Carrying Their Baby

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Carrying Their Baby

Jack and Sarah could have been said to be a normal couple, the sort of young couple in their mid-twenties that most would have aspired to be. They had the perfect life, the easy jobs, and, really, most about their life was nondescript. They took the holidays that everyone expected them to take (and even some of the more adventurous kind, backpacking through the jungle!) fit and with fair skin that tanned easily and made them softly recognisable even to those that may have only seen them at the usual family gatherings. With Jack’s dirty-blonde hair and her shining, blonde locks falling straight and true past her shoulders, they were the perfect pair and only growing closer to each other in marriage as their lives grew, intertwined as married life was apt to leave them.

And then everything changed.

It had been bought as a joke, almost, though one that got both of them hot under the collar, twisting in the expectation of the pleasure and lust that one little sex toy could bring. Jack had laughed as he fell on the bed with Sarah, talking about just what it could mean for them, the fact that it promised to implant her eggs into him, along with a hefty dose of his sperm to “ensure conception”, as the box said, so that he could carry a child instead of her. Sarah had never been a fan of carrying a baby herself but on others, wow… Even she could not have expected the delicious squirm that her body gave, imagining her loving husband’s belly fat and round and swelling with the life of their very own child, their little one that would make their family complete.

Jack blushed heavily and groaned as he lay back, his wife riding him reverse cowgirl, a giggle on her lips despite the lust of it all.

“Okay, baby, get ready for it now…”

It was hard for her to talk with his shaft driven up inside her but she ground down against him even as she presented the sex toy to the pucker of his anal ring, on their marriage bed and about to do far more than simply consummate their marriage in the traditional sense. They had to keep their bond fresh, after all, their sex life exciting, and Sarah could think of no better way to do that than in pushing the limits, easing the well-lubricated toy up into his backdoor entrance as her husband groaned and bucked up against her, arms around her hips.

Still, she pushed down as she worked the toy, revelling in the fantasy, twisting back and forth, climaxing on his cock even as his hand teased her clit, squeezing and rubbing in just the way that made her back arch so delightfully. It was all they wanted, to come together in such devout carnal bliss, hearts pounding, Sarah’s hair clinging delightfully to the back of her neck where a curl of it had clung in damp sweat. But that was no matter to her, grinding and humping, working her husband over as her breath caught in a long, drawn-out moan that could barely be heard in the roar between her ears.

Lust came in many forms and that was something too that Jack would come to see with the toy that was more of a medical device and not just something to spice up their sex life doing its job inside him. It was thick and teased up against just the right spots but he did not have the sensitivity to feel just how it released his own semen inside him, channelling Sarah’s eggs up to a spot that, well, no man really liked to imagine existed. The toy had been designed for such a thing, however, and it would all come to be as it was meant to be, conception teasing into sweet completion even as the lovers collapsed into one another, Jack flooding her pussy with his cum, spurt after spurt, his strongest orgasm as yet in his lifetime sealing the deal even as she squealed out her own pleasure.

And, so, the deed was done.


Perhaps they should have realised that something was up earlier than they did but, well, it was not expected. The bloating was the first thing, nausea accompanying it, and, for a few days, both of them thought that their dinner out last date night had caused it. It had been a while since playing with that kinky little toy in the privacy of their bedroom and, truly, both of them had forgotten about it, the effects that were promised — solely for the pursuit of kinky pleasure, of course. As it was, she was so prone to worry over him and that was just why Sarah found herself sitting beside Jack in the doctor’s office, tapping her heel anxiously on the floor even though she knew it worked him up even more.

“Is it okay, doctor?” She asked, his hand on hers reassuring her more than himself, although he was no longer feeling quite so queasy. “What do we need to do? We’re sorry to bother you, it’s just that it’s lasting so much longer than any other virus, a good couple of weeks now. Now that Jack’s back at work, things still aren’t right and…”

Yet Sarah didn’t have the words to convey her worry and she was sure that doctors like Dr Harold had seen more than enough worried wives in her time. Much of her worry was prone to twisting into itself in her chest, threads of it winding about one another like slippery casino siteleri serpents, all intent on sinking their teeth into her. It was something that she was working on — a hectic and stressful job, of course, made this more difficult than not — but not something that she, as yet, felt that she had a handle on. And that was perhaps why it was a good thing that she was not the one to receive the very intimate and personal, life-changing, news that particular day.

Sighing, the doctor shook his head, but there were only so many answers to one test and, well, he had not needed a urine sample to check for an infection.

“Yes…” The doctor ran his fingers back through his lightly greasy hair, giving them a sheepish smile. “I’m pleased to say, although this is rather unconventional, that you two are now expecting a baby. Congratulations!”

He rushed on before they had a chance to react, one blink being all they could get in as Dr Harold pushed on, holding out his hands to stave off immediate questions.

“Now, it’s unconventional…yet possible. It is, of course, not you,” he said, nodding to Sarah, “that is carrying, but your husband, Mr Lee, that is carrying your child. I expect there was some manner of contraption involved in this? These do actually work, you know…”

Jack stared. Sarah’s jaw-dropped. For a moment, no one said anything — not even the doctor that they had expected would give him some antibiotics or further tests or something. Most certainly did they not expect him to tell them that they were about to have a baby!

“Doctor…” Jack’s voice came out tight and high-pitched as if there was an invisible hand closed around his throat. “That can’t be right, are you sure? Are you quite sure?”

Yet he knew in his heart of hearts that it was right and his heart leapt inside his chest, soaring up to his throat, beating so hard that one could have been forgiven for thinking, in that moment, that something far more untoward was happening. He could not control his elation though and no one was asking him to either, Sarah leaping into his arms with a broken squeal, eyes alight and breath rushing from her in a gasp, her chest shuddering. There was no fear to be had between them as they came together, holding one another tightly, the doctor shuffling his paperwork and looking on, although he too was relieved that the news had gone down better than it had in most cases. That, for him, was the best outcome for the child growing in the man’s belly before him.

Grabbing her husband’s face, Sarah kissed him fiercely, passion swelling through with the pulse of blood pumping through her body.

“We’re going to have a baby!”

She squealed as he swept her off her feet, dangling and hovering midair as he hefted her up as if she weighed nothing at all, one shoe dropping off. The gleam in his eye told a tale purely of joy, however, as he spun her delightfully, exhilaration coursing through like a direct shot of adrenaline. The world no longer seemed real around them, slowing down to allow them to best enjoy the news that had been duly delivered, breath raking through lungs that had not been prepared to take such a surprise by any means.

“Don’t do that in your condition! Put me down, you’re going to hurt the baby!”

That was a word that they were going to hear a lot more over the next eight months.


Having a baby was the best thing that could have ever happened to the two of them and even more so as Sarah dropped to her knees before her husband in their kitchen, although there was nothing inherently sexual about the adoration she lavished over him. Around five months had passed since conception and it was more than a little obvious that Jack was showing, the round curve of his stomach rising out as if it was trying to put itself on display. And yet it did not appear at all as if he had let himself go at all and seemed, quite aptly, as if he was pregnant. Of course, even though everyone knew it was possible for a small number of males to become pregnant in such a way, he still drew looks on the street if he was not quite wearing clothes that covered it up in the right way, though he was growing better and better at meeting their stares with a proud smile, resting his hand on his baby bump as if he too was eager to show it off. What more could he do when their lives were changing, the baby’s room already starting to be set up? His child would be born and they would revel in raising them, even though they did not yet know the gender.

He grinned to himself, leaning back against the wooden kitchen table, which had, for once, been cleared of paperwork and was set up prettily for an at-home date night together. No, they wouldn’t find the gender out quite yet… Maybe not even until the birth itself! They wanted that to be a surprise! Heaven knew that there were few enough good surprises in the world those days and he wanted to let all the good ones through that he could.

But Sarah had revealed something as she leaned into him, pressing her cheek to his stomach, trying yet again to hear the canlı casino baby inside. The thing was that she’d always admired the look of pregnant woman, how their hair and skin glowed with the vibrancy of the new life growing inside them, but had never quite seen how that would look on herself. There was something erotic, to her, about the rise of a growing stomach, knowing that there was a baby (or babies) within, waiting to be born, and she crooned softly as she rubbed her cheek against his stomach, wishing for the kicks and shifts to start, though that time surely had to be coming soon with the size of his stomach.

Jack too relished in each and every moment, enjoying the experience even though the initial nausea and the usual symptoms were a little tiring to deal with. They were all something that he was more than willing to deal with, however, as long as they had a little one to bring into the world at the end of it all, running his fingers through his wife’s hair over and over again as it fell back over her shoulders. It was a sacrifice and one that he would take time after time again as the rise of his stomach commanded his days, taking over his life in the very best of ways, pregnancy dominating even as Sarah and he grew closer and closer together with the span of each and every day that passed.

Still…not even he could have anticipated how much he enjoyed being pregnant as she kissed his stomach, pushing up his loose T-shirt (they were just at home relaxing on a Thursday evening, after all) to reveal his stomach. It didn’t seem right to the eye on a man but she adored it and planted soft kiss after kiss all over his stomach, leaving no spot untouched. Even his belly-button, dipping inward, was not left out and she giggled as she tickled the edge of it with her lips, the gentle curl of masculine hair on his bump adding an extra air of delicious fulfilment to his body that she leaned into eagerly.

How it could make her feel so alive to be close to him, her arms around him, squeezing lightly against his bump… Well, it was beyond her but some things did not need to be explained when they brought such joy, panting softly and letting her warm breath tickle his skin, any dampness from her mouth cooling and evaporating swiftly from his skin the warmth of their home. With a soft, shy groan, Jack leaned back against the table for more stability, legs quivering even though he did not personally feel that he had all that much extra weight to carry around at that particular time. That, of course, would change in the third trimester and he wondered, even then, with a giggle just how enhanced his wobble and waddle would become. It was hard, after all, to move around normally with a larger stomach, his centre of balance off-kilter!

“Look how beautiful you are, darling,” she murmured, kissing over his belly once more. “So big and so round… I wonder how big you’re going to get before you give birth?”

Shivering, all Jack had for her was a soft moan as his skin tickled and tingled from the light brush of sensation, every last part of his body seeming so powerfully on edge that even a fly landing could have been felt in intimate detail. Yet her words washed over him, soft and charming, and he cupped her face in the palm of his hand as Sarah nuzzled into him, seeming to not be able to get too close at such an already intimate time.

“Yes, there you are, baby,” she cooed to his stomach, talking to the child within and not her husband any more. “You’re going to come out soon, aren’t you? You’re going to grow up big and strong and we’re going to look after you so very well! You’re going to be a handsome man or a beautiful woman and anything you want in life will be yours!”

He chuckled as she talked to the baby, cooing and simpering, though the baby-talk was something he longed for too. It meant that they would soon have a bouncing, happy child to cuddle and care for and that was the best thing of all, pushing them on to a life of happiness that only a few short months ago they had never imagined could be theirs to take.

Sighing, he drew Sarah up to him for a warm, passionate kiss, tongues darting intimately between their lips, though there could only be one end to such a passionate moment shared. Her hands dropped to his tight stomach, even though pressing in closer made it difficult to continue the kiss as his belly pushed her away with its very presence, and Jack chuckled lightly into her mouth, making them both slip off into cheeky fits of giggles, none of which seemed all that keen on teasing down.

Hand in hand, he led her to the bedroom, up the stairs, her eyes not on any other part of his body but his stomach, Sarah’s free hand fluttering out with concern as if she thought, even then, that it was her due place to help her husband up the stairs. Yet Jack was not so far along that he could not do such a thing and drew her into his arms again at the top of the stairs, pausing there for a deep kiss, though his wife, that time, was able to wiggle her body ever so slightly to the side just so that she could get in closer to him, kaçak casino careful of his swelling stomach and the life contained within.

Right there and then, the baby gave their first kick.


As time went on, it swiftly became clear that, even though they still did not want to yet find out the gender, that the baby in Jack’s belly was not one but two. There was no way for a normal pregnancy, after all, to render him so big and full, his skin tight over a belly that seemed, even to his practised eye (as he was the one experiencing it) grew more every day. That could not be so, not even to a rapidly developing pregnancy that was unconventional to say the last, though Jack enjoyed the thought of simply being able to lie back in bed and watch his belly grow before his eyes, the babies within soft and warm, cocooned away and patiently waiting to be born.

So, twins it was to be and they could not have been happier about it! In the sixth month of pregnancy — almost up to seven months in total — Jack found it more and more difficult as his legs ached and his back strained to adjust the growing load before him. The kids within wriggling and squirming and kicking too had ramped up more and more from that one isolated kick in the prelude to intimacy on that fateful date night too, tiring him even as he lovingly ran his hands over his stomach repeatedly, even out in public. People could stare but it didn’t matter to him as his friends and family were there to help, everyone as supportive as he could have liked and his workplace even offering him flexible hours in case things grew too much for him in the last trimester. Of course, he would be the one to take maternity leave after the birth or maybe too in the weeks leading up to it too, depending on how he felt about it. He was a stubborn soul at heart and, truly, there was something soothing about working through a spreadsheet with one hand on his stomach, feeling the twins push out against his stomach as they adjusted their positions and kicked. Their tiny, developing limbs still needed that exercise too, however, and he chuckled to himself, tap-dancing his fingers across his tight, round rise as he encouraged them on lovingly, even though they were not yet out and in the world itself.

His wife, however, insisted that he was working too hard and sent him to have a prenatal massage, although she had, in that case, had to explain to the specialist masseuse that, yes, it was indeed a man coming to have a massage and, yes, of course, he was pregnant.

It took a little explaining but Sarah was able to wrangle it all out for him in the most serene of spa environments, the air scented faintly with Eucalyptus as he was led by the pool to the massage rooms, a white, fluffy robe covering his body. It was a little easier, in a sense, for a man to strip down and receive a full-body massage without feeling too exposed, as everything that needed to be reached could be reached with just his underwear on, though he had deliberately chosen a modest pair of boxer-briefs for the occasion. Sarah had reassured him beforehand, sitting down for her own facial that would not take quite as long as the massage, that they had seen it all before, supposedly.

Still, it was nice to relax down on the table, starting lying on his back while the masseuse, a tall red-head with adorable freckles that introduced herself as Sally, got used to his body. The massage table was specially designed for pregnant bodies and it turned out, in such a case, that a man’s body was not all that different when it came to the element of artistry in massage, soothing around his stomach softly as she allowed Jack to familiarise himself with her touch.

One of the twins jutted out through his stomach, an indiscernible lump that could only be seen as a baby if that’s what one was looking for, and he rested a hand protectively over them. The masseuse only smiled and worked around him, letting him protect as he felt he needed to — she saw more than enough pregnant women to know what she needed to do, after all. And even Jack found her presence soothing as Sally worked over the strained tension of his skin, easing out the pull there, his stomach not designed to expand in such a way. Of course, he knew that he would have stretch marks afterwards but that was something he was more than willing to put up with, considering just what would come his way afterwards.

“How far along are you?” She murmured quietly, inviting him into a conversation without needing it. “Please tell me if anything feels sore, this is to make you feel good, my dear.”

She spoke familiarly and Jack leant into the warmth of her personality as one of the twins settled back down again, smoothing out the rise of his stomach a notch. Still, they twisted and kicked as she let the soft tone of her voice relax him, his eyelids heavy, almost about to drop off as she finally was able to, very gently, work over even the heady rise of his stomach. The brush of her fingers there in slow, sweeping motions took his breath away and what little conversation they had trailed off as Jack flushed heavily, watching her work him over, taking both him and his body to highs of pleasure like nothing he’d ever felt before. How could she do that to him? And it wasn’t even anywhere remotely sexual!

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