Christmas Entanglements Ch. 03

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Chapter 3: Sharing problems

Anna woke up curled up under her blankets. At first she was hazy and just wanted to go back to sleep but something in her mind urged her to check what time it was. When she looked at her phone it triggered her to remember that she was meeting up with George and Bridget today to check out the boxing day sales.

Reluctantly, Anna pushed off her blankets and got out of bed. She was still naked from the previous night and she could really feel the cold. A quick hunt found her discarded pajamas and she put them on before getting her socks and slippers.

Anna went down to the kitchen for some coffee and a simple breakfast. She tried to keep as quiet as possible as it appeared that everyone else in the house had yet to get up. As she sat drinking her coffee and eating her toast her thoughts went over her masturbation last night.

The relief of an orgasm plus some good sleep afterward had her feeling a lot less tense, Anna hadn’t realised just how tightly wound up she had gotten over the course of Christmas day. She was still a little uncomfortable that she had used her memories of George and Chris having sex to get herself going and had then imagined herself fucking Chris. On the other hand seeing George and Chris fuck had been hot and she couldn’t help using that imagery to fulfil her need. Her sexual frustration hadn’t been helped by Aaron being too uncomfortable to give her the relief she really wanted. As a result thinking of Aaron hadn’t done anything for her, it seemed like her subconscious didn’t associate Aaron with sexual satisfaction.

At the thought of Aaron, Anna sighed. She had resolved to talk with George and Bridget today about how she should approach his reluctance to have sex. Now in the light of morning she was rethinking whether that would be a good idea. Anna was fairly certain of what George would have to say and she was unsure of whether sharing her problem with Bridget might somehow affect how she and Aaron got along. However, Anna really couldn’t think of how she should deal with the issue. Anna knew that if she didn’t talk about it with someone else she probably wouldn’t do anything. The problem would remain unresolved until either Aaron finally made a move or she reached the end of her patience. Other than the lack of sex Anna was happy with her relationship with Aaron and was sure that with a little help sex wouldn’t be an issue either.

Thinking about the issue was beginning to frustrate Anna in another way. Not wanting to let that affect her mood Anna decided that if the opportunity presented itself she would ask George and Bridget for their thoughts on what she could with Aaron. She had plans to go out for dinner tonight with Aaron. If George and Bridget were able to help her, tonight could be her chance to get more intimate with Aaron.

When she finished her breakfast Anna quickly got ready before going to pick up Bridget and George. Bridget’s place was closer so Anna dropped by her place first.

Not long after letting Bridget know that she was waiting out the front, Anna saw her hurry out the front door and rush to get to the car. For once Bridget wasn’t wearing so many layers, meaning her figure wasn’t as concealed. She was wearing her knit cap, a scarf and gloves but her coat didn’t seem as bulky so it didn’t look like she was wearing a thick sweater underneath it like she usually did. Her jeans looked almost skin tight and Anna wondered whether Bridget would have been able to fit some thermal leggings underneath them.

After saying hi, Anna couldn’t help but comment on the difference in what Bridget was wearing, “You’re looking a little underdressed. Have you finally gotten used to the cold?”

The Australian shook her head vigorously, “Fuck no. It’s bloody freezing, I just didn’t want to give anyone the impression that I’m stealing stuff by shoving it in my clothes.”

Anna laughed with uncertainty, unsure whether Bridget was serious, “I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.”

Bridget actually seemed deflated, “Oh. Well shit.” She shrugged, “At least this will make it easier to try on clothes.”

When they arrived at George’s apartment building Anna made a call to let George know that they were out front. When George answered she apologised and said that she had slept in a little and that they should come up to wait while she finished getting ready.

George had unlocked her front door so Anna and Bridget were able to go straight in. Anna called out from the entrance, “George. It’s us.”

George’s voice sounded out from down the hallway to the bedrooms. “Hey, sorry to make you wait. I’ve got a pot of coffee made if you want some. I’ll be out shortly.”

Anna went into the kitchen and grabbed the pot of coffee. She looked at Bridget and held up the coffee, she nodded so Anna poured a cup for each of them. It wasn’t too long until George came out to the kitchen, she was almost fully dressed except for her jacket and boots and her hair looked damp. ankara escort She said hi to Anna and Bridget before getting some coffee for herself.

Anna noticed that George appeared to be in a good mood and Anna was pretty sure that was due to George’s backseat adventure with Chris. Even though Anna had watched George and Chris for a bit and had been uncomfortable at how hot she had found it, she couldn’t help wanting to know more of the details of their hook up. It was as if she was seeking to make up for her lack of sexlife by getting vicarious thrills from George.

They weren’t alone but Anna knew that George wouldn’t have an issue with talking about her sex life in front of Bridget and that Bridget wouldn’t mind hearing what George would say. “So do you want to tell me about what you and Chris got up to when you snuck off last night?”

Bridget snapped to attention, “Wait, what happened last night?”

George took a sip of coffee and smirked at Anna before answering. “Oh, didn’t you get a good enough look?”

Anna’s face immediately began to flush, “You saw me watching?”

“No. I thought I caught a glimpse of red and suspected it might have been you, so thanks for confirming that.”

Bridget interrupted, clearly getting frustrated. “Hey! What are two talking about?”

It was George who answered her, “While everyone was watching Die Hard, Chris and I went out to his car and had sex in the back seat. Anna came out to watch some of it.” She looked to Anna, “How much did you see?”

Anna really didn’t want to answer that. She was embarrassed enough that she had been caught watching, confessing that she saw George come would be mortifying. “I saw enough.” Unable to deal with the way George was grinning at her embarrassment, Anna looked away and instead found herself meeting the gaze of a highly amused Bridget.

“That’s unfair of you Anna. You could have let me know what was going on. It looks like I missed out on something pretty interesting.” Bridget turned to George with a curious expression, “Are you and Chris seeing each other? I wasn’t sure what the deal was with you two since you were giving him shit during dinner last night.”

George shook her head, “We’re not together, we have a casual arrangement while he’s home for the Christmas break.”

Bridget was a little surprised but nodded. “How was the back seat of his car?”

“We made it work pretty well. There wasn’t enough room for Chris to fuck me comfortably so I got on his lap and rode his thick dick.” George paused and grinned. “Anna should be able to tell you just how much I enjoyed it.”

Bridget looked back to Anna who had recovered enough from her embarrassment to roll her eyes. “From what I saw she was having a really good time.”

There was an appreciative smile on Bridget’s face, “I had sex in the backseat of a car once. Being in a cramped space was fun to begin with but it got uncomfortable really quickly.”

“Yeah, it’s not ideal but it was about the only place close by we could use without letting everyone know what we were up to.”

Anna wasn’t surprised that Bridget had tried having sex in a car back seat. While she wasn’t as open with her sex life as George was, she had occasionally shared a few stories of her sexual misadventures.

Compared to Bridget and George, Anna felt like she was boring. She knew that she was far from prudish and that there was nothing wrong with not doing risky things but she couldn’t help wondering if she was missing out on something. Anna had no real desire to have sex in the backseat of a car but after her fantasy last night a part of her was curious about trying it for herself.

Her attention was brought back to the conversation when Bridget tentatively asked George another question. “You said Chris has a thick dick?”

George bit her lip and nodded. “It’s not porn huge, it has a nice filling girth that gave me this amazing feeling of being stretched.”

From Bridget’s interested expression Anna could tell she was likely going to ask for more details, however Anna thought it was time they moved on from talking about Chris’ dick. It was kind of fascinating but she didn’t need more intimate imagery of Chris in her head. Anna thought of how George had been messaging Chris later that night. “I noticed you were messaging him during dessert, are you two already planning your next rendezvous?”

A mischievous look briefly appeared on George’s face. “Well actually, he came over last night after dinner.”

Anna was stunned at George’s answer. She hadn’t thought that Chris or George would meet up again that quickly. “What happened?”

That question made George laugh, “What do you think happened?

A little flustered, Anna paused and thought through what she wanted to say, “You still wanted sex after your hook up in the car?”

“Why wouldn’t we? The only reason we didn’t stay out in the car longer was we thought someone might come looking for us and we might get caught.” escort ankara George had a self satisfied grin on her face, “Want to know what we did last night?”

Anna was very interested in hearing about it though she tried to show otherwise. She nodded to George, “Sure, if you want to share what happened with us.”

George smiled knowingly before looking at Bridget, “How about you Bridget? Do you want to hear about last night as well?”

Bridget didn’t try to hide her interest, “Hell yeah, let’s hear it.”

George leaned onto the kitchen counter and took a sip of coffee before beginning. “Well, not too long after I got home last night I got a message from Chris telling me he was on his way over. I thought it would be a fun idea to greet him naked. When he arrived I answered the door wearing only my leather jacket. From his expression Chris seemed to like that a lot.

I quickly led him to my bedroom before we ended up fucking on the floor. When we got there I threw the jacket off, hopped onto the bed and got to watch as Chris undressed.” George looked at Anna, “Have you seen Chris without a shirt on?”

Anna shook her head, “Not properly.”

“Well all the working out he has been doing these past few years has really worked wonders.” George paused to take another drink of coffee before continuing. “When he joined me on the bed we got right to it, both of us were too turned on for much foreplay. However, I did tease him for a bit by moving my pussy away when he tried to put his dick inside me. After doing that a few times Chris ended up grabbing my legs and putting them up over his arms before skewering my pussy. Once he was fully in me he held my arms down and started fucking me with these excruciatingly slow strokes. It felt amazing, I could feel every detail of his cock as it pushed in and then pulled out of my pussy. But the pace was driving me crazy, I urged him to fuck me harder and faster but he didn’t respond until I started begging him. Without any warning Chris started pounding my pussy, with how wet I was it sounded utterly obscene. Being fucked hard like that, it didn’t take long for me to come. It was a pretty intense orgasm, I felt like I was close to blacking out.”

George’s face was flushed but it certainly wasn’t from any kind of shyness or embarrassment. “Chris told me I got pretty loud, I’m glad my housemate wasn’t home or she would either have been concerned or really annoyed.

After I calmed down a bit Chris released my arms and let my legs down. I kind of wish he just kept fucking me like that but I think he was worried that I was uncomfortable in that position. He turned me on my side and lay down behind me with his body pressed against my back. Chris’ body was just radiating heat so it felt good lying against him and I could also feel his hard dick pressing up on my ass.

Chris had one of his hands stroking my body, fondling my boobs and then rubbing my pussy. All those touches kept me revved up and got me grinding my butt on his dick. That seemed to be the signal Chris was waiting for, he had me lie down on my stomach and then he lifted me onto my knees so he could fuck me from behind. He started off gently but he was soon taking me hard and fast. When I came the second time Chris didn’t stop fucking me, he just kept going and going. It got difficult for me to think and I was seeing stars. I ended up coming again just as Chris filled me with his hot cum.

After that we collapsed onto the bed together and lay there catching our breath. Chris asked me if I wanted to go again. I looked down at his dick and while he looked like he was getting soft I don’t doubt he would have hardened up again if I said I was game for more.

I was feeling a little loopy so I told him I was done for the moment. I would have been more than happy to fuck again later so I asked Chris if he wanted to stay over but he said that he had things he needed to do this morning. He ended up staying for a little while longer to recover before he got dressed and left.”

From the look on her face when George finished it was clear that she had enjoyed talking about last night and reliving it. Anna was feeling a little turned on and from the slight flush on Bridget’s face it appeared that she might be similarly affected. Anna was also somewhat envious, it didn’t seem fair that George had more sex in one night than she had in over half a year. In an odd way it seemed even more unfair since George was only familiar with Chris due to his connection to Anna’s family.

George took a quick sip of coffee and put her cup down. “Let me finish getting ready and then we can head off.”

When George left the room, Bridget looked at Anna with wide eyes, “She’s a lot more loose than I thought. Do you tell her everything about when you have sex with Aaron?”

Anna winced internally, “No, not really.”

George came back out wearing her leather jacket, a scarf and with her boots on. She grabbed her cup and drained the remaining coffee. ankara escort bayan “Okay I’m all set now, let’s go.”

When they got to the car George took the front passenger seat while Bridget sat behind Anna. As they headed off, it was Bridget who started a conversation. “George, is there something you’re after today?”

“Not particularly, I’m coming along to provide support and backup. You know safety in numbers and all that. Some ladies get so fixated on stuff they don’t need that they’re willing to use force.”

Bridget’s eyes lit up, “Do things really get a little rough? Are we going to see some fights?”

Anna laughed, “No. George is just being dramatic. You get a few odd pushy people but that’s about it.” She glanced at George, “George likes to poke fun at consumerism but she always comes with me to check out the sales.”

George shrugged then smiled at Anna’s teasing, “I still need to buy things, may as well get them cheap if I can.”

Anna then looked into the rear view mirror and caught Bridget’s eyes, “Is there anything you’re looking for Bridget?”

“There’s a few things but most of all I’m hoping to snag a good bikini for cheap.”

With a puzzled expression George looked to Bridget, “Why would you buy a bikini in the middle of winter?”

Bridget grinned, “I’m heading to Whistler for Australia Day, I’ll need a bikini for hot tubbing and maybe some daring ski runs.” She winked at George, “How long the bikini stays on will be anyone’s guess.”

George laughed, “You’d go skiing in just a bikini? No offense but you don’t cope with the cold very well.”

Bridget shrugged before grinning again, “I reckon that if I’m drunk enough to think skiing in a bikini is a good idea the cold won’t bother me too much.”

The rest of the car ride was filled with discussion of skiing, snowboarding and other activities Bridget was hoping to take part in. Possibly inspired by George recounting last night’s sexual encounter, Bridget told George and Anna how she was hoping to meet some hot guys to hook up with.

To George’s pronounced disappointment the crowds at the mall weren’t too thick so there was almost no bad behaviour to witness. They browsed a number of stores, Anna and Bridget bought a few things but Bridget wasn’t able to find a bikini she liked on sale. George didn’t seem to find anything she wanted. Close to midday they decided to take a break and went to a restaurant to get something to eat.

After they had mostly finished eating and were talking, Anna decided this was her best opportunity to talk to George and Bridget about her problem with Aaron. Since George was already aware of the issue Anna was comfortable bringing it up with her first.

Anna looked at George but when their eyes met she didn’t know what to say. George noticed Anna’s expression and a look of concern appeared on her face. “Is something wrong Anna?”

The prompt was just what Anna needed to get started, “Well… You know my problem with Aaron?”

George just nodded but Bridget jolted in her seat, “What has Aaron done?”

George answered on Anna’s behalf, using a lower voice to avoid other people overhearing their conversation. “It’s more what he hasn’t done. Aaron doesn’t seem to want to have sex with Anna.”

Bridget looked shocked and turned to Anna, “Wait you two haven’t had sex yet? You’ve been going out for ages!”

That hit a sore point and Anna could feel herself getting defensive. She had heard the same statement from George a lot. Anna shot a glance at George and saw that she had a ‘told you so’ look on her face. She then turned to Bridget, “No, we’ve been taking things slow, making sure we’re going at a pace we’re both comfortable with.”

“That’s fine. I’m still surprised though, you two are pretty affectionate with each other. I just thought you were already sleeping together.”

Anna was mollified by what Bridget said and knew that Bridget and George’s view wasn’t unreasonable. Afterall she wouldn’t have brought up the lack of sex if she hadn’t thought it was a problem herself. “We are affectionate and that’s part of the problem. I’m happy to take things slowly but this doesn’t seem like that. We seem to have hit some kind of roadblock.”

“What do you think the problem is? ” George sounded sympathetic and Anna appreciated that she hadn’t immediately criticised Aaron.

While Anna thought about it, Bridget spoke up. “Is it possible that he’s asexual?”

Anna shook her head, “No, we’ve gotten pretty heated when we make out and I’ve felt him get hard. That’s what makes this especially frustrating, it seems like he’s interested but he always backs off when it reaches a point where it starts getting serious.”

George was frowning as she thought, “It isn’t a religion thing is it?”

That was something Anna hadn’t considered before but she dismissed it, Aaron hadn’t said anything that gave the impression that he cared about religion. “No I don’t think so, he’s never come across as being religious. If it was something like that he could have told me, I’d understand.”

“So it isn’t that he doesn’t want sex but maybe he’s just nervous.” George’s eyes widened. “Sounds like Aaron could be a virgin, right?”

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