For the Queens Pleasure (With Audience Watching)

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Queen Witkens of Bednursdon

I knew for a fact that we were in serious trouble. The second my wife, Lady Margie Florkner mouthed off to the courts and the one person in the room who represented the Queen. It was all innocent enough and basically a misunderstanding but after Queen Witkens had heard the report on what had happened, well, she was out to make an example of my darling wife. The incident happened while Lady Margie and I were in court. It had been a long day things were winding down. Before us stood an everyday peasant, who had been having issues with debt and the landlord was pursuing payment in full. The harvest season had been rough, crops were in trouble due to drought and I was leaning toward extending payment options for the peasant standing before us. Lady Margie however wanted it to be known that she did not like the person and was raising a ruckus about the payment needing to be collected. The Queens representative had just finished speaking when my wife opened her mouth to disagree and for some reason she lost all tact. I tried interrupting her, I saw where the conversation was heading and sure enough, three days after the incident, we were summoned to the castle to appear before Queen Witness herself. I am Lord Florkner and have a vast parcel of lands about a days travel from the castle. Once we received the summons from the Queen, we prepared for travel the next day. Our best travel clothes, a few servants, and the carriage.

The only time I had ever been within the castle grounds was for banquets or similar royal celebrations. More boring than anything but the ladies are always enjoyable to look at with their substantial cleavage on display and a few glasses of liquor sipped down. This was different though, I had no idea what to expect but I knew that it would not be favorable. Queen Witkens had very little patience or understanding. She led her kingdom with a firm hand and rarely negotiated. The trip took most of the day and we arrived a bit before nightfall. The servants were led by the Queens servants to their quarters and Lady Margie and I were escorted to the large and spacious throne room. There are three large heavy wooden doors leading into the heavily fortified stone room. One guard stayed by the door while we walked further in to the brightly lit room. One servant stood at each door and we stopped at the bottom of the four steps leading up to the throne. Queen Witkens was sitting on the throne wearing her extravagant clothing, a servant fanning her.

Bowing low near her feet, I begin to speak and humbly introduce our selves. She cuts me off sharply and immediately exhorts her authority as her voice echos throughout the room. I wince and quickly glance at my wife, who curtseys with grace. She is nervous…her eyes are quite large and glancing around quickly taking in the room. “I hear that you disregard the opinions of your Queen as if they are insignificant Lady Florkner.” The Queen states fiercely.

“No, my Queen…that is not my intent. I was only suggesting….” Margie’s voice trails off due to Queen Witkens clearing her throat loudly. “You verbally attacked my representative…therefor you made an attack on your Queen.” Witkens hisses venomously and continues, “That sharp tongue can be put to better use and some humility is in order. Lady Margie Florkner, step up to my throne and beg fogginess on your knees while kissing my feet.” My wife looks at me with pleading eyes, and I try to intervene on her behalf using reason and flowering words. To my dismay, I am disregard and ignored completely. Lady Florkner steps forward and climbs the four steps to the throne. Getting on all fours, she begins to do as the queen had instructed. Looking directly at me and with a large smile, Queen Witkens says “Lord Florkner, if you value your freedom and lands, if you value your life and the life of your Lady, do not move from that spot. Say nothing and do nothing…do you understand?”

“Yes, my queen.” I reply, bowing slightly.

I see her nod to the servant who is standing by the nearest door. He is dressed sharply and responds with a nod as he begins walking across the room towards the throne and climbs the steps. Reaching the top step, he stops in front of the queen but behind my wife. The queen waves her hand slightly in a proceed motion and he unties his pants drawstring and lowers them to his knees. His cock is stiff and sticking straight out. Bending down to my wife dress, he grabs the hem and flips it over onto her back…exposing my wife ass cheeks and nether regions. Startled, she stops kissing the queens feet and looks back to the servant and then to the queen. My wife begins pleading and begging but the queen takes no notice. Queen Witkens nods her head and the servant drops to his knees and while grabbing my wife by the hips he plunges his cock deep into her pussy. Her face shrives up and a wail erupts as he pulls out and thrusts deeply in again. Beginning to sob, my wife’s cries echo through the room. Her tears run down her face, washing over Witkens feet. The servant continues to thrust into Margie, with no regard to himself or her. Emotionless, his cock pounds her pussy as if it is his duty to fulfill. Over and over, I hear their skin making that slapping sound which mingles with her sobbing sounds. After what must have been 10 minutes, the Queen signals another servant from a different door. He walks over and quietly stands behind servant number one who is frantically trying to finish up now. With a groan he pulls out of my wife’s pussy lips and explodes on her back and ass. I can see the cum shots flying upon her. He wipes his cock off on her ass cheeks and stands up. The queen nods to servant two and he unties his pants and drops down to plunge his cock in the recently emptied hole. Servant one pulls his pants çankaya escort up and quietly walks bak to the door he was standing by. Glancing back at servant two, I see him thrusting much harder than his predecessor. My wife is actively crying loudly again…she thought her assault was over…until she felt servant two grab her. My Lady’s dress has worked itself loose and her milky white breasts sway freely hanging near the stone floor. Her head is down in despair and I glance at the queen…her eyes locked onto mine with a large grin spread over her face. Queen Witkens is very much enjoying herself. Servant two finishes much quicker than the other one and he grunts happily while looking right at me… and also spews his creamy thick seed all over my wife’s back. Smiling he wipes his shrinking cock off on my wife and watches me for a reaction. The queen quickly signals for servant three to step up and he runs to position, his pants already untied. I suppose he had been playing with himself while waiting for his turn. “No, no, no…please my queen….no, have mercy” Lady Florkner begs. Servant three kneels before my cum covered lady and gently begins to have his way with her. I can hear the sloppy sounds now, she is wet from the multiple assaults and her pussy is coping and adapting. This servant takes his time and is much calmer. He reaches around and grabs the gently swaying tit while pushing his cock deeper. My wife grunts as his length pushes against her cervix. Slow and steady he slides in and out until he pulls out and covers my wife with his sperm. Smearing the droplets around with his cock, like he is creating a painting over my wife’s back and ass. Standing up and tying his pants, he too moves back toward his door.

“Lady Florkner, remove your clothing and stand before your queen.” Witkens states. My wife rises stiffly and quickly but shyly removes her clothes. The queen pulls her own dress up around her waist and sits back in her chair, with her legs spread widely. “Eat me Lady Florkner”, she yells. Her voice echoing around the room, causing everyone to be startled and jump.

“I can’t my queen, I am not learned in….” Margie begins to say, only to be cut off by Queen Witkens. “I said, eat me!” Our queen screams.

My wife softly speaks, “My queen, I cannot do as you request, it is against my….

“Silence then!” Witkens hisses.

Nodding to the first servant and pointing, she signals him. He leaves the room for a few moments with the door open. Four guards enter the room while pushing a heavy wooden piece of furniture. It is placed in the center of the room and the doors are closed again. Two of the guards grab my wife and carry her to the wooden structure. She is placed on all fours. Her head and hands tied to the bench in a downward position. Her thighs are spread wider and then tied to the back part of the bench with her ankles also bound. Her ass is up and her head is down. She is close to me and I see her puffy pussy lips. Red and angered from the fuckings before. The drying cum spread over her back.

My attention is pulled from my wife being bound to the bench to the servant who is bringing the queen a large cock shaped piece of polished wood and a leather flogger that I have seen used on ships before. “Lord Florkner, please come up beside me”, the queen commands. A guard moves beside me and follows me up to the queens throne. “Turn her so I can see her face,” Queen Witkens says. The other three guards turn the big wooden bench to where my queen can see my wife face. “Take this whip and use it on our dear Lady Florkner until I tell you she has had enough.” Queen Witkens smiling instructs me.

“I cannot beat her my queen, has she not suffered enough humiliation?” I foolishly spout.

Before I can say or do anything, the guard punches me in the stomach, causing me to double over in pain. Another guard takes the wooden cock from the queen and pushes it into my wife’s pussy a few times. She screams at the onslaught and then with it coated in her juices it is brought back to the queen. The guard pushes me down, my hands touching my toes and my pants are pulled down to my ankles. He pulls my ass cheeks open and the queen while giggling inserts the polished and slick cock forcefully into my ass. I hear my wife crying but cannot acknowledge anything more than the fire in my ass. It burns and I let out a guttural bellow. The guard pulls me back up to my feet and I feel the object deep in me. The queen hands me the leather flogger and the guard pulls me back down the steps and makes me stand at my wife’s side.

Another guard has moved behind my wife and with his pants down to his ankles, he grabs the wooden handles that come up from the bench (creating more leverage for him). He stabs his cock into her abused cunt and bottoms out.

My queen clears her throat and calls my name “Lord Florkner, your wife is to be forcibly and fiercely fucked by four of my most trusted guards. In between these fuckings, you will flog her harshly 12 times. If you do not, my guards will fuck you and flog you instead, and I will bring in four others to do her the same. Do you understand?”

Lowering my eyes and head I shamefully utter “Yes, my queen.”

With that, the guard that is already inside my wife begins his onslaught. He holds nothing back and fucks her as one of the servant concubines. It appears my Lady almost passes out from it all, but she just hisses and moans, grunts and groans. His fury is released after six or seven minutes as he buries himself as deep as he can into her womb. Pulling out, his semen drips from between her lips and he nods at me to begin the whipping. I awkwardly walk behind her, feeling the wooden cock in my ass. I draw the flogger back and bring it down over my wife’s ass. She howls çayyolu escort at the impact and the guard calls out “one”. I draw back again and bring it down, crack is the noise and again my wife howls. The guard calls “two”. Again and again the flogger is brought down until finally with the welts rising sharply the guard calls “12 my queen.”

The second guard steps up and begins to annihilate Lady Florkner’s pussy. He grabs the grab handles also for leverage and forces himself into her over and over. With one hand he brings it down over my wife’s ass and she cry out. I see the red handprint on her cheek. His carnage continues far longer than the first guard and my wife begins to sob uncontrollably again. Harder and harder he fucks, until without warning he slams so hard that the bench is pushed a few inches over the floor and being the most vocal in the room he bellows a guttural holler as he also pushes his seed deep into my wife’s abused hole. Pulling out, large white chunks of semen dribble onto the bench that Lady Florkner is still tied to. Smiling he nods for me to begin beating her again. My eyes tear up as I bring the flogger down over my battered wife. The guard calls out the numbers as I blur it all together. Finally, I hear 12 and step back.

Guard three steps up and my wife does not even flinch this time. She is too weak and tired to care anymore. He lines up and pushes his stiff rod into her and begins to have his turn. Looking to the queen who appears to really be enjoying the show, he says ‘My Queen, this thing before me is loose and no better than the whores we use in the barracks. Would it be okay if I play in the other hole?” The queen, leaning a bit forward smiles and responds “Of course, enjoy!”

With that, he pushes in and out a few more times and then spitting a big wad over my wife’s ass, he pushes his bulbous head at her back door. She realizes about this time what is happening and begins to fight the ropes binding her down. He pushes until with a plop from her ass and a cry from her throat, his cock sinks into her bowls. The queen giggles as the guard sighs in relief. “This is a much tighter fit! Almost like it has never been used before.” He says jokingly. His thick shaft slides in and out as I watch her try to loosen up more. Pushing deeper each time, he begins to pick up the pace and my wife begins to cry out again. Again, and again, he sinks all the way in. After what seemed like hours, he puts on a grimace and grunts in pleasure. For some reason, he leaves his cock in until he turns soft and gets pushed out by the muscle. A stream of cum oozes from the gaping hole and drips down over her pussy. I shake my head in disbelief that all this is happening and step up to administer the 12 lashings. My lady is already covered in welts and cum. I land the first two strokes and then hear the Queen call “Stop.” In relief, I step back. “Release her neck and hands and let her up, but keep her legs bound.” The Queen orders. One of the guards who has already had a turn unties her upper body. “Tie her hands behind her back,” Queen Witkens commands. The guard does as instructed and in this position my wife’s breast are on full display. Licking her lips the queen instructs me, “Lord Florkner, paint those breasts red by flogging them.” In dismay, I hear her words but cannot move. “Now!” The queens roar echos off the walls. Wishing for death, I step up and bring the whip down over her naked titties. Tears streaming down her an my face, I see her flinch and beg me to stop. “One”, I hear the guard count. The flogger swings again and I watch the angry welts begin to form. Her nipples hard, her flesh reddening and glistening with her tears. I must have blanked because I hear the number eleven called. Looking at the carnage, I see so many welts, some of them slightly bleeding. Again, the leather crashes over her swollen breasts and finally “twelve, my queen” reverberates around the room.

The last guard steps up and unties her hands from behind her back and ties them back down to the bench. He is already hard and his cock in intimidating. My wife sees it and wails loudly. Stepping up behind my lady, the queen clears her throat. “Pick your hole”, she instructs. He pushes into her poor puffy pussy and begins to pound into her roughly. She wails and screams. Once he is good and wet, he pulls out and presses his monster into her tightened ass. After the flogging her ass closed up again but he opens it up quickly. Pushing hard and deep into her on the first plunge, he enjoys hearing her distress. Grabbing the wooden handles for leverage he brutally fucks her exit hole. I see some blood on his shaft as he slides in and out roughly. Screaming for mercy, my lady cries out again and again. He uses this for more inspiration and pushes deeper, making the ropes strain that are holding her down. Plunging in and out, faster and harder….he finally pushes one last hard thrust, moving the bench a full 12 inches from the force….his cock erupts a load deep into her. He pulls out quickly and steps back to look upon his handiwork. Her gaping hole is bleeding slightly and pink cum drips from that opening. Slapping her on the ass hard, he laughs and tells her what a fantastic ride she is. I see red this time and move towards him. The other guards rush to hold me back and I am stopped before I can get to him. Laughing the queen looks at me and says “an assault on the queens guard is like an assault on the queen herself.” I look over to my wife and see her body covered in welts, tears, dried cum, and now blood and cum leaking from her holes. “12 lashes remain, my queen”. One of the guards states.

“Bring him to the foot of the throne”, Queen Witkens commands. The guards roughly push me towards the queen. I am pushed to my hands and ankara escort knees in front of the queen, her legs still open and her dress up. Face to face with her pussy, I see it soaking wet and giving off the stagnant smell of a ripe pussy having been marinating for most the day. “Eat me!” I hear her say. Without thought, I burry my face in her snatch. Licking and probing, trying everything I can do to get this over with. I hear her snap her fingers and the wooden cock is pulled from my ass and inserted again. Not the most comfortable thing I have ever felt but the in and out motion continues. The queen orders one of the guards to untie Lady Florkner’s hands so that she can watch her husband. At that point the wooden shaft begins to fuck fiercely. I feel the burning, the pain, I moan and grunt but it is muffled by the queens pussy lips. She grabs my head and pushes me deeper into her, cutting off my air supply. Getting fucked in the ass and not being able to breath, I fight for air. Finally, she lets my head go for a moment and I suck in oxygen as the wood cock is pushed deeper. Groaning I put my head back to the queens wet pussy and desperately try to finish her off. The fucking continues as I eat her. After some time the cock is pulled out of my ass, and I feel the emptiness. My gaping hole on full display for anyone to see. I feel the cool air around it. “Guard, 12 lashes are still missing.” The queen chuckles while she calls. I hear it before I feel it. A new fire flows across my ass. The guard brings the flogger down again and my gaping ass hole is whipped for a second time. Screaming, I begin to bring my face from her hungry pussy and she pushes me back in. Moving her hips so that her pussy soaks my face in her flowing juices. Again the whip comes down and again I scream. This repeats and something begins to happen at count nine. With my wife looking on in humiliation and exhaustion, the queen begins to shudder and cry out in pleasure. Her climax lasts a surprising amount of time and as the guard calls out twelve she releases me from her grasp. Tuffs of hair still in her fingers from pulling me into her so hard. Basking in her moment she enjoys the scene before her. My queen to my dismay orders “Two more for good measure, I want to see his face.” While looking at her, I feel the lash come down again and I wince and cry out for it was the hardest yet. “Thirteen”, the guard calls from behind me. After a full twenty seconds the queen calls out “again”. I hear it, and then feel it. The sting, the fire, the lash lands again in the same place as before. Wailing and wincing I struggle to maintain composure as the queen breaths deeply. “Fourteen”, the guard calls as I fall flat to the floor, no longer able to hole myself up on all fours.

I lay there for a few minutes until the queen gives me one last command. “Some of life’s lessons are best experienced, for your final task, you go to Lady Florkner and I want to watch you rape her too.”

Exhausted, I crawl down the steps and hear my lady quietly sobbing. Struggling to get my cock hard, a columbine is brought in to stimulate me. Her lips and tongue work in ways I have never felt before and after some effort on her part, I am at full salute. “Do it”, the queen hisses. I enter my wife’s bruised and battered pussy and being to slowly fuck it. “Harder”, the queen screams. I begin to go harder, but still it is not enough. The guards place my hands on the wooden handles for leverage and the queen wails “Harder!” I begin to force myself into this loose and sloppy pussy as hard as I can. The bench is moving with each thrust and my wife is defeated completely…but it is still not enough. “Now the other hole,” the queen instructs. I pull out of her pussy with a sloppy sound and press my cock to her broken ass. Never having done this before, I push through her resistance and sink my shaft all the way into her back passage. She cries for mercy and I pull out and plunge in again. “Harder”, the queen screams. Over and over I rape my wife’s ass hole. As both of her holes are over used and broken, the feeling is not stimulating. As the queen cries out for harder and faster I try to end it by cumming but it is just not happening. This goes on for a long while until the queen finally tells me to cum on my wife’s face. The ultimate humiliating act for a Lady of the courts. I pull out and walk to stand in front of her. My cock is wet with pussy, ass, and a little blood. “Cum on her”, the queen laughs. I grab my shaft with my right hand and jack off. Not wanting to look at my wife in this situation, I watch the queen as she rubs the hardened nub between her legs. Moving her hips. The guards surround my wife and begin jacking off too, and as they one by one begin to cum over her back and ass I feel the build in me. With a gasp, I blow my creamy load, without warning, right into my wife’s face and hair. One of the biggest loads I have ever seen erupts from me all over her. The queen groans a few moments later and covers her throne in pussy juice as it sprays from her. Lady Florkner is untied and helped to her feet. We hold each other up, covered in cum and welts. Her titties still welted and aching, the nipples bruised. Her holes loose and cum running down her legs. Both holes bruised and battered. My fresh cum painted and running over her face. My welts across my ass and I also feel the torn ass opening as I move to help my lady stand. Completely broken inside and out is what I feel the most…for Lady Florkner and myself. The guards and servants in the room are smiling at each other. My lady raped by seven cocks and then mine, in both her holes. The queen is proud as she looks over her domaine and fulfilled.

Queen Witkens pulls her dress back down and regains her composure. Our servants have been summoned and enter the room to our horror. Having them see us like this is beyond a thousand deaths. We are handed our clothes and escorted out of the room limping and walking stiffly, sobbing quietly. The carriage ride home in the morning is going to be torture.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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