High School Hottie Ch. 01

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How did I, a small, brown-haired, 5 foot 11, high school senior, end up with the hottest, most popular boy in school? Well, it still remains somewhat a mystery, even to me.

My name is Josh McDonnell and I am 18 years old. I’m in Grade 12 of High School at East Mountain High, and last month, while walking down the hall with one of my best friends, it all started. While walking to the cafeteria with my best friend, Cassy Orgar (the only person who actually knows that I’m bi), I heard some laughter coming from the hallway leading to the gym, where the populars hang out. I peeked down to see a group of people laughing and sitting on the floor near the wall. He was the only one who stuck out. Christian Grou. His jet black hair, his square-ish, chiseled face, his warm brown eyes, and his pearly white smile. His body was just as fabulous. His tight blue shirt pulled over his rippling muscles and his rock hard abs. His skinny jeans which sat just far enough down that I could see his grey underwear sticking out the side. They were also tight, tight enough that I could make out the outline on his left leg that went down his thigh. And just as I looked back at his face, I saw it. His eyes turned to me, and I swore I could make out what was a wink before I hit the locker in front of me.

“Ow.” I said as I rose from the floor. I looked around to see if anyone noticed it. Luckily, only the girl whose locker it was, her friends and Cassy were the only ones. I hoped that Christian hadn’t. Then I rememebered. ‘Did he wink at me?’ I thought. ‘No. He couldn’t have. Christian Grou is as straight as straight gets. And even if he wasn’t, why would he wink at me of all people?’ I turned to Cassy.

“Are you okay?” She asked “You took a pretty hard hit to the face! Were you… Distracted?” I knew from that, that she saw me looking at Chris. She looked at me, waiting for an answer. “Tell me about it when we get to the table.” We reached our usual table close to the back, where most people didn’t go. I knew we had a few minutes before our other friends got there so I started to tell her.

“Well…” I started “Ya, I was looking at him. But can you blame me? He’s gorgeous! Plus, I could’ve sworn he winked at me.”

“Christian Grou? Sorry bud but I doubt he winked at you. It’s not that you’re not attractive but… well you know guys like him. They are so straight that even the mention of something gay scares them away. I don’t think he’s gay or bi, and even if he was I doubt he would’ve winked at you in front of all those people.” She was absolutely right. That’s what I love about her, always so smart and analytic.

“Ya, I see your point.” I said “He’s not bi, and if he was, I know he’s not stupid enough to wink at me in front of all of his canlı bahis homophobic friends. He probably just blinked.” Our friends started to arrive now so I changed the subject. “So, did you catch the new episode of…”

That night I had a practice with my school Glee Club, so I stayed until 5:30. I watched as my friends left and went to my locker to grab my backpack. The school was very quiet, until the rush of people came out of the gym. I decided just to sit by my locker, watching the people go by, because home was way too boring. As I saw the last of what I assumed was the volleyball team leave, I got up and opened my locker.

“Umm… hey…”

The voice made me jump. I was about to yell at whoever was behind me for scaring me like that when I truned around and saw him. Christian Grou. He stood there in his volleyball uniform, a blue and black sleevless shirt and shorts, dripping with sweat.

“Oh, sorry. Did I scare you?” I just looked at him. “Umm… are you gunna say anything?”

“Ya, umm… I just didn’t know you even knew I existed…” Great. Use the cheesy movie line of girls who like popular guys. That’ll convince him I’m not bi.

“Haha, well just cause I’m kinda popular doesn’t mean I don’t notice you… In fact, I saw you at lunch, walking into a locker.” Even better. He saw the most embarrassing thing I’ve done this whole school year (which isn’t much considering this was October).

“Oh. Ya. I wasn’t watching where I was going…”

“Haha, no. You were paying too much attention to me when I winked at you.” Wait. Did he just say that he really DID wink at me? I became flooded with many emotions. I was ecstatic because he found me attractive, confused as to why he would be telling me this now and lastly angry, because I realized what this probably meant, a prank.

“No, I was just wondering what you guys were laughing at… you winked?”

“Ya, I did… So you’re not gay?”

“Me? No. But I don’t judge gay people…”

“Well I’m only bi… I was hoping you were cause I was wondering if you’d want to… you know… hang out? At my house?”

“What, so I can walk outside with you and have your friends be videotaping me, thinking I’m going home with you? No thanks.” Oops. That kinda just slipped out. But his reaction surprised me.

“Oh. I can see why you would think that. I do kinda put out that ‘I’m a douche and will do whatever I can to make you look bad’ kinda feeling… But I’m not lying about this. Here, why don’t you get a little… sample of what is yet to come?”

Before I could answer he pressed his lips to mine. I felt his soft, full lips pressed to mine, his saliva mixing with mine, and I couldn’t help but grab the back of his head with both of my hands bahis siteleri and massage his hair. It was smooth, and his lips felt perfect pressed to mine. Just before I was satisfied with the kiss, he pulled away, and I practically fell over. He knew what he was doing, making me crave more.

“Alright” I whispered “Just let me call home and say I’m gunna be late…”

As the call ended, he grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the door. I braced myself for people laughing and videotaping as we exited the school, but to my surprise, no one was there. We walked to his car and I was shocked. It was a bright red, Mercedes Benz, and clearly in perfect condition. He saw my expression and laughed.

“What, does your car not look like this?”

“I’ve never even driven in a car as nice as this one, let alone own one like this!” I said “In fact, I don’t even own a car! How rich are you?”

“Haha, I’m not rich. My parents had to save up a lot to buy me this for my 16th birthday!”

“Well you’re clearly richer than anyone I know…”

We arrived at his huge house in about 15 minutes. His front foyer was beautiful, and very enormous, with a giant crystal chandelier overhead.

“Would you like the grand tour? My parents aren’t home…”

“I think there’s only one room that I need to see…” And with that, we headed to his bedroom.

I sat on his giant King-sized bed, which was covered in beautiful white sheets. It was much nicer than my mis-matched twin-sized bed. Bigger too. He came into the room and sat beside me. I couldn’t handle myself anymore as I grabbed his head and thrust my lips to his. His tongue probed my mouth and mine did the same with his. He lay back on the bed and I straddled him, our lips still interlocked. To my surprise, he flipped us over and started kissing my neck. It felt great. He lifted my shirt off and started to lick and kiss my nipples. They hardened in practically no time, as did my dick. He went further down, kissing my stomach, until he reached my jeans. He undid the button with ease, and slid them around my ankles, where I quickly kicked them off. He pulled down my underwear and my 8 inch cock flopped into view. Then, he started to play with it.

He kissed up the side of my cock, all the way to the tip, which he licked for a couple of seconds. I moaned in delight at this and he started to take the head into his mouth. I gasped at this, as it sent the shiver of an orgasm throughout my body. He started to pick up the pace of his head bobbing up and down on my dick, occasionally taking it out of his mouth to lick it or kiss it or to suck my balls. As he started to deepthroat my cock, I felt myself on the brink of cumming.

“OH GOD, I’M GUNNA BLOW!” I yelled.

“Do bahis şirketleri it” He whispered “Cum in my mouth”

At his words, an explosion of jizz burst from my dick and into his throat. He sucked the whole thing dry, licking all over my dick to make sure he got it all. Then he swalllowed, and made his way back up to my face. We kissed, and I could taste the essence of my salty cum in his mouth. I kissed his neck, and helped him remove his shirt, which I hadn’t noticed that he was still wearing. I looked at his huge muscles. His rippling biceps and triceps, his amazing pecks and of course, his washboard abs. I licked his nipples and went down on him, until I reached his pants. I was so excited to suck his cock, that I couldn’t get the button undone right away. When I finally did, I quickly pulled his pants and underwear down, revealing his 10 inch cock.

“Oh my God. That thing is huge!”

“Haha, so I’ve been told.”

I was an experienced cocksucker, so I knew exactly how to do it. I lightly licked the underside of his shaft, up to the head. I did a light licking of the headof his dick with the tip of my tongue, and then went to his balls. I sucked gently on each one, licking them with my tongue as I did. I went back to his dick. I took the huge head into my mouth and started to bob my head up and down on it. Ic ould sense he liked this, and I moved lower and lower on his dick. I reached about 2 inches from the base and had to stop, so I quickly moved up and down the length that I could go, slightly expanding the range each time. Finally, I was able to reach the base and I moved up and down quickly on his huge cock, feeling it move within my throat. He definately liked this, as he put his hands on the back of my head to guide me wherever he liked. After a few minutes of this I could hear his moaning grow louder.


I moved faster over his dick and soon he was screaming at the top of his lungs. Suddenly, I felt the rush of his salty jizz fill my mouth as he screamed out one more time. I swallowed all of the wonderful juice, licking and sucking and swallowing until it was all gone. I moved my face to his and we kissed. When he pulled his face away.

“Oh fuck that was good. Did you like it?”

“Ya, definately. Glad you were being serious, haha!”

“Oh man. I can’t wait for next time. There will be a next time… right?”

“Oh ya! That was incredible!”

“How ’bout you sleep over?”

“But your parents…”

“They’re in Hawaii for a week. Won’t be back till Tuesday. What do ya say?”

“Sure. I’ll text my mom right now!”

After my mom gave me the okay, Christian went to get drinks. I lay on his bed, thinking about what just happened. ‘I just did the hottest guy in school!’ I thought ‘Not many guys can say that! I wonder what will happen tonight… or tomorrow!’ Then Chris walked in and I decided to leave that thinking for later.


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