Extra Credit from Your Favorite TA

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I see you eyeing the soft skin peeking out between my skirt and my thigh highs. I know, in my mind, that as your TA, I ought not to distract you from the professor’s lecture, but the way your eyes widen, your pupils dilate, and your breath hitches as I run my hands over that smooth gap is motivation enough to quiet that notion.

“Pay attention,” I mouth in your direction, fingers still trailing in slow circles across my bare thigh. You glance at the professor, who continues her oration, oblivious to our interaction.

“I am,” you silently respond, a little smirk on your face as your gaze drifts back to the motion of my hands. Your hands seem to be moving, too — from your notebook down to your jeans, which I watch you adjust. Without meaning to, I think about those hands reaching up my skirt and rubbing my clit in the middle of class, in front of all of your fellow classmates and the professor. I quickly banish the thought, before giving you my best stern look.

“See me after class,” I murmur under my breath, now less steady than I had hoped. I take a few deep breaths to calm myself, and return to focusing on the lecture. After class, I gather my things, pretending not to watch you cross the classroom towards me. Cautiously, you approach me.

“I… I hope I’m not in too much trouble.”

“Of course not. The opposite, actually. I thought you might be interested in an opportunity for some extra credit. I know the midterm was tough, and I want all of my students to succeed…”

Before I can continue, you interject, “Yes, ma’am! I’d heard rumors that this class was hard, but at this point I’d do anything to improve my grade.”

I lower my voice as the professor and last of the lingering students exit the room. “Anything? Even fuck me like I need to be fucked?”

“I’d bend you over the professor’s desk and fuck you now. I can’t promise that you’ll be left in a condition to be walking around campus afterwards, though.” The eagerness in your voice brings a smile to my face.

“That won’t be necessary, but I appreciate the enthusiasm. Come to my office,” I tease as I close the classroom door and feel fortunate that my office is only down the hall. I lock the door behind us as I see something — a combination of relief şişli elit escort and excitement, perhaps — wash across your face. “I hope you don’t mind the location. There’s only so much office space that the university will give to a graduate student.”

“It’s good… I hope we’ll have some time. I’d hate to rush the process and not earn my extra credit,” you say, and I can see in your eyes that you’re ready to truly give your new assignment the attention it deserves.

“Excellent,” I draw out the word, strategically scouring my office. “Sit down on the couch. Are you ready to follow directions?” You nod and sit down immediately, clearly noting the tone of my voice. “Good. I’m going to stand in front of you. I want you to run your hands up and down my legs, like you so obviously wanted to do in class. When you’re ready, push my skirt up to feel where the soft skin of my thighs meets my round, full ass. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that I’m already wet. Go on; give my wet pussy a kiss through these panties.”

You lean forward to do as you’re told, immediately smelling the intoxicating scent of my drenched panties. Unable to help yourself, you slide your tongue past the hem of my panties to get a taste. “Your pussy tastes so amazing. May I please play with your clit with my tongue? My cock is throbbing just thinking about it.”

“What a quick learner, asking permission. Not surprising, given how eager you are for this assignment. Pull my panties down so I can step out of them, and sit back so I can sit on your face, pussy right over that eager tongue.”

“Yes ma’am,” you obey, slowly pulling down my panties, kissing my inner thigh as they drop to the ground, and leaning back to wait for my delicious pussy.

“Hands on my hips. You can take your cock out when I say you can take your cock out. For now, I just want to watch your beautiful cock twitch through your pants as your tongue teases my clit.”

Your face looks almost pained, and there’s nearly a whiny edge to your voice as you tell me, “I don’t know how long I’ll be able to take this. My cock feels like it’s going to burst through my jeans already.”

A mischievous grin appears on my face as I tease, “Are şişli escort you hard for me, baby? Do you need me to help you cum?”

Despite my amusement, you’re ever so sincere as you reply, “Yes, please. I want you to make me cum while I eat your pussy.”

I roll my eyes at your request, and reach down to release your erection straining against your jeans. “Greedy boy. You’re not allowed to cum just yet. First I want to ride that hard, aching, greedy cock of yours. I want you to feel what a good job you’re doing when my slick, tight cunt clenches around you.”

Your eyes widen at the thought, and I’m thoroughly impressed that you maintain a steady voice as you ask, “Your pussy tensing up around my cock will push me over the edge… Will I be able to cum with you?” I start to work your cock with my hand, getting you ready for me as I position myself over you.

I pause for a moment, before deciding, “That depends. Are you going to behave in class from now on?”

“Absolutely not.”

“Then no. You have to keep yourself from cumming while I pleasure myself on your cock. I’ll be very disappointed in you if you don’t.”

“Then I’ll do my best to control myself. Ride my cock til you cum. I don’t want to disappoint you… I can’t promise I won’t, though…” Your voice fades to nothing but heaving breaths as I break your concentration.

“If you control yourself, you’ll get a nice reward for being so good,” I whisper in your ear, leaning close in an effort to maintain control, before letting out a moan accompanied by the grasp of my pussy on your throbbing cock.

Your face shows a renewed determination at the prospect of a reward. “That might be enough to make me try harder not to cum. I can only imagine what you could do for me,” you muse between breaths.

My pleasure at your words is evident, as I purr, “Good boy. Once I cum on your cock, do you want me to suck you off? Do you want to feel your cock hitting the back of my throat? Maybe I’ll even let you have a little control. Do you want to shoot your cum down my throat, baby? Or do you want to pull out and cum on my face? It’ll be messy in my office, but I think you deserve it for being so good today”

Something about the sweet tone şişli eve gelen escort of my voice triggers a change in your demeanor. “How about I facefuck you til I cum down your throat while you gag and choke on my cock? I would hate to make a mess of your office. I’ll cum on your face for round two.”

This time, it’s my eyes that widen in response. “If that’s what you want for your reward, of course. I do try to be an accommodating TA,” I continue, sweetly as ever. In what seems like no time at all, it becomes difficult for me to say much of anything as I near the edge of ecstacy.

“I’ve never gotten to shoot my cum down someone’s throat, so it will be an especially rewarding learning experience. I’ll probably have a hard time ‘behaving’ in the future, considering how accommodating you are with your ‘punishment’,” you admit playfully, realizing that now is your chance to exert your own will.

“I’m just so… happy to be part of your… education. Maybe… if you behave in class… I’ll continue to let you misbehave… outside of class… as a reward for good behavior,” I struggle to get the words out as I let your hands slide to my hips and pull me down, adding to the force thrusting our bodies together.

“Allowing me to misbehave outside of class might wind up being painful for you. I don’t always have to be so nice, if I’m not worried about missing out on that extra credit.”

Trying to maintain control, both over the situation and my own rapidly approaching orgasm, I reply, “Oh really? And what, exactly, do you think that will do for you?”

“I imagine it’ll help me get off, while you’re powerless to stop me”

“Would you like that? You want to be mean to me, use me, take me for yourself? Do you want to make me yours and own this tight little pussy?” The thought of submitting to you, being owned and used by you, proves to be too much for me. Soon, I’m unable to hold back, and stifle the urge to scream as I impale myself on your shaft and let the waves of bliss ripple through my body.

“I’m going to make you into my own personal cumslut. You’re going to be begging for my cock, pleading for me to let you cum. I might even let you, sometimes, but ultimately you will be there for my pleasure. If I let you cum, it’s because I wanted to make you cum.”

“I’m certain that’s not in my job description… but I’m also sure I’d enjoy it.”

“Only the best TAs would be willing to go so far, just to make sure their students are successful. The best TAs, or maybe just the sluttiest.”

“I might be both.”

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