Confessions Ch. 20 – Rissa

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Thank you Wingedangel for editing!

I’ve never been a very sexual person. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex, I love giving and receiving orgasms, especially when I comes to my man, but, I could live without it. I’ve always been told by my friends that I should explore my sexual appetite a bit. Try new things, try new positions. Sure, that sounds great, but really, I just preferred to suck a little dick to get him nice and hard, then let him lick me, preferably to orgasm, to get me good and wet, then let him lay on me and fuck me until we were done. It was simple, and it worked. There was no need in trying to sit on a counter, bent over a counter or sucking him till orgasm and risking having to taste his cum. Just keep it simple and keep it fun.

The need for different things changed in a way I never thought it would. I was young, 22, not yet married, but with the man that I would eventually marry. We were doing well, lived together, and had the same expectation in the bedroom as one another. The sex was decent, we both finished with an orgasm, so why change it?

I was working as a secretary for an older man, Mr. Gabe Patrel, a lawyer in his mid-sixties. He was a good man, with a wife, three kids and a thriving practice. His suit always neatly pressed, greying hair neatly combed to the side and forever smiling. What I didn’t know about him, at lease when I started, was his alluring sexual appetite; he knew how to seduce in a way I had never thought about.

Let me tell you the event that opened my eyes to desire about a year ago:

When I started working for Mr. Patrel he would comment on what I was wearing, almost fatherly, giving me advice on how to dress better. He would say that the dress was to loose or too tight, or the blouse should be a different color, or perhaps a higher heel on my shoe would add prestige to my look. It was irritating and I felt he was belittling me, but I listened, after all I needed this job, no matter what kind of dickhead he was for telling me how to dress.

After about 2 months I got my first reward for taking his advice. He walked in, looked me up and down, and said, “That’s it, my girl looks good today.” Before heading to his office, but wow! When he said those words I perked right up, how good that felt!

Soon he was commenting more often, “My girl looks beautiful today!” or, “That’s my girl, looking good!” I found myself wanting to hear him say those words, and on the days he would say, “You look good today,” I felt like I missed something, like something was missing, and I couldn’t see the difference.

But it didn’t take me long to figure it out. The first time he said, “That’s my girl,” I took it as a simple figure of speech, but as time went on, I realized the way he said it made me a little excided, a little flush, something about him claiming I was his was invigorating.

On those days that he called me his girl, I found that I wanted sex that night, hell I wanted sex the minute I got home! And if my boyfriend wasn’t home yet avcılar elit escort I would do myself! But, when he doesn’t bother to call me his, I feel empty, I feel like I had disappointed him, why was I not his that day?

I found that if I showed a little more leg or a little more cleavage his compliments always showed that I was his, and his smile was always bigger. I found myself wanting to stand up to show him my body, to spin slowly before him so he could view all of me. I found myself longing for his approval, desiring his favor.

After about 6 months I was given the full joy of being his. Mr. Patrel had a hearing in the morning so I did not see him until after lunch. When he came in his smile was not as big as usual and I knew he had had a rough morning, the case was not going as planned. Without a word he went in his office.

I decided to ask him if he was okay and went to his door, “Sir, is everything well?”

He smiled to me and motioned for me to enter, “Oh my beautiful girl, you always make me smile.”

I tried to stop myself from blushing but I’m sure I failed, “Thank you sir. Is there anything I can do to help you?”

He sat up a bit straighter, bit his lip for just a second and cocked his head to the side, “Will you be a good girl and spin around for me? I want to see how marvelous my girl looks today.”

I giggled, not intentionally, but I did. What was it about him calling me his girl that made me so excited? I spread my arms out wide and spun slowly for him to take me in.

When I got back to facing him his smile was wider. He stood and removed his jacket and tie, “Would you be opposed to closing the door?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond, I was like a lost puppy dog, just searching for the right thing to do, “Sir?”

He chuckled and took a few steps toward me,” Will you be a good girl and close the door?”

I smiled; of course I would be good girl, his good girl! I turned my back to him and closed the door slowly. I stayed there with my fingers still on the hardwood when I felt his hands on my hips.

His face came close to my neck, I could feel his hot breath upon my skin, “My girl smells so good, so tempting. Are you afraid?”

Afraid? Hell no! I was excited as hell! I managed a meek reply, “No sir.”

His hands moved around me and settled upon my stomach and his lips touched my ear as he spoke, “Good, I don’t want my girl to be afraid.” He kissed at my ear and his hands slid up over my breasts and to the top of my blouse, “You’ve been such a good girl lately that you deserve to be rewarded. Does my girl want her reward?”

I could have yelled how badly I wanted my reward. My god I was so horny! I wanted him to take me right there! The way he called me his, the feel of him upon my body, the naughtiness of it all was so thrilling! I managed to keep my meek voice, “Yes sir, please reward me.”

I could feel his mouth move into a bigger smile. He nipped my ear and his fingers worked avcılar escort down my blouse quickly flicking open each button. It was like magic how smoothly his fingers worked, and before I knew it my blouse was open and his fingers were back to my breasts and unfastening my bra, “My girl is so beautiful and sexy, you know that right.”

I tried to keep calm, tried to not let him know just how excited I was, how much I wanted to please him, “Yes sir, you always let me know.”

He kissed my ear and stepped back just far enough to slide off my blouse and bra, only to be back pressed against me. The feel of his body touching my bare skin was so exotic to me, so exhilarating. Here I was, a 22 year old sex prude with a man at home waiting for me with a man that was close to three times my age pressing his body to mine and removing my clothes. Damn, this was so wrong, so bad, so different, so right!

His hands moved to the top of my skirt and he began to gather it in his hands. I felt his breath on my neck as I felt the fabric sliding up my legs, “I’m going to show my girl how happy she makes me, how excited she makes me.”

I could feel the fabric of his pants against my bottom as his hand moved and cupped my thong covered pussy. I released a quiet moan as I replied, “Please do sir.”

He kissed my neck and pulled on the front of my thong, the feeling of it sliding between my little lips made me gasp with pleasure. He pulled up on it again and it pressed hard against my clit, instinctively I moved my hips toward it, making it press harder against me.

He kissed my neck and wound his free arm around my waist, “My girl likes this doesn’t she?”

He moved his hand making the thong circle around my clit, my response came in short gasps, I couldn’t believe how wonderful this felt, “Yes sir, it feels so good sir.”

He held me tight against him as his hand worked my thong faster and faster, my breath was beginning to be hard to find as my body began to shake, the pleasure he was giving me was so intense; when he gave my earlobe a little suckle I could no longer hold back. If he was not holding me so tight against him I would have fallen on the floor with the power of my orgasm, my body was shaking like an earthquake and my moans echoed throughout the room. Wave after wave of my orgasm flowed through me, taking away my vision and control of my body. I thought it would never end!

Slowly I regained myself and his voice tapped into my ears, “That’s my girl. Now come with me.”

I obeyed without a second thought as he turned me and led me to his desk. He held up a finger for me to wait and I watched as he removed his clothes and exposed his hard cock. He placed his hands on my hips and moved me in front of him. He smiled and kissed my lips softly, “Does my girl want to feel me inside her?”

I tried to sound like I wasn’t begging but I think I failed, “Yes sir, please sir.”

He smiled and spun me by my hips. His hand slid over my ass and avcılar eve gelen escort he lightly slapped it, “My girl has a wonderful ass, you know that right?”

I leaned over the desk and felt him slide my thong to the side as I answered him, “Yes sir, I’m glad you like it.”

He slid his cock between my legs and pressed it against my sex before taking it away. I didn’t mean to, but I whimpered when he took it away.

He laughed quietly, “Don’t worry baby girl, its coming.”

Oh my god! Those words shot right through me; I lifted my hips to give him better access to my wet pussy. I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me, to please him, to let him have me!

He moved back toward me and pressed the tip of his cock against me then slowly slid inside me. God did it feel so good to have him inside me, to feel him begin to slide in and out of me, to hear his breath quicken as he moved.

I was pushing back against him when he placed a hand on my ass, “Now to make my girl cum again.” The words increased my excitement, what new thing would he do to me? What did he have in store for me?

He pushed himself deep inside of my pussy then inserted his thumb in my ass. Oh my god! I moaned out in pleasure and he began to thrust his member in and out of me. His finger trapped in my ass, wiggling ever so slightly, I was losing all control again. My pussy squeezed and released his cock several times, my breath could not be found. I could not believe that he was giving me a second mind-blowing orgasm!

When my orgasm finally subsided he withdrew his cock from me and helped me stand and turn to face him. He kissed my lips softly and whispered, “Now be a good girl and finish me off.”

Sucking dick and tasting a man has never been my thing, especially if he had already been inside me, no need for me to taste myself, but I dropped to my knees for him immediately, eager and ready to please him.

He smiled as I took him deep in my mouth and I kept my eyes on him as I began to stroke him between my lips. I moved faster and faster, my fingers moving up to cup his balls. As his breathing quickened my intensity did as well.

He set a hand on the back of my head and spoke between breaths, “Be a good girl and take me, swallow every drop for me”.

I couldn’t deny this and when I felt his body shake, felt his cock grow, I took him deep and held him there. I let my tongue swirl around him and felt his hot cum spray the back of my throat. I sucked hard and felt another stream come out and then another and I swallowed every bit.

As he began to go soft I gave him a few more flicks of my tongue before releasing his member from my mouth.

He smiled down to me, “That’s my good girl. I am very happy now.”

Something about his smile, his words, something about him made me want to do all these things over and over again. Made me want to explore every type of sexual activity that I possibly could. Made me want to orgasm in so many ways, and made me want to make him orgasm over and over.

Mr. Patrel opened my eyes to a whole new world of sex, a whole new world of pleasure. I had the joy of him pleasing me a few more times before he retired. He moved away after that but I will never forget him.

Now, my sex life is a wonderful thing, an adventure every time, as it should be.

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