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Work was dragging on despite the constant stream of customers walking in and out. I hadn’t rung up one person who wasn’t buying something red, pink, white or chocolate. The irritation built up inside me every time I had to clench my teeth and joke back with them about having to ‘make their woman happy,’ or ‘please their man.’ One woman told me she woke up to breakfast in bed, with a platter of chocolate covered fruit and a bouquet of flowers. She winked as she left, telling me she hoped I would be just as lucky later on. I laughed and agreed, but I knew I wouldn’t. I tried to initiate some passionate morning sex with Mike that morning, but he shrugged me off.

“I’m fucking tired, leave me alone.” He was the only guy I’d ever been with who didn’t like morning sex. When he did roll out of bed, I tried to get him to shower with me, but he wasn’t interested, even after I told him it was Valentine’s Day and I’d do anything (yes, anything) he wanted me to. But at 30 he’d lost his sex drive too young. He was never that sexual of a guy, but the past couple months had been really bad. There’s only so much an attractive 27 year old woman can do before she starts to give up…and I was getting to that point. We had discussed having kids the year before and I had gotten off the pill, which made my sex drive spike up. Everyday I was uncomfortably wet, rarely getting the opportunity to relieve the tension with him. Any discussions about his lack of sexual urges were waved off without concern.

“I’m stressed.” He would say, but it never subsided. Which is why I never felt too bad about my fantasies that didn’t include him. I felt guilty at first, because I’d never been the kind of woman to need a fantasy to get off. But that was, of course, when there was a man there to do the job. When I’m alone, I need something to get me there. I started watching porn a bit more and daydreaming about all kinds of sexy celebrities. It always worked, but as the time went on, the thrill of other men started to get stronger and my fantasies weren’t doing it for me. So, when Mike’s old Army buddy, Drew, moved back to our town and came out to dinner with us, I laid it on thick. Mike didn’t even notice,and if he did notice, he didn’t even pretend to care. Drew picked up on it, and I could tell he was enjoying it. There was strong sexual chemistry between us, and the tension was so thick sometimes I couldn’t handle it. For the first couple months, I made sure to never be around him without Mike. Though our relationship was falling apart and was barely anything more than platonic, I didn’t want to be that girlfriend that cheats.

Last week, Drew, Mike and I were meeting for drinks at a bar the guys used to frequent in college. Mike called to say he had to stay late at work, leaving Drew and I to drink by ourselves for a bit. It was awkward at first, because we were both fighting the urge to jump at each other. He didn’t want to be attracted to his old buddies’ girl and I didn’t want to deceive my boyfriend that way. But as the drinks went down, so did our inhibitions. Nothing serious happened that night, but he did get a bit touchy. A touch on the arm here, his fingers brushing my lower back there. I started to feel tingly as the alcohol kicked in, and blood started to rush to places that could lead to dangerous things…luckily, Mike walked in before I could do anything stupid.

But the days following, Drew and I struck up a friendship through texting. Our conversations were nothing scandalous, though he did throw in a compliment every now and again. It was nice to hear, because Mike stopped complimenting me years ago. We met in college when there were other women around to compare me to, and for him to see I outshined them. Nowadays, he saw only me, and he was getting bored. And so was I. Mike was an average guy, maybe even a little chubby. He was hairy everywhere, which I don’t mind, but a little manscaping never hurt anyone. Drew was built, as he had continued in the military after Mike went to college. His arms were as thick as my thighs and his veins were dark and beautiful. He was much taller than me, and his hair was just starting to grow back from the standard Army shave. His chest was puffed up and not nearly as covered as Mike’s, from what I could see from the collar of his shirt. I imagined that his stomach was sculpted and his legs were strong. It was getting hard to ignore his sexual beauty in the midst of my diminished sex life…

So on Valentine’s Day, when Drew texted me saying we should go out, my mind started racing, and blood rushed downwards until I was tingly and warm. Just the thought of seeing him made my stomach turn. Guys always say they get ‘blue balls,’ and I always thought it was bullshit, but I think it happens to women too. Getting denied of sex for so long was making me want to jump any guy that looked my way, and Drew was making a clear effort to see me. I especially craved sex on this day reserved for romance.

I called Mike on my break, bayrampaşa escort and he said he’d already talked to Drew. We were meeting at Harvest Bar at 8pm. He’d just drive there after work. I had time to go home and be alone for a bit…which was good, because I didn’t think I could last the rest of the day and night around hot men with the overwhelming horniness building up inside me.


I threw my things in my purse–a couple of chocolate bars and candies from admiring customers–and searched around for my keys.

“Doing anything special tonight? We’re going out. I don’t know where. Tom is surprising me with a romantic evening, but he won’t tell me anything about it!” Claire giggled. I usually loved working with Claire, but her and her boyfriend were so cheesy and annoying that lately I tried to avoid her and her sappy stories.

“That’s great. Have fun.” She nodded without looking up from the screen of her phone. Who knew that you could feel worse being in a relationship on Valentine’s Day than being single? I tried to avoid the Valentine’s aisle as I walked out the door to leave.

When I got home, my breasts were throbbing. They were aching to be touched, as it had been so long since they’d seen any attention. If my boyfriend wasn’t going to give me awesome passionate sex, I could at least give myself some. I walked into the bathroom and started the water, pouring some lavender bubble bath into the tub. I lit some candles and set them on the sink and the edge of the bath. It was cliché, but I didn’t care. I needed to relieve myself and I wanted some form of romance on this day. I looked at myself in the full length mirror on the door. My boobs were round and had gotten bigger in my 20’s. They were probably C’s, but I always wore B bras in order to make my cleavage look bigger. Mike rarely noticed. He said he was a butt guy, but I just didn’t have much of one. Mine was too toned. I tried to stay in shape, which was just another thing he wasn’t interested in because he didn’t work out anymore. My blonde hair went just past my nipples, which tickled them as it moved across the sensitive skin. I shivered. Such a gentle touch just turned me on more, and I decided to get in the bathtub since I was already wet…

I climbed into the warm water slowly. It felt like slipping into the arms of a big, strong, warm-bodied man. I laid my head back on the tub and relaxed. Living in Florida, finding a woman with long blonde hair and big boobs wasn’t too difficult, but I liked to think I was different. My lips were thin, and my fingers were long. I was completely and utterly feminine, and like any woman, I strived to be attractive. I grabbed my razor and started to pull it along the inner lines of my thighs, taking the hair right off. For Valentine’s Day, which design should I make? A landing strip? A ‘V?’ Or should I make it bare? I decided to go with bare. I slowly rubbed down with the razor, grazing my clit with the sides of my fingers. I kept going until it was all gone, and then I couldn’t take it anymore. I reached up and grabbed the handheld shower hose, which my friend told me worked wonders. I turned on the water, just enough to make it vibrate a little bit, and placed it right on my hotspot. I gasped at the sheer intensity of the feeling, and could tell immediately that it wasn’t going to last long.

I gripped my left breast with my left hand as my right hand ran circles around my pussy with the shower head. My nipples were hardening and it made me want a man so bad…I thought of Drew groping me the way I was groping myself, and it brought me over the edge. My waist bucked upwards and I yelled out, splashing water all over the floor. Even though the water was warm, I could tell I was sweating from my orgasm. It felt so wrong to come thinking about another man that wasn’t a celebrity, but it was so taboo and immoral that it felt so good. I laid back in tired post-orgasm fashion before getting out and getting ready.

I had just put the towel around me when the doorbell rang. ‘Who could that be?’ I wondered. Not feeling like throwing on clothes, I answered in my towel and up-high ponytail. The delivery boy seemed ashamed and wouldn’t look at me, just handed me a bouquet of pink roses with baby’s breath in between the stems. I closed the door in awe. Did Mike really have flowers delivered to me? Maybe I was being too hard on him…I pulled out the little card and opened it up.


I know Mike can be an ass, and he probably didn’t get you anything for Valentine’s Day. But I can’t have a friend like you thinking she’s not beautiful. Let’s have this be our little secret?


My heart melted and the feelings I had just relieved came rushing right back. He was sweet and sexy and I wanted him more than I’d wanted anything in as long as I could remember. I was going to dress to impress, and make him want me the way I wanted him.

I beykoz escort walked into the bar like I knew I looked good–because I did. I blow dried my hair upside down, making it fluffy and big, and I put on the sexiest pair of lacey red lingerie I had. I wore a short plaid skirt and tight black v-neck. My cleavage showed without me having to bend over and my legs went on forever. I had put on self tanner–I was tan, blonde and hot. Single guys drinking their loneliness away tried to pretend like they weren’t staring, but I knew they were. It made me feel good. Mike should see that a girl like me could fuck any guy she wants, and I just might…

Drew was sitting at the opposite end of the bar, and he stopped mid-sentence to the bartender when he saw me. He had been bringing his beer to his lips, and his mouth hung open. I waved flirtatiously and he lifted a hand. The bartender whispered something, laughed, and walked away.

“Hey you.” I took the stool next to him.

“Uhm, hey. Ahem.” He cleared his throat. “Wow, you look great.” He eyes scoped me out up and down. I tried to hide my satisfied smile. I was feeling girly and selfish, and I wanted to be doted upon.

“Can I get a beer?” I called the bartender over.

“Anything for you, sugar.” He winked and put a coaster down in front of me.

“Corona, with lime.” He nodded and reached under the bar. “So, Mike here yet?” I turned back to Drew, who was still looking at me. He shook his head.

“Something wrong?” I smiled and cocked my head at him. He gave me a side smirk and said no. The look in his eyes had changed. He no longer looked like the great sweet guy I knew. His eyes had turned dark, plotting something animalistic…they were burning with lust. I tried so hard to keep my eyes from diverting down to his lap.

I grabbed my beer and took out the lime, and began tonguing the top of my beer neck in a seductive way.

“Stop it!” Drew laughed, slapping me lightly on the thigh before taking a swig of his drink.

“I got your delivery.” I tried to be a little serious.

“Oh yeah?” Drew said, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah. Is that all, or do you have anything else for me?” I had no idea Drew could be shy, but his cheeks turned red.

“Lane, come on. Mike’s my friend.”

“Speak of the devil…” Mike walked over and sat down next to us without a word.

“Hey babe.” I stood up and walked over to him, rubbing my hand up his leg and nibbling his ear. He tilted his head away from my mouth.

“What are you doing?” He asked, ordering a beer.

“Trying to be sexy for you.” I giggled and wrapped my arms around his chest. He didn’t respond, but I could see the jealousy in Drew’s eyes, which is what I was aiming for.

The guys sat and small-talked about their day, while I sat there quietly, studying Drew’s body through his clothes. He was wearing a tight black shirt, showing every bulge of muscle, and jeans. Mike was at such an angle that he couldn’t see the bar underneath our arms, and when Drew said something funny, I smacked his upper leg lightly. I felt the material of his jeans rise up a little, and Drew bit his lip. He couldn’t possibly hold out much longer.

‘Hello?’ Mike pulled his phone out of his pocket and answered. Drew and I sat in silence as he walked away to hear clearer.

‘Having fun?’ I asked Drew, who looked at me with that deep lustful stare. He smiled and ordered us each another beer. I was sort of a light weight, and being on my third beer, I was starting to feel pretty loose and daring.

“Hey, I gotta go back into work.” Mike came back and said. ‘Make sure she gets home alright, Drew?’ I looked at Drew, who said, ‘Sure man, she’ll be fine. I got her.’ My stomach had butterflies as I thought about spending the rest of the night alone with Drew. It was a repeat of last week’s bar night, but this time, Mike wasn’t coming back to interrupt us.

‘I’m feeling kinda tipsy.’ I smiled at him. ‘I don’t think I should be driving.’

‘I can give you a ride.’ He smiled. I think it was then that I decided. I had been hopeful that something would happen, but it was then that I really made up my mind to sleep with him.

‘I’m kinda tired from work. Can you take me now?’ I started to get up and grabbed my purse.

“Yeah, sure.’ I started to pull my wallet out when Drew put his hand over mine. ‘I got it.’ He said, while pulling bills out and leaving them on the bar. He nodded to the bartender, who gave us a wave.

As we walked out of the bar, I lost my footing on the step to the parking lot, and Drew caught my elbow to keep me from falling.

“Careful.” He said, as he held my arm on the way to his truck.

“Thanks for taking me home. I hate taking cabs by myself. I never trust the drivers.’ I turned my head back to face him and realized he had been watching my ass. I made an effort to shake my hips a little more as I walked.

“I can’t let a pretty beylikdüzü escort lady like you take a cab on Valentine’s Day. Some guys will do anything to get you into bed with them…’

‘Oh yeah?’ I turned to him and winked. He laughed and unlocked his truck.

‘Get in the truck. Music?’ He asked, pressing on the radio. He turned on some rock station that played songs that I didn’t know. It was loud and full of bass and it made me feel excited. I was only a little tipsy but it was enough to rev me up deep down. I turned to Drew, whose arm veins were bulging and glistening in the Florida heat and I felt a wave of warmth wash over me. I felt like I needed to make my move, so I put my hand on his upper thigh. He raised his eyebrow at me, but didn’t say anything.

‘I won’t say anything to Mike.’ I looked deep in his eyes and he inhaled deeply. For a second, I thought he was going to say no, but then he looked back to the road and stepped on the gas. Our house wasn’t far from Harvest, so it didn’t take us long to get there. He pulled into the driveway and shut off the truck. He sat there with his hands on the keys for a moment. I looked down and saw the bulge of his pants and was wet instantly. He turned to look at me.

‘Lane…I think about you every night. Damnit, do you even know how sexy you are?” I blushed and crossed my legs, the friction feeling like a spark through my body, igniting my horniness even more. ‘Every morning I wake up hard as a rock and wish you were there to fix it for me…It’s painful to be around you because all I can think of is what I want to do to you.”

“Why don’t you show me?” I said, and he reached over, roughly grabbed my head, and pulled me into him. His kiss wasn’t gentle–it was rough and wild. His tongue reached every corner of my mouth and his breath was so hot on my lips. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back, kissing down my neck.

‘You’re fucking beautiful. I want to fuck you so bad.’ He pulled my hand to get me on his lap. Even through his jeans I could feel him, and he pushed his waist up into me. He opened the door with one arm and pulled my legs around his waist, carrying me into the house He was so strong. I rubbed my hands up and down his back and could feel his muscles flex. When we got in the house, he set me down in the entrance way and pulled off his shirt. I was stunned. He looked better than I ever imaged. He had a chiseled six pack, with sex lines so deep, leading down…He was dark from working in the sun and his skin looked so smooth…looking at him almost brought me over the edge.

Drew ripped off my tank top and tickled my nipples through the lace of my bra. I started to kiss down his nearly-bare, ripped chest until I got to his sex lines. I licked slowly down the diagonals of them until I got to the button of his jeans. He threw his head back and moaned a deep, lustful moan. I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down, letting him step out. His cock wasn’t even in his boxers–it had probably been popping out for the past 20 mins. He was bigger than I expected, bigger than I’d ever been with, probably around nine inches. He was also circumcised. Mike wasn’t. It was so beautiful…the tip was thick and round, so hard and throbbing that it had a purple-ish tint. There was a small spot of pre-cum oozing out from the tip, and I stuck my tongue out and licked it up. Drew shivered. I pulled his boxers off and saw that his balls were in perfect comparison to the rest of him. I grabbed them violently, but he didn’t complain. He gasped and tightened his grip on my hair. With one hand gripping and slightly massaging his boys, I used my other hand to explore up and down his chiseled stomach and chest. I circled the tip of his cock with my tongue before attempting to deep throat him. I couldn’t get him all the way in, but I got him as far as I could.

‘Fuck, Lane. You are so damn hot.’ One quick deep throat and out and he bucked out and pulled me up to him. ‘Make it last. You’re so gorgeous I could come right now.’ He held me out at arms length and took a deep breath, trying to keep himself from losing it. Then he looked at me with that look that made me soaking wet and pushed me gently against the wall. He raised one of my legs up to his waist, and I put my hands around his neck. He pulled my other leg up the same way until he was completely holding me against the wall. He reached under my skirt and ripped my thong right off.

“I’ll buy you another one…’ He said deep and breathlessly, in between sucking my neck and breasts.

“It’s okay.’ I whispered. He leaned back slightly so that the only thing between us was his long, pulsating dick.

‘Are you ready for this?” He asked with that beautiful side smirk. I nodded excitedly. He held up my skirt and stuck two fingers in, finding my dripping wet slit.

“Mmm.” He moaned, slipping them in easily, wiggling them around. I moaned loudly and he laughed/

“Yeah baby, I wanna make you moan.” He pulled his fingers out and jammed them back in repeatedly. I started running my fingers through his hair and gripping the small curls in pure pleasure. He pulled his fingers out and stuck just the tip of his head into me. He rubbed the head back and forth and up and down, teasing me.

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