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It never occurred to me that lack of sex would play tricks with your mind. I thought it was the epitome of self sacrifice to go without for long stretches of time, showing that you are the master of your libido, the ruler of the temple that belongs exclusively to you.

Yeah, that sounds good.

I was dealing with this dilemma one night after a shitty day at work. I’d walked in my door to see that my answering machine was blowing up with messages from loved ones and friends with issues of varying degrees. Wanting to borrow money, for me to watch children, a ride somewhere or needing advice about no good men who have been no good since day one.

Not tonight. Fuck it.

I decide for once, I’ll relax, not talk to anyone this evening, take a shower and climb in bed with a good movie. And before I drift off, maybe my vibrator…

Dammit, it’s becoming my best friend…

No heartache though. Not like the last man I’d let replace it. Not a chance…

I move through my tiny apartment, with the big, romantic floor-to-ceiling windows, and undress as I go toward the bathroom. I’m down to my thong by the time I get there, and easily slide out of them as I climb into the shower.

Turn on the water.

I escape to the jet of the spray, my body releasing anxiety that had built over the day, over time.

“What I wouldn’t give for a good cock and a tongue.” I laugh to myself as I allow the water to consume me.

“Beauty, you are so fucking sexy, wonderful…”

I didn’t say that.

Maybe my weariness has taken a turn to delusion, as I surely know I am alone.


My illusion is a verbal mirage that doesn’t even have the decency to turn visual…

I continue under the spray and moan the pleasure of the release of the day, the tiny fingers of water pounding flesh and spirit.

“Whatever,” I say to myself, “no good cock for miles around anyway.” The day falls away as I enjoy the renewal of myself underwater…

“I know you want me to make you scream. You are so beautiful…”

I know I didn’t say that shit…

All at once, I’m surrounded by flesh, hard and gentle all at the same time, fingertips reaching around my body to caress and pinch my nipples, fondle my breasts, lingering lower…

Why am I not afraid…

I feel vulnerable and excited. Apprehensive, but very safe. I allow my body to relax.

I couldn’t possibly be living this well.

I melt instantly, losing myself in this stranger’s touch. He is kissing my neck and gently fisting my hair, telling me all the fabulous, nasty things he wants to do to me.

“I want you…”

His etiler ucuz escort hands are strong and capable, not allowing me to move any more than necessary. he moves my hands as I try to join him at the area of my cunt.

“Let me,” he whispers in my ear…

My captor provokes the moment by grabbing my pussy and pressing me and it so I can feel the beginning of his hardness against my ass. His finger touches my clit, stroking it, He is in my ear, letting me know he wants to lick and bite it until I cum all over his face…


I have to see his face. I release myself to turn and he bites into my neck, first gently, then a little harder…

“Not yet, Baby…”

I allow myself to remain his captive, enjoying his manipulation of my clit and my mind.

“Tell me what you want me to do,” I drag out, by this time I can only breathe the words. My body starts to engage him, moving through the water to reach his hands and my ecstasy…

“Just enjoy, love”

“You can cum, but you’re nowhere close to being finished…”

He runs his tongue up and down my back, letting me feel every inch, licking and tickling, making me wet, wanting to give him all the pleasure he is bestowing on me…My body starts to vibrate, the water now a seductive stream, as I grow to a tremendous climax…

“Cum for me, baby…”

I do. My body rebels, and shivers against him as he holds me through. All over his fingers, my sweet juice comes, and I reach and pull them to my mouth, sucking all that my body had to offer.

“That’s it, love. You like that?” he asks.

“Fuck me, please”…I hear myself whisper. I want to fuck him, for him to fuck me so very much…so very, very much.

He says nothing…

But he is pleased.

I turn now, resisting because I want to know who is unleashing all this raw desire, kept locked away for ages. I appreciate his attention to the most basic need I have at this moment-


I turn slowly…

“Its you…” I exhale. I smile.

“Yes, my angel…”

“How did you know I needed you”

“Only to please you, love.”

He moaned, “I thought you knew, precious”…Follow his hands to my breasts, by now feeling neglected because of the attention every other part of my tingling person has felt in this short time.

“Let me please you, let me love you…” I say softly, in his ear …sweetly licking his earlobe…

I see his eyes close.

I love it.

“You will, cara mia…”

I can no longer speak.

And with every touch, I shiver and etiler üniversiteli escort whisper his name…

On the verge of cumming again, I take his lovely cock in my hand and start to rub it against my swollen clit, already on fire so much I think I’m going to collapse under the warm spray, long forgotten, just a useful prop now…

Looking in his eyes, I can see passion, lust, desire.

“Can I taste you…” I ask, not really a question, as I am on my way south as I moan these the words, slithering down his body, leaving a trail of kisses in my wake.

I gently bite his nipples and I nearly explode when I see his head fall back. I kiss the top of his manhood, now rock hard. The tip first, smothering with tiny kisses and licks as I go along, excited as I watch his hips move as I penetrate the shaft with my mouth. Lightly flicking, sucking and playing with the head and length until his pelvis is pumping, trying to grind into my face as I love him, I don’t want to get too intense, just want to tease him, leaving no doubt that this belongs to me. He’s on the verge of completion when I stop.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhh, baby”, he moans, “Don’t stop…”

I love it when he begs for more…

No way he’s cheating me out of that moment.

Come here, he groans…and pulls me up, stroking my face as I’m still stroking his now intense manhood. I love it, want it inside me, filling me, exploring all of me.

“You teasing me, baby girl? I’ve got something for that…”

I want him now.

We leave the shower with his hand in mine as I move toward the bedroom, looking in his beautiful eyes, as we go. He is still wandering my body, and I can hardly keep myself from running to the bed. All self control has left, only selfish want remains.

I say, “Now, boo, please baby…?”

He says nothing, just lays beside me and starts to caress my whole body with his tongue, his fingers, his heart. I pull his head and kiss him hard, possessively, more for my benefit than for his…He treats me to small kisses, tracing my tits, my beautifully beaded nipples, pulling, caressing, clinging. taking my hips in both hands, tantalizing my stomach as he pushes me toward to the edge… comes back to steal a kiss from my waiting lips…

And then…

His tongue finally finds its way to my soaking wet pussy. I am totally breathless now, as he goes deep inside to play, bite and steal kisses from every inch of my hot cunt. His fingers penetrate me and I thrust my hips forward to meet his gorgeous face, wanting him to experience every drop.

“Is it the way you fatih escort love me, baby…”

Begging him to fuck me, please…

“Will you, baby, please…”

I can tell he is enjoying my tempest, and greedily, sensuously tasting all the love I have to give. His tongue takes one more flick on my clit, and I literally explode, all over him, all over me. He caresses me and comes over me, kissing me allowing me to share what I had just given him…

His body is above me, teasing to take me to the next level, by notice that he is himself, all lit up and hard, that beautiful cock. All I can think of-

Put it in please, don’t make me wait one more second…

He was reading my mind.

He toys with me, just grazing my clit with the head of his massive hard-on,

“Tell me you want me to fuck you…”

I bite my lip. There are no words, just need and desire…I can’t speak.

“Tell me, cara mia, or I’ll go”…Just to make his point, he sticks the head in my anxious cunt and pulls out as quickly, leaving my back arched, and with an attitude.

He sees this…

“You’ll get over it. Tell me you want me to fuck you, baby…”

“FUCK YOU” …bastard…

This comes out as a sigh, and I see the grin on his face, and I sigh again, because I know he’s getting what he wants. And he knows I love it when he tortures me.

He licks my lips again.

“You know this is the only cock you want,” he whispers in my ears, nuzzling my neck. “Tell me”… he sticks his cock in again, pumping a couple of times and pulls out. I can tell its fucking with him too, but he sooooo wants to hear me beg for it.

He wins…

Mmmmmmmmmmm… “Fuck me”…”Please,baby..Please…” “Tell me, girl.

“Tell me you love me, Sherry.”

Pushing my legs open, he devours me.

“You love me, precious…”?

“Do you, love??…”

He starts to push his raging hot cock all inside my again convulsing cunt, spasms on the edge of ecstasy. I can’t breathe, I can’t speak, I don’t care…

I love him.

The son of a bitch knows it too.

“You fuck me soooooooo well… I moan these words…

“I know baby. I know…”

He kisses me hard. My lips, my ears, forehead chest neck, I’m in a cloud of emotion, but I reciprocate gladly, staring at his face and wishing this would never end, that he would put me in his pocket, take me with him at the inevitable.

He is slowly pumping, loving me, stroking my body and my soul. He feels like poetry against me, love felt deep and solid. I return every motion, every kiss, every touch, until we both explode together, meeting in the other place, beyond comprehension. Our bodies entwined with each other, in our hearts.


Hearts, spirits. Kissing, holding, sated.

Wanting again…and again…


“Remember me, love.”

And he was gone.

Alone again, but happy and content.

There’s nothing like it…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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