Conference Encounter

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“That sounds fun,” said Jo, “you might meet Mr. Right!”

“I very much doubt it,” I replied to my best friend. “it’s just a business conference.”

“Well, alright, you might meet Mr. Alright for the Night.” She retorted.

“You are awful, Jo, I’m not that kind of girl.” I replied, though I sometimes wish I were I thought.

We were having lunch in our local coffee shop, something we did every Friday lunchtime. We had been best friends since we were at school together, and knew each other’s most intimate secrets. She had checked out all my boyfriends, and she did have a knack identifying the jerks. At the moment, I was single, and Jo was constantly trying to get me hooked up with some guy or other. Last week, it had been a junior from the office where she worked. Sure, he was cute, but he still had acne.

“Well, you just message me,” she said with a glint in her eye, “pictures would be good!”

“We’ll see,” I said taking a final sip of my coffee.

# – # – #

The conference was the usual mix of meetings, presentations and trade stands, and from the business point of view, very successful. Our small team comprised of myself; Sam, a gorgeous hunk, who was also exceptionally gay; and Michelle, my boss, a forty something, woman, who while physically, could be said to be passed her prime, but had the reputation of being a bit of a goer once she’d had a drink or two.

The evening of the conference was a formal affair, to which I was wearing a navy blue knee length dress, whose skirt flared slightly from the waist, as it was summer I decided against tights or stockings. I changed into clear underwear, matching black bra and knickers, nothing too sexy, as I was expecting nothing to happen tonight. My outfit was finished off with black patent leather court shoes which had a slight heel.

The conference meal and keynote speaker, to be fair, were pretty good. A five-course culinary delight, while the athlete-turned business motivator was entertaining and also thought provoking; he was also easy on the eye. After coffee had been served, our team, along with a group who shared our dinner table, headed downstairs to the ballroom, where the conference disco was taking place. We had picked up Marc, an account manager with a large logistics company and Simon, his trainee. Marc, the older of the two, was I’d say about thirty and measuring in at about 6ft, and with a trim physique. He had fair hair with lightly tanned skin, like he’d just come back from holidaying in the sun. Simon, was slightly younger and shorter, and had the pale skin of a red head.

Our group sat around a large round table at the edge of the dance floor and talked the best we could over the noise of the music. Now, I’ll admit I’m no model, but ataşehir escort hey, here I was, Marc to my left, while Simon sat on my right, two absolutely gorgeous guys, both paying me all the attention. If Jo could see me now.

I drank my Gin and Tonic slowly, wanting to pace myself. In amongst the noise, the attention, and the alcohol, my mind wandered. Would Marc be tanned all over, or would they be Speedo shaped tanlines? Would Simon’s pubes be as red and wild as his head hair? Wow, I couldn’t believe the thoughts that were going through my mind, and boy, my pussy was starting to feel juicy. I didn’t notice when Sam and Michelle left us, they were just gone.

Over the course of the next hour or so both Marc and Simon, flirted, charmed and enchanted me. Then almost as if scripted Simons phone rang, and after taking the call, turned to me, took my hand and kissed it.

“Fare thee well, mademoiselle, but I must depart.” He said theatrically and left.

I was left alone with Marc. We talked, about everything and nothing, due to the noise we slowly got closer and closer together, till our legs were touching. There was nothing intimate or sexual, just two adults sat close together. However, I could feel his warmth through my dress, a living breathing human was close to me.

The dance floor was slowly thinning, when Marc, stood up proffered his hand to me and swept me up. I was feeling self-conscious at first but I soon let the Gin take over. Soon we were both dancing wildly like teenagers, laughing and making fools of ourselves.

Eventually, the DJ, started to slow the beats of his tracks and soon Marc and I were dancing cheek to cheek in a tender embrace. Swaying with the beat his hands traced their way up and down my back, never venturing below my waist. I could sense that he was aroused, but he was being the ultimate gentleman.

‘Okay, Claire, its over to you’, I thought, and with that I moved my hands from the small of his back and onto his butt. Caressing and squeezing his firm cheeks, as I pulled him closer. Yes, I could now feel that he was fully aroused. I was now in uncharted territory; I just wasn’t the sort of girl who picked up guys in discos. Needing time to think I made an excuse and went to the toilet, leaving Marc with my jacket, I didn’t want him thinking I was deserting him.

Sitting on the toilet I pee’d and wiped and with my knickers around my ankles, I ran my fingers along my pussy. Feeling highly aroused, with my heart beating wildly, I decided my next move. I kicked my knickers off and bunched them up in my hands and went back to join Marc.

Walking out with my pussy all exposed to the air was exhilarating, my first-time going commando, I dragged avcılar anal yapan escort Marc back to the dance floor. Grabbing his butt again, I ground him into me, this time he found my butt and reciprocated. With the slow beat of the music, our bodies were pulsating in perfect time. It was then that I slipped my knickers into his hand, and with a sparkle in his eye knew what my intentions were.

We let the current song end, collected our belongings and left the ballroom. His arm around me, claiming me, yet at the same time protecting me.

The wait for the lift to arrive took an age, my impatience growing until the ‘ding’ announced its arrival. As we entered the lift to go the five floors to his room, two other hotel guests also joined us, there would be no mischief in this lift.

“Fifth floor, please.” He said, as one of the others pushed the button.

As the lift started moving, his hand moved down from the small of my back, and rested on my knickerless butt cheek. Instinctively I tensed my muscles, but as his hands slowly started to caress me through my dress, I relaxed and for the remainder of the lift journey, he tenderly played with my ass cheek, running his fingers along my ass crack; squeezing and teasing me.

The doors opened, and we exited the lift with the other couple, and by coincidence followed them down the corridor, his hand still resting on my butt, gently caressing me with each step. Reaching his room, he fumbled in his jacket pocket for his key card, he was as nervous and as excited as I was.

As the door closed behind us, we turned to face each other. He reached out and put his hand on my neck, leaning in towards me, we kissed. The passion was electric. His hand was running up and down my back, from my neck to my butt, each time sending a tingle through my unclothed pussy. I reached my hands around him and grabbed his ass, pulling him to towards me. I could feel his erect cock, throbbing against my crotch; I kept the pressure on his ass, loving the feeling.

With my back against the wall, my legs apart, his hand stroked down and reached my butt, he continued round, lifted the hem of my dress and put his hand against my pussy. He stroked my pubes, not expecting to get this far it had been a while since they’d been trimmed. Running through, the hairs his fingers caressed the sensitive folds of my aroused pussy, running his fingers along my slit; back and forth, each time going slightly deeper, opening me wider and wider. Finally, he was as deep as he could go, running along my inner most being; my juices were flowing from my clit to my hole. With each stroke he touched my clit, sending pulses of ecstasy through my body.

Moving away from avcılar bdsm escort the wall, still in embrace we moved further into the room. Picking me up he placed me firmly on the bed, lifted my dress above my waist, my pussy was visible to him for the first time. Kneeling between my legs, he moved his head in towards me. He took a deep breath, savouring the scent of excitement that was emanating from deep within my being. Placing his hands on my thighs, caressing and stroking the sensitive skin. Gently moving closer, I felt a touch of breath, the moist feel of his tongue as he gently licked from just near my butt upwards along my hair covered lips. Again, a lick, this time slightly parting my lips, the feel of his tongue for the first time on the sensitive inner skin. Deeper and deeper he went with each firm and exquisite lick, slowly spreading my lips. Up and down, up and down, then he stuck his curled tongue into my waiting vagina. Wiggling that tongue around sending sensations around my womanhood that I had never before felt.

He then, slowly stroked that amazing tongue from my vagina along my innermost being to my engorged clitoris. Lick after lick, he focused all of attention on to my clit. As the licking intensified, he inserted a finger into my waiting vagina, in and out it went, deeper and deeper, in time with the fantastic licks. Another finger joined the first, in and out, stretching my increasingly excited vagina. I was in heaven as this amazing and orgasmic theatre was playing out between my legs. I could feel the orgasms starting to build deep within me, slowly at first, then building. This was going to be an orgasm, the like of which I had never felt before. Then without warning, a finger went into my butthole, the shock momentarily halted the build of the orgasm, then as his fingers slid deeper into both my holes, my orgasm broke. Throbbing from deep within every muscle in my body.

Still between my legs, he unbuckled his belt and slid his trousers and pants down, freeing his full and throbbing cock. He leaned forward, and kissed me, his cock resting at the entrance to my vagina. As he kissed me, he gently slid into me, going further and further, until he could go no more. My legs were wrapping around him. He then pulled back, again gently, and just before his tip came out, he thrust back in. In and out, in and out. He slowed picked up the speed. Each time he was at his deepest, he leaned down and kissed me. In and out, in and out. Then, he stopped, his breathing changed, he closed his eyes and came. I could feel his cock throb as he filled me with his cum. Several, big deep breaths later, he looks me in the eyes, leans in and kisses me again.

I can slowly feel his cock shrinking, so he slips out of me and lays by my side, my legs still wide open. He reaches down and strokes my pussy some more. Needing to pee, he gets up and goes to the bathroom. Quickly, I reach into my bag and take out my phone, I quickly take a self of my freshly used pussy with his cum oozing out. I send the picture to Jo on Snapchat , with the tag “Just been fucked, Girl Friend!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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