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Tiffany May was gloriously pregnant, bulging and glowing as only the expecting woman can. Her belly was massive, as she counted the days towards delivery, her breasts full of milk, and already expressing. It was messy, yet she felt better than she ever had. And Tom, her husband was becoming a pregnancy freak, unable to keep his hands off of her.

She didn’t mind, as her pussy was driving her crazy. Wet and wanton, most morning she’d be poised above him, putting his morning wood to good use. The position worked for her, as she didn’t have to strain to get that huge tummy to move too far. Her tits would bounce and bobble over it, and when she came…

When she came, her nipples would open up with a letdown that sprayed all over his chest, waking him, if he wasn’t already. Thin sprays of milk would fountain outwards, hardly noticed as her pussy exploded with pleasure. Then he’d reach up and start to gently milk her, sometimes latching onto a nipple to drain her from one side, then the other. They even saved some on breakfast.

When he wasn’t there, she’d pull her top off sometimes, and reach downward to suck up the excess. Legs spread widely, she’d play with herself, tasting her own mother’s milk, and lately, even sucking her nipples from her distended mammaries to shattering orgasms. Then, exhausted, she’d nap, until her needy sex woke her again.

The one thing she missed, wasn’t anything important. She’d avoided morning sickness, which was a huge relief. The one thing that mystified her was cravings. Oh sure, her pregnant friends, and mothers with young children would talk about babies by the hour, if prompted. Each one told of the bizarre combinations of food that they simply had to have, and their husbands frantically racing (or not) to all-night groceries to find the objects of their desires. Some of them made the trip themselves, blushing as knowing cashiers made subtle comments about it.

It sounded inconvenient, but in a way, it sounded like fun. Just pigging out, satisfying herself, seeing Tom light up as she enjoyed some unlikely combination, she felt she was missing out on something important. He’d volunteered to go to the ends of the Earth for whatever she wanted, which was one reason she wanted his children. But the lack of cravings bothered her.

One day, she regarded her naked form in the mirror. Raven-dark hair against well-tanned skin, glowing ice-blue eyes, and her growing breasts. Her belly button had already popped out like a third nipple, and hubby would tease it sometimes, on his way down to her damp pussy. Her nipples stood out proudly, and even after her last self-induced climax, were already starting to drip like a leaky faucets. However big the baby, it would never go hungry.

She smiled seductively, imagining all the things her man would do, if he was here now. Slip into the room, then into her, holding her from behind as his thick cock filled her completely. His hands milking her into the sink, a river of wonderful sensation, letting go of all the goodness, until he would drink himself full. Her hand was already heading for the trimmed bush, when it hit her.

She needed something, something missing. Almost like a command, she knew it was something she had to have? Donning her bathrobe, she went down to the kitchen, as if searching for that missing magic. Her body called out, but not for anything she could find. What was it? Nothing looked good, looked right.

Her stomach rumbled, as she sat confused on a kitchen chair. What is it I want? She hadn’t asked anyone how they knew what they wanted, they just knew. She licked her lips absently, craving it, and badly. Looking at the clock, she saw Tom would be home in about an hour, and she didn’t know where to dispatch him to rescue her from the gnawing hunger she felt. Pouting in frustration, she went to take a shower, still puzzling over the feeling of emptiness.

Climbing into the shower, the hot water struck her breasts, teasing them to release a flood of milk against the walls of the shower. She blissfully milked herself, knowing that in the end, it would only swell them even more. The growth had been amazing; she’d been about average, until her ‘udders’ kicked in, and she was a good three or four sizes larger. They wobbled liquidly when she walked, and the looks she got from men, and even women, as she passed by made her feel even better.

She casino siteleri started fantasizing, as she reached up for a waterproof vibrator, and switched it on, rubbing it against her swollen clit. The sharp tingles awakened her needy slit, opening as she pushed inward to feel the hard shaft buzz against her deprived pussy. She began to rock silently as she pictured herself on her knees in front of him, taking his cock…


She liked blow jobs as much as the next girl, but it was usually the opening act for a far more useful penetration of a more natural destination. Yet her fantasy seemed to go on, rubbing his balls, and pumping him to get him to cum. She occasionally finished him off, but it wasn’t usually a source of fantasy. But something made her pussy flow hotter and wetter as she started to bring him off, remembering the taste of him in her mouth, as she dutifully swallowed, just for him.

Oh, please…that couldn’t be it. She was craving cum? His jism? Well, it would save on grocery bills, until…

She actually cried out as she came, the sounds of a climaxing woman filling the bathroom. The shower toy fell to the floor, once she’d stopped shaking. Unlike the slow buildup she’d had before, this was an invasion, a sudden explosion between her legs. She sagged against the seat in the shower, the water already growing colder, bringing her back to reality. Quickly turning off the deluge, she rocked back and forth in the afterglow.

Damn, that was great, she thought, I’ll have to see if that’s what it really is.

Tom came in the door, tired from another day of constant activity at work. Like everyone else, he did the job of two or three people, and it took most of the joy out of life. However, that was all banished once he got home. Standing in the hallway, he saw his wife, the gravid seductress, wearing a nighty that stirred things in his trousers right away.

“Did I miss an anniversary?” he joked, furtively searching his mind for just such an eventuality.

“No, I’ve just been thinking about you…all day,” she purred, as she threw her arms around him for a passionate kiss that felt like it lasted for two days. She reached down, snaking her hand along his crotch, until she found the object of her desire. Pressing her milk-filled tits into his shirt, she ground her pussy against it, almost ready to ride him right there…but first, the experiment.

She broke away, taking his hand. “Honey, I want to do something different. Sit down, right there,” she indicated the living-room couch, which he did, wondering what she had in mind. She knelt down in front of him, remembering her fantasy, and took the zipper in her teeth, slowly pulling it down. He smiled down at her, not sure where this was going, but hopeful it was going to be worth it.

Unbuckling his belt, she spread his pants open, rubbing his hardening cock up and down. “That looks so good, I’m going to suck it. Would you like it?”

Nodding silently, he brushed her hair. “Any time, darling. No one knows me as well as you do.” Adjusting himself, he sat back to enjoy her ministrations.

She looked at his cock, familiar with every inch of it. Cupping his balls, she idly balanced them in her hands. How much can he give me? she wondered. The need started to worry at her again, and the power of it surprised her. She wasn’t a world-class fellatrix, but she knew the hardness staring her in the face quite well. Her mouth watered as she opened her full lips, and slid the first few inches in.

She ran her tongue over the end, already seeping with pre-cum, which she lapped up noisily, getting him even more excited. Yes, she thought, I don’t know why, but I need this. Her mouth bobbed forward, taking in about half of his massive cock. She could get a little more in if she tried, but something about having him come, tasting him, swallowing every drop, was making her vag start to get wet again.

I’m turning into a fucking nympho, she accused herself, but past caring. All that matter was making this hosepipe fill her mouth with yummy cum. She licked the under shaft, just the way he liked it, but not holding off this time. She felt like a porn star; suck him off as fast as you can, that was how they did it. Come on, baby, fill my mouth, fill it with jism!

Her face started moving, sliding him in and out as she moaned in desire. canlı casino She massaged his balls, trying to get them to give her the treat she needed. She ran over all his favorite spots, relishing his gasps and heavy breathing, knowing she wasn’t going to stop, but then, he didn’t know that. That made her feel powerful, completely feminine, her man needed her, and she had his full attention.

Going frantic, she started pumping the remainder of his shaft in counterpoint to her hungry mouth. His hands rested on her shoulders, as he tried not to grab her head and fuck it like he wanted to. She grinned mentally, then grabbed his hands and put them on the back of her head. It was a bit rough, but she wanted him that way. Don’t hold back, give me every drop!

Her other hand was already tracing around her clit, she wanted to come with him, and was racing to try to catch up. She could feel his balls start to retract, and moaned in anticipation. He was going to come, and she was going to make him.

“Honey, I’m getting close…” he warned her. Usually she would stop about now, and impale herself, riding him until she came. But it looked like she wasn’t stopping.

“Hon, I can’t hold back much longer,” he said, shakily, and almost out of control. With an effort, she felt his hands leave her head, clenching at the cushions to try to hold on.

She stopped for a second, and pulled her mouth reluctantly off to stare him in the face. “I want you to come in my mouth. I want to taste you. Let me make you come!” she whispered, then went back onto his leaking organ.

An animalistic growl came from him, as he grabbed her head, as if it would get away. She felt happy, knowing he wasn’t going to be the civilized man, he was fucking her mouth, and she loved it.

His hips jerked back and forth as she sucked and licked, pumped with one hand as she started to get close herself. After years of jilling off, she could hold herself at the edge of orgasm, but she wanted him to come first.

His balls were drawn up tight, and she knew he was about to spurt. She came dangerously close to cumming right then. He was bucking against her mouth, and she knew it would only be seconds until he exploded.

“Oh, fuck, oh fuck…ooohhhh!” he shouted, as she felt his shaft swell up. The thick semen squirted into her mouth, and suddenly she knew. This was what she craved. It was silly, but oh, so good. Swallowing as fast as she could, she ran the thick taste over her tongue.

It was just a simple matter to bring herself off, seeing stars as she launched into one of the most intense climaxes she could remember. The seed filling her mouth just made it all that more intense. Screaming in delight around his mouth-filling shaft, she had to grab the couch to keep from falling over.

Careful not to spill a drop, she leaned back on her legs, looking up. Opening her mouth, he could see a pool of hot jism filling her mouth. She closed her lips, then swallowed audibly as he looked at her in surprise. He leaned forward to run his fingers along her cheek, gasping from the climax she had claimed from him.

“What was that all about?” he asked. “And how can we do that again?”

She stood up, wobbling from the swollen belly and tits. “I don’t know. I think I’ve discovered my cravings.”

“You crave cum?” he asked, incredulous. “You’re not shitting me?”

“I don’t know, Tom,” she said, introspective and thinking. “I just had this wonderful fantasy about blowing you, and I wanted the real thing. I don’t know why, but all I could think about was you cumming in my mouth.”

He got up, holding her in his arms. “It’s a tremendous sacrifice, but I’ll see you get all you want.”

Playfully punching his arm, she looked up. “I don’t know, Tom, I think I’m going to need a lot.”

A crafty smile on his face, he zipped up, his shirt still untucked. “Well, there’s got to be a way to make me cum more, and harder. We’re getting close to where the doc said we’d have to taper off, and the thought of not being able to fill your pussy…having to wait.”

She nodded, sliding her hand up his zipper. “We can research it right after supper. Takeout ok?” She didn’t want him to leave the house, she wanted another mouthful, and soon.

After dinner, she figured he’d be up for another BJ, and she smacked her lips in anticipation. Tugging at his kaçak casino hand, she led him upstairs to the bedroom, and sat him down in front of the computer. A few minutes later, her head swam with web sites devoted to fellatio, head, or even something called ‘skull-fucking’. The videos of copious amounts of cum flying through the air, across voluptuous breasts, and deep inside willing mouths made her hornier than ever.

Checking on him, she found him hard as a rock. Unfortunately, there wasn’t room for an immensely-pregnant woman under his desk, so she’d have to forego blowing him while he searched. Still, the feel of his shaft, straining through his pants, led to her relieving the tension, and see his cock silhouetted against his shorts. He didn’t resist as she pulled down both, revealing his rigidness to her anticipation.

She started with a simple hand-job, something they’d done since they were dating. She knew all his signs, and almost exactly when he’d blow. One thing she’d seen on one of the sites was how to massage the prostate. Anecdotes back to the 40s told of native girls increasing men’s’ amounts had her looking for some oil, and she spread his legs slightly as she found what the article pointed out.

“Like that?” she grinned.

“Fuck, yeah. It’s so intense,” he gasped, as she continued to pump up and down on him. She could feel him getting even harder than usual, and wondered if it was something she could do while he fucked her. It was taking too much concentration, so she’d figure it out later.

Already, his precum was starting to flow over her fingers, as she brought the liquid to her lips, and licked it delicately off them. He groaned as he watched the sight, then gasped again, as she worked with both hands. She checked the testicles, already rising to blast another load into the air, or preferably, her mouth.

“I think you’re gonna come soon, lover.”

“With the way you’re doing that, yeah,” he managed to get out.

Her pussy was wet and ready, but she already had both hands occupied, so it would have to wait. Speeding up slightly, she gave off teasing him, and started to stroke him in earnest. A steady coating of pre-cum made the head glisten over her fist, and she leaned down to lick it off.

Oh, yeah, she thought, I want more.

He was sitting rigidly, looking at something on the screen. She glanced up and almost stopped what she was doing. There was a man on the screen, with the most impossibly-huge cock, and he was getting ready to shoot all over some poor girls’ face. She closed her eyes as he started to shout, and then he came, spouting like a broken water main, flooding her face, and filling her mouth, splashing over her breasts, as she tried to keep up with him.

The idea made her own pussy clench in an orgasm of its own, not hard, but nice. “Fuck that’s hot,” she said, and then swiftly positioned herself as she saw he was going to come himself.

“That’s it, oh fuck, that’s it. Yeah, oh suck it!” he rasped, as she got her mouth over him. Opening her lips, she hoovered at the end of his cock, trying to get more down. He shook, and thrust hard into her mouth as she felt his shaft spurt deep in her throat, as she moaned, cumming again. It was so good, she pulled and tugged to get every bit of it. The prostate trick worked; he came harder and filled her mouth even more as he came. She swirled the offering in her mouth, tasting and slurping as he continued to shoot into her willing mouth.

“Mmmm!” she groaned, as she sucked it all down. No show tonight, hon, I want it deep in my throat, she mused. All too soon, she felt the last bits dribble onto her tongue, teasing her with the taste, before he started to shrink. Disappointed, she looked up, smiling as he pointed out a missed spot that she laved into her mouth.

He sat back in the chair, worn out from two world-class blow jobs. “I don’t know what’s got into you, ‘Tiff, but I like it.”

“I don’t either. I feel like such a slut, but it tastes so good. I don’t understand why, but trust me, I’m going to blow you every chance I get.”

He smiled crookedly, and hugged her, kissing her cheek. “If I can stand it, that is. I think I’m tapped out for the night. Aside from that herbal stuff, I think that’s as much as you’re gonna get from me.” There was a site that catered to natural enhancements, that promised testicle growth and potency, but they’d have to check that out thoroughly. No telling what it might do.

She stuck out her tongue, still slick with the last of his offering. “There’s always the morning, love. I may have a special wakeup call for you.”

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