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This is the fourth (and perhaps final) chapter about two individuals who are hunkering down before Hurricane Frances – a real storm – passes over central Florida. Although not absolutely necessary, I suggest reading the first three chapters and then come back to this installment. The storm and its effect were real. As a Floridian I lived through it. I have taken certain literary license in the story, however. The story will outlast through the storm. And then, perhaps, Hurricane Ivan will contribute. For what it’s worth, as I type this chapter, Hurricane Jeanne is howling outside my windows and I haven’t even chronicled Ivan, yet. Ah, how time – and wind – flies.

This is only my fourth submission anywhere; I hope you are enjoying it.

I felt as though my cock was in a vat of warm syrup as I slowly pumped. I could feel a rhythmic pulsing around the length of my hardness as I slowly moved in and out of the wonderful wetness. “Oh, Steve,” I heard whispered into my ear from only inches away, “I love how you fill me. I love how you fuck me.”

Laura’s foot pressing into the small of my back was establishing the rhythm of the rutting as I pressed her against the tree trunk. Her silky lavender panties had been pushed to one side as my pole plunged in and out of her pulsating pussy. My pants were down around my ankles along with my boxers, a result of her having removed them in her frenzy to release my manhood for all of nature to behold. Legs slightly bent to allow a man my height to penetrate her, I plowed into her furrow time after time in cadence with the slow rhythm she had established.

“And I love how you fuck me,” I replied. “I love how tight you are. I love how you squeeze me.” Her vaginal sheath again squeezed my cock at its deepest penetration, threatening to imprison it inside her forever. “I love how wet and ready you are for me.” I pushed in again and held my groin tightly against her pelvis, slowly rotating my hips and grinding against her. “It feels like you have a hand inside your pussy, holding me – gripping me and squeezing my cock.” I slowly withdrew almost the entire length of my dick until just the head was in her,. I teased her by holding it there for long seconds before slowing reinserting it to the extent of her depths. “My god, how I love fucking you.”

I felt Laura’s lower body gently spasm as she hit a preliminary orgasm. That was another thing I loved about making love to her – how she was able to derive pleasure from our coupling. Although I had never received complaints from the women I had been with in my five decades plus of life, this twenty-year-old woman was responding to my amorous efforts in a way I was not used to. And I loved it.

“Aaaahhh,” she muttered as another small tremblor quaked her, “you do me so well.” Her pelvis spasmed again, slightly more significant in its intensity. “Aaaahhh, yes.”

I never would have thought I would be making love to this beautiful young woman out in the open, her pressed against a tree trunk and my pants around my ankles. Definitively not in a hundred or a million years. Yet here I was, working toward my sixth orgasm in just over twenty-four hours, feeling as strong as a champion race horse put to stud. I continued to stoke her fires as I stroked her furnace with my poker. As I passed in and out of her portal of pleasure, thoughts of the events leading up to this encounter paraded through my mind.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

We had awakened on my couch several hours earlier after an intense meeting of the groins. I had taken Laura under my wing, so to speak, to help her out as another hurricane approached our mid-Florida location. I swear I had not taken her to my place for anything other than altruistic reasons, but once we got to my place, nature and an apparent inbred instinct for survival of the species kicked in. ‘My god,’ I thought, ‘I have never felt like this. I had no idea that sex – raw, uninhibited sex – could be so fantastic. So fornicatingly, forcefully fantastic!’

As I continued to slowly insert and withdraw my rock-hard member, I recalled how I had awakened with my hand full of a beautiful breast and my pelvis tucked up against the beautiful booty of this delicious, delightful damsel to whom I was now making love. The clock on my entertainment center had informed us that it was already afternoon. My first thought had been that I should be ashamed of myself for sleeping the way that I had. My second thought had been that I deserved that rest and, by gosh, had earned it. After all, how many men in their fifties could say they had made love five time in the last twenty-four hours? I thought back to my young days – the days of one’s supposed sexual prime – and could not recall having accomplished that. (I probably had, but just could not recall when.)

As I had lay there, that beautiful breast had moved. Not just the movement caused by normal respiration, casino oyna but the movement caused by the thoraxic swelling of a deep inhalation. Laura’s hand had reached up to cover my orb-filled hand. “Hey, sleepy head. You gonna sleep all day?”

I had hugged her closer to me, in the process pressing my pelvis into her posterior. That beautiful butt. That fantastic fanny. That awesome ass. So firm and inviting. Such a wonderful fit in my hands. She had rotated her pelvis against me. I think. It would have been a very slight rotation, but I swear she moved. My mind was awake by then, although my cock had not caught up; I had realized it would not take much more stimulation to wake up my little man. I smiled. I had known that I was up to being up to it again if I in fact did get up for it again.

Laura had rolled to face me, her nipples stabbing into my chest. “Mmmm,” she had muttered, shifting slightly to put her face in front of mine. “I like how you hold me.” She had leaned forward and kissed me lightly on the lips. “Gosh, I still taste myself,” she had exclaimed. Her tongue traced about my lips. “I can’t believe how you make me feel when you eat me. I don’t have a lot of experience but I know I’ve never come like that in my whole life. Your tongue is like a magic wand, or something.” She had continued to lick my face. I was able to intercept her tongue with mine several times, but she was not into kissing at the moment – just lapping.

She had eventually given me a gentle kiss, her oral digit penetrating my mouth momentarily before she drew back and rose from the couch. Her hand trailed down my torso as she disengaged from me and her fingertips gently brushed my cock. “Looks like your friend is still asleep,” she had said. “Or should I say our friend; I kinda like him, too.” She bent down and gave my sleeping member a kiss, then drew him completely into her mouth. Two swirls of her tongue around him later, she stood. “Get off that couch,” she had told me. “Let’s get up and do something.”

We had gotten dressed and walked the half-mile or so to the rear of my property. The weather was still stable, belying the fact that a hurricane the size of Texas was on a path toward us. I knew we would soon feel its wrath, but for now the day was pleasant. I was thankful for the excuse to walk to the river and enjoyed once again seeing things through a new set of eyes.

It had been a pleasant stroll to the river. Some of the animals we saw reminded me of how people were scurrying around to get batteries or water before hunkering down. I had seen more animals during our leisurely stroll than I recalled having seen before. We had seen a number of squirrels and several rabbits. A fox had crossed the trail not far from us as we had stood still watching a cardinal hop around the limbs of a bush. We happened up a snake that slithered away when it felt the vibration of our footsteps. I was able to point out a sand hill crane family as they foraged for food. A white egret stood at the riverbank looking for a meal. The best thing, however, had been when we neared the river and I was able to show her the eagles’ nest.

“That is magnificent,” she had stated, captivated by the sight. “Are there any eagles in there?”

“The last time I was down here, I saw two adults flying in and out,” I had answered.

“Any babies or eggs, do you think? Will the hurricane hurt them?”

“There won’t be any eggs or babies in the nest right now,” I had told her. “In Florida, unlike up north, eagles lay eggs anywhere from November through January. Maybe nature created them that way to escape hurricanes.”

“That nest is huge! How big is it?”

“About six feet around. Probably weighs well over a thousand pounds. And, if Hurricane Frances blows it down, the eagles will probably just build another one right where this one is in a month or maybe even less.”

I had been able to shift her attention from the nest itself and pointed to the sky over the trees across the river. A large bald eagle could be seen soaring on the thermals, appearing and then disappearing from sight. As we had watched it soar out of sight behind the tree tops and then back into view again, a second eagle appeared.

“Can they see us?” she had asked.

“Of course. You’ve heard the expression ‘eagle eyes,’ I’m sure.”

Laura had laughed in a low voice, her laughter reminiscent of the tinkling of a rippling brook. “Dumb question. I admit it. This is so cool! I’ve never been this close. Can we go closer?”

I had shaken my head. “No, this is as close as I ever get to their nest. I don’t want to spook them or make them nervous. I like the idea of having an eagle nest on my property and don’t want to chance scaring them away.”

We had continued watching those magnificent birds as they continued working the thermals, slowly drifting closer to the nest. Laura had been enraptured by the experience. As she watched canlı casino intently, I had held her tenderly. I had stood behind her, my arms lightly around her waist. At least initially. My hands had begun to lightly caress her stomach. I had cocked my head and gently kissed the back of her neck. She had sighed and placed her hands on mine as I stroked her.

Laura’s loose top had allowed access to the bare skin of her belly. I had rubbed tender circles around her navel with my fingertips. Laura leaned back against me, her derriere rubbing my crotch. “This is SO cool!” she reiterated. “So cool. Nobody around – just you and me and nature – watching these magnificent birds. Another wonderful experience with you.” She had twisted in my arms and pressed firmly against me. The kiss she gave me was reward enough for anything and everything done. Or desired, but not yet done.

She had turned around to face the birds again. My hands remained about her waist, my mouth again dipping to her neck. As I had nibbled on the tight flesh below her ear, my fingers traced ever-widening circles above her belly button. My left hand had risen to cup her unfettered breast as my lips rose up to her earlobe. I had gently nibbled her earlobe as I lightly pinched her nipple. My right hand continued to pull her back against me. I had felt my cock starting to awaken once again and had pressed my firming friend against the cushions of her butt.

Laura had sighed contentedly again. “I like this,” she had said. “I like this a lot. I like you a lot, too, Steve.” I had moved my mouth higher and stroked the inside of her ear with the tip of my tongue. “I love what you do to my body.” I had gently squeezed her breast while continuing to tweak her nipple with my thumb and forefinger. Laura sighed even deeper. “Aaaahhh, the things you do to me. You know just how to make me feel good.” I shifted my hand under her shirt to the other breast. I pressed my loins more firmly into her backside.

One of the eagles had tucked its wings and dove at that time, arrowing at the river not more than twenty feet in front of us. Just before it seemed it would plunge into the slow-moving water, it had extended its wings, transforming vertical speed to forward movement. It had extended its talons and extracted a fish from the river. The other eagle was right behind the first, grabbing its own meal. They had both slowly and majestically flapped their wings and flew to their lofty perch. As we had watched we could see them ripping shards of flesh from the fish to eat.

“Oh, my gosh!” Laura had uttered. “That was magnificent.” She had cocked her head to the left giving me even easier access to the side of her neck. My lips and teeth continued to gently nibble her nape and ear. I drew some of her short-cut brown hair into my mouth and gently tugged it. She reached back and caressed the back of my head with her right hand.

I had slid my right hand down the cloth covering her taut abdomen and slipped my hand up under her skirt. When I reached the juncture of her thighs, Laura parted her legs to give me easier access to her mound. I could feel the warmth emanating from her crotch and the first hint of moisture. After tenderly and lovingly massaging her pussy through the material of her panties for a very long minute, I slipped my fingers under the elastic and moved that flimsy shield aside.

I could feel the heat from her as soon as I encountered the guardian hairs. I had moved my hand to again hold her carpeted mound, this time without the barrier of cloth. Laura was already beyond damp; she was sopping wet. My finger slipped into her opening without even trying. I encountered that wondrous tightness once again. Laura had sagged slightly in my arms as I slowly slipped in and out of her grotto. I rubbed her clitoris with the upper part of my finger as the tip inserted and extracted.

“Steve, Steve, Steve,” she had muttered. “Oh, my god, what you do to me.” Her pelvis had jerked slightly as her first eruption hit her. She had reached down and grasped my firmness through my slacks, squeezing my erection almost painfully firmly. “I need you in me, Steve. I need to feel that big, wonderful cock of yours in me again.”

We had almost waltzed over to a nearby hardwood tree, neither releasing the other’s genitals. I guided her backward until her back was against the trunk. I dropped my trousers with her full and frenzied cooperation. She had taken hold of my dick and guided it into her portal of pleasure.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I brought my mind back to matters at hand. Those matters were as wonderful as were the memories of events leading up to it. Marvelously wonderful. The delightful, definite squeezing of my cock with her cuntal muscles. The slippery, special stroking of my steel in her snug sheath. I slowly pressed inward again and held my groin against hers. Laura purred as she rotated against my kaçak casino pelvis, her clitoris receiving stimulation from her movements. Her purring became a low rumble in her throat.

We were both standing, her back against the tree trunk, my knees slightly bent to allow penetration from a man of my six-and-a-half foot height in a woman just under six-foot tall. Laura stood on only one leg, her other leg wrapped around my waist. Her sandaled foot in the small of my back pulsed with the rhythm she wanted. Her hands were wrapped around my back both for balance and for an endearing embrace. My hands alternated between various areas of her body or the tree trunk for balance. A sheen of perspiration was across her brow. I was sweating more profusely as time and my pelvis flew.

“Aaaahhh, yes,” she moaned. “Yes, right there. Hold it there for me.”

I maintained the forward pressure of my pelvis. She maintained the rotation of her heavenly hips and stimulation against her clitoris. Her movements caused a fantastic friction along the length of my member. Laura’s foot in the small of my back jerked as her hips jerked. I felt her weight sag slightly and shifted my hands down to the sides of her hips to hold her up.

She moaned louder. “Aaaahhh. Oooohhh, yes. Yes!” Small shudders grew more pronounced in her body. Her arms gripped my back tighter. I could feel the sensation behind my balls building and knew I was not long from my own climax. “Oooohhh, fuck me!” she cried out, her hips accelerating, pumping my shaft in and out of her love tunnel faster and faster. “You’re making me come, again! Aaaahhh!”

My hips accelerated to match her movement, keeping in sync with her strokes. I began to articulate sub-vocalizations, myself. The tingling behind my balls grew more pronounced. “Aaarghhhh,” I muttered, “I’m almost there!”

“Do it!” she stated. “Aaaahhh, do it! Come in me. Aaaahhh, I’m coming, again! Aaaahhh, you make me come so much.” If her previous orgasms were like tremblors, she began to quake with high seismic readings. As her tectonic activity went off the chart, my magma rose to erupt into her epicenter. My hot release erupted into her vent. Our groins pressed hard against each other, jerking, spasming as we both released.

I was gasping for air by this time. My thigh muscles were cramping from the unaccustomed activity. My heart was racing. My hard-on was softening. I was happy. Very, very happy. Extremely happy.

Laura removed her leg that had been behind my back and slowly lowered it to the forest floor. Her movement caused my now soft member to slip from her vagina with a plopping sound. I remained pressed against her and could feel our love juices leaking down her leg and onto mine. Laura pushed me away and pulled her panties off, using them to catch those juices. She stood up straight and her skirt lowered to look as if nothing had just happened. She laughed like an innocent child and pointed to my trousers still down around my ankles. “Uh, you might want to pull those up,” she said with a big grin. I somehow kept my balance as I retrieved the lowered pants and put them back the way society expects.

“I’m getting hungry,” she stated. “Shall we go back to the house? And I’ll fix us something to eat?”

“That sounds good,” I answered, “except I want to cook for you this time. I’d like to grill a couple of steaks, if you don’t mind.”

“Why don’t you do that later? Right now, though, I need to put something in my stomach. I’ve performed quite an exercise regimen so far. So have you. Deal?”


We walked back to my house, hand in hand, smiles on our faces and in our hearts, while she twirled her panties around her finger like a miniature hula-hoop.

When we got back to the house we took a quick shower. Although we soaped and shampooed each other, it was done in a loving, tender manner, rather than the erotic way we had taken care of each other the previous evening. After toweling each other off, and sharing a prolonged, tender embrace and kiss, we dressed comfortably for lounging around the house.

Laura fixed sandwiches. I opened a bottle of wine and grabbed two glasses. We sat on the lanai again, overlooking the pond. The wind had picked up and clouds were sailing overhead. The anhinga was gone. The turtles had left the bank for the depths of the pond.

“This might be the last time we can see my back yard like this for a while,” I stated.

“Why’s that?”

“Hurricane Frances is going to drop a lot of water. I don’t know how many inches of rain we’ll have. But, it will all eventually collect in the rivers and lowlands. And we just walked back from a river.”

“We’re going to get flooded?”

“We don’t need to worry here in the house,” I answered. “It might not be apparent, but from the survey reports I know that the house is twelve-and-a-half feet higher than the river. We’ll be safe here in the house, but I wouldn’t be surprised to wake up tomorrow, or perhaps the following day, and see the entire back yard under water. Heck, we might think we’re on an island, depending on how much rain falls and how quickly it falls.”

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