First Time Gay and with Older Man

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I was 18 when I had my first gay experience. I lived with my mother and siblings, and we had many friends including a neighbor who would stop by the house often, for coffee, dinner and other family events. He was smart, funny and a confirmed bachelor and was friends with us all.

He was more attentive to and supportive of me, I wasn’t sure why, but I was pleased. I have pictures from then, and I am surprised at how handsome I was, a lady friend of my mother called me pretty. He must have felt I was needy, or maybe the most submissive of us all. I was having trouble in community college and was upset by it. He was trying to console and advise me and I think he may have recognized the potential that similar orientation.

He was a well known and respected member of the community. We were lucky to have him in our lives, and I’m sure all considered him completely trustworthy.

After his many visits he would stop my bedroom to chat and say goodnight. He’d sit on the side of my bed, and our conversations were comforting and pleasant. He began touching my arms and chest and this seemed normal enough, but his hands roamed downward, first rubbing my stomach, then my upper thighs, and soon he put his hands down my pajama pants and was massaging my growing cock. This is normal for friends like us, said Fred. I recall being surprised, but didn’t object because this was Fred and also I was enjoying the attention. I was submissive and I was aroused. Then he asked if he could put his mouth on my cock. I couldn’t say casino oyna no to Fred and my orientation seemed to invite and want it. Of course, he was a master at fellatio, and while I was surprised and uncomfortable at first, I grew to really enjoy his visits, his attention, and his ability to make me reach orgasm. I recall that after a while I would remove my pajama bottoms when I heard him coming to my room. This, I am sure, convinced him that i was a willing recipient of his attention, and our visits and sex play were frequent and welcomed.

Months into our gay sexual activities, and after barely completing first semester, I was invited to spend a few weeks during the holidays at Fred’s apartment. All thought I was very lucky to be invited, and I moved in with Fred and stayed for the summer. After two weeks he said why not make the move in permanent, he said fine with him, we were friends, and he would enjoy the camaraderie…

His apartment was a two bedroom, well furnished and comfortable. After dinner on the first night, and after a glass of wine, we talked and I was very comfortable. At bedtime, Fred told me we would both sleep in his bedroom, more convenient he said, and we were after all good friends. His bedroom has a double bed, it was small but not to worry, it was ok with him, because of course we were friends So all fine As we entered his bedroom, I thought the bed looked small and how could we both fit, but Fred said not to worry, and who was I to complain., Fred undressed and got completely naked. This, canlı casino he told me, was his custom, and I should get naked too. I was startled to see the size of his cock. I had never seen it before. God knows how big it was, but it looked enormous, and was rather beautiful and impressive. I couldn’t take my eyes off it, something I know he recognized and loved. He loved being naked with me. I undressed and I recall having something of an erection, and was a little embarrassed at how relatively small I was. We got comfortably in bed, but it was so small that it was impossible not to have contact with him, and his cock was the center of attention, mine anyway. Fred gave me a sensational blowjob, as he always did. He must have swallowed it all. I don’t recall otherwise. He was insatiable, and was constantly blowing me.

He would blow me every night and then again in the morning when he saw my morning woodie. During the day he would go to work and I would go to the gym and hang out, only to repeat dinner and sex in the evening. There were times he would go to the apartment for lunch, and another blow job, this goes without saying.

He ask me one night to touch him the way he touched me. I was reluctant, but I would never deny his request, he had been so good to me and everyone. And I remember that deep down inside I wanted his beautiful cock I my mouth. I was coming to the conclusion I liked sex with this man. Gay, for sure.

I felt the size of his cock and was thrilled. Mine is a normal size and cut. His was kaçak casino much larger in length and girth. So I touched him, then upon his instructions, stroked his dick until he blew his load.

I the next days he would blow me and I would jerk him off. He then asked me to kiss his cock the way he kissed mine. I was tentative at first, then Fred said in his kind and forceful way, “Johnny, suck my cock.” It is just what I wanted to hear. It was almost as if I was born for this moment, and Fred had prepared me and shown me the way. I put my mouth around the head of that manly cock and every amount of hesitation in me was gone. Soon I was stroking his balls while putting as much of his thick shaft in my mouth, and it was glorious. Fred was moaning. In and out, and I could feel his cock swelling as I continued letting him fuck my mouth. I could feel his body shiver and I don’t know how long it took, but he reached a climax that was so powerful it was almost scary. I could feel his warm load streaming down my throat, and it was a great moment. I had given pleasure to this man I admired and loved.

I knew exactly how to clean him up, with my tongue, and we just lay together savoring the moment. In that small bed it was impossible not to see his monster cock slowly return to normal size. I mastered the art of being a cock sucker, got good at it, and really enjoyed it. I was always a good student, and was now an active gay partner. I knew when he was about to explode and I was ready to take it all, what a pleasure it was. I swallowed and licked it all until he went limp.

So the holidays passed and I began a second semester commuting to college, and the sex never stopped.

And it was just the beginning.

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