Full of Surprises

      Yorum yok Full of Surprises

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On my way to the bedroom, I pass by a doorway and see you standing there with your back to the door. You are listening to music and fiddling with something I can’t quite see.

I pause for a second to admire the view. I’ve always loved watching you, especially when you have my favorite shorts on like you do now. You have a grace and beauty that never ceases to fascinate and excite me. When I met you 10 years ago, you were the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. The same holds true today.

I still can’t tell what you are doing, but decide that whatever I was going to get from the bedroom can wait. Seeing you there like that has awakened other desires in me. I carefully sneak into the room avoiding the floorboards that I know make noise.

I slide up behind you and put my hands around your waist. The funny thing is that you don’t seem the least bit startled and melt into my arms as I bury my face in your neck and hair. It was almost like you knew I was there. For a half second I ponder what gave me away and then forget about it as I become absorbed in the sensations of holding you.

I start moving my hips to the beat in unison with yours. I can feel you pressing yourself into me, careful to linger on my growing excitement. You turn around and our mouths rush to meet each other.

It’s a slow kiss, our tempo matching the beat of the music. The pleasant sensations of our soft lips caressing each other, building into the quick darting of our tongues through half parted lips. The deepening of our kiss as the passion of our embrace increases.

Our hands are roving over each others bodies now, seeking out the sensitive and favorite spots. The beat of the music increases, seemingly matching our own intensity.

Even though we have done a thousand times before, each time feels as new as the first. çatalca escort Although now there is now fumbling or awkwardness as we seek to find the clasp that bind each other’s clothes.

I can feel you teasing me with your tongue while using your hand to slowing stroke me. I want to reach out and touch you, but the only part of you that I can reach is your head. So I close my eyes and enjoy the pleasure that you are giving me as you take me into your mouth.

I’ve never had anyone work me the way that you do. You know how to build me up to the point of bursting and then back me back down so that I don’t. Apparently today you want, me to burst because after a few times of bring me up and down you feel the familiar pulses that indicate I am about to burst.

Seeing that I am about to burst only cause you to increase your efforts until they are rewarded with spasms and spurts of my body succumbing to the orgasm you so skillfully induced.

I reach down, bring your mouth to mine and kiss your passionately, thanking you for the pleasure that you have bestowed unto me.

Now it is my turn to return the favor. I slowly work my way down your body, kissing every inch of you as I go. I have always been amazed at how you have managed to keep your skin so soft over the years. I could cover you in kisses forever, but right now I’m a man on a mission.

I lie down on the floor and bring you to my face. For a moment I don’t do anything but sit and savor the smell of your excitement. Then I start tracing you with my tongue, looking for those non obvious special little places besides that drive you wild. You are not the only one who has learned a thing or two over the years.

I push my tongue deep into you and use my arms to spread your legs wider. After some deep thrust with esenyurt escort my tongue I focus on your button. At first I just tease it a bit, then slowly start to focus more and more attention on it until I feel your legs start to shake and quiver with your impending orgasm.

I am quickly rewarded with the pleasure of an orgasm coursing through your body. I stick my tongue in your as far as it will go wanting to feel your orgasm as it runs its course throughout your body, careful to make sure my lips are not resting on your orgasm sensitive parts.

You move and your mouth is on mine. I can taste our juices intermingled between us. Your breasts are crushed flat against my chest, nipple still hard from your orgasm. I can feel myself coming back to life and slowly start massaging your back.

I’m fully back to life now and position myself so that I am between your legs. I start moving my hips lubricating myself with your juices. Feeling that you are ready for me, I use my hands to spread you, while you use one of yours to guide me into your warmth and wetness.

We are not in any rush so I enter slowly, savoring the feeling as I make my way deeper inside of you. You raise up off of me a little so that I can penetrate deeper inside of you. I pick my head up to suck on one of your nipples so nicely on display of me. I use my tongue to swirl it around in my mouth and then give it a gentle nibble.

This seems to completely re-ignite your passions as your start moving your hips faster and faster. You sit up a bit straighter pushing me deeper inside of you. This pulls your nipple from my mouth but you don’t seem to mind as I make my way deeper inside of you.

I grab you from behind and use my hands to help position you so that I am rubbing against your spot inside. I take etiler escort a quick moment to use one hand to feel myself going in and out of you. I am slick with your wetness. My hand there seems to encourage you to become even wetter as I feel your juices running down me.

The only sound in the room is the sound of our passion. The slapping of skin against skin, moans and squeals of pleasure, the sounds of your wetness as I slide in and out of you.

I can sense your orgasm building up, I about to burst too. You start contracting on me and get so wet that there is almost no friction anymore. But that just excites me all the more. Besides I’m getting the pleasure I need from feeling myself rub against your spot.

Suddenly I feel you get even wetter as you get overcome with the pleasure of your orgasm. That sends me over the edge and I feel myself releasing deep inside of you as my own body starts to react to the pleasure of my orgasm. This seems to trigger another one in you as I can feel you contracting on me with renewed vigor.

You collapse on top of me, pressing your breast flat against my chest and kiss me tenderly, little after quivers still running through your body. I can still feel them inside of you. I put my arms around you, squeeze you tight and tell you how much I love you.

I roll my head over to the side and get a glimpse of what you were working on before I came into the room. What I find pleasantly surprises me and causes me to begin to get hard again inside of you.

You can feel me getting hard and open your eyes to see what is causing me to rise to attention again. You follow my eyes and see that they are resting on what you were working on before I disturbed you. You look back at me, give me a knowing smile, kiss me passionately and let your body respond to the swelling hardness inside of you.

I look one last time at the red record light of the camcorder sitting on the edge of the table and then start kissing you passionately. My last thought before giving into my own passions again is too thank God for how truly blessed I am to have such a remarkable woman into my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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