Buxom Bethany Ch. 01

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There was no getting away from it. Bethany, my ex-wife, had enormous tits. Absolutely enormous. They were always big. When we first got together in our mid twenties she was very curvy and busty. 5’4″ with long dark hair and a pretty, child-like face with a cute nose and big brown eyes. She put on weight steadily during our ten year marriage. Her bottom and thighs got substantially bigger and she developed a bit of a tummy but you couldn’t call her fat. She still went in and out in all the right places. Just a lot further out than before. But the thing was, her boobs just seemed to get bigger and bigger.

I love big tits. I never really find a woman sexually attractive unless she has a reasonably big bust. As Bethany had put on weight it just all seemed to go on her boobs. They just seemed to get bigger and heavier as time went by. They were probably the size of watermelons. Big watermelons. Or maybe as big as footballs. Soccer balls if you’re American. Incredibly, they were amazingly firm. You’d think such huge, heavy breasts would dangle and droop. Pulled down by their own gigantic weight. But Beth’s tits somehow resisted gravity and stuck out as much as they dropped down. Sure, when she took off her bra, they almost reached down to her waist but that was merely down to their gigantic size not their floppiness. They really were mind boggling. The eighth wonder of the world.

Beth obviously wore under wired bras with plenty of support. They never seemed to fit that well though. She had been wearing a 40GG but I’d suggested she go to this new lingerie shop that specialized in outsize bras. When she fitted properly it turned out she was a 36M! I didn’t know that was even a size. They didn’t have stock in any style she wanted but they ordered some for her. When they came, they fitted beautifully but also accentuated the size and shape of her boobs. Even though Beth didn’t dress to show off, men just stared at her. All the time. Her party piece would be, if someone was holding a conversation with her chest, she’d cup her tits and jiggle them as if they were talking instead. It produced a few red faces and plenty of stammering as the hapless guy would apologise and strain to keep eye contact from then on.

You’d think then that our sex life would be amazing. It wasn’t. It was OK. We had plenty of sex but Beth wasn’t that adventurous. She didn’t suck me off very often even though I always went down on her. She wasn’t really into bondage or role playing or anal although we did try them occasionally. However, the saving grace, for a boob man like me, was, of course, her amazing tits.

Beth liked to sit astride me and ride my cock. She always came that way. Her huge tits would dangle in my face. I could squeeze them, knead them, suck on her big nipples or just put my head between them and squash my face into them like two huge warm, firm pillows. When I took her doggy style, unless her arms were straight, they would sag down onto the bed and spread out a little because they were so big. However, if she held herself a little higher, they would swing wildly back and forth. A sight which never failed to excite me as I pumped my cock in and out of her willing fanny. Sometimes, if her head was down her boobs would smack her in the face so Beth would wrap one arm across her chest to restrain her monstrous titties and hold herself up with the other hand. The thought that she had to do this because her boobs were so huge always made me come quicker.

The other bonus with fucking a huge breasted woman was titty fucking. Often, if we’d done missionary I’d finish off by pulling out and straddling Bethany, feeding my cock between her enormous tits and thrusting between the warm, welcoming mounds. Luckily, my cock is a bit larger than average. A normal cock would get lost without trace in such a long, deep valley. I was sometimes able to squeeze her boobs together and pull them back towards me enough that the head of my cock would just peek out. Bethany would normally help by supporting her breasts from the side and squeezing them together to clamp my cock in place as I thrust between them. The sight of my cock fucking my wife’s huge tits, once again, would hasten my ejaculation. Whilst I loved coming in the deep valley and rubbing the warm semen into Beth’s mammaries, what I loved even more was blasting cum over her sweet face. To do this, the head of my penis had to poke out from the valley to get a clear shot at the target. I would pound away between her tits and, when I could feel the spunk rising, I’d push forward as far as possible and squeeze Bethany’s tits together and back towards me as much as possible. This usually exposed the swollen purple glans enough for the cum to blast out and splatter her neck, chin, face or hair, depending on the aim.

I don’t think Beth always felt like being splattered in cum. Sometimes she’d make sure her fingers were over the end of my cock as she cupped her breasts, thereby blocking the jets of spunk. However, I got wise to this and I’d grab her canlı bahis hands, clamp them over her boobs with my hands and the fuck her tits to my heart’s content. Knowing her face was going to be cum splattered whether she liked it or not!

One thing that did keep me entertained though was when we played “Daddy”. I think Beth had done this with a previous boyfriend. She’d start with this little girl voice and call me “D-a-a-a-d-y,” and act all shy and coy. She’d be like naughty girl who needed her daddy to tell her off and administer a good spanking if she didn’t behave. I found it a bit odd, at first, to be quite honest. This voluptuous thirty something woman pretending to be a small child and wanting me to call her “baby” or” Baby Girl”. However, I soon twigged how to play it and Baby Girl received several good spankings, got fucked up the arse a few times, was forced to parade around in sleazy lingerie and take plenty of loads of cum down her throat or over her face. Beth didn’t play Daddy very often but I was always on the lookout for the signs, usually when she was very drunk.

Anyway, we’d moved out into the country. Into an old mansion house. It was split into 4 large apartments. One on each floor. We had the top floor. The middle two floors were holiday homes but the guy on the ground floor, Ally, became good friends with us. He was a bit of a lad. He’d slept with most of the single women in the area and, no doubt, a few of the married ones too. Tall and wiry, in his early 30s, he was roguishly attractive in a Sean Bean type of way.

Now, I’d always fancied the idea of a foursome, preferably with the female half of the other couple having boobs if not similar to Beth’s at least on the very big side. However, Bethany was always insanely jealous of any other women. No matter whom they were. So a foursome was out. I had the odd fantasy about fucking her with one or more other guys but it had been that, just a fantasy.

There was a village near the house which had a pub. It was only a short walk through the woods to get home so we went a lot. We went one Friday night with Ally and got pretty drunk. Beth was wearing a baggy jumper but other guys still checked out her tits at every opportunity.

At one point Ally piped up, “Beth, your boobs really are amazingly big you know.”

Beth just shrugged and replied, “I do know Ally, thanks.”

“I’ll drink to that – or them!” I laughed, raising my glass.

Beth and I were pretty drunk so we headed home through the woods. When we got back to the apartment I poured us some drinks.

“There you go Baby Girl,” I said. I’d never pre-empted this before but I thought it was worth a try.

“Oh daddy, I think I’m a bit tipsy,” giggled Beth in her baby voice.

“Right, Baby,” I ordered her. “Go to your room. Put on your waist clincher, black plunge bra, suspenders, fishnets and high heels. And make it snappy or else Daddy’s gonna give you a good spanking.”

“Yes Daddy. Sorry Daddy. Right away Daddy,” she squeaked in her little girl voice.

I knew, in her drunken state, she’d be a while, struggling to squeeze her ample curves into the tight lingerie. I phoned downstairs to Ally to see if he was back from the pub.

He answered right away.

“Hey Ally, you know what you were saying about Beth’s tits -“

“Yeah I’m sorry,” He butted in. “I didn’t mean to -“

“How would you like to see them?” I asked.

There was silence for a while.

“Come up.”

“OK. Be right there.”

Two minutes later Ally was sitting in our huge living room as I poured him a glass of bourbon, looking slightly nervous.

I went through to our bedroom. What a sight to behold. Bethany teetered on her heels. Her ample thighs squeezed by her fishnets. She can’t wear a normal basque because they don’t usually come in an M cup so she wears an under bust bustier or clincher. This has the effect of squeezing her waist in and emphasizing her large bottom and enormous boobs. In the black, lacy under wired plunge bra her tits just looked even more massive. The cleavage seemingly going on for ever.

“Do you like it Daddy?” she slurred in her little girl voice.

“I love it Baby,” I answered. “But you need to come through to the living room. A friend of Daddy’s has arrived. It’s Ally but you can call him Mr Ally.”

“OK Daddy. Let me put something on,” Bethany chirped.

“NO Baby Girl. Daddy’s friend wants to see you as you are,” I said, sternly.

“Like this? I don’t think Ally-“


Beth meekly agreed in her baby voice. I knew I was taking a chance but with her being so drunk and being kept on the back foot by my strong discipline and having a surprise guest she was, so far, going along with it all.

I sat down in the living room and smiled at Ally, saying bahis siteleri nothing. A minute or so later we heard the sound of high heels clattering on the wooden floor of the hallway and ice clinking in glasses. The door swung open. Bethany stepped in nervously, the tray jiggling in front of her enormous cleavage.

“Bloody hell!” gasped Ally.

Beth set the tray down on the coffee table, bending forward to give Ally a view right down between her humongous breasts.

Ally’s gaze was transfixed by Bethany’s incredible assets. She straightened up and tottered nervously on her heels, looking at me for guidance.

“Right Baby, take your bra off, slowly, so Mr Ally can see your tits,” I commanded her firmly.

Bethany looked at me, still unsure of what exactly was transpiring. I nodded to her to comply. Slowly and hesitatingly she unhooked her bra so that her incredible, giant heavy breasts flopped out, tumbling over the front of her bustier.

“Fuck….” was all Ally could muster. His eyes almost popping out of his head!

“Right Baby, move towards Mr Ally and let him have a closer look,” I ordered.

Beth click clacked unsteadily in her heels towards Ally. She leaned down towards him jiggling her massive melons right in his face.

Ally looked at me for permission. I nodded in encouragement. He reached his hands out and cupped each huge breast, weighing them up.

“Oh my God! They’re so fucking firm. And so heavy. Can I kiss them?” he asked.

I nodded again.

Ally started sucking on Beth’s nipples which were stiffening with the attention. Then he buried his face between them. Moaning with joy. I could see his cock bulging in his jeans.

“Take out his cock Baby Girl,” I said, keeping up the stern monotone.

Beth looked at me through her drunken haze. Big brown eyes slightly confused and startled at the turn of events.

“Daddy, I don’t know about playing with Mr Ally’s cock?” she slurred in her childlike voice.

“Now Baby Girl,” I said sternly. “We’ve been over this already. Do you want a severe spanking?”

“No Daddy,” She pouted.

She bent down, unsteadily, and started tugging drunkenly at Ally’s fly. With a bit of help from Ally, Bethany eventually released his very stiff, sizable cock.

“Squeeze it between your tits,” I urged. “Go on!”

Beth knelt down on the rug before Ally. Her big ass jutting out behind her as she enveloped his cock between her boobs. Ally groaned as Bethany gave him the tit-wank of his life. She slid her gigantic breasts up and down his shaft, every now and again leaning forward and licking the end of his cock. Soon cum was dribbling from the end of Ally’s cock, coating the soft skin of her chest with a glistening sheen. Bethany worked her tits up and down, faster and faster, now taking the end of Ally’s slippery cum covered cock further into her mouth each time.

“Uggh! I’m gonna cum!” Ally gasped. “This bitch has such huge tits! She’s gonna make me cum all over them!”

Ally started groaning and stood up, holding his rock hard cock pointing towards Bethany’s huge, dangling jugs. Then he exploded. Blasting spunk over her tits. One jet hit Bethany in the face as she squeezed her breasts together. The rest hit the target, coating her boobs with layers of thick white jizz.

“Oh fuck. I think I’m in love with those tits,” he gasped.

I grabbed Beth’s hand and pulled her unsteadily on to her feet and towards the bedroom. She was trying to wipe the cum off her face.

“Leave it!” I told her. “Ally, grab a drink. Stick around if you want. You might get a bit more action.”

I marched Bethany into the bedroom, tripping drunkenly in her high heels. Boobs swinging like two basketballs.

“You filthy whore! Your tits are covered in another man’s spunk. And your face. You dirty, big-titted bitch. You’re not gonna wipe that off. You’re gonna leave it on so Daddy knows what a dirty baby girl you are,” I cursed her.

I would never normally dare speak to my wife like that but because she was in the Baby Girl persona and was also very drunk, I thought I’d take a chance.

I marched her to the bed. My cock was throbbing from watching my wife get cummed on by another man. Our bed was huge. 8′ by 8′. I know, it sounds absurd. We’d bought the frame on a whim then realised it would need custom mattresses. Which cost a bloody fortune.

“Bend over and put your hands on the bed,” I ordered.

Bethany obliged. Her back was horizontal. Her massive tits dangling beneath her. Spunk dripping off them. Her big round bum presented to me elevated nicely by her high heels. Her fleshy thighs straining in her stockings. What a sight!

I yanked off her panties. Tearing them. Then slapped her, hard, on the right buttock. It stung my hand a little too.

“Ouch! Daddy!” she wailed.

“You hold still my baby girl,” I grunted through gritted teeth as I slapped her again. Hard. Her right cheek was reddening. I switched my assault to bahis şirketleri her left cheek.

“This is for being a dirty little bitch! (slap) And this is for enjoying Mr Ally playing with your tits (slap). And this is for letting him come in your face (slap) and over your tits (slap),” I grunted as I slapped her ass.

Bethany was sobbing quietly now as her arse was assaulted. I’d done enough now. I stepped out of my jeans and lined my near to bursting cock up with her moist cunt.

“Please Daddy,” she cooed. “I’m sorry. Do what you want to me.”

“Don’t worry, I will. And, when I’m finished, we’ll see what Mr Ally wants won’t we?”

“Yes Daddy. If Daddy wants Mr Ally to do naughty things to me then I’ll try and do what he wants,” came the baby voice from Bethany.

As she finished talking, Beth let out a stifled gasp because I’d plunged my cock into her waiting vagina. Driving it deep into her. I grabbed her waist and started pumping hard. I could see her huge, cum covered tits swinging in time with my thrusting. I reached forward and squished a slippery, spunky breast in each hand. I braced my legs and pounded her as hard as I could, spurred on by the thought of just watching her get cummed on by another man. Bethany moaned as I fucked her. It wasn’t long before the sight of my wife’s big fat bottom slapping against my hips coupled with the feel of her huge cum covered tits started bringing me to the point of no return. I felt the cum boiling up in my balls before I groaned in pleasure as I blasted a huge load deep inside Bethany.

She collapsed forward onto the bed. After a few seconds to compose myself I said, “Stay there. Don’t wipe any of that cum off you, you filthy bitch. I’m going to see if Mr Ally wants to come and service you. I hope he hasn’t been put off by your bad behaviour.”

“Yes Daddy,” came a quiet voice as she sobbed into the sheets.

“Mr Ally can do whatever he likes to you. You understand? If I hear that you haven’t pleased him then that spanking you’ve just had will seem like light relief you slutty big-titted cow. Understand?” I asked her.

“Yes Daddy,” Bethany agreed again. I was laying it on really thick but it seemed to be working. It was keeping Bethany in her baby girl persona, hopefully for long enough for Ally to have his way with her. I went back to the living room. Ally was watching TV with another glass of bourbon.

“She’s ready for you. Fuck the shit out of her,” I smiled. “Any hole you like.”

Ally’s eyes lit up, “Any hole?”

“Yep. There’s KY Jelly in the draw by the bed if you’re gonna fuck her arse,” I told him.

Ally headed off to the bedroom. I flicked through the TV channels for a while finding nothing of great interest. I turned the volume down and listened carefully. I could hear faint moans and groans. I went to the bedroom door and looked in. Bethany was on her back, legs up, with Ally’s face buried in her cunt. She was massaging her gigantic breasts, squeezing them together and tweaking her own nipples. Beth writhed and groaned as he brought her to a climax with his tongue. When it had subsided Ally got up, stroking his prick.

“Now, you dirty bitch, you’re gonna get exactly what I’ve wanted to do to you ever since I first met you. Roll over,” he instructed her.

Bethany was half asleep, drugged by a cocktail of alcohol and orgasms. She tried to roll over but only got halfway, her huge tits squashing onto the bed and impeding her movement. Ally roughly grabbed her by the shoulders and rolled her all the way over. She lay straight on the bed. Her torso propped up somewhat by her breasts, like giant overfilled sandbags holding her weight, her big round bottom sticking up provocatively. Ally straddled her ridiculously curvaceous form. He reached for the lube and smeared a big palmful over his erect cock. I edged a bit closer so I could have a better look. I could see Ally pulling Bethany’s big, wobbly buttocks apart, exposing her little brown, puckered ass hole.

“Now you’re gonna get what you deserve you fucking fat cow!” Ally rasped in a low voice. “You’re gonna take my prick right up your big arse and you’re gonna like it!”

He inserted a finger into Bethany’s tight hole. She groaned in resistance.

“Please, don’t hurt me!” pleaded Bethany. “I know Daddy said you can do it to me there but please be gentle. Please.”

“I’ll put it in slowly,” Ally said. “But once it’s in you’re going to get fucked up the arse. Hard, really hard. Do you understand? You can ask me to stop or you can tell me it hurts but it won’t make any difference. Your fat arse needs a proper fucking and that’s what it’s gonna get.”

Ally was now working two fingers into her unwilling bottom. Bethany gasped as her ass was penetrated and stretched. I moved closer, sitting on the edge of the bed so I could see the action better. Ally pulled his fingers out and grabbed Bethany by both wrists. He guided her hands back so she had a palm on each of her big ass cheeks.

“Pull your bottom apart for me!” he commanded.

To my surprise, Bethany obliged. She pulled her arse apart producing a gaping hole for Ally to invade.

“Please don’t hurt me!” she sobbed. “Go slowly when you’re in me.”

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