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My greatest sexual adventure actually started at Great Adventure — Six Flags Great Adventure, that is. That is where most of the senior class went on “Senior Skip Day,” following the tradition of the graduating classes before us. It started out as a great day, with absolutely incredible weather, and ended as a mind-numbingly unbelievable day. I had ridden down in Jim’s Trans-Am along with Rob and Shannon, but, late in the day when the three of them were ready to hit the road, I was still having a great time. Luckily, Carol and Carolyn happened to be nearby at the time and they were still planning to hang around for a while, so I bummed a ride home with them.

It was early in the season, so Great Adventure closed at 10pm, but we stayed until the very last minute. By the time we got out to Carol’s little Toyota in the parking lot, I was exhausted. I crawled into the back seat and was probably snoring by the time we got on the interstate. There must have been some discussions going on while I napped, because when I woke up about half-an-hour later, they had a favor to ask me. Carol’s family had gone out of town but, not wanting to cut Skip Day short, Carol had decided not to join them. She had invited Carolyn to spend the night with her so she wouldn’t have to be alone, but they had both agreed that having a guy staying with them would make them both feel even safer. They asked if I would stay with them, enticing me by saying that, with an empty house, we could have a little party. I didn’t detect any sexual suggestion in their invitation, but I knew that if there was going to alcohol, there was always a possibility, so I agreed.

Once we were inside Carol’s house, at the girls’ request I searched the entire place for any signs of ax murderers or bogeymen. I didn’t find either, not even in the closets or under the beds, but upon returning to the kitchen I was pleased to discover that the ladies had whipped up some cocktails. We sat around the kitchen rehashing the day, all of us agreeing that it had been well spent. After a while, Carol started telling me how much she and Carolyn appreciated that I had decided to stay with them.

“While you were making sure the house was safe,” Carol continued, “in addition to making cocktails, Carolyn and I were discussing how we could best express our gratitude to you. This is what we decided.”

With that, they both set their drinks on the counter and dropped to their knees. My cock started to grow as Carol unbuttoned my shorts and Carolyn unzipped them. By the time my tighty-whiteys joined my shorts around my ankles, I was almost fully erect. Carol wrapped her lips around my cock first, while Carolyn gently pumped the base. Carol’s hot mouth felt amazing as she sucked my cock while I let my left hand drop down onto her head. After a few minutes, Carolyn redirected my cock into her own mouth and I dropped my right hand onto her head. Carolyn’s mouth felt equally amazing, though there was a discernable difference in their techniques. While Carolyn sucked my cock and pumped the base, Carol gently fondled my balls. Carolyn slid her mouth off my cock and held it straight out so that she and Carol could lick up and down the sides simultaneously.

I was in seventh heaven. I was at an age where I could probably recall every blowjob I’d ever had the pleasure of receiving, but this far outshined all of them combined. I had previously always felt privileged to get a blowjob at all, but to have two girls totally into sucking my cock at the same time was way more than I would have ever expected. I just looked down, watching my rigid cock as it disappeared, first into one mouth for a dozen strokes or so, then into the other mouth. I also noticed that when they were licking up and down the sides, their tongues seemed to come in contact with each other quite a few times. In the back of my mind, I was wondering just how friendly their relationship was.

I didn’t take very long to feel my orgasm was imminent. I was a perpetually horny young guy getting his cock sucked by two talented young ladies. I wanted this moment to last forever and at the same time I was anxious to cum. I was starting to push deeper into each of their mouths as my cock started to swell. Both ladies seemed to realize that I was right on the brink, so they intensified their efforts. Carol’s mouth, bostancı escort bayan Carolyn’s mouth, Carol’s mouth, Carolyn’s mouth – back and forth they went at a much faster pace while I felt the waves of pleasure continuing to wash over me. It looked like it was going to be Carol’s mouth that I filled with spew, but just as I felt I was going to explode, Carolyn took over again. By the time she got her lips all the way down my shaft, I was shooting my load down her throat.

She took the first two blasts, then, still pumping the base, passed me back to Carol, who got her mouth over me quickly enough to take the next couple. They continued to take turns until I finished spurting and started to go limp. When they were satisfied that I was completely spent, they both stood and picked up their drinks again, also handing mine to me. Raising their glasses and encouraging me to do the same, Carol toasted to the night ahead and finished off her drink. Carolyn and I followed suit, then Carol suggested we get to bed. I stepped out of my shorts and briefs, then shed my t-shirt as I followed her down the hall with Carolyn right behind me.

Carol led us into the master bedroom and crawled onto the king-size bed. I rolled on next to her from the side and was soon sandwiched between her and Carolyn. They were both running their hands over my naked body while kissing my face and alternately making out with me. I felt my cock already trying valiantly to recover from their stupendous blowjob. I had an arm around each of them, my hands going from rubbing their asses to reaching over their shoulders to fondle their tits.

“Carolyn,” Carol said, raising her head, “it’s not really fair that he’s the only one naked, is it?” Carolyn agreed that it was unfair, so they both stood on the end of the bed on opposite sides. I asked them to take turns so that I wouldn’t miss anything, so Carol took of her shirt first. Her hard nipples were clearly visible, pressing against the thin fabric of her white bra. She looked over at Carolyn, who raised her own shirt over her head. Her nipples were also pressing against a similar white bra. Carol started to reach behind her, but I asked her to shed her shorts first. I find a woman sporting just a bra and panties extremely sexy, so I was looking forward to having two of them standing before me. Carol pushed her shorts down, kicking them off as they hit her ankles. Her panties were very skimpy white bikinis that suggested that her pussy was extremely well groomed. We both turned our attention to Carolyn, who pushed her own shorts down. Her panties weren’t as brief as Carol’s, but were very sexy nonetheless. I took her physique in for a few seconds longer before looking back at Carol. She reached behind her back and popped her bra open, then let it slide down her arms to reveal her smooth, white globes. Her areolas were small and pink and her nipples were skinny and hard. She dropped her bra to the bed then cupped her tits as if offering them to me. I smiled and looked back at Carolyn, who was also admiring Carol’s tits.

Carolyn grabbed the front of her bra and unfastened the front clasp, letting the cups fall away and the bra drop to the bed behind her. Her tits were about the same size as Carol’s, but her areolas were a bit larger and her hard nipples fatter. I was anticipating enjoying the variety. We both looked back at Carol, who started to work the strings of her bikini panties down over her hips. Though they went lower and lower, I wasn’t seeing the top of her bush. Once her slit came into view, I realized that her pussy was shaved. Her panties landed on the tops of her feet and she stepped out of them. I gazed upon her fully naked form, taking in every square inch of her body. She was pretty skinny, her shoulder bones and ribcage visible, but her tits were about average size. Though I was initially surprised by her shaved pussy, it ultimately didn’t surprise me that she shaved it since I knew she was a bottle blond. Her long blond hair hung down over her shoulders.

I tore my eyes away and looked back at Carolyn, who was also admiring Carol’s naked body. She then looked back at me and began easing her panties over her hips. Carolyn was shapelier than Carol, not meaning she was fat, but just that her curves were more defined. Carolyn had a dark brown bush ümraniye escort that was neatly trimmed and shaped, slightly darker than the mane of loose brown curls on her head. Her panties were quickly kicked aside as well and Carol and I admired her for a couple of minutes before she stepped toward the head of the bed. As she approached, I watched her naked body, appreciating every detail. She stood with one foot on each side of my head and squatted down so that her pussy was right in my face. I grabbed her ass while darting my tongue out to lick up her slit, lapping up the juices she was secreting. I found her to be tasty and, by the moan she let out, I got the impression that she appreciated my attention. I was so focused on licking Carolyn’s pussy that I hadn’t even wondered what Carol was up to until I felt her hands on my cock and balls. She stroked my growing cock and fondled my balls before applying her tongue to both, as well.

Though I liked the feel of Carolyn’s smooth ass cheeks in my hands, since she was supporting herself, I moved one hand down so that I could slip a finger into her slippery pussy. While Carol was licking and sucking my cock and balls, I was slurping and fingering Carolyn’s snatch. It didn’t take too much of Carol’s attention before my cock was rock hard again. While I focused on licking Carolyn’s clit, I could feel Carol moving about as she stroked my cock in her hand. Carolyn let out a gasp of pleasure as I attacked her clit with my tongue, my finger still pumping in and out of her slick pussy. I felt Carol stop stroking me, moving my cock into just the right position before she lowered herself onto it. I was engulfed in the snug warmth of her pussy as she sat down on me, allowing me to completely fill her. I continued to focus on providing Carolyn with pleasure while allowing Carol to be in complete control of fucking me. She started to ride slowly up and down, gradually settling on a comfortable pace.

Carolyn had begun to subtly hump her pussy against my face while I licked and fingered her. She was moaning softly and, glancing up, I was surprised to see a pair of hands on her tits. I could see that her own hands were holding the headboard of the bed and I knew where my hands were, so I was pleased to realize that Carol was fondling Carolyn’s tits. As I enjoyed the feel of Carol’s pussy sliding up and down my shaft, I knew Carolyn was getting closer and closer to cumming. I carefully squeezed a second finger into her tight hole and, before she had a chance to fully recover from that added stimulation, I started sucking on her clit. Carolyn let out a loud moan and pushed her hips more insistently toward my face.

While Carolyn was moaning and humping my face, I could feel Carol nearly matching her pace. Carolyn had leaned forward more, so I couldn’t tell if Carol was still holding her tits, but it seemed as though Carol was somehow keeping in synch with Carolyn. Carol’s snug, slippery pussy felt so good on my cock and Carolyn’s pussy tasted so good on my tongue. Carolyn was getting louder and moving faster the closer she got to orgasming. Carol had thus far remained pretty quiet, but just because I couldn’t hear her didn’t mean I couldn’t tell she was there. I wasn’t expecting to blow a load up her pussy any time soon, but I sure appreciated the way it felt sliding up and down my cock.

With a cry of pleasure, Carolyn finally started cumming, flooding my face with her juices. I kept up my stimulations while she rode out her orgasm, which seemed to be long and intense. I could feel her shuddering and continued to lick up her flowing secretions until she let out a long sigh and started to get up. Carol was still riding me as Carolyn stood, but my eyes stayed on Carolyn’s body looming over me until she stepped aside and I got a full view of Carol straddling me. My eyes were drawn down from Carolyn’s ass to Carol’s shaved pussy engulfing my rigid cock. I was transfixed by the smooth skin around her slit as it surrounded my disappearing and reappearing cock, but only for a moment before Carolyn was urging her to stand as well.

Reluctantly, Carol stood, my cock popping free of her delicious pussy. Carolyn then reached for my hand, wanting me to stand as well. As I got to my feet, she was directing Carol to sit up against the headboard of the bed. While kartal escort Carol moved into position, Carolyn told me that she was sure I would know what to do once they were both in place. She then got down on her knees and elbows between Carol’s spread thighs, her ass raised tantalizingly in the air. By the time Carol moaned from the first touch of Carolyn’s tongue, I was on my knees behind Carolyn, guiding my rigid tool to her waiting pussy. With a thrust of my hips, I was buried in her snug, slippery depths, eliciting a moan from between Carol’s parted thighs.

For a while, I was content to just hold Carolyn’s hips and slide my cock in and out of her while listening to her and Carol’s moaning. Eventually, though, I started running my hands over her succulent ass then down over her ribs to her dangling tits. I realized as I leaned forward to fondle her tits that if I also leaned to the side slightly, I had an excellent view of her tongue running over Carol’s shaved slit. What a hot sight that was! I continued humping against her ass while watching her slipping a finger in and out of Carol’s slit and licking her clit. I also discovered in this position that I could reach Carol’s tits, so, as I fucked Carolyn, I was alternating between fondling each of their tits.

Carol had her eyes closed and was moaning, not having cum yet but well on her way. Carolyn clearly was an experienced pussy eater, whether or not her experience was solely with Carol was unknown to me. The hotter I got from watching them, the harder I wanted to fuck Carolyn. Rising back up behind her, I grasped her hips once again and went back to long, slow full strokes in and out of her pussy. Her wet, slippery pussy felt like heaven on my cock, the pleasurable friction arousing me to new heights. The longer I fucked her, the harder and faster I fucked her. Before I was on the verge of cumming, however, Carol let out a cry and, holding Carolyn’s head in place, began to shudder. I watched as the look of ecstasy on her face changed to a wide smile as she rode out her orgasm. When she finished cumming, she slid down a bit so she and Carolyn could kiss passionately, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths.

Watching them kiss inspired me to fuck Carolyn even harder, causing her to moan into Carol’s mouth. Carol looked at me and broke off their kiss. She wriggled away from Carolyn and crawled over to kneel beside me. We started making out as I continued to fuck Carolyn while I ran one of my hands over Carol’s tits and down to her pussy.

“I love your shaved pussy,” I murmured to her.

“You can love it any way you want, any time you want,” she replied before reaching down between Carolyn’s legs. Carol massaged Carolyn’s clit while I picked up my pace even more and fucked her harder, my hips slapping against her amazing ass. Carolyn was moaning continually now as I started feeling my orgasm approaching and my cock beginning to swell within her confines. Carol had bent down while toying with Carolyn’s clit and was kissing her ass and lower back. This unforeseen girl-on-girl action continued to get me fired up and I knew it wasn’t going to be much longer before I was filling Carolyn with a load of spoo.

Carol dropped down onto her back and slid her head underneath Carolyn to attack her clit with her tongue. Carolyn let out a louder, more insistent moan at this stimulation and pushed back against my incoming thrusts. It was clear that she was aching for another orgasm, one that Carol and I were intent on providing. I felt Carol’s hand on my balls as they bounced around below Carolyn’s pussy, a stimulation that brought my orgasm even closer. Carolyn kept pushing back at my harder, faster thrusting, her head resting on the bed and her hands gripping the covers. Finally, with a hard slam backwards, Carolyn let out a long, low moan as she came.

Amazingly, Carolyn’s pussy felt even better during and after her orgasm. Between that and Carol moving the attention of her tongue from Carolyn’s clit to my balls, I was quickly on the verge of cumming, myself. A few more strokes into Carolyn’s sweet pussy and a few more licks of Carol’s soft tongue and I slammed my hips against Carolyn’s ass, holding her against me by her hips as I shot my load deep into her. A couple more thrusts as I continued to shoot, then I was spent. Pulling back, my cock popped free and Carol was quickly sucking off the mixture of Carolyn’s and my combined fluids. We untangled ourselves and collapsed together on the bed, with me as the meat in a hot, bisexual sandwich. We were probably asleep before we’d even caught our breath.

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