Fun With IRS

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After leaving the office of my favorite dentist and oral hygienist I begin making more of my rounds around the small village. Paying one bill after the other and watching my thick wallet grow more and more lighter with every stop. Which had left me with a few bucks. Running out of the greenback even more when I realized that I haven’t yet participated in giving Uncle Sam, patriot in crime, more of my money that had left me with very little at the end of the day.

Gathering up the files that I would take to the big city with me, knowing in another day I would be penalized for refusing to file my taxes in order to gain back a couple hundred dollars.

Heart racing faster as I push this jalopy to its limit. Passing one car after another while I anticipate a flashing blue light behind me as a signal to pull over, entering the city with much anxiety then the last time I was here. Pulling into the near empty Mall parking lot and tugging down my skimpy ass shorts (blue jeans) just after I had slammed the door shut behind me. Then to add more excitement, anxiety to my day, realizing the car keys were still in the, ignition!

Making it to the two sets of glass doors, rounding the last corner, nearly out of breath when I knew from the fine folks seated before me that the office was still open and in service. But just as I was about to seat myself in the back row of folding chairs, this old hag with silver hair and a face like a road map blew my cover.

“Sir. Ya wanta sign in!” she shouts, so damn sarcastically. Like she wanted everyone in the large room to take a look at me. Even the 2nd agent, young and pretty, left her clients’ papers to witness the way I was dressed. Worn out T-shirt and a pair of uneven cut-off shorts, dingy and faded.

Wading through my messy papers behind a smelly old fart as to explain why I wasn’t going to get more than I should, another client had left the room. Realizing only one remains before me as my troubled mind was still hearing sarcasm from this witch up front, to the right of this gorgeous young woman shorter then I, it would appear.

Suddenly the younger of the two agents shares a word or two with the elderly woman that smiles and politely places her arms through the sleeves of her winter coat. pendik escort Seasonably warm day, 80 or so, that left me baffled of why the heavy coat?

All of a sudden the last client of the day was getting ready to leave, smiling collectively as he tugs on his coverall strap and heads for the wide exit sign high above the solid iron gates that would be closing soon.

Standing up, once more tugging down onto my skimpy shorts, then I walk to the head of the classroom. Though it would seem. Reminding me of the time when it was my turn to give my report to my classmates, hands clammy and perspiring all over to the thought of appearing before a crowd.

“How can I help you?” Lori said, tapping the yellow

pencil on the desk.

Name that I couldn’t possibly forget as I was studying it on her cedar desk in front of her, while I sat patiently to see her subtle lips explaining in full detail, during the last session, with farmer Dan.

Handing the pages to her innocent, pure petite hand, with long shapely glossy polish of red on each rounded nail. Waiting patiently on my feet when she suddenly took a quick glance at my loins and then asked me to have a seat next to her as if appreciative of my enormous bulge.

Looking over the pages carefully when I notice her legs coming apart, crossing over, as I was able to sneak a brief peek at her colorful red panty. Taking her time, sighing loudly then took the pages from her lap, spot that has many ridges in the front from having to sit in one place for a very long time.

“Have you been here before?” Lori said, glancing up at me before returning her attention back to the computer where she begins to log my life history into before I could finish my answer.

Lori could sense that I haven’t been with a member of the opposite gender in a long time, like she knew me from another place in time. Answering most of the questions before I could finish the last one. Then focusing on a fresh set of questions as she fiddles with her shiny gold necklace, while undoing the first two buttons of her silky blue blouse with silk sleeves that were a replica of her short length skirt, and taking the string of gold links across her narrow lips as if to make her sefaköy escort concentrate better.

“Aren’t you hot?” she said, making me feel even more embarrassed then I already am.


“Damn, it’s really warm in here,” Lori adds, with her nose in the monitor and another gesture of her legs, unfolding.

Suddenly my worm begins to dance inside the shortened cut-off jeans, playing havoc with my mind. Knowing the longer I ogle this agents awkward position (on one ass cheek) the harder I become. So I shy away for a moment or two, to try and calm this ornery thing down, looking away to the four empty desks and a photo of Lori and her twin boys on her lap resting before me near the nameplate.

“So, where do you live now?” she said, crossing her slender legs once again.

“Same location that’s before you.”

“Okay, what about kids?” Lori adds, still looking into the screen and feeding off my array of emotions that she knows is beginning to surface. Then lowering the chain back to her blouse top.

Pausing briefly to hear again the tender sweet words seeping from her charming, curvy lips of clear gloss. Then replying with my face glowing.

“Two, I mean one.” I quickly said, shielding my obvious thoughts and visions from this young girl’s eye, looking back at the rear wallpaper of pine needles.

“Well, which is it, one or two!” Preying on the confusion running wildly inside my own mind.

Slumping down in her swivel cozy chair with wheels as she chews her lower lip briefly and relaxes her arm against the mouse button atop the shiny desktop. Thinking of more ways to entice me that I know is running rapidly within these astounding wheels of her antagonizing mind.

I begin to feel uncomfortable as hell right now, watching Lori painting a picture in her hideous mind of me and her, lying in bed with nothing covering our beautiful body parts we both would enjoy seeking out. But just when I was about to absorb even more of her punishing antics, my eyes went weak, numb, when Lori begins to raise up the hems of the short skirt with two fingers. Higher my eye climbs as they beg for affection, while this lovely short blondes’ knees were locked out, and facing me.

“So, silivri escort do you live far from here?” I said, gulping another jet stream of saliva to take my mind off this intense moment.

“Not far at all Billy,” she said, seducing my mind and body that quivers to the thought of screwing her right here behind the desk.

“Why do you ask?” she adds.

“Well, I locked my keys in the car trying to make it here,” I replied, realizing after I had said what I did that was poor choice of words.

“Well, it does look like you made it.” Examining her fingers nudging up a bit more of the hems. “You mean your wife can’t pick you up?”

“Yes, that’s it,” I said, working my eyes over the red panty covered in a massive patch of jet-black fiber. “Or I can call AAA to gain my keys back,” I add, again searching up the legs and needing a glass of water to wet my dry mouth.

“I could take you home,” Lori said, pressing the eraser of her pencil against her double chin with ideas rummaging about her energetic mind. Combing her shoulder length hair with five of her fingers.

Pursuing more then I should have when Lori told a firm grip of my chair arms and pulled herself closer to me.

“Is the paperwork finished?” I ask, avoiding the looks she was purposely giving me and pretending she wasn’t really inches from my thumping chest and hard-on that finally broke through the side of my shorts.

“Oh Billy! My you are a big guy,” she said, much calmer now. With her eyes studying its shape and length.

Slowly Lori slips her feet through the opening of my armrests until her feet were firmly on the floor and sitting on my lap.

“Now let’s go over a few of these questions again, shall we?”

“All right,” I replied.


“No.” Then she took down a few more buttons.


“34.” Then Lori begins to unfasten my pants.


“Yes, I mean male.” Then she took off her red panty.


“Yes!” I said, watching Lori plant firmly the hardware deep inside her skirt to feel such strength and magnitude beyond her control.

Lori began to make wild passionate love to me as she buries my face between her well developed bosoms, bikini bra, and rocks back and forth, side to side, purposely moaning loudly as to arouse more of me to stretch the sides of her cute pussy and penetrate much deeper within the compounds of her wet hole.

“Oh Billy, I’m afraid your going to have to come back tomorrow, I think there’s going to be a problem with your tax return.”

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