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Note: Two unmarried couples spend the weekend in the mountains with a case of whip cream. Now what kind of mischief can they get into? Enjoy. All Rights Reserved.


Tracy and Tim had planned on a quiet Valentine weekend alone at the mountain cabin. So when they heard a car coming down the dirt road they were surprised.

“Who is it?” Tracy asked trying to shield her eyes from the setting sun over the mountain.

“I think it’s Mike’s car,” Tim said putting down his beer. “You better get some clothes on.”

“Shit,” Tracy gasped. She was only wearing a long white tee shirt and light blue panties. She jumped up from the chair on the small porch and ran back into the cabin.

“What the fuck are you two doing here?” Tim asked his best friend Mike and his recent girl friend Melissa when they climbed out of the large SUV.

“You invited us remember?” Mike grinned carrying a case of beer from the back. Melissa had two large bottles of champagne in her small petite hands.

“I did?” Mike asked out loud. “Oh yeah, at the softball game. We didn’t hear from you so we figured you weren’t coming.”

“We would have been here sooner but no one in Hicksville knew where Rural Route 4 was. Luckily I stopped a hunter and he told us.”

“Yeah it’s pretty isolated out here,” Tim said trying not to peek at Melissa’s nice round tits pushing out a tight sleeveless red blouse.

Tracy walked out and pushed her long blonde hair from her face. “Hi.” She had changed into a pair of tight jeans and had put a bra on under the white tee. “I’m glad you two came. It gets pretty boring up here with no TV.”

“Doesn’t Tim keep you busy?” Mike asked checking out the shiny navel ring on Tracy’s lower stomach. He could see her boobs were not as big as Melissa’s but he had always enjoyed looking at her cute ass.

“Yes but 10 minutes doesn’t help much,” she joked.

“10 minutes!” Tim yelled sitting up. “More like ten hours.”

“You wish,” Mike laughed.

“So do I,” Melissa frowned. Although Melissa was new she had mixed with Tracy at other parties.

“Maybe you will get your wish,” Mike grinned. He had been at the cabin before and knew it was one large open room inside. After pulling out a beer from the 12-pack he quickly consumed it. “Burp!”

“You pig,” Melissa frowned. “Maybe Tracy can show me where to put my stuff.”

“Come inside,” Tracy said noticing Tim’s eyes on the younger girl’s chest.

Once they were inside Mike sat down next to his buddy. “So if we can get them smashed we can play the game.”

“Game?” Tim repeated looking puzzled but then it hit him. “Oh no…not the game. Tracy will never…”

“I’ve got five cans of Cool Whip in the car and I saw how you were checking out Melissa’s tits.”

“This isn’t college asshole. Tracy might be my wife someday.”

“We don’t have to go all the way,” Mike reasoned. “I mean you’ve been hooked up now for four years. A little fun won’t hurt.”

Tim sighed because he envied Mike’s single life having a new girl every three months. “Tracy will never go for it.”


“Do you know why Mike brought up 5 cans of Cool Whip?” Melissa asked Tracy as the two stood by the two double beds located near each other.

Tracy turned. “Cool Whip. I have no idea. Tim sometimes squirts it in his mouth.”

“There is something fishy,” Melissa said looking out the window at the two 27 year old men.

“May I ask how old you are?” Tracy asked.

“21,” Melissa answered. “I know Mike is older but he acts like most of the guys my age.”

“Mike is unique,” Tracy said peeking out at Mike’s strong shoulders and biceps.

“In more ways than one,” Melissa grinned.

After putting Melissa’s things away in a small dresser they joined the men on the porch as the sun was setting. “Here have some Champagne,” Mike said handing a full glass to both women.

For the next hour they sat finishing off the bottle of Champagne and the 12-pack. All four were feeling good when the girls went into the cabin and the guys emptied Mike’s SUV.

After setting the bags on the small table by the refrigerator Tracy went over and looked into the bags. “Let’s see…beer…more beer and what do we have here? Cool Whip.” She picked out one of the tall cans and held it out as evidence. “Explain.”

Tim put up his hands in defense. “Mike brought it.” They all turned and looked at Mike who stood with a shit-eating grin.

“Since we don’t have a TV and I don’t see any cards I thought we would play a game Tim and I played in college.”

The girls turned and looked at Tim. “Don’t look at me.” They looked back at Mike.

“Tell us how this game is played,” Tracy said looking very suspiciously at Mike.

“Well its like Truth or Dare,” Mike said quickly. “You’ve played that before right?”

“I have,” Melissa grinned. “It can get dirty.” She glanced at Tim’s shorts and wondered if he was as endowed as Mike was.

“I don’t think so,” Tracy said putting the Cool Whip down on the table like bakırköy üniversiteli escort it was a hot potato.

“Tim said you would chicken out,” Mike grinned wondering if he could piss her off into playing.

Tracy turned and glared at her guy. “Do you really want to play this game?” The Champagne had gone to her head.

“No…I mean if you are uncomfortable playing a game like this…you know.”

“Maybe I want to play it,” Tracy said before looking at Melissa. “How dirty does it get and what is the Cool Whip for?”

“I’m not sure about the Cool Whip but for Truth or Dare you have to chose one of them and then do it,” Melissa said. She had first refused to go to the cabin but now was happy she did.

“I can do that,” Tracy giggled. Again she picked up the Cool Whip and held it out towards Mike. “Well?”

“All the dares have to involve using Cool Whip.” He licked his lips to give her a hint.

But the champagne had dampened her wits. “I don’t understand.”

Finally Tim spoke up. “A dare might involve putting Cool Whip on a body part and the person doing the dare must…must lick it off.” He felt himself getting hard as he saw Melissa’s large nipples pushing out her thin blouse.

“This does sound pretty dirty,” Tracy said. “What if we don’t want to do something?”

“I guess the game is over or..or you have to take something off.” Mike grinned. The sun had gone down and it was getting cold in the cabin. “How about we start a fire in the fireplace?”

Tim and Mike walked outside to get some wood while the girls took out the beer and Cool Whip.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Melissa asked the older woman. “I mean you’re in a long relationship and…”

“Have you dated a lot of other guys?” Tracy asked back.

“Not a lot,” Melissa answered. “Why?”

“I’ve only dated one guy and I’m still with him. Now I’m hearing that he used to play this game in college while I stayed back in our hometown.”

“Oh…I see,” Melissa grinned. “So maybe you can pay him back. But will Tim get jealous?”

“From the way he’s looking at your tits I don’t think he will even notice.”


“I told you she would go for it,” Mike whispered to Tim as they loaded up some logs in their arms.

“You can’t fuck her,” Tim said quickly remembering the co-eds Mike use to bed in their dorm room. He also remembered how large Mike is.

“Not unless you give me the thumbs up buddy,” Mike grinned. He hoped that Melissa would weaken him until he did.

“That’s not going to happen.” They walked to the door and Tim kicked it with his foot for the women to let them in. When Tracy walked to the doorway he almost dropped the logs. “Jesus, what are you wearing?”

“A tee shirt,” Tracy grinned noticing Mike’s eyes on the hard pencil erasers on her small mounds.

Tim was about to complain when Melissa walked next to Tracy. She too was wearing a long tee shirt but her huge titties clung to the cotton and her long hard nipples pushed out almost a half an inch. “Me too,” Melissa grinned.

“Great,” Mike said moving by the startled man into the cabin. He put the logs into the fireplace and after putting some kindling underneath he got the fire started. “Where do we play?” He asked glancing over at the two beds.

“On the rug,” Tim answered quickly. He pulled the large fluffy white rug by the fireplace and the four moved into a circle. Tim grabbed an empty champagne bottle. “Whoever spins the bottle asks the truth or dare to the person the bottle points to.” He smiled as Melissa and Tracy took special care to keep their legs crossed so the guys couldn’t look under the shirts. “I’ll go first.”

Mike spun the bottle on the rug and it moved around and around until it pointed at Melissa. “Truth or Dare baby?”

She wasn’t going to do the first dare. “Truth.”

“What is your favorite sexual position?” He already knew.

Melissa blushed. “I like to be on top.”

“Who goes next?” Tracy asked excited about what was going to happen.

“Melissa,” Mike answered handing her the bottle to spin. Around and around it moved until it pointed at Tim. She smiled. “Truth or Dare?”

“Truth,” Tim answered.

“Let’s see…OK how far did you go when you played this game in college?”

Tim gulped and glanced at Tracy because they were going out at that time. “Not far.”

Tracy smacked his left arm. “Oh no. You have to tell the truth. How far did you go Tim?”

Mike leaned back and smiled. The game was going the way he had wanted it to. “Do you want to tell them or wait until I go?”

“No..I can do it,” Tim glared at his friend. “I never went all the way.”

“Beep…not enough answer,” Tracy said. “How far?”

“Ok…fuck. I licked off Cool Whip on every part of their bodies. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

It was what Mike wanted Tracy to hear. “And, they did the same to us.”

“Thanks Mike,” Tracy said not looking at her guy.

They bakırköy bdsm escort all were silent when Tim spun the bottle. This time it pointed to Melissa again. “Do we have to keep saying Truth or Dare?”

“No,” Mike grinned.

“Dare,” Melissa said now totally excited. “I guess we need the Cool Whip right?” As she leaned back to grab the can, which was placed on the floor behind her they all saw the light green triangle of her panties. By now both men were sporting hard-ons. She moved back and around and pushed down her shirt before handing the pressurized cream to Tim.

Tim remembered all the fun they had. “OK, I want you to suck off the cream that I put on my…” He hesitated. “On my thumb.”

“How long?” She asked as she moved closer to the middle.

“A minute,” Mike answered. He glanced over at Tracy who was looking jealous as Tim squirted Cool Whip on his right thumb and held it out for Melissa.

“I’ll keep the time,” Mike said looking at his watch. “Go.”

Melissa smiled at Tim as she slowly licked a large lump of cream onto her tongue. She teased by moving it around her lips before slowly licking it away. Again her mouth moved forward but this time engulfed the large tip and slowly moved all the way down to where the thumb met the hand.

“Fuck,” Tim groaned feeling her tongue caressing this thumb that had disappeared between her soft lips. Her hand held his wrist as her head moved slowly back and forth.

Mike looked over at Tracy figuring she was watching Melissa but saw her looking down at his lap. He knew he was rock hard pushing out the thin shorts.

Tracy’s eyes widened when she saw the size and shape of Mike’s bulging cock. Tim was not a small man but what she was looking at beat her man by at least two inches.

“Time’s up,” Mike grinned. He wanted some action himself.

Melissa’s lips popped off of Tim’s thumb and as she crawled backwards she realized that Tim could see down the front of her shirt. She smiled and sat back in her seat. She spun the bottle and it pointed at Tracy.

Tracy had decided to only say Truth but seeing Melissa sucking her guy’s thumb and seeing Mike’s package she decided to go for it. “Dare.”

It surprised Tim. “Dare?”

“Yes dare,” Tracy grinned.

Melissa didn’t want to spook her. “I dare you to lick the Cool Whip off of Mike’s left thigh.”

“Thigh,” Tracy repeated. She looked at his bare thigh underneath the edge of his shorts. A few inches above the hem was the covered cock head of his excitement.

“I’ll put the Cool Whip on it,” Melissa grinned. She crawled over next to him and squirted some cream in a small circle on his bare thigh. “It’s all yours.”

Tracy glanced at Tim for permission. He lifted his hand upward, which mean to go for it. She gulped and when Melissa moved out of the way she crawled to him and when he leaned back on his elbows she lowered her mouth to the white sweetness.

“One minute,” Tim said looking at his watch. “Go.” He looked at his girl’s head, which was down between another man’s legs. For ten seconds her head moved around in a circle licking off the cream. He figured that was it until Mike’s right hand moved behind her head and pulled it towards his bulge.

“Umphhh,” Tracy grunted when her face and cream covered lips were forced down against his throbbing covered cock. She tried to lift back upward but he was too strong. When she tried to open her mouth to complain he pushed downward which caused most of his cock head to be engulfed by her mouth. She realized then that he was not only longer but also thicker than Tim.

“Hey…let her up,” Tim growled at Mike. He started to stand up but Mike grinned and released Tracy’s head.

“Take it easy,” Mike said when Tracy’s face lifted. He did his best not to laugh at the white cream, which completely covered her mouth, chin and nose.

“You shit head,” Tracy said as she wiped off the cream. As she gathered it in her right fingers she slung it at his face. It smacked against his forehead causing them all to laugh.

“Maybe this game is not a good idea,” Tim said grabbing the can of cream.

“Oh no, I’m not the only one who is going to get cream all over their face,” Tracy said moving back and taking the bottle. She spun it around and it pointed at Melissa.

“Dare,” the younger woman grinned.

“Same thing with Tim,” Tracy said grabbing the can of cream. But as she directed the Cool Whip onto his leg she pushed his shorts back towards his apparent erection.

“Jesus Tracy,” Tim gasped when she almost exposed the tip of his shaft.

“All’s fair in love and games,” she giggled and moved back.

Melissa glanced at Mike and winked. She knew that Mike wanted to see how far his friends would go. She didn’t wait for Mike to say GO before she lowered her face to Tim’s bare leg.

Sucking on his thumb was one thing and licking his thigh only inches below his rocket was something else. His eyes rolled back when her wet tongue left marks bakırköy elit escort through the cream.

Although Melissa had slept with other guys before Mike she had only given Mike a blowjob. It was still new to her but she knew that when her tongue touched the tip of a cock the man was hers.

“Ahhh,” Mike moaned when he felt her tongue slip gently under his shorts and boxers. Her face turned towards his stomach as she pushed her wet digit as far out as she could. “Fuck,” he gasped when the tips met.

“Time,” Mike said trying not to laugh. He was surprised to see Tracy smiling as Melissa’s cream covered face moved up and away.

“I think we need a break,” Tim said trying to push his shorts down over his raging hard-on. “Let’s go outside Tracy.”

Tracy leaned back to brace herself before pushing up. She knew that Mike could see up under her tee shirt but didn’t care. “Be right back,” she smiled as she followed her man out onto the dark porch. After closing the door behind her she leaned against the porch beam. She waited.

“I think we need to stop before this gets out of hand,” Tim said turning around.

“Oh, it’s already out of hand or should I say mouth. Don’t tell me you didn’t like big boobed Melissa licking you.”

“Well you didn’t seem to mind rubbing your face all over Mike’s cock,” he came back.

“Duh, he held my face there. And you’re right…I didn’t mind,” she said still feeling high and excited. “We’ve been together for five years and you have to admit it takes us both some time to get excited.”

“Yeah but how far do we go?” Tim asked looking back into the house at Melissa who was standing on the rug dancing for Mike. Her big jugs were swaying back and forth.

“You played this game with other girls while we were still going out. I should be really pissed but you know what? I’m not pissed because I’m going to play the game as far as you did in college.” She stared into his eyes as she walked by him and back into the house.


After they left Mike smiled at Melissa. “I told you they would go for some sexy games.”

“Yeah, I didn’t think she would do it but it looks like Tim is the one holding back.”

“Did you reach it with your tongue?” Mike said looking at the front of her panties and seeing a damp spot.

“Yes, and it was quite yummy,” she giggled. She stood up and started dancing slowly in front of him.

“Remember when you told me that you used to kiss your girlfriends in your sorority?”

“Well yes but…,” she hesitated and saw his evil look. “You want me to…with Tracy.”

Before he could answer the door opened and Tracy walked back inside. “Whose turn is it to spin the bottle?”

“Mine,” Tracy answered. She waited until Tim was sitting before she spun it around. “Mike.”

Mike picked up the can of whip cream and handed it to Melissa. “Here you go.”

Melissa wasn’t ready to expose her body just yet but wanted to turn Tim on some more. She took the cream and with her right hand directed the nozzle at her left nipple. It was an easy target since it pushed out the shirt so much. “Right here baby.”

When Tim realized what Mike was going to kiss and suck he shifted to the side so he could watch the man’s lips engulf the gob of cream on Melissa mound. As Melissa leaned back and closed her eyes her shirt again shifted upward. This time most of the woman’s panties were visible. It didn’t look like there were any pubic hairs under the tiny triangle.

Tracy watched and realized that she was wishing it was her nipple that Mike was sucking on. As he moved and leaned downward his shorts moved up enough for the tip of his cock to peek out at her. From the angle only she could see it. The swollen purple glistening head and tiny hole was hers to view.

Mike knew that Melissa liked him to be rough with her nipples. He captured it between his teeth and pulled back allowing both Tracy and Tim to witness the hard treatment. “Ohhh,” Melissa moaned from pleasure.

“I…uh…think that a minute…is…uh up,” Tracy said.

As Mike’s lips moved away he left a huge wet spot on the white tee. Now the tip was also darkened. It was Melissa’s turn to spin. It pointed to Tracy. “Dare?”

Tracy could only nod as Melissa took the can towards Mike. They all wondered where she would squirt the cream and when she directed it at Mike’s mouth the time for some serious kissing was about to begin.

Mike moved back until he was face up on the rug. As Tracy climbed over him and was looking down into his eyes his hands moved behind her back to pull her whole body down onto his. He felt the hard tips of her breasts and knew she felt his excitement before her lips opened to capture the whip cream.

As Tracy ate the cream down she felt his tongue move out to taste it and to be pulled into her mouth with it. Her tongue moved naturally to meet it and to mix with it to finished off the sweetness. Never had she French kissed another male and never had she shared a mouth full of white cream.

Tim was excited and also jealous seeing his girl’s mouth wide open with Mike’s tongue exploring and tasting her. He watched the time on his wrist and was about to say it was time when Melissa moved over and put her finger on his lips. “A little bit longer,” she whispered. She took his wrist and pulled it towards her until it touched the covered softness of her braless chest.

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