Greek Lover’s Beach

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The sun baked down on the white sand of the beach. Small, crisp waves of the Mediterranean lapped against the shore. The rocky cliffs flowed down to the beautiful sandy beach. This part of the green coast was known for its incredible beaches and stunning women. William had come here for both. He lounged on an outstretched blanket which provided very little protection from the scorching sand. The sun beat down on his deeply tanned skin.

Alongside him lay a beautiful woman. Her sandy blond hair curled down over her shoulders and across her bare breasts while her skimpy bikini bottom barely left anything to the imagination. William admired the way it curved from her thighs down to her legs. Her eyes were closed and she was drinking in the warmth of the sun above and the sand below. Her name was Matilda and she was from a small village in the highlands of northern Greece. They had met the evening before over beers in the hostel bar where they were both staying. William had fallen for her beauty and wit. Matilda in turn found his charm irresistible.

With no plans the next day they had wandered down to the little stretch of beach recommended by the bartender. It was supposed to be the secret local beach where lovers would come to be alone together. Both of them had found this little detail intriguing and had decided to spend the day here. Matilda was a rather liberal girl and as soon as they realized they had the beach to themselves, she had pulled off her top explaining to William with a wink that she was really trying to work on her canlı bahis tan lines. Now as they lay together in the sun, William couldn’t help but admire her beautiful tanned body. Her small firm breasts jiggled slightly as she rolled over the tan her back.

She opened her eyes lately and smirked at William when she saw him staring. She murmured under her breath, “if you like what you see why don’t you come enjoy it?”

William didn’t need a second invitation. He rolled closer to her and pressed his lips to her warm face. She responded in turn, her eyes still closed. They made out for a while before she reached over and pulled him on top of her.

William straddled her chest and stared down at her breasts. She smiled up at him with squinted eyes. He kissed her on the lips and her tongue explored his lips. He reached down and fondled her breast. She moaned quietly and slid her hands up his thighs. Her hand slipped beneath his suit and grasped at his swollen cock.

She opened her eyes fully to see his reaction and she looked pleased at what she saw. William moved his hands from her breasts down her stomach and under the skimpy triangle of fabric. She writhed in pleasure and kept exploring inside of his shorts. Her moaning grew into gasps and between gasps she exclaimed that the day was far too warm for physical activity.

William wasn’t about to give up on a good thing so he offered a suggestion. With one quick movement he lifted her into his arms and strode down towards the water. She wrapped her arms around his bahis siteleri neck and smiled at his idea.

He splashed into the water into the crisp water and together they plunged up to their necks. Matilda drifted out of his arms and lay floating on the surface of the water. Her breasts protruded like twin islands rising from the sea. William couldn’t help himself and he pulled the triangle of fabric from her waist. As he pulled, she slowly sank beneath the surface and by the time he had them around her ankles, she was fully submerged. She had taken a deep breath before and instead of surfacing immediately, she grabbed him around the waist and began to work her way down his body. She pulled on his shorts until they had reached his ankles. Her hair tickled his legs and the stream the bubbles caught against his skin.

With his shorts in one hand, she began to explore her way back up his body in no hurry to get to the surface. When she reached his sunken cock she wrapped her lips around it and teased him with a blowjob. The warmth of her lips around his cock really turned William on. He placed his hand on the back of her head and tried to control her movements.

The action made her gag and expel the rest of the air from her lungs. The stream of bubbles burst on the surface followed closely by Matilda. William wrapped tightly in his arms pulling her to his body. Her warm skin sensually pressed against his.

William was able to stand but it was too deep for Matilda. He let go of her with his hands slipped the free hand between bahis şirketleri her legs. She moaned in pleasure and he kissed her on the neck. He began to work his way down her body she treaded water above. He kissed her stomach and then her thighs and finally found his way to her pussy. He worked rhythmically with his tongue and he could hear her moaning on the surface. She placed her hands on the back of his head, guiding his movements. This prevented her from being able to tread water and she sank beneath the surface to join him.

As William increased his rhythm, streams of bubbles poured from her lips and before long she was out of air. He let her go and she raced for the surface followed closely by William. When he surfaced, she clung to him as was still breathing heavily and trying to regain her breath. Now that they were both cooled off and more aroused and ever, William lifted her in his arms again and carried her back onto the sand. They fell heavily to the sandy beach intertwined in each other’s arms. They made out as Matilda guided him inside her.

He pounded her against the sand and she dug her nails into his back and she cried out in pleasure. All alone on their private beach, they made love. Matilda rolled them over until she was on top and they continued. She worked her hips as she milked his cock. Her beautiful sea salty and sandy hair flowed down around her face as she kissed William. It was clear that she was nearing or her orgasm as a rhythm increased in tempo and her breath came in ragged gasps.

She cried out in ecstasy as she came hard on the sandy beach. William came close behind and pounded her deep as you came. As the rhythm slurred slowed to a stop, they lay intertwined upon the sandy shore. This truly was a lover’s beach.

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