walked Amie to the front door. He had slipped on boxers and jeans. His cock was feeling pretty sore and thankfully wasn’t getting hard again. Normally it would have considering Amie was dressed in a tiny jean skirt and white t-shirt with pink bra underneath.

“So does Louise suspect anything yet?” Both of them grinned. Louise and Amie were sisters and Dave had been dating Louise for over a year. They had a great relationship except for the sex. Louise wanted to wait. Dave wanted it all the time. The solution to this great problem was simple. Amie offered to fuck Dave whenever and wherever he wanted. Of course the fact that Louise barely had B cup breasts and Amie was practically a triple D helped. Dave was breast obsessed and couldn’t get enough of Amie’s breasts.

“Nope. Her best friend Amanda found out she’s pregnant with her ex boyfriend’s baby. I don’t pay attention, but supposedly this is a big deal. She’s cancelled the last three dates.”

“Same time next week?” Amie fished through her purse for her keys.

“Sounds wonderful.”

Dave sat in class and daydreamed. He knew he was supposed to be paying attention, but this first year English class was so boring. He was learning how to write an essay, which annoyed him so much. He had spent the majority of senior year learning how to write an essay and here he was stuck in first year journalism learning how to write something he knew how to do in freshman year. Dave daydreamed about Amie. She had worn the sexiest little dress last night and what was so hot about it was she was able to pull down the top so he could suck on her nipples while at the same time kaçak casino look fully clothed from behind. He would never get tired of her hard nipples in his mouth and she had let him suck on them for hours. His mind flashed to his girlfriend Louise and all he could think of was the last time he had seen her breasts. It was over a month ago and all he remembered was how small and saggy they were.

English class was finally over and he made his way to the parking lot. Louise had class until eight so the plan was to go over to Amie’s house and play around until Louise got home. Louise had been playing the role of counselor to her best friend Amanda all month, which meant that Dave was truly being neglected. As he eyed his car, he saw Louise leaning against it. She was wearing a tight red shirt with a jean skirt. He had seen that jean skirt before and realized it was her sister, Amie’s.

“Hi Louise.”

“Hi baby.” Louise leaned up and began to nibble his earlobe. She slipped her hands around his hips and pulled him towards her. She was trying to seduce him, but it really wasn’t working.

“What’s up with you?” Dave was seriously trying to get at least a bit aroused, but the moment he felt Louise’s flat chest pressed against him, he knew it wasn’t going to happen. Louise’s breasts were tiny compared to her big-breasted sister and he was addicted to huge breasts.

“Just missed you. I love you.”

“Oh fuck.” Dave thought in his head. She had never said that before and now he needed to respond. After a month of leaving him alone and horny, here she was seducing him in the parking lot. He felt her lips on his neck and they felt like dry leather. His body was in no way reacting to her touch and he knew he had to say something.

“We shouldn’t here.” Dave pushed away from Louise and saw the hurt in her eyes. He regretted doing that, but he had no other choice.

“Who’s the girl?” Louise stared blankly at Dave.


“I said who’s the girl. You have been happy all month and seem excited that I had no time for you. You’re never horny around me which means you’re fucking someone else.”

“Louise! That’s not true. You were being a great friend to Amanda. I just don’t want to make out in public O.K.?”

Dave was trying to act calm and hoped that Louise didn’t figure out he was lying.

“Can we make out in my room?” Louise’s nipples were hard against her shirt, but Dave barely noticed.

“Yeah sure.” Louise bounced into his car and they drove quietly to her house. Dave’s mind was spinning. He didn’t love her. She had been a complete bitch to him the last few months. If she hadn’t been holding back on sex, he wouldn’t have had to fuck her sister. The whole drive there he reasoned with himself as to why his actions were correct. Louise rubbed his thigh the whole way there and had a look of complete lust in her eyes.

They pulled into the laneway and Louise practically dragged Dave into the house. They ran up the stairs and the moment they entered her room, she slammed her door. She pushed him into the bed and climbed into his lap. She was kissing him furiously. Her tongue kept sliding in and out of his mouth. Dave held her hips lightly and tried to get aroused. He thought of Amie grinding against him. Amie’s breasts would be pushing against his chest and he would be feeling her nipples poking through her shirt. When asked, she would probably suck on both her nipples at the same time and let him fuck her pussy so hard and fast. Dave was moaning and whimpering and ran his hand down Louise’s back to cup her ass under her skirt. He moved his hand forward and began to rub her pussy.

“No!” Louise jumped off his lap and was glaring at him. ‘Fuck is that all you think about? All you ever want to do is fuck. I tell you I fucking love you and you can’t even say it back. Can’t we just make out for once without you trying to get into my panties.”

“Are you kidding me? Louise it’s been over a year. You spent the last month ignoring me. I could have been out fucking someone and you wouldn’t have even noticed.”

“Were you?” Louise had her hands on her hips. She couldn’t even look at Dave.

“Yeah I was. She has big breasts and lets me fuck her whenever I want. She doesn’t play mind games with me.”

“Get out!” Dave and Louise just stared at each other and Dave left. He was secretly happy that she had broken up with him and not the other way around. He really didn’t care about her anymore and was happy to move on. He was older. He was in college. He still had Amie who was always ready and willing.

*** Dave sat on the hood of his car in the empty parking lot and looked around. When he had called up Amie, she said it was best to meet her here since Louise was a crying mess at home. She was desperate to get out of the house since Louise was trying to get some sympathy from her. Amie really was in no mood to deal with her hormonal sister and really just wanted Dave’s cock inside her. Dave saw a car pull up and grinned as he saw Amie get out.

“You fucked her up real bad you know.” Amie walked over to Dave, undoing her tight black jeans as she walked. She was wearing a black tube top and the way her breasts were bouncing it was evident she was not wearing a bra.

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