Heather Ch. 07

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All the characters in this story are over 18. It is set in England, so the words used are English not American. And this story continues after Heather Chapter 6…

By now Heather had been having me quite regularly, when one Tuesday she asked if I could stop by after school on the Thursday, as she had a special surprise for me. I was looking forward to it – both days and nights – until the time came to walk down the street and ring the bell.

“Come in, pet” she smiled, opening the door. She was wearing a soft lacy pink sweater, the kind that has little holes in the pattern that you can see through. The white of her bra showed through clearly, to my slight disappointment – her naked breasts would have looked so much sexier. Her skirt was a red tweed, tight around her tummy – and her bottom too. I went in and she brushed slightly against me as I walked back to the kitchen. As she followed me in she looked slightly flushed – more awkward than aroused, but it was hard to tell.

“Well you need to know about my little surprise, don’t you?” she asked, with a knowing smile. I nodded, eager to find out more.

“Well I was talking to Isabelle up the road – I think you know her, with the two younger boys – and well, I just mentioned in passing about you coming round a being a special help for me. She was very interested, and kept asking more and more questions. I didn’t like to tell her too much – but she said she wanted to find out more for herself. She more-or-less forced me to invite her round – so we will have to see what happens when she gets here.”

She put her hands on her hips and looked directly at me. “I hope you won’t disappoint her – or let me down either. I want you to be a good boy for her too!”

I new just what she meant, and blushed a little as I smiled back at her. She smoothed down her sweater with her hand, pushing her breasts that bit further forward.

“Now, you know the drill quite well enough by now, but I know you like me to tell you.” She smiled, “So – up you go to the back bedroom, and strip right down to your underpants. I’ll be up in a few minutes when Isabelle arrives, to see how you look!”

I went upstairs, filled with both excitement and some concern – I had always fancied Isabelle but what did she want of me? She was a bit older than Heather – early forties, compared with Heather’s younger thirties – and had a strong French accent as she had not lived over here for that long. She was always very smartly dressed, usually with thin but tight plain-coloured sweaters that clung to her very generous bosom. She had long straight dark hair which she usually wore up in a bun or pleat, and overall she created a very arousing image in my young loins. There had been many nights when I’d fantasised over her, and now she was coming to see me, dressed only in my pants!

I undressed, putting my clothes on the chair in the corner. Apart from the chair, and a double bed, covered with a pink eiderdown, the only other furniture was a full-length hinged mirror, where I had previously seen Heather stroking my body from so many different angles… I stiffened a little at the thought, my cock catching on the tight white pants that I was wearing. I eased myself upright – she would be seeing me soon.

Then there was the door bell, and sounds of voices coming up the stairs, and then suddenly they were in the room.

Heather felt some introduction was necessary: “Andrew this is Isabelle – Isabelle, Andrew”.

Isabelle cut through the embarrassment, as if it was perfectly normal for two fully clothed housewives to chat to a neighbour’s son in his underpants.

“Oh it’s all right Heather, we already know each other, don’t we Andrew?” and she reached out her hand and stroked my cheek. “Your mother has been round for coffee several times recently – and we’ve had so much to say about you, comparing you with my boys!” Her accent made a wonderful contrast to Heather’s Yorkshire tones.

I took in the view: I was standing beside the bed, looking at the two of them, side by side at the end of the bed. Heather was the dumpier, her pink sweater looking softer by the minute: then I realised the white of her bra had gone – there was just pink skin beneath the pink wool. She must have slipped it off while she was waiting for Isabelle. Isabelle as usual looked exquisite, with her dark hair up in a plait, and wearing a matching knitted woollen two piece suit in maroon wool. It looked soft against her skin, and her breasts pushed forward their beautiful rounded shapes, stretching her sweater invitingly. I longed to touch them.

“Well casino oyna I think we had better make this a bit fairer to start with, as there are two of us ladies against only one boy,” began Heather, smiling slightly nervously at Isabelle then at me: “So, as we can both see your pants, Andrew, I’ll let you see mine too!”

And with that she simply unzipped her skirt, and let it down to the floor. I hardened immediately. Her panties were her favourite simple plain white cotton, tight over her body and dotted with lots of tiny lacy holes showing yet more pink of her body. She gently pulled them up, and smoothed her sweater down over the top of them. The tightness of her panties folded gently between her legs, the darker colour of her pubic hair clear to see. I wanted her to toss me right then and there.

“Oh I think he likes that!” smiled Isabelle, noticing the bulge in my pants.

“Oh yes, the poor thing is trapped,” said Heather, “Here let me help.”

And with that she walked up towards me, pulled the waistband of my pants out for a few inches, then slipped her other hand inside and gently pulled my cock upright. I nearly exploded on the spot.

Not just the touch of Heather’s cool fingers on my cock, or the soft wool over her wrists touching against my stomach, but watching Isabelle looking at everything too.

“There, that’s better” said Heather, smiling: “How does that look now, Isabelle?” She pulled my pants up tight, revealing the ridge of my erect cock.

Isabelle looked at me closely: “Oh yes, I think that looks excellent, Heather. He’s certainly got the shape of a man and not a boy, hasn’t he! Shall we carry on with the surprise now?” Heather smiled back, her cheeks reddening “OK, just say what you want me to do next.”

Isabelle thought for a moment, watching my cock as it arched under the tight cotton of my pants. I was looking at her, standing there so elegantly but so knowingly, watching her breasts rise and fall as she breathed, then looking back to Heather in front of me, with that fluffy sweater over those soft breasts just inches away from my naked chest.

“Well, first of all I need to see him naked – I want to inspect his manhood fully. And then he must lie on the bed, and you must hide his view so he can’t see me. It’s important that he can’t see what I’m doing to him. You could cradle his head in your bosom if you think he might like that…”

Without further words, Heather lowered my pants to the floor. I stepped out of them and she threw them on the chair.

“Well here he is!” said Heather, coming beside me and putting an arm around my waist, as if showing off her prize specimen.

It felt so arousing and so strange – me naked while they both had their soft sweaters on. I looked down and saw my hard cock looking back up at me.

Heather put her other hand down and clasped my cock at the base, pushing down firmly so my erection pressed outwards. Isabelle moved closer, staring at me, her tongue licking her lips.

“He has certainly got good very potential Heather, hasn’t he? – What a splendid penis! Especially as he’s still so young. Let’s see how good he is at performing! Lie him down please, and make sure he can’t see me.”

“Come on to the bed now pet” smiled Heather, guiding me gently backwards.

I lay down obediently, with my legs together, fascinated by the way Isabelle was bossing Heather about, but outrageously excited and embarrassed at the same time.

“Hands behind your head, Andrew.” Heather whispered.

I did as I was told, and Heather sat down beside me, reaching her body across my chest, before putting an arm behind my head, and pulling my head up towards her breasts. The softness of the wool against my cheeks was beautiful, the sight of her breasts pressed so close was electric, and even the smell of her sweater aroused me more.

“Are you sure he can’t see?” I heard Isabelle ask Heather.

Heather looked down at me, then back towards Isabelle

“No, you can do what you like now, pet, his eyes are glued on my bosom, and I’ll make sure they stay there.”

I felt a touch of Isabelle’s cool fingers against my right leg below my knee, and then my left, moving upwards over my thighs.

“Open your legs for me, Andrew.” she commanded, pulling them open into the position she wanted, which was wide apart.

I was now totally exposed to her eyes and her fingers, but could see nothing apart form the gorgeous softness of Heather’s wool covered breasts.

I felt Isabelle’s cold fingers moving up over my legs, exploring and canlı casino stroking, and then that moment of electricity as her fingers touched my balls, and began exploring and gently squeezing them. Next she moved up to my cock, holding it firmly around the base, before bending it about as if she was looking at it from every angle. Then she let it go and went back to my inner thighs, holding them apart as one of her fingers slipped under my balls, exploring and arousing between my legs. There was no doubt Isabelle was well experienced in the art of touching and caressing. I felt so hard I wanted to her toss me straight away. She carried on exploring and fingering me for some time, as my hips began to move and squirm in pleasure, whilst the all pervading softness of Heather’s breasts and sweater engulfed my face.

Then there was a different feeling on my cock – warm and slippery yet searching and cooling as it moved. Then it was all around the end of my cock, and I could feel both her hands over my hips. It was then that I realised what was going on. Just like Heather had the previous week, Isabelle was sucking my cock. Judging from Heather’s body as I writhed gently beneath her, she was getting aroused too: maybe it was the sight of her friend sucking me. She was certainly watching intently, her head twisting over her shoulder as she clasped my head to her bosom.

I was getting very excited now, and moving my head between Heather’s breasts, the soft wool sticking to my tongue as I licked and kissed her. I felt her left nipple harden under the fabric, and kissed and sucked it harder. She began to moan a little, and I felt her hips squirm next to mine. Then I realised that only Isabelle’s right hand was still exploring me – holding my cock hard then fingering all over my groin. Her lips kept on and on, up and down my shaft.

Her left hand had reached out to stroke Heather’s waist, then slipped down gently over her panties. Stroking gently, she had moved her hand under Heather’s bottom, between her legs. No wonder she was squirming!

With the movement of Heather’s breasts against my face, and the gorgeous fingering and hard sucking from Isabelle, I could take it no longer. I expected Isabelle to move back, to watch me cum like Heather did when she tossed me, but her mouth stayed over me and I realised I would have to cum inside her.

My panting now reached its peak and with a cry I gave in to the pent-up lust and just let it all pump out, knowing it was going straight into Isabelle’s mouth. Heather held me tight as I came, making my excitement that more intense. It felt just so wonderful to be cumming hard into Isabelle’s mouth and feeling her swallow after each spasm as she sucked me so expertly, while I sucked on Heather’s nipple through her soft woolly sweater.

After a minute or two Heather loosed my head back on the pillow, and sat upright. Now I could see Isabelle’s head, still bobbing up and down on my deflating cock. But seeing her there, with her right hand between my legs, and her left hand disappearing behind Heather’s bottom, I flickered erect some more.

Finally Isabelle moved her head back, letting my cock gently out of her mouth, and looked up at me, licking her lips and smiling.

“That was very good.” she said, “Very good indeed. I just love the taste of your cream, Andrew, and you certainly produced lots for me.”

Then she turned towards Heather: “Have you never tried any? – it’s very good for you, you know, full of vitamins and minerals and proteins. Here – there is a drop or two just on his tummy here that I must have spilled, so you can lick it off.”

Heather flushed more. She was already excited but hadn’t tasted my cum before. Hesitantly, she bent over and I watched as her pink tongue licked warily along my belly.

“Try this too, there might be some drops left on the end” said Isabelle, picking up my semi-erect cock and offering it to Heather.

She hesitated, then licked the end, and instinctively I hardened again.

“You keep on licking here for a few moments,” smiled Isabelle, “I think you need a little stroking yourself.”

And with that, she moved both her hands over Heather’s panties, reaching between her legs with her left hand, and slipping up inside her sweater with her right. She obviously reached her nipple, judging from Heather’s gasp.

“Isabelle!” she exclaimed, “What are you doing to me?”

Isabelle didn’t reply but just smiled at Heather, slipping her fingers into the soft moist folds of Heather’s panties between her legs, until her friend moaned out loud. I was just kaçak casino wanting to be able to cum instantly, now that Heather was sucking me.

“OK, Andrew, time for you to do some work now” commanded Isabelle,

“Stop your sucking, Heather. Andrew, you need to get up and stand behind me. Heather, just roll onto your back on the bed for me please.”

After we’d done as she’d ordered, Isabelle calmly peeled Heather’s panties down, revealing her hairy mound, and the soft pink folds between her legs. Heather just seemed to give in as Isabelle pulled the panties right off and handed them to me.

“Just put these on the chair please, my poppet.” she said, “And feel how moist they are in the gusset where it’s been tight against her cunt!”

I could hardly believe what she was saying, but couldn’t help but see the slippery marks in Heather’s panties.

Heather now pulled her sweater straight, as if to make herself more decent, even though she was otherwise naked in front of the woollen-clad Isabelle and me.

Isabelle stood alongside Heather, then leaned over the bed and gently pushed Heather’s knees wide apart, revealing all of her intimacy to my staring eyes.

“Come over and kneel between her legs, Andrew, she ordered, “And put your head down here, it’s time for you to learn what your tongue is really for!”

She pressed Heather’s legs further apart, and slipped her left hand up her sweater to massage her breasts. Heather seemed too far gone to care, and was certainly very moist as I looked so closely towards her vagina. Isabelle’s right hand slipped over Heather’s cunt, carefully stroking, separating her folds and exposing her clitoris.

“Here, Andrew, just lick this gently.” she encouraged, keeping her fingers sliding over her folds as my tongue explored her soft slippery shapes and salty taste. Heather was now panting, squirming as my tongue excited her further.

“Oh Andrew!” she gasped, then moaned rhythmically, thrusting her hips into my face. My tongue was now everywhere, and Isabelle’s fingers too, slipping deep into Heather’s vagina. Heather kept thrusting for some minutes, panting faster and faster as I licked and kissed her slippery wet cunt.

“Come on Heather, let it all go!” said Isabelle – not that she really needed to say anything, with my tongue and Isabelle’s fingers arousing her totally till she could take no more.

Then suddenly she came, shouting loudly and writhing vigorously. She kept up her moaning for ages, and I noticed Isabelle’s body writhing too as her fingers pushed in and out of her neighbour’s vagina next to my tongue on her clitoris.

“That was very good, Andrew,” smiled Isabelle, “and you seemed to find her clitty and do just the right things with your tongue. You’ll find that a very useful lesson with all ladies, if you can get their clitty excited. But unlike you boys, ladies can cum several times, so back to work – let’s see if we can give Heather another one! This time I’ll concentrate on her breasts and nipples, so you must finger her as well as licking her.”

So I watched in amazement as Isabelle pulled Heather’s jumper up, exposing her flattened but bulging breasts, and the began stroking and teasing at her nipples.

“Go on,” ordered Isabelle, “Get on with your sucking and fingering!”

So I want back to Heather’s slippery cunt, now concentrating on both my finger as it slipped into her warm wet vagina, and my tongue as it explored her clitoris. Soon Heather was moaning again, and as my fingers rubbed against the front of her vagina, so she began to pant and move her hips to push against my finger. It didn’t take long with Isabelle’s attention to her breasts, and my attention between her legs, to see that Heather was about to orgasm again.

“Oh yes,” she panted, “I’m nearly there, I’m nearly there, I’m…” and the shrieked as she came “I’m cumming!” and her body thrashed violently pushing her cunt hard into my face.

“Good girl!” encouraged Isabelle, as her neighbour’s cumming subsided. “That sounded like a very nice orgasm.”

“Oh,” moaned Heather, “It was fabulous, but I don’t think I want any more just now – I just need a few minutes to rest. Thank you both for having me so well!”

Isabelle eventually stood up and licked her fingers, pulling down her sleeves and straightening her skirt. She looked at Heather then she looked at me.

“Well I hope you enjoyed your surprise, Andrew. And you too, Heather, even if we didn’t plan yours. We must do this some more – the three of us. And I will have to swallow more of your cream young man, now that I know it’s so good.”

And with that, she smiled at us both and with a quick: “Well I must go now – I will see myself out Heather, so bye for now!” she was gone.

(c) 2010 Maudecardy

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