College Fling Remix

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Crowds of people, the smell of fried fish and schools colors as far as the eye can see means it’s homecoming on the campus of most universities and this university is no exception. Despite the 25 years since I graduated, I always feel the butterflies in my stomach like it was the first time I fell in love with campus as an 18 year old girl.

Carried on the breeze along with coolness is old memories, old flings, and good love. Coming back to a place that reminds you of being young has a way of igniting the flames of lust like nothing else. Every corner of campus triggers one ass grabbing, nipple pinching, dick stroking memory after the other. So, by the time I hear your voice, my panties are already soaked. “Come walk around where I am,” you say into the phone. Even thought I had already begun walking in your direction, the invitation felt like it offered more than a friendly visit.

Nipples hard, I scan the crowd looking for you. My eyes find you, or more exactly, the sexiest mouth I’ve ever laid eyes on. In a blink of an eye, I remember how those lips feel as you put your tongue in my mouth, how they feel wrapped around my nipple, and how they feel on my pussy as you explore my clit with your tongue. Lord, we did enjoy each other’s company. I catch myself licking my lips and shake off the lustful memory until you are free.

I start looking at vendors while I wait. I sense your energy before I feel your breath on canlı bahis my neck. There are so many people around that it doesn’t seem odd at all that you are standing close enough to me that I can feel the girth of your dick on my ass. Not fully erect but thick enough to remember how you feel sliding inside me. You speak into my neck, more of a breath than actual words, “hey, stranger.” At that moment, I absolutely know you will be deep inside me before the end of the day.

I turn to hug and my nipples brush your chest. I am slightly embarrassed at how deep my mind is in the gutter until I catch you quickly glance at my full cleavage and feel your energy shift to lust. I know that in that second, you remember me on my knees in front of you, with your hands around by big titties, squeezing them around your hard dick. I know you remember watching me take the head of your dick in my mouth while your shaft was pleasured by the flesh of my ample girls. I can see in your half smile that you can feel the inside of my mouth sucking the cum out of your big cock. We exchange normal pleasantries and you suggests we walk down to your office to talk in a quieter space.

The door closes behind us, along with the noise of the distant crowd. You run your tongue over your lips and make that sound, the one that is something between a moan and a grunt. Your eyes lower slightly as you say how “nice” it is to see me. I tell you it would be even bahis siteleri nicer to feel me and spread my legs, granting permission.

You stand in front of me and slowly, as though you are savoring every second of what is to come, slide your fingers up the inside of my thigh. You tell me my skin is as soft as it was the first time you touched it 20 years ago. We met in graduate school. Our friendship, based on matching intellects quickly grew to being one of passion. You always knew exactly how to pace yourself to build maximum anticipation.

I was practically panting, I wanted your fingers on my clit so bad. By the time you reach my love, you can feel my wet heat and slide your index finger between my pussy lips. I watch your eyebrows furrow and hear the breath escape you as the wetness of my pussy make the blood rush to your already thick dick to make it rock hard. While you play with my pussy, you stand me up and kiss me soft.

You turn me around, so we can see our reflection in the mirror hanging over your couch. You like to see the ecstasy on my face while you finger fuck me. You take your other hand and slide it inside my v neck tee. You grab my titty and squeeze my nipple, like I like. I take in a quick breath as you pinch me just hard enough to hurt a little. You know you got my spot, because I grind my ass on your manhood. It is my turn to please.

I sit you on your desk and quickly open your pants. I bahis şirketleri reach in and grab your hard, throbbing dick and my mouth literally waters. I almost forgot how amazing your cock, so tight and shiny, looked. I drop to my knees and open my full lips to take you in my mouth. I go to work on that big dick, sucking and licking. I slide my hand over my pussy and use my wetness to massage your balls as I suck harder and faster. I use my other hand to stroke your shaft as I take you in my mouth. I know its good to you because you put your hand on the back of my head to get deeper in my mouth. You tell me in a deep guttural voice not to be scared and take that dick. I do as you say and I hear you let out a “mmm, girl.”

You stand me up, turn me around and bend me over your desk. You pull my skirt up around my waist and slap your dick on my ass. My pussy is throbbing and I need you to fuck me. You reach between my legs and grab my pussy then pull my panties to the side. You use the tip of your dick to find the way inside me and slowly go deeper in as my tight pussy give way to you. The inside of me is as gushy, soft, and tight as you remember. You stroke me slow, making sure I feel every inch of you. I squeeze my pussy on your dick like a hug. You tell let out a gasp and I know, you are done playing with me.

You put your hand on my back for balance and fuck the shit out of me. I’m so wet I can hear your balls slapping my pussy each time you thrust. You have your hand over my mouth now, to muffle my moans. Your are so deep inside me and hit that spot. I tell you I’m cumming and you cum with me.

I can’t wait until next homecoming.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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