Christmas Eve

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I had moved into my apartment nearly a year ago, but was never home. I had class, or concerts, or friends. Shit, most of my time as of late has gone to drinking or trying to get laid; failing at the latter, but excelling at the first. Vodka was my poison of choice, I could barely taste it going down but it would fuck me up quick. Boston was an evil city; it sucked me in, an innocent child to the way of the world, and spit me out calloused and cynical.

Sitting at my small round table in my single room apartment, barely large enough for the mice that hid in the dark, I took shot after shot. I stood, walking to the open window. The cold wind tickled my bare skin, reminding me it was still winter out there. This had been the worst storm in a while, the only reason I was still stuck in my apartment. In all honesty, the place weirded me out; I always had the feeling I was being watched.

Looking out at the blowing white, I took one more shot; taste of watermelon-flavored vodka splashed the back of my throat. Drowning out the pain of my heart, I waited for the release of intoxication. Suddenly, I heard a voice on the wind. Standing there silently, listening…

“No, I shit you not. I was so freaking horny, I just kept fucking myself and fucking myself and I just couldn’t get enough. It’s like how the fuck am I supposed to concentrate while I’m so fucking horny. So clearly…I failed the fucking test. So I have a retake sometime after the new years.” Peering down, I watched the woman on the porch of the run down house. I had learned of the colorful history of the tenants of that house. All recovering addicts of some kind, one woman was heroin, this one…shit I don’t even know. Taking one more shot, I turned my bare ass to the window and walked to the other side of my apartment.

Staggering through the darkness, I made my way to the window on the other side of the building. Looking down at the windows visible from my window, I peered in…spying on all my neighbors. In one window, a lit up Christmas tree blinked in the darkness. “Fucking Christmas,” I laughed to myself, my first Christmas since leaving the town I grew up in, and I was completely alone. “It’s just you and me,” I shouted back at my near empty bottle.

Something caught the corner of my eye randomly. I don’t know what made me look, but god damn, I did such a double take in nearly gave me whiplash. I don’t know if she knew her blinds were somewhat open, but as I peered out this woman lying bare on her bed, legs spread, window open…blinds just enough to see from above; my apartment was the perfect vantage point.

She was obviously watching porn; I could hear it from her open window. The moaning, slapping, it was some freaky kind of shit. As I watched, she pulled out this floppy blue dildo from under her bed. I couldn’t believe it! As I stared through her window, she slid this blue dildo into her pussy, her feet stretching out towards the window, her back arching, and head pushing back into the pillow. Her body was perfect, her perky pink nipples pointing straight at me, I could clearly see the goose bumps lining her body from the cold air.

Her hard clit poking canlı bahis up at me glistened in the light. I could hear her moaning on the air, something oddly animalistic was going on that night. My eyes, glued to her window, cock in my stroking hand.

She got up on her knees, asshole pointed straight at me. What I wouldn’t have given to be the invisible man and in that room with her…

Watching as she bent over, her eyes peering out from between her legs as I stepped slowly closer to her; my hard cock throbbing, begging to be plunged into her warm, deep, tight hole. Suddenly she plunged the floppy blue dildo into her pussy. Grabbing her ass I buried my cock in her hole. Screaming and fighting against me, I pressed in deeper. Her hands scratching for me while her eyes bugged of her head.

Balls tapping on her wet slit as I thrusted, deeper and harder, I spanked her ass till her cheeks turned red. Each time she would moan, jumping in surprise. I wrapped her hair around my fingers, pulling her back against me. I could feel the dildo in her tight pussy as she fucked herself with it in time with my thrusting. Looking down as she began to scream louder and louder, suddenly she squirted hard…crying out she buried her face in her pillow.

Pulling her around, I slid my cock into her mouth. Pushing balls deep, I felt my head push into her throat. Looking down as she choked on my cock I exploded, cum dripping down her throat she coughed and spat as I pulled my sensitive cock from her hot mouth.

My attention was ripped back into the present as she screamed out in the night, looking down I found her pussy pointed straight up at me as her dildo disappeared into her wet snatch. Suddenly, she pulled it out quickly. I watched, mouth wide open, as she squirted, splattering the window with her juices. At that sight, I couldn’t help myself, I exploded all over my window…shuddering with each spurt. As I stood up straight, looking through my window as it dripped my own warm cum, I saw her stand up, walk to the window and suck on her wet dildo…smiling at me.

“Thanks,” she mouthed to me from her window. I dropped down to my knees. How the FUCK can she see me?? I thought to myself, freaking out. “Hey!” she shouted out her window. Peeking from the window ledge I found her smiling, naked in the window. “Hey, big man…if you come over, I’ll give you a Christmas you’ll never forget.” She smiled, closing the blinds.

Running around my apartment, I could get my thoughts straight. Finding my empty bottle of vodka waiting for me on my table, I couldn’t go over without a gift for the night. Walking over to my freezer, I peered inside. Four more bottles of clear flavored vodka twinkled at me through the cold air streaming out of the freezer. I smiled, closing the freezer as I walked out of the kitchen.

As I jumped in the shower, I smiled to myself. “I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas,” I said to myself in the silence of my shower. Putting on my nicest clubbing suit, I popped two Viagra, expecting a night full of excitement and alcohol. Just before leaving my apartment, I grabbed two of the four bottles of vodka, grabbing blindly.

The bahis siteleri snow blew in my face as I cleared the courtyard, sneaking down my thin jacket. Waiting in the wintry cold, I buzzed her apartment number, waiting for her response hand poised above the brass door handle. “Hello?” A voice called from the speaker. “Hey, it’s me,” I smiled. “Me? I don’t know any me’s? What do you want?” “Me, what do I want…to fuck you,” I said brazenly.

The door buzzed to life, pulling the door open, the warm air swirled around me enticing me deeper into the building. My nervousness dissolved from my body with each stair I passed, cock hardening almost as if commanded as I reached her door. Knocking, I held my breath, hoping I hadn’t made a mistake.

“Hey,” she pulled the door open, bare-naked. “Umm,” my jaw hit the floor. Staring down at her perky pink nipples as they pointed straight at me. She stepped forward towards me, her hand caressing my hard cock. “Ooo, I think you need to come in here,” she pointed at her crotch. “What have you brought for me,” she smiled, delighted by my bag. I pulled out the strawberry vodka, watching as she smiled, and oozed sex.

Shot after shot, we raced, horny enough to fuck until the world ended. Her pussy glistening more and more with each shot, she started to play with herself across the table from me. “Do you need any help with that?” I asked smiling. “Mmm, what kind of help do you think you could be for me?” She winked at me, urging me on.

I stood up, walking across the table to her. “Baby, you just wait,” I pulled her up from the table. Lying in my arms, she smiled, excited to get the night going. I threw her down on the bed, unbuttoning my shirt as I got down on my knees. Instinctly, she spread her knees at me wrapping her knees around my shoulders. I buried my tongue in her dripping wet pussy, sucking on her hard pink clit.

She moaned as I licked at it with my hot alcohol covered tongue. As I licked from her asshole to her clit she shivered, crying for more. I licked her clit harder and faster, determined to make her cum before I moved on. She whimpered and scratched at me as I sucked her clit hard into my mouth. Her toes tensed as I licked circles around her perfect pink tab.

Looking down at me lustfully, she begged me to fuck her brains out. Struggling to get up onto her knees, she bent over, looking at me over her shoulder. “Baby, I want you to fuck my brains out. Or did you drink too much?” She looked down disappointed at my crotch.

“Baby, just you wait,” I unzipped my pants. Taking a step closer to her, my boxers and pants collecting at my ankles. I smiled as she gasped, seeing my 12 inch black cock inching closer to her. “You ready?” I asked, laughing evilly.

“Oh God!” She smiled, her pussy begging to be penetrated by me. Crying out she begged me to stop as I shoved my hot cock deep into her pussy. I grabbed her waist, thrusting deeper inside her, I felt her cervix as I pushed harder. Her little clit bulged up at me, pussy juices dripping down my shaft.

Flipping her over, and throwing her around the bed like a rag doll, I positioned her asshole for my cock. bahis şirketleri “Oh NO!” She fought against me, begging me not to do what we both knew I was going to do. “You’re going to fucking kill me!” She cried as I buried my cock in her asshole. She struggled against me, fighting against my thrust.

I pulled her body up against me, cock deep in her ass. I reached around her, rubbing her clit fast and hard between my index and ring fingers. I caressed her body, rubbing her juices up her stomach and onto her breasts. Tweaking her nipples gently, I smiled…biting down onto her shoulder. Her words became gibberish as I fucked her asshole harder and faster.

Her hand reached down to her crotch, disappearing in her pussy. I listened, as her hand plunged in and out of her tight wet pussy. I felt her asshole tighten around my huge cock, it felt fucking amazing to be fucking her in such a place, clearly I was the first person there. “OH God baby! I’m going to fucking cum…can I come daddy??” She begged me.

“No, you have to beg me for it more first,” I smiled. Pulling my cock out of her asshole. I pushed her down onto her back, staring down at her gaping pussy. Wrapping her legs around my shoulders, I shoved my cock deep and hard into her juicy cunt.

“Please please please please!” She begged, crying. “Ok, cum baby,” I smiled looking down at her as her body trembled. “Cum slut, cum. I want you to squirt, squirt all over me,” I laughed loudly. She pushed me hard, pulling my cock from her pussy just in time, she pointed her hips up at me, bucking just slightly as her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Screaming loudly, she began to convulse. Quickly rubbing her pussy I knew what was about to happen, I smiled evilly excited to see her up close.

She came so hard, squirting on my chest and stomach, lying on the bed she convulsed for fifteen minutes straight. Moaning, gasping, and crying out, she grabbed at everything. Finally, deciding to be a little bit meaner, I shoved my cock deep inside her once she finally started to calm down once more. She cried out so loud it echoed, her pussy squeezing against my thick cock. Pushing me out she squirted again, this time I tasted it as she flicked it up hitting me in the face with her juices.

“Now,” I smiled, looking down on her. “Clean it up,” I held my still throbbing cock out to her. Struggling to pull herself up, she grabbed my ass pulling against me she sucked my cock down; I felt the back of her mouth with my head. Her wet tongue reached out, licking at my balls as she sucked. I couldn’t last very long, having the fuck of my life. Quickly, I exploded down her throat, not giving any warning.

Her eyes watered as she choked down my cum. Pulling my cock out just in time, I spurted once in her fact. I smiled, watching my cum drip down her face, down her chin, finally dripping onto her breasts. She lay back on the bed, smiling at me, playing with my cum.

“God damn baby,” she smiled. “I’m sleeping now, let yourself out.” I walked out her door, closing it behind me. Passed out she was lying bare on the bed, legs spread, pussy still begging for more. The door closed behind me, leaving a single note on the inside for her…

Whore, when you wake up. I’ll be watching. I’ll be back, you never know when so be ready for my cock. I know you’re a dirty slut, so next time don’t hold back…V…

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