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We undressed each other while we kissed.

The silence was delicious; oddly contemplative against the passion of our tongues, and our hands moving over each other. We explored one other, felt each other’s skin beneath our clothing, divested one another of every last strip. We stood and we kissed and little by little, we were naked together.

I loved standing there, against you. Naked. I loved the feel of your warm skin against my own and the sensual resistance of your body, pushing against me. I loved the way your eyes were closed. When I opened my own and glanced at you, you looked lost and abandoned. And I loved how your tongue danced with my own, in a rhythm that made me think you were hypnotised. You were satin and silk. Perfect sensuality.

Bare-skinned, our bodies touching, I was excited when my cock brushed against you. It was the gentlest friction; and the most vivid sensation. It rubbed against you momentarily and in that brief moment, I felt the perfect softness of your body. I felt how you would both yield and resist in a single motion and it made my cock twitch and strain for more. When I moved slightly and my dick nudged between your legs, I felt your softness. The tip of my cock probed the wet warmth for just a few seconds, straining, eager to slip inside you. Your lips opened for me, soft velvet, and I nudged inside you, just the tiniest part of me. In that briefest of moments, I felt your invitation. I thought how nice it would be to spend, there and then, and spill my cum in to you. It would be warm, wet and deliciously satisfying. I could imagine the twitching of my cock, spurting warm cum inside you, pumping it in to you in steady, rhythmic jerks. You would remain still, receiving my love. And I would be motionless against you, with nothing but the pulsating of my cock to announce my climax.

But it was not the time.

And so for just that moment, I let my dick nudge against your pussy, slip just a fraction of the way inside you, before I moved away.

I wanted to kiss you and lose myself in that pleasure alone. My cock played against your tummy while I pushed my tongue in to your mouth, French kissing you, tasting you, exploring you. You responded perfectly, your own tongue pushing against mine, slipping in to my mouth. Our tongues danced and fought, and the wet sensuality of our mouths pulled us in to each other. Now and then you bit my tongue, lightly; and I responded by biting yours. We danced and fought and tongue fucked each other, lost in the moment, locked in perfect sensual harmony.

You are gorgeous. And when I stopped kissing you, it was to pull back and look at you. I needed to gaze at you, to drink you in. So beautiful. So beautiful. Your eyes opened and for a moment we were lost in each other’s gaze. I swam in the dark pools of your eyes and I wanted to drown there. Instead, I leaned forward to kiss your face, moving down gently to kiss the sensitive skin of your jaw. I grazed to your neck, and your soft skin goosebumped when my lips brushed against it. I kissed your neck. The tip of my tongue flicked over your sensitive skin and I blew on it, my breath cool and caressing. When your goosebumps rose more vividly, I licked them softly and felt the roughness of your skin. Slowly, deliberately, I pressed my teeth in to you and bit gently. It was not a hard bite – not enough to leave a mark – but it was firm and deliberate and full of stark potential. I knew that you were waiting for the pain, waiting for me to bite hard, to hurt you. But that pain never came.

I wanted to bite you hard but I resisted. Instead I sucked lightly, drawing your sensitive skin in between my teeth, biting it with dark promise. You groaned and I felt my cock twitch at the sound. It excited me to have you here before me, naked and compliant. You stood so still, so natural, letting me enjoy your body and give you the pleasure that I so wanted you to have. pangaltı escort I could smell you and it was the musky, sweet smell of a woman. I nuzzled your neck, sucking you, biting you, teasing you. I moved my hands up and allowed them to move over your arms and your shoulders. I stroked them, before letting my hands move over you, until I felt the soft roundness of your breasts. Beautiful breasts. I let my fingertips play over the round, soft mounds, until I found your nipples. Letting my fingertips explore, I delighted in how hard and erect your nipples were and as I toyed with them, gently, I felt them strain and harden further beneath my fingertips. I teased them slowly, deliberately. My lips moved across to your earlobe.

Softly manipulating your nipple between a finger and thumb, while I lightly stroked the other with the softest touch, I moved my mouth to your earlobe and sucked it in between my teeth. You sighed and I closed my lips around your lobe, sucking it softly, as I so wanted to do with your gorgeously erect nipple. I sucked you and toyed with you, stopping only to move across and bite your neck with vivid sensuality. I loved how your breathing had quickened and your nipples responded so vividly to my fingers. I kissed your neck, bit your earlobe and whispered so softly in your ear that you must have wondered if it was my voice or your imagination that was forming the words.

“I want to make you cum. I want to love you and be inside you. I want to lick you and fuck you. I want to mark you as mine, make you mine. My cock is hard for you. I want you so badly.”

You moaned softly. I drew back, took your hand and led you to the large bed. The bed was fresh, well-made. It smelled of clean, wind-dried linen. Our eyes met as I gently pushed you on to the bed. I love your eyes. I get lost in them.

“Sit at the top of the bed and spread your legs,” I told you.

Surprise flashed momentarily across your face at the instruction but you moved willingly You sat with your back against the headboard, your legs spread for me. It was beautiful and obscene. Your hands were by your sides, resting on the bed. Your breasts looked innocent, naked and exposed, while your pussy was open and lewd. It glistened a little and I could see the lips of your cunt, velvet soft, spread with subtle invitation. I took my time to drink you in, letting my eyes glide over every inch of you. Like a work of art, you seduced me. I gazed and marvelled and I wanted to go on gazing, forever.

You didn’t know where to look. You didn’t know whether to enjoy my admiration or be embarrassed by it. Sometimes your eyes met my own, hard with self assurance; and then they would move down, away from mine, to look at the bed. I liked it. I liked the way you tried to be full of self confidence and I liked the way you failed. Your face was sweet and beautiful, flushed with perfect innocence.

In one smooth, easy move I slid on to the bed. My cock was hard, straining, stabbing the air in a raw search for friction. My balls hung, heavy and full. I sat on the bed facing you and we gazed at each other, enjoying our nakedness. My eyes moved away from your own only to slide over your body, adoring every curve and blemish. Your pussy was open and wet. Your legs were spread, obscene and beautiful, giving me licence to look and admire and probe your perfect cunt.

Our eyes were locked, deliciously, as I snaked my foot gently between your legs, moving it slowly upwards. It touched your thighs – a touch that was light but clumsy – and continued to push up, in between your thighs. I didn’t have the same level of control that I would have had if I had used my hand and my fingers. Touching you with my hands, my fingers, allows me dexterity and sensitivity. I can apply the lightest touch; I can guide my fingers with perfect precision. I can decide exactly how much I want to give pendik escort and how much I want to hold back. I can stroke you and tease you and deliver every tiny sensation that I wish to give.

Using my foot to toy with you was wholly different. It was rough and clumsy. A teenager making his first fumbling moves in the dark, exciting arena of erotic exploration. I pushed my foot all the way in between your thighs and I felt your wetness, warm and soft, against my toe. As carefully as I could, I moved my big toe up and down your wet slit. I tried to be gentle and I knew that I half succeeded. You closed your eyes and I saw the concentration in your face as you gave yourself fully to the sensation of a clumsy, unpractised touch. My rhythm, as I rubbed you, was irregular and my touch was not as gentle as I like to be when masturbating a wet pussy. But in this, I knew you found pleasure. Every stroke was unique and unpredictable. There was no rhythm, no consistency of touch. You gave yourself fully to the sensation of being touched and felt and probed. I felt you getting wetter and every now and then my toe slipped a little way inside you. The first time this happened you jerked, almost in panic, and I wondered if I had hurt you. But you remained where you were, your legs spread wide for me.

You reached up and took hold of my foot and gently guided my toe in and out of your pussy. You set the rhythm and then put your hands back down on the bed so that I could work it by myself. I continued to fuck you as gently as I could with my toe and I watched your face, your eyes closed, etched with pleasure and concentration. I felt the warm wetness of your pussy as I probed it with a slow, clumsy rhythm and it made my cock twitch with excitement.

At one point your face strained and I didn’t know if it was pleasure or pain. I stopped fucking you with my toe and I pushed my foot against you, in between your legs, and used my whole foot to rub you, pushing it up against your slit, moving it a little from side to side and up and down. Your pussy was wet and slippery under my foot and it felt good to rub you with a touch that was so broad and unfocused. I loved it when you began to jerk against me in little pumping stokes. I continued to rub you, trying to meet the jerking of your hips with enough pressure and friction to give you the release you were looking for.

Your face was flushed, so beautiful. Your breathing was heavy. When you opened your eyes it was to look at me. Your eyes smouldered and I saw intent there. You moved your own leg and your own foot slid up between my thighs. I felt the touch of your foot, soft and clumsy against my thigh. I winced as the ball of your foot nudged against my balls and for a short while you stroked me there. I continued to rub you with my foot, as yours played dangerously with my balls, stroking me, nudging me. Once or twice your toes caught the soft skin of my sack and I thought you would hurt me. But you didn’t. Not really. There was a pain but it was sweet and exquisite.

You were jerking your hips now with some ferocity, rubbing yourself against my foot. I pushed in to you, giving you the whole of my foot to rub against, to masturbate against. Now and then I slipped a toe inside of you. On one occasion, three toes slipped inside and I felt how tight you were. You gasped when it happened and that made me want to push you on to your back and fuck you.

Your foot moved up from my balls and found my cock. The strain of our play was intense. My cock had been hard and throbbing, hungry for some attention for too long. When your foot touched my cock and I felt the soft friction of your skin, I could have spilled there and then, all over you. But I wanted to wait. I wanted all that you had to give me.

You moved your foot up and down my cock, the length of my shaft. It was a sublime feeling, a raw, delicious sensation. rus escort It felt clumsy and unpractised and I loved that. When you reached the head of my cock, you took your time there, trying to tease me with your fumbling caress. You rubbed me and pressed against me and you curled your toes over the head of my dick, giving me a thousand sensations in an instant. I could feel my breath getting heavier and now my own eyes were closed, as I delighted in the most vivid sensation of your foot on my cock. You began to wank me, moving your foot up and down in as much of a rhythm as you could manage. I loved it when you tried to slip my dick in between your toes, trying to grip it as you would between two fingers. It was ineffective as a wank – but the feel of you working on me, playing with me, was divine. You masturbated me, rubbing my cock with your foot, toying with my balls, stroking me and giving me the delicious friction I so needed.

I could feel myself getting close.

I tried not to move, used every ounce of willpower not to move against your foot, to help myself to climax. When it came, I wanted it to be by your ministrations alone. And so I kept my hips still and let you take full control of my cock, my pleasure.

While you masturbated me, your breathing was quick and fast. I had found something near to a rhythm now, as I rubbed my foot up and down your slit, pausing only to penetrate you a little way with one probing toe. You were wet. So wet. As I rubbed you, I adored how slippery you had become and I loved the delicate wet sounds of your cunt that accompanied every stroke. You were jerking against me and your face was strained and tense. I knew that you were as close as I was.

You began to moan, softly, and you grabbed my foot once again, guiding me for those final strokes. You pulled me against you, using my foot as a object to make you cum. You held me tight, jamming my foot up and down your slit, using me, working hard to find your climax. You moaned and gasped and I loved you in that moment.

Your foot on my cock had lost all rhythm, all control. It moved over my cock and the movements were forceful and random. I never knew what the next stroke would be each time and I loved every touch, every kick of your foot against my cock and balls. Your foot jammed against me repeatedly, squashing my cock, squeezing it, rubbing it, kicking it. It was uncomfortable and intense. It was so impersonal that I almost wondered where the pleasure was coming from and yet I could feel my balls wanting to let go, could feel the straining of my cock and the slow rise of my cum towards ejaculation.

I remained still, letting you give me this clumsy pleasure. You were gasping now, audibly – and somehow desperate. You still had a hold of my foot but then, jamming it hard against your pussy with a few last strokes you let go, closed your eyes and pushed your head back. I continued to rub you as best I could and you were moaning, gasping, groaning. Your hips jerked once, twice…and then stopped. I could feel your cunt twitching gently against my foot, pulsating, and I stopped, holding it firmly against you, letting you ride the pressure.

In that moment my cock gave. The sensation was blissful and intense as warm cum spilled out, over your foot and your toes. You continued to rub me, and now your foot was slippery against my cum. You wanked me and rubbed me and I came, over and over again, spilling my seed and emptying my balls. My foot was against your warm, wet cunt and I loved to feel you there. My eyes were closed and I savoured the moment, the feeling of absolute release. I felt myself give everything up to you. Warm, sweet spurts of cum erupting from my cock and spilling over your foot, my cock, my balls.

It was clumsy, it was basic, it was intense. It took many minutes for the excitement to subside in both of us. Our breathing was fast, our eyes closed. We were apart, existing in separate worlds; and yet here, now, our bodies were fused in spent lust. We sat and with slow, lazy ease, we continued to explore each other gently, every touch lubricated by spent love. My foot, gently toying with your pussy. Your foot, moving over my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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