CAUTION – Slippery When Wet_(1)

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I press the snooze button on the alarm clock twice, everyday. I wake up, go to my job as a custodial worker at Central University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. I drive 35 minutes to work from Alma Michigan. I live in a shitty apartment complex called “Pine Villa”. I work 7 days a week, from 5 A.M. all the way to 11 P.M. I am pretty sure that is safe to say that I hate my job. During my hours at work I get weird looks from the students, I cannot tell if they are good or bad. But one thing i do know is that; Before, during, and after work I find myself fantasizing about countless female students. My name is Callum Wright and this is my story.
I put my uniform on, grab my car keys and truffle out the door. As I approach my 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix, I notice my neighbor is walking her dog. As the two approached me i was just unlocking my car.
“Hey there, goin’ to work?” Lindsay questioned while restraining her dog.
“Yeah, sadly.” I replied.
She was so young, with a flawless tight body.
Sometimes I find myself fantasizing about her. She’s only 23 and looks stunning. I have always caught her looking at me before I go to work or when I take out the trash.
My trek to work this morning was long, I was stuck in traffic for 15 minutes because of a fender bender. Which caused me to be late for work. When I start my work day I always end up in the nursing hall (The girls in that hall are the best looking I think). I start with mopping the halls and placing the Slippery When Wet signs.
While mopping, one of the nurse trainees glanced at me while walking down to her class. That glance where you know she thinks you’re attractive. As she passed me, she almost slipped on the freshly mopped floor. I quickly got up and grabbed her by the arm.
“Thank you so much, if it wasn’t for you I might’ve ended up in a hospital bed!” as she giggled.
“I’m sorry about that, hope that didn’t scare you.” as I looked her in the eyes.
This girl’s eyes were bright sapphire blue, they were gorgeous. Her hair is the perfect shade of brown. I would consider her a dream girl in my book.
“What’s your name?” “I’m Carly.” She said as I took my hand off her arm.
“I’m Callum, I take it you’re in the nursing program?” I questioned.
“Yeah, and I take it you’re the Janitor?” She answered in sarcasm.
I usually spend about 45 minutes on the nursing halls, today went a little quicker. It was probably because i had a yearning to go see what girls were walking around the general science halls. When I got there I then was filled with a deep sadness noticing none of the science rooms had classes today. So I put on my headphones and turned Spotify and sped through mopping the halls and cleaning the class windows.
As I was walking back to my “Office” I was greeted with a hand on my shoulder from behind. I turn around to see who it was, and it was the teacher from class “West 106”.
“Hey Rachel, good morning!” I spoke in shock.
“Hey Mr. Wright, I just wanted to say hi.” She said in sadness.
“You seem kind of upset, everything alright?” I asked.
After a couple minutes of figuring out what was wrong, I told her to meet me in my office after her class was over with. I sat in my office for a couple of hours browsing social media and seeing what the college sluts are up to. I heard a knock my door, I answered and it was Rachel.
From what she told me earlier on in the day, she caught her husband cheating on her with her sister. I tried to cheer her up, but nothing helped. I ended up rubbing her shoulders while hearing her vent about how much she thought she loved him.

“Well, you know the best thing to do is revenge.” I suggested with a laugh.
She laughed, and gave me a look. I don’t know if that was too soon to say, or if she was going towards the plan.
“You’re funny Callum, we should get some lunch one of these days we have off.” She said.
As I of course agreed, it was a plan for this weekend. We were going to go to the CheeseCake Factory during the weekend and go see a movie. I was hoping we would get “Cheesecake To Go”. That phrase originated from one of my childhood friends in high school. We would take girls out on dates on the weekends, and after eating we would be too full for desert. We would get cheesecake to go with the girls and we would end up getting laid after we brought them back to one of our houses if our parents weren’t home. So with Rachel and I, I was hoping we would get cheesecake to go after our little date.
Sadly my date with Rachel could not come soon enough. . . It was only Monday and I have a long week of cleaning the halls ahead of me. For lunch today I decided to pick something up from the finest Mexican restaurant Taco Bell. I got a steak quesorito, a beefy five layer burrito(grilled of course), and a chicken chipotle griller. My usual order, but i felt like something was wrong with my food this time.
When i finally got back from lunch, I knew for a fact that the food was not agreeing with me. I had to leave work and go home, I went to my office to punch out. But as I was leaving the building I ran into Rachel.
“Hey Callum, where are you going?” She asked with concern.
I explained.”I’m just not feeling that well, my lunch is not sitting well in my stomach.”
“Well I hope you start feeling better soon.” she said.
“I will be okay, don’t worry our date this weekend will not be effected.” I assured her.
With a sigh of relief she said. “Okay sounds perfect!”
As I was going home, I made a quick pit stop to Meijer casino siteleri to go get some Pepto Bismal to help my stomach.
Walking to my car, I was just thinking about Rachel the whole time. She’s only 32 and she is a definite milf. If I could just get her into bed, I would try and reach for my phone to take a picture and send it to her husband and tell that bastard that he is shit out of luck.
I open the front door to my apartment and I lay on the couch after grabbing some Powerade to take the meds that I got. I went over to my room and opened my dresser door and grabbed a bag of weed and some papers. I went in the living room to go roll a joint. After rolling it, I walked onto the balcony. Once again, I forgot my lighter. As I grab the lighter and go out to my front porch to go smoke I hit my toe against the sliding door. I spark up the joint that I just rolled, and I enjoy the scene from my balcony. Even if it is just trees.
After my amazing joint I turned on my television and sat on the couch. Only 5 minutes later I got the munchies, so I went to my kitchen to look for food. Realizing all I had was some ground beef, wonder bread, and some swiss cheese I fired up my grill, I was going to make burgers. I threw the burgers on the girl, but instantly after my stomach started to hurt. I knew I had to puke, I ran to the bathroom and let it out. Then I remembered, the burgers. . . They were basically hockey pucks when I got to them.
“Looks like I’m ordering pizza.” I said to myself.
I ordered a Medium Pepperoni pizza from Hungry Howie’s, of course the guys say “We’ll be there anywhere between 30-45 minutes”. I go out to the balcony to smoke a small joint because I was losing my high. Right when I spark up the joint, I hear a knock on the door. I got really worried for a second thinking it was the tenants again. I walk over to the door, and look into the peep hole. It’s the pizza guy.

“Hey man, Your total is $13.24” The pizza guy said.
I pull out $20 out of my front pocket and hand it to the guy and told him to keep the change.
“Hey man, do you smoke?” I asked the pizza guy before he left.
He replied with a yes, so I invited him in to smoke this joint with me on my balcony. This is the first time I ever smoked with someone that I don’t know at all.
“So why did you want me to smoke this joint with me?” The pizza guy questioned.
“I just wanted someone to smoke with, being alone and smoking sucks, get what I’m saying?” “Are you gonna be okay to drive?” I asked him.
He told me he would be okay, so I took his word for it. After the pizza guy left, I turned on my Xbox to go watch something on Netflix. I decided to turn on Modern Family while I eat my pizza. I always fantasized about that Latina mom on that show. She is so good looking, she would be an ideal woman to have in life.
My alarm rang. . . snooze. . . snooze. I get out of bed finally, realizing I still feel sick. I call the universities president Subra Suresh
“Hello, how may I help you?” Subra asked.
“Hey Soobie, it’s Callum”
“Oh hello Callum, what’s up?” He asked
“I was just letting you know that I am sick and will not be able to make it in to work today” I said with a cough to help my cause.
Soobie said. “Okay my friend, no problem. I hope you feel better”
I said. “Thank you Soobie”
I have the day off, but I do not know what to do with it. Maybe I will just take a short nap, I thought to myself.
I woke up. As I stumbled into my bathroom to go take a shower, I heard a furious knock on my door. The closer I got to my door, the more violent the knocking got. I answered the door, it was Lindsay. The poor girl had a face full of fear.
“H-have you seen my dog Twix?” She asked with concern.
“No, is your dog missing?” I questioned.
While she was telling me about her dog running away, I let her into my apartment and got her some coffee. While drinking our coffee, we came up with a plan to go find her dog. We started to print pictures of her dog, and decided to print out flyers.
Our plan was to go around town and post the flyers and hopefully we would get a call back that day. We decided to take my car to town. Right when we took a left out of the complex, we saw Twix walking down Pine Avenue. I stopped the car to let Lindsay out to grab her dog. She had tears of joy because of how happy she was.
We got back to my apartment to get something to eat before we starved to death. While looking for something to make, Lindsay was playing with her dog on my couch. I asked her if scrambled eggs and bacon. She agreed that it sounded good. I made together some breakfast while she sat on the counter watching me.
“So, how are you enjoying your job?” She questioned while playing with her hair.
“It’s a job.” I replied “What do you do for a living?” I questioned.
“I’m actually a receptionist at the Dentist Office actually, it’s not a bad job to be honest.” She said.
After talking about our jobs a little, the bacon was finally done. I told her to turn Netflix on to go find something to watch while we eat. I got our food ready and sat it on the coffee table in front of the couch. She happened to turn on “Narcos” on Netflix. The show is about Pablo Escobar’s drug ring in Mexico. I watched this series twice already, so it was kind of boring to watch while eating.
Lindsay and I both finished our food at the same time, and we sat there talking about life to get to know each other a little bit more. While watching the show on Netflix, She scooted canlı casino a little closer to me where both of our thighs touched. She was wearing tight yoga shorts along with a almost see through white tank top that was quite revealing. I’m assuming they were just her pajamas because it was early on in the morning. Every other minute I would look over to catch a quick glance at her cleavage. My guess would be that she’s around a D cup for a bra.
Lindsay grabbed my arm and wrapped it around her. At this point we were cuddling while watching Netflix. She had her hand on my chest while her legs were up on the couch and her head was on my shoulder. I didn’t know she liked me like this, it was un-expecting to have this happen. She all of a sudden looked up at me so I looked right into her eyes. We kissed. As I held her face we started making out. I had one hand on her face, the other on her thigh. My hand was rubbing her soft thighs.
While we were making out she slowly climbed on top of me and started straddling me. She was moving her hips slowly rubbing her crotch up against mine. I slowly took off her shirt, and move my hands from her thighs up her body and gently caressed her breast. We stopped kissing for a short moment and locked eyes.
“Do you want to go to your bedroom?” she asked.
I didn’t say anything, I picked her up and walked to my bedroom. She jumped out of my arms onto the bed and started taking her clothes off. Before I could even start taking mine off, she was naked slowly unbuttoning my pants. I took my shirt off and I dove into my bed, I started to slowly rub her clit. She started breathing heavier, so I licked my fingers and inserted two in her slit. She was already so wet, i couldn’t believe it. After a while she moved suddenly, and gently jerked my penis.
She placed her mouth around it, it felt so good around my dick. It was finally time to have sex I could tell.
“Do you have a condom?” she asked with concern.
I said to her. “Lindsay, I don’t use condoms. I just pull out.”
She just looked at me with concern and gave me a nod.
I gently laid her down on my bed, and I looked her in the eyes. I rubbed my hard cock against her wet pussy, I slowly put the tip in and kept it there.
I whispered “How long can you last with it right there?”
She looks me in the eyes and moves her hips closer towards me. I started thrusting my hips back and forth fucking her young tight body. Hearing her soft moan in my ear just got me harder. I decided to kiss her neck while going deep inside of her young, tight slit. She only moaned harder.
“Oh my god, Go faster baby.” She moaned out.
So I started thrusting even faster.
“I’m cumming, keep going.” She screamed out.
I pulled out, and started to lick her clit while putting two fingers in her. She told me to pull my fingers out right when her thighs started shaking. I ended up being soaked. I never knew she would be a squirter. She sat there still moving her hips around and thighs still shaking. She got up, laid me down and started sucking my cock. I pulled her head more down right when I was going to cum, I filled her mouth up.
“If you’re a good girl, You’ll swallow it all up.” I told her.
She swallowed it all like a good girl. Being soaked in her juices, I wanted to shower. I brought her into the bathroom to take a shower together. We were in the steamy shower while making out. I pressed her against the wall in the shower. I bent her over and I slid inside of her. She started moaning again, I grabbed her ass and smacked her ass once and she let out a little scream. I could tell she enjoyed it. She told me to cum inside of her. I kept going as I licked my finger and gently put it in her ass.
She enjoyed it, so I kept moving my finger in and out of her ass. Lindsay wanted me to cum inside, so I pulled out and rub my cock against her ass hole. I slowly inserted the tip inside of her, she jumped a little bit and let out a moan
“Just put it all in.” She moaned.
I gave a good thrust and I was all the way inside of her.
“Oh my god Callum, your dick feels so good!” She screamed out.
I started to move my hips faster and faster. I was getting close to cumming and she was on the verge too. So I started going as fast as I could, and she squirted her juices all over me again.
“I just came so hard baby!” She yelled out
I told her. “I about to cum too.”
I was still moving as fast as I could, and finally I came in her tight ass.
We finally decided to finish up our shower before we ran out of warm water. After our shower, I dried us off and went into the bedroom to wash the sheets. My bed was soaked. I grabbed the Febreeze and sprayed down my bed. I put the sheets in the washer and I put some clothes on. Lindsay and I just sat down on the couch finishing where we left off on our show.
Thinking to myself, I cant believe I had sex with Lindsay. I don’t know where it would take off from here. Would we be seeing each other more? I was rattled for a few minutes.
“That was great, I never knew you would be that good.” Lindsay said.
“You were even better, I wasn’t expecting that out of you! I’m exhausted.” I replied.
We started talking about our sex life and how we both never had an experience like this. It’s already mid afternoon, and she had to go to her parents house in a little bit. She got twix and gave me a kiss before she left. I went to the bathroom and grabbed my weed and sparked one up on the porch after a great but interesting day.
After getting done kaçak casino smoking I was hungry again. Then I thought to myself that I don’t have any food in my fridge. I ordered pizza again. This time I got a small order of breadsticks this time because I feel like I can actually eat unlike yesterday. I called Hungry Howies to place a delivery.
I hear a knock on the door, and it’s the same guy from yesterday. I asked if he wanted to smoke again today, he said that he got pulled over yesterday and the cop found out that he was high. So he got put on probation and he has to take a drug test every week. That almost ruined my day but it didn’t really matter to me that much. I gave him twenty dollars and let him go back to work.
I sat down on the couch and started to eat both the pizza and breadsticks. I turned on Netflix and decided to watch Family Guy because I had nothing else to watch. I wanted to save the rest of Narcos for Lindsay and I if there were to be a next time.
It’s only 6 in the afternoon and I just noticed that I don’t have any juice for my E-cig. I was kind of bummed that I don’t have any more. I grabbed my keys and headed out the door to my car. I decided to drive to the closest vape shop near me, “Future Smoke Shop”. The guys there are awesome and always give me deals on my juice and hardware. On the way to the shop, I was rocking out to Aerosmith. As I went to go park, The owner of the store waved at me through the window. I got out of my car, walked into the shop as the owner greeted me.
“Hey man, how’s it going?” Justin asked.
“Pretty good man, anything new come in?” I asked.
As he was naming off all these new brands, one of them caught my attention. It was a lemon pound cake called “Pound It”. I immediately purchased the juice. I filled up my tank, and I started vaping. The flavor was amazing. It had a perfect amount of lemon along with a cake flavor and it tasted like the lemon pound cake my grandmother made back at home. After reminiscing about England where all my family is of a little while. I left the vape shop and went home. I opened my door at 8pm, threw my car keys on the counter, and sat on my couch and vaped for a while. It felt like a couple hours passed, I look at the clock and realized it was only 8:30 at night. With nothing else to do I texted Rachel, she told me she would call me in 5 minutes. My phone rang , it was Rachel
“Hey Rachel, whats up?” I asked
“Oh nothing much, I Just got to the hotel I’m staying in!” She replied with a sigh.
So I asked. “Do you need to talk about anything”
“No sweetheart i’m okay”
We talked about nothing for about an hour, she said she was tired and needed to sleep. So I told her goodnight, and I called it a night myself.
My alarm rang but this time I woke up right away, probably because I changed my alarm tone to B.Y.O.B. by System of a Down, I basically woke up head banging. I went to the kitchen and made a cup of coffee with my Keurig, sat down at the dining room table, and turned on some some Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. A perfect way to start the morning, all I was missing was a nice joint, but I didn’t have any weed left. The sad part was I didn’t have any time to stop by the dispensary before work. I put my uniform on, grabbed my car keys and vape, then left my house.
On the way to work, there was an odd amount of ambulance and police on the way to work today. After going up the road a little more, it turns out that someone hit a large deer on the road. I passed by the accident and the deer went through the guys windshield. I felt bad for the guy cause it was a really nice car, he had a 2016 Corvette.
Once I got to school, I was ready for the day. I just wanted to get my work done and leave. I went to my office to grab the supplies to go clean the school. I first made a stop in the bathrooms to go clean that. Of course the students spread the foam soap all over the mirrors. I hate how the students that go to this school treat the place like shit.
Today was a pretty average day at work. I haven’t seen Rachel today at all which is weird. I always see her walking down the halls or in class. I went into her class and she had a substitute in today. Something wasn’t right because she never misses a day at work. I was planning on calling her after work to see what was up. After dealing with the messes that these inconsiderate children manage to create, I got to clock out. While I was putting all my stuff away, a song came on, on my phone. It was “Strip it Down” by Luke Bryan. I sat there on my desk and thought about the other morning when we were together. I sat in my office for almost a half hour just thinking about Lindsay, I’ve never felt this way about a girl.
The song made me realize how much I actually want to get to know this girl. She was much a nice girl, she was so beautiful too. She was just really young, I’m 33 and she’s 23. Thats a big age gap and I didn’t know if I was willing to deal with that much of an age gap. Rachel was 37, and she was also gorgeous and one of the nicest girls I have met. I have always wanted to get with one of the professors at this school too, Rachel would be perfect. I was divided, this date with Rachel will help me decide who to be with.
On my ride home I raged to some 2pac, Picture me Rollin’ was my anthem for about 6 months when it first came out. I was all about rap back in the 90s when it was good. I remember when my parents wouldn’t like me listening to it just because it would’ve gave me a bad sense of mind. Instead I would pretend I would enjoy the music they liked, but in my free time I would listen to all the rappers that were possible in the 90’s.
….To Be Continued.

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