Brownmailed Ch. 05

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“Now James, today we will be reviewing your recent performances,” Juanita announced. “My mother was very pleased by your performance, so much so that she has given us a bonus of $100,000!”

“Wow!” James exclaimed. “That’s wonderful. It almost makes up for nearly being killed.”

“Yes, and for the three hours she spent with you, you earned us a total of $400,000,” Gloria said, with a big smile.

James whistled. $100,000 per hour? That’s incredible that they would pay so much. It almost makes it worth it. Then his thoughts stopped; us??

“Now what do you mean by us, exactly?” he asked.

“Of course, the majority of the funds will be paid to myself and Juanita,” Gloria said matter-of-factly. “We are doing the real heavy lifting here of acquiring clientele and growing the business. But we do appreciate what you are bringing to the table. Hence your 2% commission, and percent of the bonuses.”

James’s heart sunk. “Wha-what?? I’m only making 2% of the commission?? Are you kidding me? Heavy fucking lifting… I ate diarrhea yesterday for Christ’s sake!” he shouted angrily.

“James, honey,” Juanita said, getting up to walk around the table to him. “This is what we agreed to, dear. You signed the contract, after all.”

“We are not pleased with your arguing, James,” Gloria told him. She licked her finger and turned a page from a packet in front of her. “We have had many offers come in for your services since your last one had such high reviews. We have been thinking hard on which one to choose for you, but this insubordination we are seeing is making it all too clear what the choice will be.”

She winked at Juanita, who was standing behind James, rubbing his shoulders.

“Wait… reviews? What reviews? Wh—Where am I being reviewed?” James sputtered angrily, turning to Juanita.

“Why, Yelp, of course. How else are people supposed to find out just what a good job you’re doing?” Juanita grinned at him. “We have create a page for you, complete with pictures and videos of your services. Go ahead and show him, Gloria, dear.”

James felt a lump in his throat as he looked upon her screen and saw a picture of Rosa sitting on his face. He was terrified to look through the page but felt he needed to see what was out there. To his horror he saw dozens of pictures of himself from each of his encounters, many of which showed his face clearly. All four of the young girls had reviewed him, sparing no intimate details of what he had done.

“My friends will see this!” he shouted. “You can’t broadcast this, my name is on there! It’ll come up when they Google me!”

“Of course it will,” Juanita sneered at him in a sinister way. “How else will they know what a little shiteater you’ve become? We wouldn’t want them all to never know what’s happened to you, and what you’re doing with your life. Plus.. maybe they’ll even want to use your services too!”

The two women laughed hysterically at that, as James’ faced was seared red with humiliation. Finally, after several minutes, Gloria cleared her throat.

“Now James, Nita and I want to talk to you casino oyna about the next order of business. We are going to accept an offer from a group of women who want to book you for several days, starting tomorrow. They are very important people, and we will be using this as a way to advertise for OUR car company, so we need you to be at your best, and do your duty.”

The two women smirked at each other, enjoying belittling the sunken, downtrodden man next to them.

“Um… a group?? What are we talking?” James asked with a sinking feeling in his stomach.

“Oh anywhere from eight to ten,” Juanita said. “It will be a bonding exercise for their corporate executives. They run one of the largest car dealerships in the world, Browning Auto, so this can help us build a partnership with them.”

James groaned, putting his head between his hands. Browning Auto was his arch rival. He knew the owners well, Joanne and Lucinda Browning. They were twin sisters, who had inherited the company from their mother at a young age. Despite being in their late twenties, the Browning women were brilliant, cunning black women who had always bested James when it came to business. They always outmaneuvered him, cutting deals to slightly better him and steal his customers at every turn. Despite his hatred of them, he had always been incredibly attracted to their thick, voluptuously curvy bodies, and masturbated furiously thinking about them whenever they would steal one of his customers.

“Both Browning sisters will be there?” James asked timidly.

“Yes, as well as their mother Ella. Though she is retired now, she heard about this and made sure she would be involved,” said Juanita, her eyes gleaming with lust as she looked down at James, who couldn’t hold her eye contact. “As a matter of fact, she paid extra to get some time alone with you. She wants to “test” you out herself before you service her daughters and employees. She is waiting for you in the women’s bathroom right now, in fact.”

James’ head felt like it would explode. Not Ella, the woman who had beaten him in every way professionally. Anyone but her. Juanita beckoned him forward with a sly grin on her face. Slowly, he got up and walked to the bathroom to meet his fate.

Standing there was his rival, a proud, older, curvaceous black woman standing with her arms crossed. She stood about 6 feet tall, five inches taller than James. She had always had a very thick frame, but in retirement she had filled out even more, especially in her hips and buttocks, which were even wider than the door frame.

“Hello James,” she said smugly. “Funny to see how things turned out. I’m retired without a care in the world, and it seems like you’ve dug yourself into quite a deep hole. Though… it won’t be the deepest hole you’ll find yourself in.”

She sidled up next to him and put her hand on his shoulder.

“I always wanted to really put you in your place. Show you just how beneath me you really are. Just how superior I am to you, a worthless little white man. Now kneel to me.”

Her words stung James, and he desperately wanted canlı casino to find a retort to her insults but his voice failed him. He tried to speak up, but his throat was locked up.

“That’s right, you know I’m correct. As always. Now get down on my knees you pathetic little slave and kiss your Goddess’ ass.”

He felt himself allow her to press him down to his knees, and she turned around. Her ass was staggeringly huge, each cheek protruding a foot past her lower back. Even with her tight brown pants on, James could smell the distinct, pungent flavor that he knew could only come from one place.

“Kiss your Goddess’ big black ass,” she whispered, as she tousled his hair. He knew he could never forgive himself for doing it, but he felt like he was watching himself from a distance as he planted the first kiss on her massive cheek. She moaned with ecstasy as he began to kiss all over her huge dumper.

“Yes, that’s a good little boy,” she hissed at him. “See, James, some of us were born to be winners. And some of us, like you, were born to be losers. It’s just your place in life. Don’t resist it, just accept it. You are meant to be below me…”

The words stung him deeply, and he felt they were true. He had always lost to Ella, and now here he was, kissing her shitter to make up an impossible debt he had to pay back. Her immense buttocks looked like a symbol of the monumental amount of debt he was under, and he kissed them desperately in the hopes of mercy.

“You are my slave now, honey,” she said, turning her head to look down upon him as he kissed her fattened rear. “I have bought my way into the company, so along with Gloria and Juanita, you are my property now.”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. His ears rung as his brain tried to block out her words.

“Yes… you belong to me. I will finally put you in your place completely. I have some ideas for the company that I have brought up with Nita and Gloria, and have been received well. Number one is that they tell me you have gotten an erection around some of our clients. That will not do…” she said, clicking her lips.

He was suddenly pushed down to the ground forcefully. She took her belt off and slowly pulled her 5XL pants, revealing the biggest, most overfed bottom James had ever seen. Even as she stood over him, smirking at him, he could smell a putrid stench emanating from the center of her rump.

“Get used to this ass, sweetie. You’ll be seeing— and smelling— a lot of it,” she said with a laugh, as she dropped it down on James’ chest.

He screamed out in pain, as her full weight hit him like a truck. Despite how her rear was almost entirely fat, her 240 pounds (a solid 100 located in her hips and buttocks) landed flush on James’ ribcage. He cried out, whimpering in pain as she laughed at his plight, grinding her gargantuan ass into his bruised ribs.

“Come on, be a man!” she goaded him. “Just kidding, we all know you’re not a real man. Once you swallow your ex wife’s shit, you lose your manhood.”

“Please get off me, I can’t breathe,” James coughed. Even coughing shot kaçak casino sharp pain through his injured ribs.

“No, you’re just fine. And while you’re hurting, I want to tell you what the plan forward will be. As I said, some of our customers complained about this naughty cock of yours,” she said, grabbing his cock and balls in a vice-like grip as he gasped in pain. “My motto is always to cut off the liabilities in business. Make sure you know what will happen. And this… this is quite a liability. So I think it’s best for business if we cut it off. How does that sound, darling?”

He cried out in agony. She couldn’t be serious. These women had taken his masculinity over and over again, feeding him their shit, suffocating him in their butts, but surely they weren’t this heartless.

“Yes, that’s right,” she whispered, inching her huge rear end up his chest, closer to his face. “This cock and balls will be mine. You will have nothing left when I’m done with you. You’ll be a proper toilet, designed for no purpose other than swallowing the poop of superior women.”

She squeezed his balls hard and he yelped in pain. All of a sudden, she raised her rump and dropped it onto James’ face, with a huge smack. He was engulfed in her broad bottom, and desperately breathed in the foul air that he could.

“Mmmm, you like being smothered your Goddess’ ass don’t you? Well don’t worry, we will have much more for you tomorrow; in fact, I will let you off easy today. I don’t want to fill your stomach until tomorrow, so my girls can have fun bloating your stomach with crap.”

Thank God, he thought. It was impossible for him to think about the future from his current situation.

“Yes, you won’t need to swallow my crap today. But don’t worry, you’ll still get some of your Goddess’ fudge,” she teased, wiggling her rump until his face was buried deep in it. “Don’t move a muscle.”

He felt her monstrous cheeks tighten on his head, as her anus started to expand and expand. He was hit by a stink worse than he thought existed, as, in the darkness of her butt, he began to see a gigantic log the size of his arm pushing out. She let out a deep moan, getting enormous pleasure from shitting on the face of her former competitor. The massive, steaming turd pressed against his face, covering his mouth and nose. His skin burned from the heat, but the deeper burn came from within. Hearing his arch-rival orgasm repeatedly as she shat on his face, covering him in her waste as she grabbed his balls and squeezed as hard as she could. His screams were muffled by her shit, but she felt the vibrations which intensified her climax to newfound heights.

She clenched her buttocks around his head, cutting off his circulation as he pounded her ass with his hands for release. His efforts were futile, as he soon went limp under her. Even after he went out, she continued to cum and shit on his head for several minutes afterwards, overcome with the ecstasy of dominating him.

Finally she stood up and looked down at her work. His unconscious body lay limp, his head covered in a mountain of shit one would imagine only a horse could produce. Ella knew she had to act fast, getting someone to revive James before he would be killed.

But first, she thought, maybe a quick picture for the website…

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