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It’s not as if I meant to kiss her. Okay, correction, it’s not as if I planned it.

There I was, surrounded by my boyfriend’s dopey, persistently horny, friends. The club’s packed crowd pushing us together. And my boyfriend, the worst boyfriend ever, was probably over in some corner. He had always liked to play these games, how far could he push me, how far would I let him go. The less I responded the more he pushed. I shook my head and poured another drink down my throat. The DJ switched to a slower song, making a few people scatter, clearing a pathway. A path, which led directly to my boyfriend and the girl he was groping in the corner. And cue the fury. The games he played didn’t seem fun in that moment; it seemed they were designed to hurt me. I felt a hand on my elbow, but in my blind rage I ripped it away from the person, and flew towards my boyfriend and the girl. He saw me coming and smirked- Smirked! He turned the, clearly drunk, girl around in his arms to face me and her head fell back against his shoulder, his hand resting on her breast.

“Are you done raping the girl?”

He smiled “No, not yet, C’mon Layla. Don’t be such a nag.”

The girl murmured something unintelligible, still with her eyes closed. It sounded something like Tim, although my casino oyna boyfriend’s name was Ben, so I don’t know how she got that.

Ben kissed the girls neck, slowly sliding his hand into her dress, cupping her breast. And, suddenly, I’d had enough.

“You think you can just play with me-with this girl like that? You think it’s because you’re so hot and charming that she’s letting you molest her in the club? No, she’s drunk, she’d let anyone do anything to her. You’re not the only one who can get some ass in this club watch.”

And suddenly I step forward, grab the girl’s hips and slip my tongue into her mouth. I’ve kissed girls before, but god- her lips are soft. She moans and cups my back side with her hands. Whoops and a smattering of applause erupt from behind me, but I don’t care. I back her up against the nearest wall, her little blond head thrown back in pleasure, and I spread her thighs with mine. Her hands weave into my thick brown hair. I bite her lip, and oh god I’m so wet. I feel my arousal, and hers, like a palpable thing in the air between us.

Suddenly there are hands on my hips, and I feel the telltale signs of a boner beneath a guy’s pants against my backside. “Baby, you’re getting me so hard.” Surprisingly my boyfriend’s friend stands behind me, canlı casino Rick I think his name is? “Ben went home, he’s a sore loser. And since you won, you get a prize.” He suddenly rolls his hips against my butt, rocking to the rhythm of the song. Blondie, as I’ve come to know her, slides my dress up, past my belly button, over my breasts, and finally off completely. I’m left in my thong and see through black bra. She starts sucking my tender nipples through the bra, alternating, and her tongue’s pressure against the fabric, makes my legs shake. From behind Rick pulls my thong to the side and suddenly pushes his finger into my aching pussy. I let out a loud moan and bend over, half to help him and half because I’m weak with pleasure. His fingers move inside me, making my insides stretch and adjust, my muscles tighten, and he suddenly pulls his fingers out making me moan.

“You like that baby, you want more you little slut?”

I nod still bent over, but he pushes me down to my knees “Me first”. He says and slowly unbuttons his pants, then his zipper, then his pants are down and his huge cock springs up before me. Blondie makes a whining whimpering sound beside him. I slowly slide my mouth over his head and he grunts his pleasure, his eyes shining with lust. I let my hand grasp kaçak casino his monstrous cock and slowly bob my head. With my other hand I slowly push my finger inside Blondie and she almost screams her pleasure. Vaguely I notice that people are watching us on the sides, but I don’t seem to care. Rick has his hands in my hair and pushes his cock balls deep down my throat. I gag, but take it. He’s so hard in my mouth I think he’s going to cum any second. Suddenly he pulls me up by my hair and roughly snaps my bra in two so it hangs on both sides, exposing my breasts. He sucks the closest tit with such ferocity that I think I’m going to cum right there, abruptly he pins me against the wall, and in my hazy state I see Blondie over his shoulder, being fucked for all she’s worth by another of Ben’s friends.

Rick lifts me so I straddle his waist with my legs, and he pushes his huge cock inside me with such force I scream. “Yeah, you little slut, I will fuck you till you collapse.” And he does, filling me up till I almost burst, then empty. He repeatedly thrusts, again and again, merciless. Finally I can’t take it anymore, my pussy tightens around him and I let go, screaming unintelligibly. Seconds later he releases, explodes deep inside me, causing my sweet, soul searing orgasm to go on longer. Finally, he’s done, and pulls out leisurely. Smiling he lifts me in his arms, as there’s no way I’m moving anytime soon. Blondie’s nowhere to be seen. I wish I could’ve kissed he goodbye.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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