Everything She Wanted

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Big Tits

This is the first story I am publishing, though I have written quite a few for some special people in my life… comments are welcome! 🙂 Happy reading.

I’ve been thinking about you all day-thinking about the way you smile, the way you kiss, the way you taste. The way you smell when that beautiful cock is between my lips and my nose pressed into your balls.

I love when you tell me how good it feels as the tip slides into my throat. I would suck you all day long, that fantastic muscle gliding along my tongue. You so sweetly touch my neck, and barely brush your fingers in my hair as I feverishly lick and nibble at your shaft, making you twitch in anticipation. I sense you tightening, struggling not to come yet, and I massage your balls to relax you- I am not done with you just yet.

You force yourself to pass the urge to grab a fistful of my hair and push yourself deeper into my face by sliding your hand down to my ass. There you are comfortable grabbing as tightly as you want. I hear you softly groan as I use my hand to squeeze your shaft as I suck harder and faster, bringing you closer to your release. Your hand is keeping up with my rhythm, squeezing my ass over and over. I slow my pace and you slide your hand between my legs, quickly finding my swollen and soaked clit. You give my clit a good pinch and smile as I jolt forward, ramming you further down my throat. You trace a lazy pattern over and around my sensitive button, and I start moaning and pushing myself harder into your hand, tonguing your heavy balls and rubbing my face on your dick. As you flick my clit with your fingers, I use maltepe escort my tongue to do the same to the head of your cock, and finally you can’t take it anymore.

With your free hand you gently push my face down onto you, showing me exactly what you want me to do. I slide my mouth ever so slowly down your shaft, teasing and daring you. You slide your fingers off of my clit and plow them into my pussy, hard. When I gasp in shock you take the opportunity to push my head down onto your hot, throbbing cock- hard this time. You grab a handful of my hair and use it as a handle to guide my mouth up and down you as you match this pace with the fingers you are ramming in and out of my pussy. I am coming now, hard, and my juices are squirting freely into your hand and down my legs.

You pull my head off of your cock and stick your balls in my face, telling me to lick. I’m so turned on by you now… I love this point of abandon. I suck each ball into my mouth, lapping at them and smelling that fantastic man scent. Your cock has swollen huge, hard and beautiful and I want you so bad. I’m coming constantly, delirious with the pleasure of our bodies. You pull my head back up to your cock and again start sliding my mouth up and down you, alternating between sweet, slow strokes and ramming into my throat, holding me down on you until I start to wiggle. You love the feeling of my warm tongue and tight lips and throat around you, love the control you have taken over me, as do I.

You pull your soaking wet fingers out of my pussy and move up to my tight asshole. I hear you say mecidiyeköy escort something about it belonging to you right before you push my head down onto your cock and plunge your fingers deep into my ass at the same time. I feel like I’m choking on your enormous cockhead as you roughly fuck my face, your fingers loosening my ass by ramming wildly in and out with each stroke of my mouth.

Suddenly you are overcome with the need to have my ass. I’m deeply disappointed when you pull my head away from you, but a chill runs through my body when you tell me to get on all fours. You ask me if I am ready to give you this ass, and I moan yes. I’ve been waiting for you to fill my ass, and at the idea of that big cock stretching my tight hole I almost come again. I am surprised when you plunge yourself deep into my pussy first- you tell me that you wanted to feel that, too… but suddenly you pull out and press yourself firmly into my ass.

I feel the tight ring stretching around you, and for just a second think that it won’t work… you’re way too big. It hurts for a moment, then suddenly you are in and I feel wonderful again. I feel every inch of you slide into me, and then those beautiful balls of yours press against my pussy. I’m moaning loudly now, begging you to fuck me as hard as you can. I know it will burn but I don’t care, it feels so good to have you inside me, your hands on my hips and your balls slapping against my engorged pussy lips. I reach between my legs and caress your balls with one hand, and lightly tap my clit with the other to try to release some nişantaşı escort of the pressure I’m feeling, and it sets me off.

Suddenly I’m coming hard, my ass getting even tighter around your shaft, yelling your name as my pussy juice gushes down my legs. That delicious tightening around you spurs your own orgasm and you grab my neck and push my body down onto your cock, burying yourself even deeper in my ass as you spill your seed into me. You move yourself very gently in and out of my ass as I lay in front of you, completely spent with my ass in the air.

You tighten your grip on my ass cheeks and push yourself in as deeply as your semi-soft cock will go, and release your bladder into me. As I feel my belly filling with your warm cum and piss a warm shiver runs through me. When you complete your extra deposit into my ass, you reach over to the night stand and grab the large butt plug. Pulling out of my stretched ass, you quickly fill the hole with the plug and tell me to get up.

You lead me to the shower, I kneel before you to clean you off with my mouth as you stand in the warm water. Very quickly your cock is hard and clean again, so you stand me in front of you and bend me over. My belly is cramping as I haven’t yet released what you have stored in my ass, but you press the plug in harder with your thumb as you fill my aching pussy with your dick. Every time I come you press the plug harder into my ass, not wanting anything to escape.

I’m screaming in a combination of pleasure and agony now, needing various kinds of release as you pinch my nipples and roughly fuck me. Suddenly you pin me against the wall, and replace the plug from my ass with your meat, adding even more cum to what is already in there. I am smiling and exhausted from coming and you cradle me in your arms, the warm water from the shower washing away all of our juices as you ask “Was this what you wanted, baby?”

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