He Shoots, He Scores

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I have to be honest, when I was in high school, I never got laid. I couldn’t explain it. My buddies always were the one’s at the parties, slipping off to the bedrooms with their girlfriends or some chicks they picked up. But not me. I was the guy that all guys hate to be…I was the “friend”. I was the guy that all the girls could talk to about anything without having to feel like I was going to attack them. I was good at listening. Now, I didn’t mind the attention from these ladies, but at the end of the day I needed some relief and without a woman there was only one way to take care of it, and I usually did.

But then a strange thing happened. I graduated from high school and went to college and the situation got better. I wasn’t a stud by any means, but I would get my fair share of pussy.

My college graduation came along and I landed a job at a radio station back in my hometown. You may have read some of my stories before, so you know I’ve had some very interesting experiences and I’m just 33. I can’t explain whether it’s the celebrity status that comes with being on the radio or what it is, but woman seem to love radio announcers. Granted you do get your share of nut-jobs who are the stalking type, but a lot of times you meet some awesome looking woman who wants nothing more than to fuck the local morning jock. And I’m happy to oblige in most cases. Lets just say I’ve been making up for high school in a big way.

My latest encounter worth writing about happened one Friday night. I was invited to drop the puck at the opening ceremonies of the local Junior Hockey Team’s Playoffs. It was game one. My job was simple, get introduced, walk out to Centre ice, drop the puck and shake hands with the captains. Nothing to it. I completed my task and found my way back to the stands and to my seat where a couple other jocks from the station were waiting.

After the first period we decided to head up to the lounge and grab a beer and shoot the shit with some of the locals. I sat down at one of the tables while the guys waited in line to get the drinks. Since there was no smoking in the arena itself, this is where most of the smokers hung-out, and the room was thick with the second hand cancer.

Glancing around the room I noticed a table with about six young girls sitting around. At the time I remember thinking how young they looked, but also how hot some of them were as well. I noticed one in particular who was looking back at me rather intently. I flashed her a smile and she returned the silent greeting. I couldn’t help but notice that her winter jacket was open to reveal a semi low cut sweater that gave me a lovely view of her cleavage. I was impressed by what I saw.

The flirting and eye contact continued for another 30 seconds until I felt a cold bottle of beer on the back of my neck. It startled me and I let out a little yelp. They boys had finally returned with my barley sandwich. We sat and drank and shot the shit for about 10 minutes before we headed back out to the ice for the second period. Throughout our conversation I had kept glancing over at this sweet young beauty. She had long, straight dark hair, beautiful smile, chubby cheeks and of course a nice set of tits.

After about 40 minutes of sitting in the rink, the second period came to an end and once again we were off to the lounge for beers. I gave the boys some money to buy the next round and headed for the washroom. As I was coming back out that young beauty was standing right in front of me. If I hadn’t noticed her I would have knocked her on her ass. I said hi and asked her if she was enjoying the game. She made a comment that she could think of better things to be doing, and of course my mind didn’t take long to form an image. I introduced myself and she said she knew who I was. “It’s really nice to meet you and be able to put a face with that voice,” she added. “Do you enjoy what you hear?”, I asked her as she started to go through the door to the ladies room. “I like what I see better,” she replied as the door closed behind her.

I didn’t know what to make of the comment. It could have meant she was interested in getting it on or it could have been just a young girl trying to mess with another guys mind. I went back to the table and sat down with the boys to drink my beer. I watched casino oyna for her to come out of the bathroom, but she didn’t come out. Fifteen minutes passed and still no sign of her. The guys decided that they had seen enough hockey for the night and were going over to one of the bars for more drinks. I told them I was going to stick around for awhile to see the end of the game but I’d try to catch up with them later.

I continued to sit there by myself sipping my beer when I finally saw her coming from the bathroom. She walked up to me and I told her I was about to send out a search party for her. She laughed and asked to sit down with me. I pulled out a chair and she took a seat facing me. “You know my name but I’m afraid you haven’t told me yours”, I said. “I’m Myra”, she replied. We continued to make small talk for about 10 minutes and she told me she was 18 and was out with her friends watching the game because 4 of the girls she was with were dating guys on the team.

I looked around and realized that we were the only two left in the lounge and everyone else had returned to the rink for the third period. We decided that we’d rather continue talking and stayed right where we were. We talked about her plans for college and beyond and about the radio business and the pros and cons of it. We seemed to be getting along great and she actually seemed to have a brain in her head. I noticed her waving to someone behind me and without turning around, I asked her who it was. “It’s my friend Brianna”, she said. Brianna was the other single girl in the group I later found out. When I caught the first glimpse of Brianna I couldn’t believe how pretty she was. She was much thinner and didn’t have much in the way of breasts, but she had a gorgeous face and a nice tight looking ass. She looked about 14 but she was also 18.

The three of us continued to shoot the shit until the game was over and their other friends who were watching the game came looking for them. I was about to say good-bye when Myra asked me if I wanted to go to a party with them. I declined at first thinking it would be a party for a bunch of teeny-boppers and I’d feel old being there, but both Myra and Brianna insisted I go. I eventually gave in and figured what the hell.

As I expected, the party was a high school bash and all of the hockey players were there along with about 60 other kids, including some very hot teenagers. I felt out of place immediately and made this known to the girls. I was about ready to leave when Brianna said, “Don’t go yet, we know a place where you’ll feel more comfortable.” Once again I gave in. I guess deep down I hoping to get a piece of one of these fine young ladies. Lord knows I love young women, as long as they’re of legal age. I don’t need sex that bad. Brianna grabbed me by one had and Myra grabbed my other as they lead me down the hallway to a bedroom. We walked inside and we made our way into a huge walk-in closet. “This is where we like to hang out”, Myra announced. “It’s more private and we can do whatever we want,” Brianna added.

I knew something good was about to happen, but I didn’t know how good it would be until Myra and Brianna locked lips and started to make-out. They were into some serious tongue on tongue action and I leaned back into some clothes and took in this incredible site. They continued like this for a couple minutes before they separated and Myra spoke to me, “Are you enjoying yourself?”. I nodded my head in approval and just said “Oh ya!”. “Well your turn is coming if you want”, Myra added as she locked lips and tongue wrestled with Brianna some more.

Brianna was using her left hand to hold Myra’s face to hers while she used her right hand to fondle Myra’s ample breasts. They separated and Myra grabbed the bottom of Brianna’s sweater and pulled it over her head. She had on a tiny sports type bra and although her tits weren’t very large, there was enough there to grab hold of and her nipples were large and sticking through the material. Brianna then helped Myra out of her sweater and then Myra unhooked her bra. Brianna grabbed the shoulder straps and pulled the bra from her body, revealing two large but firm sets of teenage breasts. Brianna leaned forward and took Myra’s left breast into her mouth and alternated between sucking and biting her canlı casino nipples. They continued to explore each others upper body in a very loving and intense way. All the while I’m rubbing my cock through my jeans.

“Do you want to lick my pussy?”, Brianna asked Myra. She just nodded and Myra helped her out of her jeans. Brianna had on some sexy cotton briefs that were very wet between the legs. She laid back and Myra pulled off her panties and then spread her legs to gain access to her hot mound. Brianna began moaning rather loudly as Myra went to work on her clit. I hadn’t noticed before, but Myra had a stud in her tongue and it must have been doing the trick because Brianna was moaning uncontrollably and bucking her hips with every lick of Myra’s tongue.

At this point I was about to burst and I had to get my jeans off to “Free Willie”. The girls were so involved with each other that I’m sure they didn’t even notice me slip out of my clothes. I moved over to position myself so my cock was in Brianna’s face as she lay on her back. She opened her eyes and gasped when she saw the size of my cock. Myra looked up and said, “Mmmmm, I’m gonna enjoy fucking that.” Brianna turned her head, grabbed my cock and began sucking it into her mouth. There was no way she was going to get all 11 inches into that pretty little mouth of hers, but she was sure giving it a good try. Her mouth was stretched to its limit to take me in and just looking at that young girl sucking away got me even hotter. We continued like this for several minutes before I heard Myra say, “I want to ride that cock, it’s my turn for a piece.”

I slipped my cock away from Brianna’s mouth and laid on my back as the girls took up their new positions. Myra rolled over and sat on my legs and began to stroke and suck my cock. While she did this, Brianna moved over my face and let me suck on her tits for a while. Her nipples were hard as rocks and I used my hand to finger her cunt as I sucked away. Myra continued sucking my cock and I told Brianna to sit on my face. Her young, wet pussy smelt fantastic and it tasted even better. There’s no doubt that she’s a screamer. I had her moaning rather loudly in no time as my tongue worked its magic.

I couldn’t see what Myra was doing, but she stopped sucking on my cock and was moving around. I figured she was changing positions in preparation of sitting on my cock. Brianna rolled off my face and I could see that Myra had a small bottle of Vaseline in her hand and she began applying some to my cock. “That’s the only way it’s going to fit”, she said. I stood up and she continued to spread the Vaseline over the head of my cock and along the shaft. “Get on your back”, I said to Myra. She followed my command and I took up position between her legs.

I began rubbing the head of my cock against her pussy and slowly began working it in. I looked into her eyes and also noticed her biting her lower lip. She let out a gasp and moaned “deeper….deeper….put it all the way in and make me a woman.” It was obvious that this wasn’t her first time, but like most women I’m with, I have to go slow because I don’t want to hurt them.

I kept inching inside of her. I’d go in a bit, then pull out, then I go in further and pull out. I kept this up for a few minutes until I had was buried inside of her. She was moaning rather loudly and bucking wildly as I picked up the pace of my rhythm. Her tits were bouncing back and forth to meet our movements and I’d stop from time to time to suck her nipples or kiss her. I was working up a good sweat as I continued to pound her pussy. After awhile I got so used to her moans that I couldn’t even hear them anymore.

As Myra and I continued to fuck, I looked over at Brianna who was playing with her own pussy off to the side. “Come sit on Myra’s face”, I told her. Brianna got up and straddled Myra’s face and began moaning as Myra’s tongue went to work on Brianna’s clit again. Brianna leaned forward and stuck her tongue down my throat as the three of us enjoyed each other in this position for quite some time.

Brianna and I stopped kissing and I whispered to her, “Do you want me to fuck you too?”. I figured the answer would be yes but her response did have a bit of a surprise instore for me. “Will you fuck me in the ass?”, she said. Even though kaçak casino she did have one of the nicest asses I’d ever seen, I didn’t think it was a very good idea. “Lets just fuck for starters and see what happens,” I said. She seemed to agree to that. I pulled out of Myra and Brianna traded spots with her. Myra had a tight pussy, but Brianna’s was super tight. This is where my prediction of her being a screamer became a reality. As I worked my cock into her pussy, I had to stop several times for fear that I was ripping her open. She was screaming very loudly and even with the loud music from the party, I’m sure someone had to of heard us. As with Myra, I eventually managed to get the entire length of my cock into Brianna and although her screams subsided a little, they didn’t disappear completely. “Fuck me! Fuck me!”, she kept yelling. That’s exactly what I did and I enjoyed every moment of it.

I couldn’t believe my staying power. I’m usually pretty good, but for some reason I was able to go for a lot longer this night. “I want your cock in my ass”, Brianna said. Several times she said this and I kept shaking my head. “FUCK MY ASS!”, she screamed and I finally gave in. I pulled out and told her to get on her hands and knees.

I had Myra hand me the Vaseline and she volunteered to apply more to my cock in preparation for entering her friends asshole. After I was well lubricated, I found Brianna’s opening and inserted a finger into her. She seemed to handle it fairly well, so I increased it to two fingers. She cringed and cried out some but I knew if she couldn’t handle atleast three of my large fingers, there was no way she be able to take my cock. I pulled out and reinserted three fingers and she screamed in pain but seemed to relax after they were inside her for a few moments. I figured what the hell and grabbed my cock and prepared to slip it inside.

Brianna must have sensed it was going to be the real thing this time as she positioned herself more comfortably and said, “Put that big cock in my ass and fuck me!” As I rubbed the swollen head of my dick against the outside of her shitter, Myra took up a new position in front of Brianna with her legs spread and wet pussy ready to be licked and sucked. I slowly began to ease my cock inside her asshole and she let out a rather loud scream. After taking my time and gradually inching my cock further and further inside, I figured I had gone far enough. I had about six inches buried up her ass and I could feel she was starting to relax some, but she was still incredibly tight. Everytime she flexed her ass she gripped my cock even more. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy this.

As I began to get a rhythm going, thrusting my cock inside her, she put her head between Myra’s legs and began sucking on her wet pussy and licking her clit. Both girls seemed to be enjoying themselves and I wasn’t having too bad a time either.

We continued like this for several minutes until I realized I was just about ready to blow my load. I grabbed my cock and pulled it out of Brianna’s ass and rolled her onto her back. I stroked my cock and the girls both took up position so they could take what I had to give. “I’m gonna cum”, I growled, and Myra reached forward and grabbed my cock and stuck in the her mouth just as I exploded. I fired one stream off the back of her throat and she almost gagged and I sent another warm stream of my semen into her waiting mouth and on her tongue. “I want a taste”, Brianna said as I turned and directed my next stream onto her face and into her mouth. Some fell onto her tits as well. She grabbed my cock and began sucking every last drop out of my shaft and down her throat. When she had sucked me dry, she turned to Myra and let her lick the cum off her face and tits. They continued kissing for a few moments as I laid back into a pile of clothes completely spent.

They continued kissing and fondling each other for a few moments and then came over and laid beside me, one on each side. We stayed this way, kissing and fondling each other for another five minutes or so before I decided to call it a night.

We each gathered up our clothes and got dressed. Before we left the closet we kissed each other once more and headed into the bedroom and then out to join everyone else. The three of us shared one more drink together and then I left.

I saw the girls at the next hockey game, but we only smiled at each other and never talked. I don’t know if I’ll get together with them again, but it sure was fun while it lasted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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