Halloween Dance For Swingers

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Most Moms and/or Dads take their kids trick or treating on Halloween. We hire a babysitter to do that. Most married couples pass out candy to all the children who come to their door. My wife’s mother, my mother-in-law, passes out candy in our absence. What do we do that is so important that we can’t take our children around the neighborhood trick or treating and pass out candy to all the kids?

We have sex. Yep, that’s right, every Halloween, we have sex with other people, that’s what we do. We’re not swingers, per se, but for one day of the year, we let our hair down and go a little wild and crazy by playing out our fantasies and allowing our unchecked sexuality to inspire us. With a little fantasy and role play, we allow our libido free reign of our bodies for a day.

One day out of the year, we pick a theme and dress in costume. It’s fun. It’s exciting. One day out of the year, Halloween is our day to go a bit sexually over the top and do whatever it is we thought about doing the previous year. Admittedly, as this is our first year trying this, we don’t really know what to expect. All we know is it’s going to be outrageous, erotic, sexy fun.

“I can’t wait for Halloween. I’ve had a permanent erection the entire month of October just thinking about what I’ll wear and what I’ll do this year with some hot woman or sexy women,” I said to my wife Sheila.

“I thought we were just attending to see what swingers do, Roger. I thought we were just going there to watch,” she said giving me a look that could freeze water.

“Oh, we are, Honey Bunch, we’re just going to investigate the action and see the sexy costumes they wear,” I said knowing that if I had the opportunity to have hot sex with a beautiful blonde or a ravishing redhead, I would.

That one day, Halloween, is what keeps us sane and what allows us to make it through the rest of the year in doing what we must do to thrive and survive. No matter how boring our jobs are, how routine our days have become, and how bad our days can be, looking forward to going all out on Halloween gives us what we need to continue with our mundane little lives. Not to mention having sex with other people gives us an entire year of pillow talk.

“So, tell me, again,” I said watching my wife’s reaction to the question I was imagining I’d pose to her, after attending our first Halloween dance. “Did you like sucking his cock?”

“I loved sucking his cock. I had so much fun at the Halloween party. I can’t wait for next year,” I imagined she said with a sly smile, before giving me an inspired blowjob.

I admit that I used to look at other woman and my wife finally admitted to me that she used to think about other men. Now, we leave all that lustful desire for our one day to act out on Halloween, when we attend the Swingers’ Halloween Masquerade Ball. That’s right, think of me and my wife what you will and if your thoughts about swinging are negative, you’re just jealous. For those of you who get it and for those of you who are living in a sexless marriage, I’m sure you’re wishing you were me and had a wife like my wife, hot and horny.

Yet, to spend a day without guilt, to return to the single days and bring someone back to my room and fuck and suck her, while my wife does the same with some guy, is healthier for our marriage than if we were lying and cheating behind one another’s backs. Certainly for this alternative lifestyle to work, for me to allow someone to seduce my wife and/or watch my wife suck another man’s cock after he ate her pussy, I must remove all feelings of possessiveness and jealousy. It doesn’t work if I allow those feelings to ruin my good time.

Let me tell you, in the beginning, it wasn’t easy convincing my wife to go along with this. At first she was against the whole thing, even calling me perverted. Yet, once she got into it, once she attended the Swingers’ Halloween Masquerade Ball, after she let her hair down and removed her clothes, like most women, she embraced the lifestyle. I found out from some of the other husbands, who participate in the swinging lifestyle, that it’s always the women who are reluctant to try it, but as soon as they do, it’s the women who take the ball and run with it. Even when the men want to quit the lifestyle, afraid that their woman will take off with another man or woman, it’s the women who are reluctant to let it go. We men can’t pry our women away from the swinging lifestyle with a crowbar.

“Oh, please, just let me make love to Jon Paul, one more time,” I imagined my wife saying to me, “before I quit the swinging lifestyle and go home to being a bored housewife and an unappreciated mother.”

“You’ve been in bed with him six times already, Honey. We didn’t have as much sex on our Honeymoon, as you’re having with Jon Paul now.”

Maybe I should go back to the beginning, especially to explain to those who have never experienced swinging, but who would like to try it. It all started when I bought a swingers magazine and was canlı bahis perusing the personal ads for sex with others. I was just looking, mind you. The ads were quite explicit and it was fun to just read them. Admittedly, perhaps, I had secret desires and hopeful wishes in the back of my mind of us becoming swingers, but I knew my wife would never consider the thought of having sex with someone else. I knew she’d never have sex with anyone but me.

In reading the ads in the magazine, there were men looking for men, women looking for women, couples looking for other couples and/or couples looking for a man or a woman to just be watched or to actively participate in a threesome. Whatever goes is okay, when in the swinging lifestyle, I guess. This one magazine suddenly opened my libido to a world of possibilities and my imagination went wild with the thoughts of having sex with another woman, while I watched my wife having sex with another man. If nothing else, it excited me to explore my sexual peccadilloes, whatever they were.

It’s always been a fantasy of mine to have sex with someone other than my wife. Only, fearful of divorce and everything that goes along with it, the attorneys’ expenses, losing the house, having to pay child support, and giving up custody of my kids, I curbed my enthusiasm for having a fantasy affair with those thoughts of living in reality. Yet, the possibility that I could finally satisfy my sexual curiosity and libido by participating in having consensual sex with others with my wife’s blessings, as a couple, and under the guise of attending the Halloween gala for swingers, was something that more than excited me. The thoughts of swinging as a couple and the pillow talk afterward, made me wild with passion.

My wife has dark brown hair and brown eyes and I always imagined being with a blue-eyed blonde or a green-eyed redhead. Hey, I’m not fussy. I’d do a green-eyed blonde and a blue-eyed redhead. It doesn’t matter.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife and I wouldn’t exchange her for anyone, most anyone. I guess it really depends on the woman. I mean, if it was a step up and if a rich, beautiful woman was offering herself to me, I’d be crazy to turn her down, you know. Yet, that’s not with this story is about. Besides, not wanting to be hauled into divorce court, I considered the swinging scenario nothing more than a fantasy and if agreed to, consensual sex between adults.

Then one night, during some hot pillow talk with my wife, I asked her if she ever thought about having sex with someone other than me. To say the least, her responses were surprising. Actually, who am I kidding? They were shocking. I was floored. All this time I was thinking that my wife was innocent and didn’t have a sexual thought in her head about anyone but me. Boy, was I ever wrong.

“Have you ever thought about having sex with someone else?”

“No, I’ve never thought about having sex with anyone other than you, Roger. That’s such an absurd question to ask me. Until death do us part,” she said holding up her ring finger and flashing her diamond in my face. Suddenly, the brilliance of her diamond was like a stun gun that held me in fear and in place, as if I had just been zapped on Star Trek. “I’m a faithful wife.”

I was glad that I had given her a small diamond, otherwise I would have been blinded by not only the sparkle from the rock but also from the guilt of having asked her the question. She looked at me, as if I was a pervert. She looked at me as if I wanted someone else and she was right, I did want to experience another woman.

“C’mon, Sheila, you’ve never fantasized about anybody during a horny moment.”

“Obviously for you to ask me such a question, you’ve thought about having sex with someone else,” she said.

What is it with wives? I hate it when she twists my words around and uses them against me. They’d make perfect defense attorneys. Never answering a question put to them, they know the probing questions to ask and exactly when to ask them. She made me feel uncomfortable. Turning the pillow talk to more of an inquisition, this bedtime fun felt as if I was walking on broken glass and no matter where I stepped I was going to get cut and bleed.

“No, I haven’t thought about having sex with anyone but you, until now. I just thought it’d be fun if you’d share your sexual fantasy of who you’d–“

“I’d never desecrate my marriage vows by having sex with any man, other than my husband, if that’s what you mean.”

Gees, I hate it when she brings religion into our pillow talking sessions. It’s just so wrong to bring God into the conversation when I’m lying in bed with an erection and hoping for a blowjob. I believe in God and attend church regularly, but religion is inappropriate conversation during hot pillow talk. Unless I’m dying and need a priest by my side to give me my last rites, or unless Sheila is having a religious experience, an orgasm and screaming, “Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh, God!”, religion should bahis siteleri stay out of my bedroom and out of my bed.

“You mean to tell me that you’ve never seen a guy at the supermarket or the mall that you’d wonder what he’d be like in bed.”

“No, I don’t have sexual thoughts about other men, Roger. That’s perverse. That’s nasty. Thinking the thought is just as bad as cheating,” she said looking down at my semi-erection, before looking up at me to respond further. “I’m not a slut. I’m not a whore. Women aren’t the animals that men are. You guys would have sex with a hole in the wall.”

“What about a woman, then? Would you have sex with a-“

“Roger Martin, I’d do no such thing. I’m not a lesbian,” she said staring at me, as if I had just accused her of being a butch dyke lesbian. “What’s wrong with you?”

“You don’t have to be a lesbian to be socially bi-sexual, to kiss another woman, maybe have her suck your tits and lick your pussy, before you reciprocate and do the same with her, while I watch, of course.”

“Eww, gross, I wouldn’t even kiss another woman, who wasn’t a relative. I’d no sooner have another woman touch my pussy, forget about licking it. And I can’t believe you’d watch such a perverted sexual display between two women. Where are all these sexual perversions coming from, Roger? This isn’t like you at all. Are you going through a mid-life crisis?”

“I’ve been reading this magazine,” I said taking a big breath of courage and pulling the swingers’ magazine out from under the mattress and handing it to her.

“What’s this,” she said making a sour face from seeing the naked woman on the cover? “Where’d you get this?”

I watched her hold it with two fingers, as if it was covered with human excrement.

“At the new erotic store that just opened outside of town, Midnight Fantasy. They sell adult toys and sexy outfits and they even have a swing-“

“Roger, please don’t go in there anymore. Someone might see you. I’d be embarrassed to death in front of Sunday’s congregation should anyone see my husband in a smut shop.”

“Yeah, well, I saw our reverend in there hiding behind one of the bookracks hoping I didn’t see him, no doubt, while waiting for me to leave.”

“Reverend Bob? You saw Reverend Bob in a smut shop?” She looked at me, as if I was lying and making that up to cover myself. “It was probably someone who looked like him. Only perverts go in a place like that,” she said looking at me with uncertainty. “And if it was him, he was probably just trying to roundup some stray sheep who wandered from his flock.”

“Yeah, well, the shepherd was in there alone after the entire herd had already frequented the store. Most of the town folk have already been in there, at least, once, buying out the store. Everyone in this uptight community is hungry for sex, including me, Honey.”

“Well, I think it’s sick to make someone’s sex life a public spectacle. Stores like that should be outlawed. They should be banned from our little community,” she said getting up on her soapbox. “Besides, Roger, you’re married and shouldn’t be thinking about sex…anymore,” she said looking at me, when I gave her a returned look of shock. “Oh, you know what I mean. Morally married couples don’t talk about having sex with one another, never mind talking about having sex with someone else. Sex is a discussed behind closed doors and not out in the open.”

“Most of the morally married couples in this town don’t even talk about having sex with one another? Are you kidding me? You’d be surprised what goes on behind closed doors. C’mon, Sheila, play along with me. It’s just pillow talk. It’s not for real. Tell me. Who would you have sex with, if you could?”

She gave me a funny look, as if she had thought about it, but wasn’t sure if she should share what she was thinking for fear that I may think less of her.

“Well, I suppose, if something horrible was to happen to you, if you were to die, I’d have no choice but to give my body to another man,” she said with a sad, little smile.

“I’m not going to die, Honey,” I said patting her hand, while trying to assure her not to worry.

Admittedly, it was gratifying to know that my sweet wife would only have sex with someone else, should she become a widow. Wow, what a wife? She’s such a dear and a real comfort to me.

I gave her a big kiss on the forehead. Touching in her concern for me, she was so cute in worrying that she’d have to reluctantly give herself to another man, should I prematurely die. Her comment saddened me that she’d be sad if I died, but excited me at the same time that she’d feel she’s have no choice but to give her body to another man. Then, she shocked me with what she said next.

“If a bomb was to blow you to bits, or if you were struck by an 18 wheeler and smeared across the highway like road kill, or if you were decapitated in a freak and unfortunate accident, or if a shotgun blew a big, bloody hole through your chest where bahis şirketleri your heart was, and I was still a young, widowed woman with sexual needs, lustful feelings, and erotic desires, I’ probably do the mailman, the UPS man, the pizza delivery man, and the new young guy at the gas station. I’d have him pump me up with high test any day and every day of the week.”

Where did all this come from? Her confession stunned me. She goes from never being able to desecrate our marriage by even thinking about being with another man to having a whole laundry list of potential lovers that included, the mail man, the UPS man, the pizza delivery man, and the gas station man. Of all the men she could have, why them?

“I was going to tell you to give it some thought before giving me your answer, but I see you’ve already given it a lot of thought.”

“Oh, and I’d do my hairdresser. Definitely, he’s not gay, and without doubt, I’d do Gayle’s husband, Mark and-“

“You’d do Mark? Our neighbor Mark?”

“He’s cute, don’t you think?”

“No, I don’t think any guys are cute, especially not Mark. The only guys that I think are cute are me and Brad Pitt.”

“Yeah, I’d definitely do Brad Pitt, if I could,” she said giving me a dirty, sexy smile, as if she had already blown him.

“Wait, let’s backup for a second.”


“A bomb blowing me to bits? An 18 wheeler smearing me across the highway like road kill? Decapitation? A shotgun blast? Have you been thinking of me dying or (gulp) killing me?” I looked at her wondering who was this woman that I had married. “Maybe instead of killing me off, you should just divorced me.”

“Don’t be silly sweetie. I’d never divorce you,” she said with a smile that made me reticent to continue making pillow talk with her. “Besides, God has already forgiven me, whenever I’ve had those bad thoughts about you dying, after we’ve argued.”

“Remind me not to get you mad at me, anymore.”

“Don’t be so paranoid, Roger. It’s normal to think those thoughts when in the heat of arguing.”

“Yeah, well, I’ve never had those morbidly horrific thoughts about you dying in such a tragic way,” I said looking at her, while wondering if I was safe sleeping in the same bed with her. “So, tell me about the mailman. Why the mailman?”

“Well, ever since he saw me naked, I-“

“Wait, the mailman saw you naked? How in the Hell did the mailman see you naked? When did that happen?”

“Oh, I thought I told you.”

“No, that little bit of information must have slipped your mind, along with your modesty and your clothes. Wait,” I said removing my pajama bottoms and underwear. “Stroke my cock, while telling me how the mailman saw you naked.”

She reached her hand over and started fondling my prick to an erection.

“I was cleaning the house naked one day, vacuuming, with the front door open for a cross breeze, while wearing my earphones. Generally, Andy, that’s his name, doesn’t deliver our mail until later in the day. Only, he was early that day because he had a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon.”

“Yeah, okay, just get to the part about him seeing you naked,” I said impatiently stopping her before she continued with her rambling and before she went off on another non-related tangent.

“I remember it was already hot that day and he had a special delivery letter that required my signature. When I looked up, he was standing there smiling and I returned his smile with a little wave, while removing my headphones. At first I didn’t even realize I was standing there naked. Then, when I did, I was so embarrassed. I ran and grabbed my robe and we laughed about it over a cup of coffee and a homemade muffin later. He said not to fret and that it happens to him all the time.”

“Oh, my God! I can’t believe the mailman saw all of your hidden treasures, Sheila.”

“It was no big deal, Sweetie, it was just the mailman.”

“Okay, then what about the UPS guy. Stroke me a little faster, Babe. Why him? Why would you want to have sex with him?”

“Uhm, well, ditto for Dave, the UPS guy,” she said giving me a smug smile that shrunk my penis and made me feel stupid. “I’d do Dave pretty much for the same reason, as why I’d do the mailman. He saw me naked, too.”

“The UPS guy saw you naked? How?”

I was flabbergasted. I was shocked. I was excited that two men, the mailman and the UPS guy saw my wife naked. Unable to wait to jerk off over the thoughts of it later, I was glad she was giving me a hand job now. Yet, I needed more details to cum.

“I was vacuuming with the headphones on and the front door wide open, while naked. And suddenly, there he was standing there holding a package and smiling ear to ear. Terribly understanding, he’s really so nice and friendly. We laughed over a cup of coffee and a homemade muffin, too.”

“Oh, my God! I can’t believe the UPS guy saw all your hidden treasures, too. And I’d be really nice friendly, if I saw a naked woman and if that naked woman invited me inside her house for a cup of coffee and a homemade muffin.”

“I didn’t stay naked, while he was here. I put a robe on, for gosh sakes, Roger. Give me credit for being more modest than that.”

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