Heading Out For Supplies

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I just happened to be off last payday, so I headed toward the local porn/head shop for some supplies. I’d recently been coming to terms with the fact that I was becoming physically attracted to men, and decided that if the situation should ever present itself, that I wanted to experience guy guy sex.

My one and only non-hetero experience occurred at the age of 18. Karl and I had run track together since grade school. And since that involved many showers over the years, I was very aware of one noticable physical detail, Karl was blessed with a very large cock. He also seemed to enjoy walking proudly around the locker room, showing it off. Flaccid, beautiful and sometimes erect and scary (lol), He chased the smaller members around as though he were being led by an out of control snake. I sometimes wondered what happened to the guys he caught. But he had a girlfriend, so I never thought much did.

Karl was very muscular, and beefy. He ran lead on the 440. I was a shot putter and a discus thrower, basically a big strong, barrel-chested guy. I spent hours in the weight room trying to build my strength. I had to admit it, there was something hypnotic about Karl’s cock. When he was nearby, my attention drifted to dreaming about actually touching it, examining it and even sucking on it.

While we were in the open shower bay alone late one night after working out, something happened. We did the usual amount of bull shitting. but I noticed after he dropped his shorts that his cock was rock hard erect. I was blatantly staring at it as we talked. When we made eye contact, he smiled and his beautiful monster twitched.

Karl: “It does that whenever I’m work out tired or horny.”

Jay: “So, which one are you now?”

Not realizing it, my cock had erected a tent in my shorts.

Karl: “A little of both, How ’bout you?”

We headed into the shower casino siteleri and as we started soaping up, Karl seemed to naturally gravitate towards his cock, balls, and his muscular ass. Until that moment, I hadn’t really noticed, but Karl did have a strong, round, tight ass. I just mindlessly started stroking my cock, but soon my hand was replaced by his. He wrapped his other arm around my shoulder and abruptly pulled my face to his, sinking his experienced tongue into my nervous, but willing mouth.

As we kissed (much rougher than the girls I’d kissed) in that dark open bay shower room, our young cocks made contact and Karl continued to stroke them both together, I was soo close to coming, as Karl broke our kiss and dropped to his knees, that the second his tongue touched my cock I blew my load. It felt like I was coming forever and Karl just kept sucking. Standing up, we resumed our kiss.

Karl: So Jay, we have an away game tomorrow, over night in Binghamton, you get to be my room mate buddy.

Jay: Cool man, thanks. Karl, can we play while like we did tonight, while we’re there?

Karl: What do you think? So did you like how it felt?

Jay: Yes, now I want to make you feel good Karl.

With that, we kissed for a moment. I could still taste my cum on his mouth. I began to kiss my way down his chest, sucking his man nipple. And finding he liked it, I stroked his erection with one hand. Feeling it pulse and twitch, as I dropped to my knees I kissed and licked his waist, balls and shaft. Soon my tongue and hungry lips found their prey. His cock head popped passed my lips and soon my mouth seemed glued to his meaty head. It was a short time of stroking and sucking him before he grabbed my shoulders and began roughly fucking my mouth, finally cumming hard as it tried pushing into my throat, nearly gagging me. I dutifully cleaned him off and he kissed canlı casino me deeply. I suddenly felt strange inside. We left and as I flew into my room I barely got my shorts off before I came just from the thought of what the next couple of days might hold.

I wasn’t too surprised when we got paired up together. Walking into the room, Karl stripped in front of me, turned around and with a wicked smile asked me, “Do you want to touch it Jay? I reached out and stroked it. I replied, I like you too, and I was hoping you might consider trading blow jobs. You know, you do me real nice and I’ll return the favor”.

Inside my head I was confused, but undeniably turned on, stroking my hand forward brazenly along his big cock. It pulsed in my hand, as I stroked and fondled his dick and balls with both my hands. Without thinking, I dropped to my knees and started to worship him by sucking forth his cream, as I played with his balls. He roughly and suddenly grabbed my head and started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I tried to relax, but Karl was now fucking my mouth (similar to what he had done in the showers) as I lie with my back on the floor, cumming deeply as he humped my lips and tongue. I wanted to make him feel good, and his cum wasn’t that bad to swallow,

He kissed me, tasting his cum on my tongue as he over powered me. His tongue probed, as he kissed me in a search and suck motion. He slid down to my muscular chest, and as he sucked my nipples, I nearly came for the first time. He stopped briefly, then dropped to my throbbing dick. As my trembling flesh hit his tongue, it erupted in the first of many orgasms that night.

Karl and I enjoyed several encounters that year, still seeing our girlfriends as well. We sucked each other off, but never tried any anal. If my girlfriend ever found out that I was his cock slut, well who knows, lol. He went kaçak casino away to school, got married, and moved out west. We lost contact. I never married, but had a steady stream of short hetero relationships, never repeating my little cock worship with anyone else, but I was bored and horny.

As I walked into the store it was 3 in the afternoon. The shop was large, as I needed some screens, I looked through the smoke area and quickly noticed the 22 year old guy behind the counter watching a well hung stud pump in and out of a whore-let. I also noticed that this younger guy in shorts and a t-shirt had a raging hard on. I looked up and said, “Great video, his tool is huge” He looked at me, smiling and said,

“Mmmm, yeah it is nice (leaning forward he softly asks) My name’s Tim by the way, so have you got any smoke? I’m up for a break and I could really use a break, we got a room down stairs we can use” I replied, “I’m Jay, actually I just picked up a little pocket full of sunshine that might cheer you up”

Tim motions another clerk to the front desk and we leave walking through the dark video booth area, opening a door along the back wall with a key, that opens to a short flight of stairs. Walking down we enter a room with thrift store sheik furniture. A big couch is where we sit. Tim brings a bong out, which I pack and hand him. He actually stands before me smoking when I suddenly notice that the head of his long cock is poking from the leg of his shorts. I speak candidly, “You’re a lucky guy to have such a long cock, can I see it?” As he continues to take his hit, he drops his shorts to the floor. I reach out and stroke it as he steps forward, almost forcefully penetrating my hungry lips.

He begins to hump my willing mouth and I explore his muscular body. I rim his brown eye with my thumb and as I push it inside of him he erupts in my mouth and I suck until he pushes my mouth away, laughing then dropping down kissing me and quickly returning the favor. His break quickly over, we exchanged numbers and hurried back up. I can’t wait until we get together next week, stay tuned.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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