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The cabin was going to be empty this week. I grinned as I studied the timeshare schedule. Somehow, fortunately for me, not one member of the two large families who are joint owners of this cabin had claimed it for this week.

I wasn’t on the list. The cabin belongs to my parents, and their friends, the Morgan family. I am twenty-five years old, and living on my own. I am supposed to get my own timeshare now, or do without.

I had to get away. I couldn’t stand one more minute in the city without a break. Things hadn’t been going so well for me recently. My job was going downhill, and I broke up with my girlfriend. I had been with her for six months, and been monogamous that whole time. As a consequence, I had lost touch with all the casual sex partners I had known before.

For a guy like me, a week with no sex was almost unendurable. I could go pick up some cunt in a bar, but I still loved Kristin and I felt like I would be cheating on her if I did. It didn’t matter that we weren’t seeing each other anymore, for some reason my cock and my heart seemed to be connected in this.

The sexual tensions coupled with the stress of my job were really taking their toll on me. Maybe a week away from it all would make it better. I hoped it would anyway.

I got the time off work, and loaded up the car and headed to the mountains. A week of solitude and thinking things through would do me good.

The trip to the cabin was boring and uneventful. I listened to sad love songs on the radio and felt sorry for myself. When I got there I was surprised to see a car already there. I got mad at first, thinking of my plans messed up. I realized I had no real right to get angry. My plans had not been on the schedule either. Whoever was here had no more right to the cabin than I did. Maybe we could strike a deal, and share it. Surely we could stay out of each others way.

I hoped it wasn’t Kari Morgan with her three kids. If it was, I would leave. I had no desire to spend a week surrounded by whining kids.

I parked my truck next to the small green compact car, noting that there were no car seats inside. Well, that was one worry gone. It wasn’t Kari. Who could it be? I wracked my mind. I hadn’t seen anyone in the Morgan family in several years. I would soon find out. I knocked politely on the cabin door, since I wasn’t expected.

When the door was opened, I was stunned. There stood a beautiful young woman clad in a white bikini that barely covered her attributes. She smiled a genuine smile of welcome at me. I didn’t recognize her, but she obviously knew me.

“Dylan, what a wonderful surprise!” she gushed. She practically jumped into my arms in her eagerness to welcome me. My cock twitched in response to her nearly naked body pressed against me.

“Um, hi,” I stammered stupidly.

“You don’t recognize me do you?” She stepped back and put her hands on her hips, thrusting her full breasts out at me.

“No, I’m sorry but I don’t,” I admitted. “You must be one of the Morgan’s, but you aren’t Kari, and you can’t be Jill, you aren’t old enough. I know you aren’t Stephanie just from looking at you. So who are you?”

“How do you know that I’m not Stephanie?” She asked, smiling at me.

“You can’t be. Stephanie isn’t, well, I mean, you have a bit more, um,” I stammered uselessly. Then it hit me. It had been several years since I had seen her. A girl could mature quite a bit from the age of sixteen to twenty. “Oh, my God! You are Stephanie!”

She jumped into my arms again when I recognized her. My arms went around her of their own accord. I didn’t seem to have much control over the situation.

“You sure have changed,” I told her.

“Growing up does that to a girl,” she said. She finally moved out of my arms somewhat reluctantly.

I couldn’t believe it, but this beautiful girl was hitting on me. I looked at her lush womanly body, trying to come to terms with the differences between now and then. She had been a gangly awkward teenager. I hadn’t paid much attention to her back then. She was a kid, and I was an adult. I was more interested in watching the babes out on the lake than in a kid following me around.

“You haven’t changed much,” she said. “Except perhaps that you became more muscular.” Her fingers lightly caressed the rippling muscles under my tight t-shirt.

“So tell me Stephanie, what are you doing here this week? Your family didn’t have anything on the schedule.”

“Neither did yours,” she pointed out. “I didn’t think it would be a problem if I came up, since the etiler otele gelen escort cabin was empty.”

“The exact thoughts I had.” I looked back at my car, thinking about my bag in the truck. “Do you think we can share the cabin? I don’t want to have to drive back.”

“I don’t mind if you don’t.”

“Great. I’ll just get my things then.” She stood in the doorway watching as I got my bag out of the truck and walked back. It made me nervous how she watched me. I had a brief moment of longing for my planned solitary week, but then I looked at her again, standing there watching me, in her white bikini that showed the darkness of her nipples and pubic hair through it, and that longing disappeared, only to be replaced by another. I closed the truck’s door, and adjusted my stiffening cock in my jeans before I picked up my bag and turned toward her again.

She hadn’t moved while I was gone. She watched me as I watched her while I walked toward her. I saw the exact moment she noticed my growing erection in my jeans. Her nipples stiffened under the light material of her bikini top. She flushed in embarrassment, the light pink color rising from the valley between her breasts and moving up her neck to her face.

One of her hands fluttered near her stomach, and my eyes moved to capture the movement. From there it was only natural that my eyes go further down, taking in her skimpy bikini bottoms. I could see her pussy lips outlined against the clinging material. I raised my eyes slowly back up her body, to her face. By that time I was standing right in front of her. She would have to step aside to allow me to enter the cabin.

“I was just going to the lake for a swim,” she said, moving aside. “Would you like to join me after you unpack?”

“Sounds good,” I agreed. The thought of seeing her with that tiny white bikini wet made my cock grow even harder. I carried my bag to the room I had used in the past, only to find her things already there. In my quick glimpse inside, I had seen her clothing spread out on the bed, her lacy bra and delicate panties arranged on the bed as if on display for me.

“You’re going to have to use another room,” she told me. She had followed me to the room.

“No problem,” I said. I went to the one my parents used. Stephanie stood in the doorway watching me while I unpacked. It didn’t take me long, I hadn’t brought that much. I pulled out my swimsuit and placed it on the bed. She didn’t look like she was going to leave so I could change. I decided to see how far she would take it. I pulled my shirt over my head. She gasped and stared at my bare chest. Her hand flew to her mouth.

“I’ll wait for you out here,” she said, and beat a hasty retreat. I chuckled as I removed my jeans and boxers. I didn’t bother to close the door. It was obvious to me what was going to happen this week. I figured we might as well get it started. I thought it was strange how thoughts of Kristin hardly entered my mind. I pulled my trunks on, and followed her into the living room.

I was shocked when I saw her standing looking out the window. I hadn’t noticed before that her bikini was a thong. Her beautiful ass stood out in perfection with the white thong sliding between her cheeks. The white really set off her tan well. I couldn’t wait to see her with it wet. It would probably be transparent then.

I snuck up behind her and patted her bare ass. I was surprised at her reaction. She moaned and moved her ass back toward me.

“You really have grown up haven’t you?” I said, putting my arms around her and pulling her back against me. She would have to feel my hard cock pressing against her ass. The little vixen rubbed her ass against my cock before twisting out of my arms.

“Of course I have. Now aren’t you sorry you were so mean to me all those years?”

“Mean? What did I ever do that was mean?”

“You ignored me. I had a crush the size of Texas on you, and you ignored me and treated me like a kid.”

“You were a kid, Stephanie. You were sixteen years old and I was twenty-one. I had to ignore you.”

“I’m not sixteen anymore,” she said.

“That’s true, you aren’t. I promise I won’t ignore you ever again.” I was surprised to find that I really meant it. It seemed that my heart and my cock would let me push thoughts of Kristin aside for Stephanie.

“You bet your ass you won’t,” she said, tossing her towel over her shoulder. “I’m not going to let you.” With that, she turned and strolled toward the lake, leaving me to follow behind, etiler rus escort enjoying the wonderful view of her ass swaying as she walked.

She went directly into the water and swam out to the raft anchored a short distance from shore. I watched as she climbed nimbly up onto the raft. She looked back at me then, and laughed.

“Come on, Dylan, the water’s wonderful.” She arranged herself on the raft to take in the sun. I ran into the water until it reached my waist before beginning to swim.

When I raised my head over the edge of the raft, I was confronted by her bare breasts glistening in the sunlight. I saw a droplet of water clinging to her nipple before letting go and sliding down the smooth mound of her breast. I licked my lips, wanting to put out my tongue and lick that water away.

I pulled myself up onto the raft, and stood over her. The water from my body dripped on hers, and I felt my cock hardening at the sight of her naked tits. She opened her eyes and squinted up into the sun at me.

“I don’t like tan lines,” she casually informed me. “You don’t mind do you?”

“Of course not,” I answered, mesmerized by the vision she presented.

“Would you rub oil on me?” she asked with a smile. She reached over and handed me the bottle of suntan oil she had left on the raft.

I squirted a bit of the sun-warmed oil into my hand, and began at her neck. I rubbed the oil onto the skin of her neck and shoulders, avoiding her breasts. I hesitated before I applied any to her breasts.

“Do you know where this is leading?” I asked her.

“Why don’t you tell me,” she said, closing her eyes and arching her back to thrust her breasts forward. I put some more oil in my hand.

“It’s leading to me putting my hands on your breasts like this,” I said, as I demonstrated. “I can feel your nipples hardening under my palms. I am taking your nipples between my fingers and rubbing them until they are hard little nubs, telling me of your arousal.”

She moaned as my hands explored her breasts while I told her out loud of every move I was making and also described her every reaction. I don’t know if it was the actions or the fact that I was describing them, but my cock jumped to life in my wet trunks.

“I’m moving my hands lower on your body now,” I told her. She writhed under my caress. “Your skin feels hot and smooth under my hands. You shiver in anticipation and your hips rise toward me. I am not touching your pussy yet. I’m going to build your desires until you are ready to beg me to let you cum. My hands massage the oil into your stomach and abdomen, and I allow my fingers to slide under you bikini bottoms just the slightest bit. I hear you gasp. You want my hands on your pussy.”

“Yes, please Dylan!” she cried out.

“Not yet,” I said. “I am moving past your pussy to your thighs. I am spreading the oil over the smooth skin of your legs now. I lift your leg and place it in my lap to make it easier to reach. In your eagerness, you rub your foot over my swollen cock through my trunks. I pull your foot away.” I laughed at her frustrated moan. “You relax and enjoy the attention I am giving you,” I said sternly, more of an order than a description.

“Please, Dylan,” she begged. “I’m so hot for you, I need you now.”

“Your pleading tone has almost broken my resolve, but I hold back, knowing it will be better this way, without rushing.” I had finished with her leg now and worked my way back up to her bikini bottoms.

“My fingers are sliding under the edges of your bikini now. You raise your hips to help me remove them. I slide your bottoms down your legs, revealing your glistening pussy with its neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair. You shiver as I blow gently across your clit.”

I took a moment to admire her naked body shining in all its oil-covered beauty. I noticed that she didn’t have a tan line for her bottoms either. The thought of her sunbathing nude on this raft excited me even more.

“My tongue aches for a taste of your beautiful pussy. I slowly lower my mouth to take your clit between my lips.” My monologue died off as I busied my mouth doing other things besides talking. I was startled and then thrilled when I heard her voice take up where mine left off.

“My body tingles as your mouth plays on my clit. I moan and my pussy clenches on air, craving your fingers inside me. You grant my wish, putting two fingers inside me. Your fingers move slowly in and out, fucking me gently at first, coating your fingers with my juices. etiler türbanlı escort My hips thrust up toward your hand and my pussy clenches, demanding more from you.” She gasped as I plunged deeper into her cunt, and probed around with my fingers to find her g-spot.

“Oh,” she moaned. “You expertly found my pleasure spot,” she panted. “My body shudders with, uh, oh, the pleasurable sensations you are sending throughout me.” She could barely talk at this point, but she continued.

“Your mouth sucks expertly on my clit, bringing me close to orgasm, oh, yes! Oh, Dylan! You’re making me cum!” Her body tensed and her legs tightened around his head, holding him against her cunt. “I’m gonna cum, Dylan! Your fingers, ahh, are driving me crazy.” She lost control then, unable to continue. Her moans and cries echoed across the lake. I knew we were probably raising some eyebrows on some fishermen out there in their boats but I didn’t care. My only thoughts were to give her the best orgasm I could.

I waited until her shuddering orgasm had retreated before I removed my mouth and fingers from her pussy. I slowly moved up her body, trailing my wet fingers along her hot skin as I went. She shivered under my touch.

“I bring my fingers, wet with your juices to your mouth. I watch as your tongue flicks out to taste yourself. I lick my hand as you do. Between us we clean it.” I paused to do as I said. “My mouth moves from my hand to your mouth.” I paused in my descriptive monologue to kiss her deeply, probing her mouth with my tongue. “I feel your hips bucking against mine, demanding my cock enter you.”

“I should ignore you just like you did me all those years,” she teased.

“Could you?” I asked in a whisper against her ear. “Could you get up and leave now?”

“No, damn you! I want you. Fuck me Dylan, please!” She screamed, thrusting her hips up at me as if to take my cock into her pussy.

“I can’t resist your pleading. I guide my cock between your wet pussy lips, feeling the silky hotness surrounding my hardness. You shudder as I enter you and thrust upward to force my entire length into your hot depths.”

“Fuck me Dylan! I can’t believe what you’re doing to me!”

“I watch the emotions on your face as I fuck you. I gradually increase the force of my thrusts, trying to keep up with your urgings. You are desperate for my cock. I feel your pussy tightening around my cock and I know you are nearing another orgasm.” I slowed then, to prolong her pleasure.

“You moan in frustration when I stopped your orgasm. But your eyes widen in pleasure as I lift your legs and put your ankles over my shoulders. You feel my cock plunge to new depths in your clinging pussy. Your orgasm begins again, but better this time. I see you smile so I know I’m right.”

Her pussy tightens even more around my cock and it’s all I can do to keep talking. I am beginning to gasp and moan myself now. I am panting out the words, but unable to stop. The sheer erotic atmosphere we were creating with our words increased the pleasure we gave each other.

“The tightness and spasming of your pussy is bringing me closer and closer to the explosion of my cum. Your whole body tenses and shudders as you cum. Your screams echo across the lake. I hold you still with my hands on your hips. My cock throbs in your pussy, Oh, Stephanie, I’m cumming!”

“Yes! Cum inside me, Dylan. Fuck me hard and shoot your cum into my pussy.”

We both shouted into the hot summer sunshine as we came together. I thrust erratically for a few moments as I shot my load deep into her cunt. When I had regained control of myself, I gently eased her legs down and lay beside her. We were both shocked to hear applause ringing out across the water. We sat up and looked, and saw two fishermen on the bank nearest us. I laughed, but Stephanie turned bright red and attempted to cover her delightful body.

“Great show,” one of the fishermen called. “The verbal action was as good as the visual. You two should write erotica together. You’re very good.”

“Maybe we will,” I called back. Stephanie was beginning to get over her embarrassment, but she was putting her suit on nonetheless. She appeared relieved when the fishermen went on their way.

“That was incredible,” she told me. “Talking about what you were doing only increased the pleasure.”

“It was really incredible,” I agreed.

“Do you always do that?” she asked.

“No.” I was reluctant to admit that I wasn’t always such a great lover. “It was just inspiration.” I did plan on experimenting more with it though.

“It was definitely a good inspiration.”

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