Fun in the Pool

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It had been one of those crazy busy weekend days, taking the kids to their practices and games, cleaning the house and finishing projects in the yard, and then a family BBQ in the afternoon. People all around us all day- people we love, granted, but people we wanted some privacy from.

Finally, the day had settled down and the kids were asleep. As I poured my second glass of wine, I noticed you still seemed preoccupied with finishing up a project. As I felt the alcohol starting to get in my blood, I decided that I was ready to become your point of focus.

The weather was incredible outside. It was finally starting to cool down in the evenings, where the breeze against your skin was the perfect compliment to the near equilibrium you felt against the perfect air. The pool was still warm from the hot summer days, and the hot tub only needed ten minutes to be ready to go. I adjusted the pool valves, checked to see that you were still busy, and went to work.

I started a hot shower, just so I could get an extra fresh shave and my legs would be silky smooth when I wrapped them around you later. I took extra time to shave the lips of my pussy well, and I could feel that they were already beginning to swell in anticipation of my plan.

As I got out of the shower, I debated which bikini I was going to wear- and then quickly decided that I would pick your favorite. Black with ties at the sides that held up the barely there front and scrunch-butt back, with tiny triangles of fabric on top that covered my breasts. If it hadn’t been black, I am sure it would have been see through, the fabric felt so thin and sheer, and perfect for feeling every touch.

As I was tying the last side of my bottoms, you found me in the bedroom and with raised eyebrows, asked me what was going on here. “What does it look like?” I asked back, just a hint of snarky sarcasm in my voice that I knew made you want to put me in my place. “It looks like this night is about to get a little more interesting.”

“That was my plan,” I said, looking in your eyes and trying to let you see what I was thinking. It was then that you noticed I still had my glass in hand, and as awareness dawned on you, I invited you to refill my glass and meet me in the pool. I turned on some reggae and turned off the lights, though the nearly full moon shone bright enough that it was easy to see.

As I slowly descended the steps into the warm water, I felt that free feeling of my youth- where there were no worries about anything beyond how late you were allowed to stay out that night and if the boy you had a crush on liked you back. The wine may have also been helping, but I felt immediately relaxed and at peace in the water, ready to focus on giving and getting some pleasure.

You came out and asked how the water was. “Perfect- could not be any better. You should come and join me,” I replied, as I breast stroked towards the steps that you were walking towards. As you sat down, sticking your feet in the water and handing me my glass, I swam up between your knees and rubbed my wet breasts up your shins. “Thank you, lover.” I recognized a look in your eyes that told me to feel your shorts, and I was proud of myself for knowing you so well.

You were already hard for me, and I didn’t waste any time. I took a large sip of my wine and lowered your swim trunks so that I could admire your giant cock. I wanted to dive right küçükçekmece escort in and start sucking you- it turns me on so much, and especially being half in the water myself! But I wanted to make it last tonight, draw this out and take my time. I climbed up so that I was on my knees on the top step, even with you, and as I wrapped one hand around your cock, I began to kiss you as I stroked. “Mmmm, I love it when you taste like wine,” you moaned through our kiss, and I laughed at the truth of the statement.

We kissed for a moment more, and then you started to urge me down towards your cock in that sexy way you do, not quite pushing my head down on you, but not so far from it, either. You know how much that turns me on, and I rewarded you with taking as much of you in my mouth right away as I could. You sighed and leaned back on the top step, resting on your strong arms as I bent your cock down towards me in the pool. You were already so hard, I wasn’t sure how long I would be able to tease you, and as I swirled my tongue around your head, I felt you grow even more.

“God, you suck me so fucking good,” I heard you say, and I moaned an approval with your head in my mouth, tickling your frenulum with my tongue while my wet hand moved up and down your shaft. I looked up at you with your cock in my mouth, my other hand cupping your balls, and you were watching me with such heat in your eyes. It made me feel so powerful, so desired, I probably could have come with just the lightest touch given the chance.

Part of me wanted to keep going, to just suck you off on the top step of the pool, let you come in my mouth and swallow every drop of you. The other part of me was already so wet, and I was dying to have your hands on me, your cock inside me.

You must have been thinking the same thing because you pulled me back up into your arms, entering the pool and wrapping your arms around me as you kissed me hard, pushing your hard cock into my stomach while I wrapped my legs around your waist.

We walked around the pool tangled up together, and I noticed that you were walking me towards the waterfall. You sat me down on the seat and as you kissed my face, one hand held the back of my head and the other started tracing your way down my jaw, my neck, over my collarbone and then ever so slowly, tracing the outer corner of my bikini top before sliding a thumb just barely under the thin fabric. I moaned my approval and as you kissed me, your thumb began to rub gently across my nipple, your other hand holding my waist at the side so that I couldn’t go anywhere, not that I would want to. I tried to wrap my legs around your waist again, but you held me in place with your strong arms and said “Uh uh, we’re gonna do this my way tonight.”

I know you’re a big fan of taking your time, letting the intensity and urgency build up until it’s more than you can take. I know you want me to be on board with that, and I really do try to, but it is so hard to hold back when I am so turned on. And when you get bossy in bed, it is even harder to control.

Even so, you know how much I like it, and so I will gladly play along every time like the good girl you want me to be. I watched you as you untied my top, letting it fall off me, the damp fabric grazing my hard nipples. “Mmmmm” was all you said before you lowered your mouth to one, then the other, using kurtköy escort both hands to squeeze my breasts while you alternated between sucking and pinching. I leaned my head back and decided to buckle in for the ride. Little did I know, you were just getting started.

You lifted me out of the pool, and made it seem so effortless that I was equal parts flattered and impressed at your strength. You were now kneeling on the seat, pushing me back so I was lying on my elbows, pressing my knees apart with your waist. I put up just enough resistance that I know you felt it, and you pushed through with a sly smile on your lips and started kissing my breasts again before you started working your way down, sliding your tongue down the middle of my torso and stroking me up and down my sides while you worked.

You spent some time kissing and licking around on my lower tummy, right above the tiny patch of fabric that was my bikini bottoms. I know that you could feel how wet I was, you know that sucking your cock does that to me, but you played it cool and just barely grazed my pussy through the outside of my bikini with your thumb as you ran your lips across the top of my bottoms, looking up in my eyes while you teased me. I was begging you “please” but to no avail- you just rubbed your thumb slowly over me again and again.

I finally gave up and when I leaned my head back to look up at the night sky, I felt your wet hands on my hips, finally starting to untie the sides of my swimsuit. When you pulled the front down, I felt so exposed, my pussy freshly shaved and already so wet, the full moon shining on me lying completely naked now on the pool deck. You stared at me for a long minute or two, just admiring what was yours, and I noticed that your swim trunks looked tight again. “You are so beautiful,” you said, before leaning down and kissing me on my mouth.

I smiled up at you, and then our kiss deepened into something more. One hand slipped down between my legs, and wet with pool water, you started to trace your way up my calf and thigh, teasing me by making tiny patterns with your fingertips.

Finally, you had both hands on my inner thighs, and I was arching my pussy out towards you, begging for you to touch me. You slowly stroked me, just barely between my lips, not quite touching anything really, but enough that you could feel how ready I was. “Mmm, you’re so wet for me already, tell me what you want.”

“Lover…” was all I could really say, but you were insistent. “I am just going to keep doing this until you’re ready,” you said with a sexy and slightly irritating patience about you. I wanted to call your bluff, but I wanted your mouth on me more. I reached up and put a hand on your shoulder, urging your head towards me and telling you “I need your mouth on me lover, please.”

That was enough, because you dove into me without abandon. I was already so fired up, so sensitive and so ready for you that everything felt extra intense. Your tongue teased me, sliding up and down, caressing my clit every few seconds before going lower and then coming back up.

“Lover, I need you inside me,” I was able to say through breaths, though I could feel that I was already getting close. You slid one finger inside me, just barely, and as you turned it around so that you could rub my g-spot, I started to get closer. “Lover, you’re gonna make me maltepe escort come,” I said, grinding my hips into your mouth. I felt you hum an approval and as you continued working me, my moans got louder. I was so close, and when I told you, you said “Don’t you come yet,” which almost always has the opposite effect.

I was about to jump off the edge to my orgasm when you were suddenly not touching me at all. I was so pissed for that split second, but when I saw that you were out of your trunks, stroking your hard cock, my irritation subsided and I knew it would be worth my wait. It was my turn to tease you again.

I slid back down into the water and led you by the hand over to the other seat in the pool, right by the hot tub which was softly flowing heated water into the pool. I climbed up onto the seat and bent forward, resting my elbows on the shelf of the hot tub, my knees on the seat. I looked at you over my shoulder, sticking my ass out as an invitation to you.

You took my hint and swam up behind me, placing your hands on my hips and rubbing your wet hands up and down my thighs. I arched my back for you the way I know you like, and you rewarded me by sliding one hand from my wet pussy all the way up my slit, sliding over my ass to the small of my back before planting your hand there and pressing down, so that I would arch out even more. “That’s a good girl,” you said, as you climbed up closer behind me.

I could feel your hardness right at my opening, and your patience was killing me. I tried to buck back towards you, but you gripped my hip and my ass, holding me in place, as you slowly entered me, inch by inch. You were so big, I didn’t know if I could take it all, but you were patient too, even now, and you let me get used to you at my own pace. It felt so amazing to finally have your huge cock inside me.

“You’re so wet lover, so tight. You feel so good.” You slowly began to move, and I was so fired up, so close already, I felt like I had been on the verge for hours. I reached down to rub my clit, but you pushed my hand away and held it behind my back, splaying your hand over me, your middle fingertip barely grazing my ass just how I like it. You’re so big and strong, I love that you can effortlessly hold me in place with one hand and still have another to do with as you please. “Not yet, lover.” Damn it, your teasing drives me crazy.

You began to quicken your pace, and I started to match your thrusts, letting you bang into me as hard as you wanted, the water splashing around us. “Fuck me hard, lover,” I asked, and you obliged, your balls slapping my clit as your cock slid deep into my pussy. I reached down between my legs and started to rub myself as I felt your cock swell inside me again. We were both getting close, your cock pumping inside me, one hand still outstretched over my ass while your other hand reached up and gripped my shoulder.

Finally, you said “Come for me,” and that was all it took to send me over the edge. My orgasm felt like a free fall that lasted forever, wave after wave of pleasure rushing through me. “I’m coming now,” I heard you say, though I was still in the throes of my own release. “Fill me, lover,” I was able to say, and you did as you shot your load deep in me, my ass grinding against you with your cock buried in me so deep.

It took a minute to catch our breath, and when we finally dislodged from one another, we looked up and remembered where we were, in our own back yard in the middle of suburbia. None of our neighbors seemed to be any wiser, and as we chuckled to ourselves at our good fortune, we slid into the hot tub and sat side by side, fingers interlaced, my head resting on your shoulder as we looked up at the night sky.

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