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“Goodbye, Crystal. See you tomorrow.”

Crystal waved to her boss as she let the front door of the bank swing shut behind her. She was glad that Monday was over, and the warm heat from the sun felt good on her face as she walked to her car. She quickly crossed the parking lot to her Honda, opened the door, and buckled herself in to the smoldering car. As she started the engine she felt that daily nerve-wracking feeling in the small of her stomach. She pulled out of the parking lot, and made her way up Roosevelt Avenue.

The weak air conditioning did little to relieve the heat inside her car, and she cursed it only once. And again, the images she had seen in her mind all day long appeared in her head. She wiped the sweat from her forehead, and continued on, finally nearing her apartment. At this point the burning in her crotch was reaching a fever pitch, and she nearly ran up the stairs to her front door. Her hand shook as she unlocked the deadbolt, and threw the door open, finally at home after an excruciatingly long day. She set her purse on the kitchen table, and entered her bedroom, falling to the bed on her back. She took time to think.

Crystal was twenty-one, and the position of bank teller was her first real job. She had quit college, which she felt was one of the few good moves she had made in her young life. She thought back to the wild parties, the drinking, and the men.

The men; she could not help but think of men. Every day seemed to be the same: dreaming of men, thinking of hard cocks as soon as she awoke in the morning, watching her videos hour after hour, buying more and more hardcore magazines, and masturbating constantly. Crystal had lived in her apartment for about a year, and the only other person to set foot in her place had been the maintenance guy for her apartment complex. He was an older man, and he didn’t seem to mind the shrine to the male body that was her apartment. Full size posters, centerfolds, small cutouts; they all adorned the walls of her little world.

Crystal didn’t care; she loved how her apartment looked. Standing up, she unbuttoned her top, and removed her blouse. She unzipped her mini skirt, and let it drop to the floor. Stepping out of it, she kicked it to the corner of the room. Crystal looked down to her full breasts, and released the clasp in the front of her black bra. Slowly she pulled it away from her hard nipples, and let her arms drop, the bra falling away. She stepped into the bathroom, wearing only her red thong panties and her black pumps. Crystal smiled as she gazed at the picture of the blonde guy above her mirror, his right hand wrapped around his thick cock, his head back, seeming to love how his tool felt in his hand. She adored this picture. Crystal had dreamed of this cock several times. Reaching down, she inserted her thumbs in the sides of her thong, and pulled it off of her hips, squirming as she felt it graze her thighs, casino siteleri and finally pulling it off of her heeled feet.

Crystal now walked back into the kitchen, and pulling her cigarettes out of her purse, she lit up a smoke, enjoying the taste as she exhaled. Taking the rubber band off the counter, she tied her shoulder length brown hair back into a ponytail. As she smoked, she walked around her apartment, looking at every picture of those men, and their hard cocks.

Crystal had gotten to know the employees at the triple-x bookstore quite well in the last year. She had purchased nearly one hundred explicit magazines, and rented video after video. All of the extra money she had earned at the bank was spent on sexual related material. Crystal walked into her closet, and knelt in front of the stacks of magazines on the floor, rubbing her hands slowly over them, deciding which ones to look at.

She decided on “Cocklovers” and “Cockworship”, two magazines that she had bought just the night before. These were gay magazines, and the thought of men sucking cock had fueled her masturbatory fire. Sitting on the bed, she placed an ashtray and her cigarettes next to the magazines, and slowly started to flip through them. Crystal, still wearing her heels, spread her legs wide, placing the magazines very near her moist pussy. She inhaled deeper on her cigarette, and she looked down, reveling in the sight of a huge cock before her eyes. Her hairless pussy seemed to demand to be fondled, but Crystal resisted, wanting the moments to last. She sighed; that was the way it always was, her pussy seeming to rule her thoughts.

As she turned the pages, her eyes were treated to a variety of hard men, stroking and sucking each other. She put out her smoke in the ashtray, and immediately lit another. The next magazine was laid out along the same lines as the first: good looking men, with huge cocks stroking themselves and each other. Over and over she looked at her lovers, licking her lips, her pussy soaking wet, smoking cigarette after cigarette. Her desire for cock was overwhelming; her cravings irresistible. Crystal loved making herself cum, and today was no different from any other day.

And she was an expert. She knew her body as no one else could. Crystal had tried every conceivable fashion of masturbations, and she did have her favorites. She had cum while on her couch, lying on her bed, sitting on the toilet, standing and laying in her bathtub, and outside on the deck. Two of her drawers in nightstand were full of sex toys: dildos, vibrators, nipple clamps, and anal beads. Her apartment was a small version of the bookstore she frequented.

And now she could not resist her feelings any longer. She took a last look at the black guy in the second magazine, and she leaned back the pillows. The picture of his huge hard cock was painted in her mind. Crystal widened her legs further, canlı casino and moved her fingers along her neck, slowly moving down to her perfectly round, natural titties. She lightly touched her hard nipples, and then used the palm of her hands to move them in circles.

Yes, Crystal, think of that big cock. Think of how you would love to have that cock in your mouth, feeling its soft skin with your tongue. I feel so good, Crystal. You know you want to touch me. She began to move her hips in small circles, the fire in her pussy growing by the second. Her fingers played sweet music along her nipples, and they grew longer, harder, and so sensitive. In her mind, the thick cock grew closer to her lips. Yes baby, think of that cock. Imagine it rubbing all over your face, your lips. You know you need it. Touch me.

Crystal’s hands now made their way down her body, and the forefinger of her right hand softly touched her hard clit, making her body spasm. It was so wet, protruding, calling her. Good girl, I knew you couldn’t resist any longer. You love me, don’t you Crystal? And you love hard, thick cocks. Go ahead, taste that hard cock. Crystal placed three of her fingers of her left hand on her lips. Her body jerked upwards again, and a loud moan escaped her.

That hard cock was right in front of her, right at her mouth. She rubbed her clit faster now, totally taken by the imaginary cock in her mind. That’s the way, baby. Feel me, touch me, make love to me. Now suck that cock, Crystal. She drove the fingers deep into her mouth, getting them wet with saliva. The huge cock plunged into her mouth, stretching her cheeks, and she moved her tongue in circles around it. Do it Crystal, rub me all over. Her right hand cupped over her nude pussy, and she pulled upward, her hips rising higher.

She could taste the cock in her mouth, pumping in and out, orally fucking her. Her mind was racing, a slave to her body. Fuck me, Crystal. You know you can’t do anything about how you feel, day in, day out. I control you, and you know it. Push those fingers into me…now! Crystal plunged three of her fingers into her drenched pussy, and she sucked on her make-believe cock with a passion. Her heels dug deep into the comforter on the bed. Her breath came in spurts, her face red with desire. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead, running down her face, moistening her ponytail. Her feelings of sexual bliss leveled off at an erotic high that was perfect. She could climax at any moment, and the feeling was incredible. Her body buzzed with electricity. Get the dildos now, my love. Crystal pulled her hands off of her body, and she threw open the top nightstand drawer. She grabbed the two life-like rubber cocks lying on top of the pile. Each was eight inches long and two inches thick.

Crystal laid back on her bed again, and placed the head of one on her wet clit, and the other on her lips. You’re very obedient today, kaçak casino slave. Now fuck me hard. Crystal drove the fake cock deep into her pussy, and her eyes widened as she felt it enter her. MMMMMM, baby, I feel so full, now suck the other cock. Crystal wildly licked the tip of her other playtoy, and she filled her mouth with it. Now pump them baby, together. Her hips high, her mouth open wide, she pumped the cocks into her body. She felt her mind scattering, and she could no longer think of anything else but the pleasure her body was giving her. Crystal was on the edge again, and she could hear her pussy clearly. You’re doing well today, Crystal.

You know how to treat me right. You need to cum, don’t you? I could make you tie yourself up, you know. No, that would take too long. Harder baby, fuck me harder. Crystal drove the cocks deep. The bedsheets were saturated with her sweat. Her plentiful breasts were jiggling as she rocked her body up and down. Cum now, baby, you have earned it. Crystal felt her toes clench, which were still bound within her high heels. She bit down on the rubber cock in her mouth, and she plunged the other cock in and out of her cunt.

The feeling traveled up her long legs, swirled around her crotch, and seared into her nipples, finally pounding into her mind like a thunderbolt. Oh yes, Crystal, you are so good to me. Her pussy latched tight onto the cock, and Crystal squeezed her muscles hard, her entire body tensing. Ohhhhh yes, baby, I am cumming now. Drink his entire load. Take it all. Crystal’s body exploded in a wild, nerve-wracking movement. She groaned as she slurped and sucked on the cock in her mouth. She could taste his cum. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body. Fuck me Crystal, harder, faster. In unison, she drove the two dildos in and out of her body. She lived for this. Nothing she knew could make her feel any more fulfilled.

Her orgasm lasted for minutes, and she drove it harder, never wanting it to end. The cocks burned within her. Okay, Crystal, easy now, you have a long night of sex ahead of you. One last cry escaped her lips, and she lowered her body down to the bed. Ease them out now baby. Slowly Crystal let the dildo escape her lips, placing it between her breasts. She pushed the other cock deep into her pussy, as if to feel it one last time. She withdrew it slowly, and placed it on her lips, tasting her own juices. Crystal slowly opened her eyes. She looked over at the clock on her nightstand.

“Only 6:30,” she thought. Crystal raised herself up, and threw her legs over the side of her bed. She kicked off her heels. Crystal tossed her head from side to side, as if to toss off the last cobwebs that clouded her mind. She looked up, staring at the wall opposite her. The photo of the tanned Italian man was directly at eye-level, and she stared at it. His cock was thick, with huge balls, and he was hairy all over. She touched her clit again. Let’s shower first, darling. Then we will dress sexy for him.

More images filled her mind as she stepped into the hot shower. She was so completely addicted. And she loved it. It was her destiny.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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