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He didn’t know the exact moment it occurred. The first time he sensed that there was something special about this lady. Just the thought of her lured him closer. There was something that would lessen his innate shyness and make him forget that she was not a part of his world. Smiling he thinks not yet, not just yet.

He felt as if he were divided between doing the right thing or satisfying that hunger for the feelings in his soul. The conversations were innocent at first, casual and easy chatting of two people getting to know each other. They shared common ideals, wishes and dreams. But at some point his feelings altered. He went from genuine concern for her well being to wanting to affect that well being, in a positive manner. Something deeper than conversation could quench. But their common circumstances dictated their relationship should go no further. However much they needed the joy and stimulation of something far greater.

Whenever he talked to her, spent a few moments with her, he felt a stimulating and delightful sense of arousal that her simple presence caused. They should simply depart from each others company and not complicate their lives. However, as time went on it was impossible to do so, to do so would deny the stars exist or the moon rise for lovers. This yearning for her mere presence was a storm brewing in his very soul. He took refuse in the anonymity of numbers and he hid among the many.

On that fateful afternoon he went downtown to take care of some mundane business, the very reason escaped him. She was window shopping along Main Street as he was going to his car. Pleasantries were exchanges and they strolled down the street. Her window shopping was forgotten, the warm sun and pleasant company had seen to that. As it always seemed to happen when she was near, mild flirtations, friendly smiles and a feigned frown every now and then marked their conversations.

Asking her where her car was parked he learned that she had been dropped off and that she was going to call a neighbor to come and get her. She hated driving downtown and hated finding a parking space worse. But she loved the old shopping section and visited there often. Without thinking, or was it something subliminal, he offered her a ride home and was pleasantly surprised with the ease at which she accepted. The ride home was a bit awkward for him but her light conversation put him at ease. Pulling in her driveway he noted the absence of another car. Her response was that her car was in the garage and the other car that was usually there wasn’t. Not wanting to walk on those egg shells, he exited his side. Opening her door he was about to wish her a good day when she asked if he would like to come in and have a cool drink. He remembered he stammered rather than spoke but the answer was yes.

Following her up the steps to the front door first he noticed how well her shorts accentuated her form, her smooth legs, in proportion to the whole frame and how incredibly sexy she walked. He covered these thoughts with light banter about the neighborhood and ataşehir escort such. He did notice she scanned the whole street from one side to the other with a measured intent. Once inside she turned to him and with a sweep of her arm motioned him in. It was at that instant that he realized how incredibly sensuous she was. He had always appreciated the latent eroticism of her mind but now he saw a convergence of mind and body into one wonderfully sexy person. It was if he were seeing the whole of her for the first time. She is slightly shorter than average height and it belied the energy her dark eyes foretold.

She ushered him to the kitchen where the drinks waited and suddenly stopping short. He nearly bumped into her. Turning around she is almost uncomfortably close. Uncomfortable that is for someone else, he wanted to be even closer. She asked something about the type of drink he fancied but he didn’t hear. He was drinking in her beauty and had no use for liquid. Instinctively she understood that he had other things on his mind and she flushed a slight red in the cheeks. However, she didn’t move or speak, or look away. Her only move was to sweep her hair aside and stand her ground. Leaning forward he kissed her, touching her only with his lips, his hands never touching her. She pressed back against his lips and he heard an ever so slight moan. Standing straight she wheeled around and continued her banter from the exact place she stopped, neither acknowledging nor denying that the short kiss had occurred.

Walking into the kitchen, she sensed a yearning within, feelings she hadn’t had in quite sometime. Dismissing the sensations as foolishness, she opened the refrigerator door and peered within. “Hmmm, coke, iced tea, or lemonade” she said, as much to herself as to him. His mind is still a bit flustered, not sure if she approved or rejected the incident occurring just seconds ago, “iced tea” will do fine. “It has no sweetener, but I do use fresh mint.”

“Just the way I like it,” he said. When she turned to hand him the cold tea she had a smile that he’d never seen on her before. He was sure it was because of the tiny kiss but couldn’t think of a way to follow up on that. She swept her hair over one ear and invited him to sit in the den. The room is large and airy with many places to sit but she suggested he sit on the overstuffed sofa. Instead of sitting he looked over at her with a soft smile captivated by what he had seen in her eyes. Wanting to make some sort of physical contact with her, he reached out his hand, indicating his desire for her to sit near him. Taking the proffered hand she glided next to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek and said ‘thank you’. “Are you always so mannerly?” she asked. A bit flustered he said “of course.”

“Well, the operative part of mannerly is ‘man'” she said. That was a signal to him to take her in his arms and kiss her deeply, tasting her lips, touching her tongue.

The first kiss, the first real kiss, lasted an entirety. Deep and heart felt they both signaled avcılar escort the passion within. When at last parted, he tried to ease her onto the sofa but she resisted. Seeing the puzzled look in his eyes, she said “not just yet” and kissed him again just as deeply as the first, but with more ardor and passion. Without breaking the kiss he could feel her hands on the buttons of his shirt. Now he understood and taking his lead from her, he did the same to her blouse. Their heads were swaying from side to side as if they were trying to drive their tongues deeper. When he reached her shorts he continued unbuttoning, as she unbuckled his belt. Her zipper was quickly opened and he hooked his thumbs in the seam and slowly eased her shorts over her lovely butt. She had his zipper down and was doing the same to his pants. Her shorts and his pants hit the ground at the same time. She, while still kissing, nudged him easily to the side as they stepped free of their lower garments. Taking the blouse by the collar and down the shoulders, it was away and free, as easily as she pulled his shirt way.

They kissed the kiss of lovers, no hurry, no urgency; they both knew where they were going but wanted to enjoy the journey as much as the destination. Standing back she said to him, “Well, have a seat.” Sitting quickly, she remained standing and said to him, “Wow you’re a slow starter, but know how to accelerate when you need to.” He had a guilt pang and asked if it was alright to be here like this. She eased his mind with the kind of shoos they give children with small fears. He quit his half hearted protests and looked at her standing there.

She was the essence of beauty, perfectly proportioned form, with dark alluring eyes, lips that formed a pout, smooth skin, and a marvelous ass. She knew he was drinking her in and struck a sort of posed for a second, allowing him more time to take it all in. Than she said, “It has been a long time since a man looked at me that way.” He started to say something and she hushed him. She sat on the cocktail table across from him and raised his leg up to remove his shoes, at that he picked her leg up to do the same. That being finished, she put her arms around her back and her bra was deftly gone. They were naked save her panties and his shorts.

Then she sat next to him and they kissed, long, deep and hard. His hands were kneading her back and her hands were on his legs. As he worked his hands around to her chest, her hands worked up and inside. Breaking the kiss he nuzzled into her neck, nibbling and licking the smooth flesh. With slight moans she was signaling him she wanted more. His tongue blazed a trail down her chin and over her breast. Laying her back he let his tongue draw circles around her breast in ever small rings. Finally he found the nipple and touched it with his tongue, while his hand found the same area on the other breast. She let out an audible but muffled scream and he knew she was on fire. Her hand was gliding across his groin and found his rock hard flesh. Feeling him avrupa yakası escort through the thin cloth wasn’t what she wanted, so she slipped her hand under the band and her hand curled around his member. He jerked involuntarily to the warm gentle touch and could feel her using her thumb to circle the tip, wet with precum.

They still had some clothing to remove so he stood and slipped his shorts off; all the while she was looking at him. All she said was “nice, very nice” causing a hint of redness in his face. Reaching down he slipped her panties off as she raised her ass to ease the way. After they were gone he eased himself to his knees and his head to her thighs, gazing into her eyes he slowly lowered his head and started licking the smooth skin of the inner area. As he was working his way up she was sighing and totally enrapt. But then she lifted her head and said, “I know where you going, and I’d love you to do that, as much as I’d like to have you in my mouth, but could we do that later. For right now make love to me, make wonderful love. I want you deep inside me, I want to feel every vein.”

He must have looked puzzled, so she told him “don’t worry, we’ll get to all that later, JUST please put it in.” Moving one leg over I knelt in between her legs and pulled her hips closer, her head was upright on the sofa back and her ass was just over the edge of the cushions. Positioning his cock at the dripping lips he eased forward, as she grabbed his hips and forced a full thrust on the first penetration. He was amazed at her strength and her desire, repositioning his knees as to not lose contact. Easing out and thrusting in meeting her hips pushing back.

She screamed and laughed at once, reveling in the act. They continued thrusting at each other for only a sort time when she screamed even louder, this time with no laugh and seized his hips like a vice, moaning she was cumming, and holding him close. He saw passion and lust in her eyes and a kind of gnarl on her lips. Wanton animal passion was being released and she was going to have it all. What seemed like hours was only seconds and she started thrusting again. Seeing her like this only heightened his passions and all too soon he let loose too, filling her with the white hot liquid of his balls. After draining him with her vaginal muscles he was spent.

He didn’t remember exactly how but he found himself in her arms cuddling on the wide sofa. Kissing her deeply and wanting to enfold her. Some things were said back and forth about how good that was, how easy it was to satisfy each other and so on. Then he mentioned it was a fortunate stroke of fate that they ran into each other earlier that day. He’ll never forget the mischievous grin that came to her face. Her nose crinkled up and she had a devilish twinkle in her eyes.

She told him she wasn’t shopping today, she spotted him walking down town while she was riding with a friend, and she had that friend drop her at the corner, not far from where they met. At that instant he realized this was all her idea, it was he who was seduced and started to say so, when she covered his lips with a finger tip. “Does it matter how it happened? Besides, we have other matters to attend to” she said licking her lips,” like exploring the oral aspects we both like.” She than removed her finger tip from his lips and replaced it with her lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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